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Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Dogs

  1. Ugly DogThey are loud. BARK!! BARK!! BARK!! Even reading those three words is annoying!
  2. They are dirty. They lay down their dog shit wherever they are – On your lawn, on my lawn, in their own beds, on your bed. And on the odd occasion I end up with dog shit on my shoes and don’t find out until I’ve walked through my house… by GOLLY THAT MAKES ME FURIOUS!!
  3. They smell. They need to be washed like a car otherwise they infect uphostry (couches, carpets, curtains) with their stench.
  4. They get angry. And frankly I’m scared of most of them.
  5. They dribble. And their slime gets onto your clothes. eeeuch!
  6. They are ugly. Ok, ok, I’ll make a few exceptions for some puppies, but in general I don’t think they are an attractive animal.
  7. They need so much attention. They go mental if they are left alone for long periods of time (much to the annoyance of the neighbours i.e. me!)
  8. They wreck stuff. Chewing, knawing, eating, scratching
  9. They render owners backyards unusable. Don’t you dare walk back there with bare feet!
  10. One killed my cat! (June 08) The cutest fricken cat in the world too :(

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mfatpony@aol.com October 23, 2014 at 5:09 pm

I don’t find hunting barbaric at all Lily. Good for you. If you haven’t put up no trespass signs now is a good time. I”m guessing the dogger was offended you kicked the mutt not that it was trying to bite someone.
Check out the legal way to post your land.

lily October 23, 2014 at 6:30 pm

myfatpony,I ended up having to put up an assload of signs….never had to do it until the dog owners started moving in.Everyone was pretty much ok with each other sharing the woods for foraging and hunting mudbugs but we all agreed no dogs in the woods or near the crick.They are just to damn destructive to the land.Apparently they all believe the myth that its ok to let your dog run free in rural areas.
And funny you should mention pigs as pets as I was just telling a friend about how much I miss the people who use to live where the barking dog now dwells.They had a pet pig they kept in the fenced in backyard.Never heard it and never smelled it.It was friendly,intelligent and loved vegetable scraps.

Monica October 23, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Mfp. I kbow I was light what ? Cats dont smell! Lije at all. And dogs in the best conditions smell like hogs in the worst conditions. Eww. Their fur actually smells like a donkeys rear end. Or a camels breath. And dog owners have mental issues. They think theyre so cool and smart and loving… they are crazy, smelly and lack a desire to reach out to thier own species. My sister in law for example spoils her pit bull . But cant even have a normal conversation with me. I guess she wants me to look at her with a desperate blank stare and wag my tail and listen to her every command. They havent met someone who isnt amazed by heir dogs . So the fact that im not is a disappointment to them. But to a normal person it would be a realization that normal people dont live wih dirty dogs.

sugary spice October 24, 2014 at 6:00 am

So we got our dog groomed the other day. Even after paying near $100, the dog STILL smells like a dog -. FOUL. Her breath smells FOUL. I thought they brushed the dog’s teeth there? I agree dogs are the worst smelling pets. I don’t get that Febreeze cat “nose blind” commercial. Cats do not smell foul like dogs do. I bet if they made that commercial about the smell of dogs, doggers would get mad and say that their mutt(s) do not smell – which I doubt. All dogs smell foul/have a dog odor, or will smell a few hours after they are bathed.

sugary spice October 24, 2014 at 6:11 am

A lot of dog people do not realize that there is more to the world of pets/animals than dogs. Many think farm animals are disgusting and don’t even think twice when they are chomping down on a burger. They think dogs are the best pet/animals, despite knowing just how nasty dogs are and can be. If you like fish, the dog person will say “fish are boring.” If you like cats, “Cats are evil and stuck up”. If you like reptiles, “They are scary and gross”. I wish they would stop acting like dogs are perfect, because they clearly are not. Dogs can be very dangerous and like I stated before I do NOT trust ANY dog.

sugary spice October 24, 2014 at 6:20 am

Also though I do love animals, I can not do vegan or non animal products. I do eat some vegan foods and prepare vegan dishes at times, though. I eat meat everyday. I find that most vegan recipes would taste better if they had meat in them. Also the fact that I can’t stand the majority of vegetables and I don’t care for beans. I do like tofu though. Sorry for slight off-topic.

I know doggers get upset over other cultures eating dog meat. They need to realize not everyone is obsessed with dogs in most parts of the world. Funny those same people feed their dogs the meat of other animals without thinking twice about it.

mfatpony@aol.com October 24, 2014 at 6:52 am

Worse than anything is the doggers casual indifference to their dogs killing of cats or other animals. Can’t count how many times I’ve heard it was only a chicken. If house cats suddenly started eradicating dogs from the landscape doggers would have strokes.

Monica October 24, 2014 at 1:40 pm

Yup ive heard it from my father in law about how many times their pitbulls killed cats. He may think its not that big of a deal because its a cat but as a cat lover who goes out of my way to feed my neighbors cat I think its disgusting. When we moved back in my neighbors cat was skin and bones. Hes now fat and if I found out a pitbull killed him id be so ticked off. I guess because cats are so small dog owners think its no big deal but im sure if someone killed their nasty 90 lb mutt theyd cry their eyes out .

lily October 24, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Yeah,my aunt had a boyfriend that constantly bragged about how many cats his boxer had killed.His excuse was the cats shouldnt have been in the yard in the first place.heh,my brother told him the exact same thing after shooting and killing the dog for being in our yard and snarling at my grandma.

mfatpony@aol.com October 24, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I agree to a point that cats belong under the care of their owners. On the other hand who wants to own a beast that kills for fun. If you love your cat keep it in. People are sick and twisted. The same ones that would dive off a burning building to catch a falling dog and break its fall will sit and laugh watching someone do unspeakable things to a cat. I”m not a personal fan of my neighbors endless stream of strays that are pitched outside once they reach sexual maturity. They are confirmed allergists when it comes to spaying and neutering.
They got really mad at me once. I looked out and one of their grandkids was swinging a cat by the neck with a collar and rope around its neck. I walked out and took the collar and lead away. I got told that those cats made good toys for her and kept her happy. ????????
The pit they had killed kittens from the endless breeding their outside cats did. Buried them halfway with little bodies sticking up and then the f’ing dog looked proud. If it was my dog I would have put a bullet in it right there. As sad as it is the way it died I was glad when it was gone.

And Lily they do that here. Oh boohooboohoo our precious family member boo hoo whaaaaaaaaaaa. Well should have been in your yard instead of killing something. duh.

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