Why kids are better than dogs

dog_in_hotel_bedhomeless childI’m sick of the slams against kids by dog lovers. You’ve likely seen their sarcastic jabs and warped logic in the form of bumper stickers and forwarded jokes. “Dogs are better than kids because dogs don’t talk back. Or borrow money. Or require college tution. Or play the stereo loud.” Their dogs are also smarter than your honor student. Several mainstream mail order catalogs offer pro-dog, anti-child (or anti-people) T-shirts: “My dog makes me happy. You, not so much.”, “My
favorite child has fur and four legs.” “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.” Dogs are much more likely to be compared to children than are other types of pets, so naturally dogs will be the focus of my backlash. Now, I don’t have children myself, but I will defend them against dogs and their besotted fans every time. domain list . Thus:

1. Kids are the future of your country. Dogs are not.
2. Traditions and values can be passed down to kids.
3. Kids say “I love you” for real, unlike the farcical mutt vocalizations dog owners mistake for actual speech.
4. Kids can laugh at your jokes.
5. Kids grow up to become productive members of society; dogs grow up to be the same butt-scooting, turd-eating, mindless barking scavenger animal they always were.
6. Kids don’t regard the yard as a pooping zone.
7. Kids don’t mistake fire hydrants for trees.
8 Kids don’t bark at the mail carrier.
9. Kids can care for you in your elderlyyears.
10. Kids are our genetic legacy.
11.Kids have boundless imaginations.
12. You can play chess with kids.
13. Kids/people have the most complex brain in the known universe.
14. Kids go to college as students, dogs go as laboratory specimens.

As for dogs not doing the following annoying things, the money borrowing, the loud music playing, the back talking, well guess what? Dogs can’t fathom money at all. Dogs don’t know what a stereo IS. Dogs can’t talk, let alone question authority. To give dogs credit for not doing things they can’t even think about in the first place is junk logic at its worst. What about dogs being happier to see you than your spouse or children are? That’s nothing but mindless pack instinct. If you need a fawning groveling domesticated pack animal (selectively bred to exhibit these behaviors) in order to boost your esteem, something is wrong. Dogs are the path of least resistance. Cinybulk vojtech . Children challenge us. Challenge is a GOOD thing.

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  1. What the hell, are the dogs doing in your grandson’s yard? Are they allowed to roam around loose? All dogs should be leashed, or behind an unclimbable, undiggable under, fence! If all dogs were muzzled in public, and had all of their front teeth trmoved, they could only bite their stupid owners.

  2. There is only one solution for this. A strictly enforced law, requiring all mutts be muzzled in public, and have all of their front teeth removed.

  3. Do you have any kids? If you don’t, and you are living alone, in your old age, with only your mutt(s) for company, you may have nobody to check whether you are still alive. Or call you. If you die, with only your mutt(s) for company, nobody will know you’re dead until you start to stink, and one of the other tenants calls the landlord. When the landlord opens the door, he/she will probably discover that your mutt will have begun to, feed on your dead, rotting remains. What do ,you think, how do you feel about your mutt(s) eating your flesh if you die alone? Maybe, the lousy scavenger(s) won’t even wait until you die before starting to chew off, and swallow pieces, of you. A woman woke up one night when her dog started biting on her nose. Police often find dead people who have been feed on by their lousy dogs. Does this idea appeal to you? Are youokay with your mutt(s) feeding on your remains?

  4. Kids are great, but’s is arrogant and ignorant to think that everyone should have kids and that they’re everyone’s cup of tea. They aren’t there are many good reasons NOT to have children.

  5. I adore dogs because they can give you unconditional love and affections and never betray your trust, there are a lot of useless humans too, plus some children are vicious little bastards

  6. Dogs are spiritually purer than humans and children. They worship humans, and we should love and respect them. They look up to us. Dogs are not for everyone, I get it. But neither are children. So to tell someone that a child is better than a dog, when maybe having a child is not ideal for them so they choose to have a dog, is ignorant and offensive, I like kids, but I am not ready to be a parent, nor am I thinking of having a child right now. My dog is a sweetheart, and certainly not inferior to any snot-nosed brat. And yes! I do take care of her like a responsible dog owner

  7. Well Toby, if kids are our future then it doesn’t look too bright. Kids these days ( especially kids born in the 1990’s) are dumber than horse shit. Posting ridiculous shit online, making up stuff beating each other up, failing school.

