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  1. Cool, it warrants its own website! That has a very good sound to it, whyIhatedogs.com

  2. So anyway, the dog propagandists have invented a new word to promote pit bulls: “pibbles”. Yes, they are calling this breed “pibbles”, in order to whitewash the dog’s bad image. Give pit bulls a cute label (pitties or pibbles), a cute name (such as Chloe or Hanna,), and a cute bandana around its neck, and presto, these dog nuts hope the public’s image of this particularly ugly, dangerous, breed will change for the better and adoptions from shelters wil increase.

  3. Oof, my first post on the new site, and already a typo! BTW, If anyone is inclined to criticize the efforts of these propagandists for recklessly and shamelessly promoting pit bulls as a harmless & wonderful family pet, they can be e-mailed at petconnection@gmail.com

  4. Pick Up In Paris
    Hello, my name is Naoma and I’ve been invited to write a weekly column on Sheldon’s site. It is all about hating dogs and I am a person who really hates them. My only child, a daughter. never wanted a dog and I am eternally grateful for that. She would not have gotten one. I had a pet iguana once who lived in a large habitat and was trained. He had no smell and ate Romaine lettuce.
    This true story occurred in Paris. I’ve been going there for years and this year I spent 4 months there. I was in a very classy French department store — marble floors, beautiful decor, etc. A young woman came in and had one of those “teeny dogs” — like a “toy” something or other. The dog proceeded to squat and take “crap” on the floor. I do not speak French but yelled: “Pick it up.” She understood my English and stooped down and did the “pickup” and ran from the store, carrying the dog. My husband was somewhat
    “shocked” (he is British) but I said, “she did pick it up at my ‘request.'” He is (thankfully) not a dog lover and we do not go to any homes where they have one nor let one in our home. More on that in a future post. The French do love their dogs. I cross the street if one comes near me, do not acknowledge their pets and carefully watch where I walk. They really do not “pick up” as a general rule. I have a lot of dog stories that are all true. I dislike the smell of the animal, the fact that they cannot be “toilet trained” to any degree and lick people on the mouth — after knowing what that tongue just licked.

  5. I doubt if anyone here has seen Cesar MIlan, the ‘dog whisperer’ on tv; but it actually pretty good and he makes some statements alot of dog lovers would probably find surprising; like “don’t humanize dogs”. Here’s a great write he did entitled ‘Dog is my co-pilot, and other bad ideas’. Somewhat of a rail on absent minded dog owners: http://www.cesarsway.com/news/foundationnews/Dog-Is-My-Co-Pilot?utm_source=mobilestorm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Aug11NL_1

  6. I sent them statistics from studies about dog attacks and dog homicides; pit bulls and rottenweilers seem to be prevalent. They won’t like what they read very much. IMO promoting put bulls as pets is about as sensible as promoting rattlesnakes.

  7. And the funny thing is I could use the same arguements. “But my rattlesnake has never bitten anyone…he’s really a loving snake…”

  8. You are so right. Once a week — Dogs are so un-interesting.
    But we may pick up some new FANS along the way. I am ready
    to write next week’s piece. Mostly my stuff is repeats from
    the original site, but looking for new CONVERTS to add to
    our Hate Dog site. WELCOME!!!!

  9. Dear Sheldon: I am ready to write my second “True Hate Dog” tale but do not see my name under “authors.” My piece is on line from
    my Paris story, but wonder why I am not “listed.” Please respond.

  10. TODAY I WAS WALKING TOWARD MY LOCAL DRUG STORE AND SAW A DOG IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT of a parked car and another one leaning over the other front seat. It rather scared me — but then I thought: “Holy whatever, that car must stink to high heaven and the people who ride in it.” Dogs’ smell makes me gag and I cannot be around them. Anyone else have this occur?

  11. Hi, KaD. I used to monitor Sheldon’t old hate dog site and it is good to see you back on here. I am here with my usual words about dog hate. Their smell, lolling tongues, picking up their crap — etc. etc. Why do people love them so? I just scrolled down and see my old post!!

  12. I found this net out of my frustration with dogs. Now, I don’t hate dogs entirely, but I have been in a bind because back in 2008, my mom bought a dog, and then In early 2009, she bought another dog to be the playmate for him. Things were going fine, until she wanted to see what the mixture-breed puppies would look like. Eventually, the mother dog ended up with six, and we managed to give one away, but my mom became so attached to the dogs, we ended up keeping them all, even though our house wasn’t built for that many. Usually, things aren’t problematic, but other times I end up fighting with her because she doesn’t control the dogs behaviour. They tend to bark incessantly, they poop everywhere (thank god we managed to have a section constructed for them to use), and she accuses me of being heartless because of my love-hate relationship with them. After the dogs have finished living their lives, I’ll see to it that this will be the last time we ever get a dog. Nope, I’m burned out by dogs and want nothing to do with them anymore. Give me a cat any day.

  13. Latest post and picture on DOG LOVER SITE. Dog obviously just licked its rear after “toilet” and owner kisses it on its open
    mouth and tongue. TOTALLY REVOLTING.

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