Loyal graveyard dog a hoax

You may have heard of Greyfriar’s Bobby, a dog the mutt cultists love trot out to show the u dying loyalty of dogs. “Bobby” was said to have mourned the master’s passing so much, the dog refused to leave the guy’s grave for 15 years. Well, according to Time Magazine online www.time.com the whole thing was a hoax created to bring publicity and tourist money to this Scottish town. A statue of the dog was erected, and the mutt’s “loyalty” has been gushed about in numerous dog books. Even I fell for it. I figured the dog stuck around the grave due to the owner’s scent. Though there was a dog called Bobby, and the deceased master’s grave, the dog didn’t perform this feat of loyalty and in fact died and was replaced by a similar looking dog to dupe people it was loyal for 15 years.

11 thoughts on “Loyal graveyard dog a hoax

  1. A dog would greive, but not for THAT LONG. and just to let you know, dogs aren’t emotionless like you are. I have witnessed a dog greiving loosing his brother, I know because I OWN a dog and you don’t.

  2. You see only what you want to see. Perhaps you’d like to explain why my aunt’s dog couldn’t care less when she died. My aunt loved the dog, treated it great, and all that. The dog was acting like nothing had happened when my aunt was found dead in her room by one of her neighbors. The dog didn’t miss her one bit, and latched on to a new owner, without a care in the world.

    Dogs will even eat their owner’s decaying body!

  3. People are convinced their dogs are doing alot of things; feeling, thinking, strategizing. It’s all insanity on the owner’s part.

  4. Dogs should not be allowed in cemeteries. Would you like your relative’s, or friend’s grave or headstone to be pissed and/or shat on?

  5. Dogs instantly degrade any setting, just by their presence. Parks, beaches, cemeteries, hotel lobbies, anywhere, if a dog is there it’s an automatic “What’s a DOG doing here??” They look out of place wherever they are.

  6. Dimitrios,

    You are so right. My grandpa’s dog Marz was alone with his body for less than 48 hours after Grandpa passed from thrombosis. When the police broke down the door to his cell, they found that Marz had eaten off Grandpa’s face and most of the flesh on both hands and feet.

    Some “loyalty”… Marz had a feeder full of dog chow to boot.

    Makes me so sick.

    James Lin

  7. How horrible! Dogs regard people, in life and and in death, as a food source. Talk about an opportunistic scavenger , his dog went after the nearest source, rather than waddling all the way over the bowl of dog chow.

  8. Everyone should be made aware, in grade school, that if you have a dog, and die, the scavenger will feed on you, even if its’ food dish is full of the best dog food you can waste your money on. This question comes up in my mind. Iif you die, and your dog snacks on you, does it wait until,you are dead? Maybe all old people should get rid of their dogs.

  9. The bowl of dog chow was on the floor. To feast on Grandpa, the lousy scavenger would have climbed onto the bed, or chair that he died in. Unless he fell on the floor.

  10. I’ve owned dogs all my life. I’ve seen mother dogs who ate their puppies, beagle pups, littermates, fight until their pen was splattered with blood. I’ve seen dogs, whose fellow dogs died, and they went on eating feces, licking up puke, rolling in rot and enjoying their dog existence as if nothing happened.

  11. Owners, or dog lovers, or anyone else for that matter ‘think’ they witness a dog grieving for it’s owner, but there’s no way to say EXACTLY what the dog is thinking, even dog experts can agree that a dog lives by instinct, domestication can change some things but NO a dog does not grieve for it’s owner, a dog may be confused that it’s owner isn’t moving or breathing, and then you hear the whimpering which might actually be whimpering for receiving a lack of food and attention. I absolutely HATE dogs, but I have proven time and time again that I know much more about them than any dog lover I have met.

    No one can actually ‘prove’ that a dog is smart, loyal, cute etc. but time and time again people, including dog lovers CAN prove that dogs are dumb, unloyal, ugly etc.

    Also I’ve read Wolfgirl’s comments on other articles, I just hope that from all these years she’s gotten the help that she needed. Oh hey I just noticed, in this small comment, I’ve shown more care for someone who probably hates me for disliking dogs, than any dog has ever shown in it’s entire life.

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