Dog airlifted out of forest

A dog was airlifted out of the Angeles Forest in California after it became too tired during a hike. The sheriff’s department summoned a helicopter to transport the dog tired mutt to safety. Can you believe this? What a waste of equipment and effort! The stupid dog apparently wasn’t all that tired, for it resisted going in to the helicopter, so it had to be strapped down to a gurney. Oh how funny it would have been if something went wrong and the dog slippped out, plummeting to the ground. No such luck.

18 thoughts on “Dog airlifted out of forest

  1. I would have shot a dart, in the air..this way the dog could have its face obliterated! Stupid animals and animal lovers. i was on yahoo answers and some guy said he is falling in love with a dog…and wants to have sex with his dog! How messed up is that..people are starting to loose touch with reality!

    Anyone here about the 15 year old girl throwing puppies into the river, hahaha..i thought that was funny!

  2. Here’s the link. What the article says is that the dog had cut it’s paws on the rocky trail. Still, idiocy to send a chopper; I hope they charged the stupid dog owners the ten thousand dollars or so it cost for the ‘rescue’. I would have just loaned them a stretcher and told them to each take an end and carry the dog out. Morons.

  3. I’m happily surprised to find a site such as this. Officials (police, fire fighters) shouldn’t concern themselves with rescuing dogs, let alone using a helicopter! The couple should have carried the dog out themselves. Dumb to bring the dog in the first place. Dogs should be banned from national forests/parks.

  4. I’m so glad that SOME PEOPLE are so caring as to airlift a dog for being exausted. Awww what good hearts they must have. Although I admit that was a little unnessary, like WTF a person wouldn’t have been airlifted?

  5. It’s just a dog! That’s too much effort to make for a dog. Dogs aren’t as important as people!!

  6. Suppopse the helicopter had crashed, killing the pilot and crew? Just because of a stupid dog! No dog is important enough to put the human lives of the pilot and crew at risk. This society has got to get its’ priorities clear. Human lives are more important than the lives, or convenience, of mutts. How horrible it would have been if people had died because some stupid mutt was tired. How would their families and friends have felt, kmowing that their human relatives and friends died transporting some worthless muttt? Try and show some compasion and empathy for human beings!

  7. If all the time, money, supplies, emotions, and other resources that have been spent on dogs in the just the past 20 years could be regained and redirected to better use, it would be significant to society. And the clueless dogs wouldn’t know the difference.

  8. As this country could collapse; it’s absolutely wrong to waste public finds transporting them. Except taking strays to a shelter that will put them down.

  9. If “the dog slipped out, plummeting to the ground” some human could have been hit. And seriously injured, or killed. Resulting in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

  10. A person who became tired during a hike would simply take a rest. Unless they had a heart attack, or other serious emergency, there would be no justification in using a helicopter.

  11. The likely hood of the helicopter randomly jerking into another one or simply having a failure and plummeting to the ground is not that high..

  12. Another example of dogs as consumers and dog owners as entitled. The helicopter rescue was likely billed to tax payers. Need an ambulance for a human? Your health insurance is billed or you may very well pay out of pocket. These people had to have known the capabilities of their beast. Wouldn’t doggie day care have been cheaper???

  13. That is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard, even though it happened quite some time ago it still pisses me off. What the hell is wrong with people? To have to stay over night putting themselves at risk in a strange remote place? I bet that dog would have followed them out had they started back without it,but they had to be drama queens calling for a rescue for their mutt who obviously knows how to milk them! They could have at least pretended it was one of them *the humans* that were too weak to go on not a friggin dog with a soar paw! I hope they at least had to be responsible for the cost for that and hopefully no one else died that could have really used an emergency helicopter at the same time. Firefighters helping rescue a kitty out of a tree acceptable, a dog being strapped to a gurney and flown out of the forest at thousands of dollars : there are no words except asinine

  14. Why the hell do people worship dogs and treat them as humans? All those worthless scraps of fur do is annoy you, drool, bark, and act like complete jerks! Not only does society treat dogs as human, they treat them BETTER than human!! Unacceptable, Unacceptable……….

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