    Dogs are loyal trusting and intelligent. A dog does not attack a person for no reason. People start shit for all kids of reasons.

    Your argument is invalid. We need fewer children

  8. re killing. Their parents and isn’t that a deliteful thought? Dogs can’t. Shoot. And kill their owners! U r a real heartless. Unintelligent asshole!!!!!!!

  9. hahahaha Toby!..anyway.. I am so glad that I am not the only person who hates dogs! I have had WAY too many bad experiences with dogs…

  10. Nobody will deny that many humans are useless. Or that childen can be “viscious little bastards”. But, is there possibly a link between the fact that many people don’t have meaningful, useful lives, and their keeping of so many fat, lazy, useless animals? Thousands of well treated, pampered, adored mutts have betrayed the trust -misguided, misplaced- of their silly keepers by atacking them, their kids, relatives, neighbors, for no reason. No reason, except that they are, by nature, animals that are descended from pack hunting killers. Most of them aren’t capable of sucessfully hunting; but they are still filled with the potential to attack people without warning. You “adore dogs”? “Adore” is a religious term; you apply it to animals. What, if any, are your religious beliefs? If you are a monotheist, do you think God/Allah/Jehovah/Ahura Masda(Zoroasterian supreme being), or whoever, would approve of your saying that, and feeling this way? If you are a polytheist, would Odin and his friends in Asgard, Zeus and his buddies on Mount Olympys, the Hindu pantheon, or whichever collection of gods, or Cargo Cult, or ancestral spirits you supposedly follow would approve of your statement? Would Buddha, if you follow his teachings, approve? If you are an atheist, or agnostic, would that statement not be inconsistent with your atheism, or agnosticism? To say that one adores dogs demonstrates some kind of spiritual vacuum in a person’s life. Some religions do have sacred animals. But i can’t recall any one that reveres mutts. Have you any comment on the fact that society demonstrates more concern for the welfare of mutts, than it did for Tatum and Grifffin O’Neal? Both of their parents had failed them, then the social service system of California failed to investigate why these two kids were found naked, eating out of a dumpster. Failed to examine them, and notice their malnutrition, beatings, lack of dental care. 2 worthless dogs found eating out of a dumpster would have been “adopted”.

  11. My I.Q. level is 130; what is yours? Most dogs are not guide dogs. As a matter of fact, some blind people, instead of guide dogs, use minature horses as guide animals. You sem to be evading the questions I asked. How do you feel about the very real possibility of your mutt feasting on you when you die? Or not even waiting until you have expired?

  12. If you don’t expect any help from your kids in your old age, would it not make financial sense to save up as much as possible for your old? One way is by not wasting $1,500 a year on a mutt. That money may make the difference between a good nursing home, or a substandard hellhole.

  13. If America collapses demographically, will dogs be able to pay into the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid systems? Continue American civilization, even in its’ debased form that you see today? As the western part of the Roman Empire collapsed demographically, it deteriorated economically, politically, militarilly, culturally. It got to the point that, when the German tribes came to invade, the Roman emperors simply let them in. They could no longer control their borders. I don’t know how many dogs Romans had then. But however many they had, they wouldn’t be able to save the empire from collapse. The greatness of a society does not lie in how many useless, lazy, filthy pet mutts it has. But in a population sufficient enough, and capable of continuing, that civilization. Only human children, not “fur kids”, can do that.

  14. According to what belief system, religious or philosophical leader’s teachings, are dogs “spiritually purer than humans and children”? Please explain. Dogs don’t “worship” anything. They are not capable of developing religious systems. Not even warped, misguided ones. All the founders of this world’s religions were humans. Some say that our religions may stem from alien visitors. If so, they still weren’t canines. People should love, respect, or maybe just so some common consideration and decency, to people. There is absolutely no obligation to love, or respect, dogs. If you have one, your primary obligations are to your fellow humans; not your animal! You must manage your animal with your fellow human’s safety, rights, well being, feelings, always in your mind. You must always put people ahead of your dog. See that it doesn’t cause them any problems. Your dog is so most certainly “inferior to any snot nosed brat” To every “snot nosed brat” To any bum lying in the gutter. Simply because it is just an animal. If you do,have kids, you might get rid of it, or confine it carefully. All it takes is one unguarded moment for that animal to kill you kid.

