Resources wasted on stray mutts in Brazil

The National Enquirer has an article about a haven for stray dogs in a small town in Brazil. These dogs are disgusting curs, as ugly as you can imagine, and the sanctuary they now inhabit is an eye sore, with swayback village dogs barking from within numerous shoddy dog houses. The roughly 2,000 dogs consume 14 tons of dog food a month, and $14,000 in donation funds, including money from the goverment! I cannot think of a bigger waste of resources than this.

15 thoughts on “Resources wasted on stray mutts in Brazil

  1. This is frigging ridiculous; especially in a country like Brazil where I’m sure there are people living in poverty. By my calculatoin as little as $140 in .22 rounds would take care of this problem as a one time cost (might need some .38’s for the big dogs). And are any of these useless mongrels being spayed and neutered so they’re not producing more useless eaters? And can you imagine the amount of dogshit 14 tons of food produces in a month, and the smell and potential for disease? Wrong on so many levels.

  2. The strays are being neutered and put up for adoption but the problem is non-ending, because new strays show up all the time, the result of purebred dogs, which the wealthier Brazilians prefer, humping each other at random and making litters of mongrels. The dogs in the photos look like 4th generation mongrels. 14 tons of dog food a month converts into 14 tons of dog shit a month!

  3. After spending $140 on .22 rounds, put the dead dogs through a shredder & then a dry rendering plant, the fat can be turned into biodiesel & the remaining bits ground up to make fertiliser. That’s how to turn dogs into something usefull.

  4. Then instead of being a liability the dogs could be turned into an asset! I’m sure the authorities would recover many times the cost of the ammunition used.

  5. Ugly. Wooooooow. What a good reason to hate something. I bet your one of those people who think there so freakin perfect and beautiful but your very ugly on the inside. Atleast these “ugly mutts” have purer hearts than yours.

  6. Don’t forget the tree killing, rug ruining, floor staining, grass ruining piss that also comes out of these wastes of resources and money.

  7. Good one, James.

    Fortunately, dog hearts beat for only around 14 years. Too long in my book, but at least they don’t live as long as we can!

  8. These dogs are a public health issue. As you say. Tons of dog shit and appalling waste of resourses. It is inevitable that the more people can shove thier strays and unwanted in to a shelter, they will feel satisfied they have done the right thing and wash thier hands of the problem. Dump the dog this week, go on holiday, come home and get a new dog. The problem will never end while the human pro life attitudes is applied to unwanted dogs by the million. Dogs will only be better looked after when they become scarce.

  9. Dogs are an anomaly. What other animal is so dependent on mankind? What other animal has to be on a leash or else it will run into all sorts of trouble? What other animal has to have its food brought to in a bowl placed right under its nose? Even feral dogs require our garbage dumps to survive. Dogs are the neediest of all animals, even among domesticated animals.

  10. Turkeys are so stupid, they can’t reproduce. Artificial insemination must be used. Perhaps, dogs brains will continue to get smaller, and more stupid. To the point where, like turkeys, artificial insemination will be required. When it’s that much trouble to breed mutts; operating a puppy farm will become more costly. Many might become less profitable, even unprofitable. Then, puppy production will fall. Puppies may become more expensive. Many people may be discouraged from buying them in the first place.

  11. Today, when I opened the door to check the mailbox, I saw a woman with a small white dog. She might have noticed that i was watching her, and her lousy little feces machine, because she dragged it away from the house. Later, when I went to the store, i saw a small, light brown turd in font of the house next door. Later, I noticed a brown mutt, bigger than the white one, outside. Later, I noticed a dark piece of turd in front of the house next door. One afternoon, 2 muttkeepers, 2 pieces left in front of the house next door. Can’t they at least drag their useless, filthy animals off the pavement, into the gutter, if they are too lazy, filthy, inconsiderate of their fellow humans to clean up? How much more filth will these 2 useless animals dump on the dirty sidewalks of Brooklyn, during the duration of their pointless lives? A dog DNA database is badly needed, to enforce some basic sanitation in Brooklyn. Along with putting photos of the mutt, filth, and filthy owners in the papers, T.V., and on websites.

  12. The waste from these worthless things must be contaninating the sources of water that the local humans need to survive. Do they have any modern water purification facilities? it is the job of governments to provide clean drinking water for people; nor to provide for useless mutts, or permit the establishment of a canine “town'” near human water sources. If the water is not filtered and chlorinated, the local inhabitants had better properly boil all the water they use for drinking, washing, etc.

  13. This is absolutely ridiculous! What a waste of good resources wasted on filthy fleabags. people these days make me feel SICK! 🙁

  14. Dogs + People = “check your brain at the door”. Usually this is the case.

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