  15. “The end”? That kind of attitude, that kind of “thinking”, will most certainly contribute to “The end” of any society that “thinks” that way. I’m sure Oswald Spengler would agree.

  16. What of the “psychopathological behaviors” of irreponsible dog owners who constantly allow their mutts to be a menace, nuisance to people? These “psychopathalogical behaviors” of the irresponsible dog owner must spring, of course, from some kind of psychopathological attitudes which devalue humans by elevating(in their minds) dogs above people. You see this in their mutts being allowed to roam freely around, leave their filth everywhere, being allowed to,m disturb people with their lousynbarking, inconsiderately thinking their dogs, which pay no taxes, have the right to enter parks and beaches. and other public,, human places. I’ve also noticed, being of Irish descent myself, that many Irish seem to like dogs better than people. Even their own relatives.

  17. While I could care less about your spiritually purer statement, being an atheist I don’t believe in spiritual purity. I do resent your saying dogs are better than children. I am a human: I love children. Some are good, some are annoying but I find that most are just inexperienced humans trying to get along in life, have friends and a safe environment to live in. That environment is jeopardized by dogs that see the child as a threat or a meal. Having dangerous “mutated” wolves roaming about or in every home does not make our world a better place. Dogs are scavengers and will eat anything that is available which unfortunately sometimes includes human babies. While the waste products of humans is treated and cleaned, the waste products of dogs is left to pollute our parks, yards, streams and beaches. All that stuff about dogs loving you and children not, is a bunch BS. Children have the capacity to love, dogs have pack instinct. Most children love their parents and even more so those with abusive parents. It is the media that propagates the get even, give me unearned respect attitude. I’m not advocating that everyone should have children, far from it. Some people don’t want the responsibility. But, the time you spend walking, feeding and cleaning up after a dog could be spent cleaning up parks and highways or volunteering to help other human beings. The thrill of seeing a lonely person’s smile is much more rewarding than all that tail wagging of a canine because you going to feed it, walk it, etc. The two cannot be compared at all. It is so sad to live in a society where humans and especially children are not the top priority. It used to be that the safety and care of children was everyone’s business.

  18. Wow did you come to the wrong site. I can’t stand dogs period, any of them. I find them disgusting, crotch sniffing, feces eating, butt licking flea bags. The fact they kiss up to humans actually makes me ill.
    Children have hearts, and brains and can be productive in society. A stupid damn dog reaches maturity to the ripe old age of 4. They act on instinct not intelligence. If I did not have children I still wouldn’t have one of those slobbering pieces of fur that bark for damn reason and need a leash to guide them because they are prone to acting like the animal they are.
    Have fun with your crap eating dog. I will spend my time with humans who have brains.

  19. To prevent dog caused car accidents, South Africa had a law that drivers were not allowed to change course to avoid hitting a dog. This law, which must have offended many dog lovers, undoubtedly saved many human lives. This is a very good reason for not allowing your mutt to run loose. If there is a traffic accident death(human), caused by some stray dog, the dog owner, as well as the driver who changed course to avoid the dog, should be prosecuted, convicted, and jailed for negligent homicide. All states should pass traffic regulations banning drivers from changing course because of a dog, and traffic regulations banning dog owners from letting their dogs run loose. The value of human life over canine life must be affirmed by these kinds of laws in all 50 states. So what if a stray dog is run over! If the driver tries to avoid it, humans could die!

  20. The dogs probably have arthritis, and hip problems, because of their lousy, inbred genes, mass produced on the lousy, filthy
    puppy farms. Close these places down. They pollute the environment, and pollute this country with millions of usless, filthy mutts.

  21. I don’t advocate that dogs be kicked; i advocate that they be phased out. For a safer, cleaner, quieter America.

  22. Is his having a dog some kind of special accomplishment in life? Does he clean up all of its’ filth, keep it quiet, keep it on a leash, muzzled? Does he confine it behind an unclimbable, undiggable under, fence? Does he make sure it gets all its rabies shots? Is it neutered? Has he considered surgically “debarking” it?

  23. Why should our mfirefighters have to touch a pissed on fire hydrant? Instead of fire hydrants, trees, pavements, why can’t these lousymuttkeepers let their filthy mutts lift their lousy legs on their own faces? In their own back yards?

  24. Well I’ve personally seen a few cases of the so called love that humans and dogs share, and it’s a joke. If you love your dog, you don’t leave them alone. You will walk them several times a day. You will teach them how to interact with humans appropriately. That means not allowing jumping on people. When would you think it was okay, upon meeting somebody, that they attempted to jump on you?

  25. Well Earl, you have a good sense of humor. My dogs get lots of exercise and interaction with both people and dogs/cats. I have trained them not to jump however one of them may still jump occasionally so I hold him close to me and inform the person of the possibility and only let him go if they say they do not mind. I do not mean to sound like a super dog owner because most of the dog owners I know are considerate and very responsible but then there are those that you don’t like and us responsible dog owners don’t like either. Think of it this way, if a dog is loose and unsupervised where is it going to go……..where the other dogs are. If your dog barks like crazy than my dogs are going to bark back and besides it being annoying to me I do worry about my neighbors. etc., etc. I had a wonderful neighbor with a great dog but one of my dogs just doesn’t like her dog. What did we do, research, talked to trainers. My dog still doesn;t like her dog but we can all hang out without any incident or drama. I also have neighbors who is terrified of dogs. They came to me one day and said they noticed my dogs were very nice and they did not want their children to be afraid. so I worked with them.. the kids love the dogs, the parents not so much but at least they are no longer afraid.

  26. How many dogs “grow up to be productive myers(members?)of society”? Very few do any useful, productive work(drug sniffing, cadaver finding, sheepherding, guiding the blind). And, being animals, nonhumans, they are, by definition, not members of society. Even useful, productive animals are animals; organic tools owned by someone. Many kids will never even be conceived; many people who could be good parents simply keep mutts. Which, of course, are incapable of continuing a civilization.

  27. Dogs, and most other domesticated animals, are incapable of taking care of themselves. Few dogs could hunt wild animals sucessfully. Domesticated turkeys depend on artificial insemination. Waste from pet dogs is a major source of water pollution; dog urine is a major killer of urban trees. Large amounts of land, water, fertilizer, gasoline, packaging materials are used for food, and other products,used by millions of fat, lazy, useless mutts. That surely does not”benefit the planet”. When they finally die, their carcasses have to be disposed of, unless there is a fat rendering plant nearby, or a facility to turn them into food for farm animals. If they are buried in a pet cemetery; that is a waste of land, and other resources. If you are truly concerned nabout the environment, you should reconsider the role of mutts in the modern world.

  28. I assume you are replying to my post on Mar.14, 2012. Did it take you 11 months to come up with that? What specifically, do your mutts do that is useful? Even if they actually do something useful; most mutts don’t. You do realize that my parents could not afford to have any useless mutts in a family with 8 kids?

  29. “Dogs are loyal trusting and intelligent. A dog does not attack a person for no reason. People start shit for all kids of reasons.”

    First you say dogs don’t attack for no reason, insinuatating that humans do, then you state that humans “start shit” for “all kinds of **reasons.**” Way to contradict yourself.

    And, yes, I agree that dogs don’t attack for no “no reason.” However, humans don’t either. There is always something that sets a dog or human off, no matter how shallow or petty it seems to you. It is still a “reason.”

    The reason humans “start shit” for “all kinds of reasons” is due to our advanced cognitive capabilities, which allows us to understand things better than dogs, and thus be upset by more things, even if they’re stupid things. The reason dogs don’t “start shit” for the things humans do is because they cannot comprehend things outside of their own little doggy world.

    You may think it shallow for someone to kill another person because they deleted their World of Warcraft character, but is that any more petty than how some dogs will attack and kill for merely looking them in the eye or walking too close to their “territory”? Dogs will also attack and kill animals smaller than them just for fun. However, when people do that we call them monsters.

    Let’s say your child and dog both have the same birthday, and you give them both a gift. Let’s say you give your dog a $5 gift and your child a $50 one. The dog will be just as happy as if you gave it a $50 gift. Is this because the dog is more noble or humble than a child? No. It’s because a dog doesn’t understand that you could have gotten it something more. It has no concept or money, gifts, birthday presents, etc. However, if you gave your do a $50 gift and the child a $5 one, your child will be upset and feel hurt because a child is able to understand that you spent more money on the dog than them. Let’s say you got both your dog and the child nothing. The dog won’t care, as it has no concept of birthday presents, so it is not able to expect to get one. The child will feel upset because a child is able to comprehend that you didn’t care about their birthday. If a dog did have the intelligence of a child, it would feel just as upset.

    I actually like dogs okay, but there is no way that a “relationship” with a dog is anywhere near that of a human. There is no comparison. It is very sad that people think a friendship with a dog is anywhere near that of a human.

    I think a lot of “dog hate” is because of the dog owners. Imagine if people who owned fish (or chickens, lizards, tarantulas, or any other pet) went around acting like anyone who didn’t like fish was some sort of psychopath, and that fish are superior to dogs because they don’t maul children or chew up your stuff. Imagine if they believed they should have the right to take their pets to grocery stores, restaurants or anywhere else they wanted because their pets are their little babies, and anyone who disagrees with them must have no soul, and is probably a serial killer. That’s how crazy dog lovers sound to people who don’t like dogs or even those who like dogs, but don’t worship them or think they’re furry babies.

  30. Since this is how you believe all children feel about their parents, I take it this is how you feel about yours as well?

  31. Any dog can turn on its’ owner, and other family members, without warning. It’s safer if kids grow up in a mutt-free household. Also, the money that would be wasted on the mutt(s) can instead, be spent on them, or saved up for their college education, or job training. Dogs don’t really have a place in a house with kids. If you really need them; they are best kept outside.

  32. In Central Park recently, 2 elderly(59 and 75 years old) dog owners got into a fight after their mutts did.

  33. So who are you to make such blanket statements about ‘spiritual purity’? That is based on what? I live with a dog that howls all night no matter what you do, lets out blood curtling screams when it is put in its kennel at night, knocks everything off every surface, eats cat shit, pisses and shits all over no matter how many times it is taken out (yet somehow manages to keep its bed feces free)… What kid does that *its entire life*! The thing produces an odor that is beyond nauseating, it gets so excited it has made holes in drywall wagging its entire rear end… And I am supposed to get what out of this animal? Spiritual purity? So the more an animal defecates, stinks, howls, destroys your dwelling, than the more spiritual it is? I love animals, I actually have 4 pet snakes, frogs, cats, etc. and every one of those animals shows more respect than the dog. The great reward pf these animals is that they will jump on you and release their awful stench on you? They reward us with tidings of horrific smelling shit and piss that has an odor I cant even begin to describe? I have never been in a fight in my life, and aside from an accident with a bb gun and a bird (which seriously tormented me for years as a 10 year old) I have never harmed any animal, yet this creature and my feelings towards it are the only meaningful indicators of who I am as a person? I am listening to this howling demons shrill screech as we speak, and its ‘owner’ somehow finds it adorable that it ‘misses us’. I go so far as to take it on walks to attempt to prevent waking up to piss and shit in our kitchen, to no avail. And I stopped, so apparently that is now the reason for the defecations. I am tempted to play fetch with it across a busy highway but I dont want to hurt anybody or damage valuable property over something so vile. Please keep your asinine comments about dogs being superior to the beings that it would not survive without to yourself. And get some help, a person who values dogs over people seems to be a way better indicator of sociopathic behavior than a refusal to adhere to the absurd notion that we require this nuisance of an animal to make us good people.

  34. Some people need something to elevate their sense of self worth. They get a dog whose behavior is similar to “yes men”. Some living thing that approves of anything they do, as long as they feed it. Similar to a doll that when you pull the string it says “I love you”, only a lot messier. Now the new dog owners have to justify all the responsibilty with the gratification so they have to increase this gratification by elevating the dog’s status, giving it human and even some God like attributes such as unconditional love. You could just as easily do this with a cockroach, a creature that is more social than a dog and smarter.

  35. Terry, comments like these are why I visit anti-dog sites even though I am a fan of dogs. Even friends and family will judge you if you don’t like dogs. When it comes to pet Nazism, they often turn out to be the least reasonable. Nobody’s perfect but the sheer amount of people who call you out for disliking dogs is overwhelming. They rely heavily on anthropomorphization and selfishness to defend dogs’ behavior and the over-the-top spoiling of dogs, without trying to do anything to prevent it in the future. I should know about this, I used to do it myself! I probably will do it again too.

    A few days ago I liked a page on Facebook titled “Pets”. It has been spamming my newsfeed ever since, and almost all the updates are about dogs and dogs only. It recently posted a caption picture with a labrador sticking its tongue out. The caption said “If you don’t like dogs, I don’t like you.” I know it’s a joke, but some of the commenters started generalizing non-dog-fans. One even said people who don’t like dogs are evil, have no soul, and would abuse a dog for no reason. Two of my friends are nowhere close to being dog fans, but some breeds they like; they have even had dogs themselves. And they certainly have no desire to hurt dogs. A lot of dog haters do not want dogs harmed. This is a big step above haters of other animals–many of them don’t want animals harmed either, but far more of them do than those who hate dogs. The presumption that people who don’t like dogs are bad is one of the reasons why sites like this exist. Many haters acknowledge the value of working dogs for heaven’s sake.

    Also, it is not true that humans are the only species that is destructive. Herbivores like deer and rabbits can wipe out plant species and later on ecosystems if not culled by predators. And I know it’s heartbreaking to see stray dogs and cats, but you cannot deny they contribute to garbage cans dumped over peoples’ yards, danger to people (dogs) and the dramatic decline of wild birds (cats). To make a long story short, it’s unfair to call all dog haters psychopaths. Would you use the same label if this were a site dedicated to the hatred of spiders, or hippos, or lizards, or rats?

  36. All decent humans hate dogs, it is only an idiot who would love or even tolerate such a foul an useless beast. If there was a dog prison system Im sure it would be full of dog criminals – have you never seen a dog go and rape some other dog -just because they want to? I have seen dogs murder. I have also seen very distructive dogs – I not to sure what the legal age is for one dog to have sexual relationships with another dog but by God I’m sure it’s not right for a 4 year old dog to mate with a 2 year old dog and I have seen this happen. Your arguement is as stupid as mine. But I think your right about one thing I would save the dog too instead of trying to help you.

  37. How old are your husband’s mom, stepdad, dad, stepmon? How much do they have saved up for their old age? Would they be able to afford a home healthcare attendent if any of them became incapacitated, and unable to care for themselves? Their dogs won’t be able to care for them! Then, you may be asked by them to take in their dogs. Instead of having dogs in their old age, people should be saving up their money for a home healthcare attendent. Their medical plan may not pay for it. Long before people become old and decrepit, or die, they should get rid of their dogs. Or, simply not replace them when they die. Instead of buying dog food for their mutts, they may have to eat it themselves.

  38. Dog daycare means you are so busy, you have little time to spend with it. How much timme do busy people have to interact with their dog if they work late, and have to eat, go to bed, get up for work? Just enough time to take it out to defecate and urinate on the street. Why spend so much money on useless animals you don’t even get to spend much time with, anyway?

  39. Have the vet operate on its’ vocal cords, and keep it outside in a dog house. Behind an unclimbable, undigable under, fence. Muzzle it when you take it out for a dump.

  40. Dog eradication sounds like the only option we’re going to have if we don’t take this dog issue politically. It’s what it boils down to. War with politics. The laws must be changed and designed to be self-sustaining. People without dogs still outnumber those who do have dogs, and maybe even some family members already hate dogs but cannot say a word due to mutt-nut oppression. Politicians are better off getting the votes from the huge majority, not the loudest barking. We will save the current lives, and the lives of generations to come. No more 8 day old infants getting cut down before they even reach their first birthday. No more loss of ESSENTIAL R.E.M sleep. No more children getting bullied because their faces were disfigured from an attack. No more money pits in cleaning up after millions of tons of earth-poisoning waste. The U.S has dug itself in a massive hole already. This country better pull itself out of that hole, starting with the dog worship.

    Time we got to work, fellow dog-haters. The dogs aren’t going to disappear by themselves anytime soon. Let’s speed that along, shall we?

  41. Hi PinkBunnyFeet, thank you for the offer! You’re welcome to visit my city as my guest. I haven’t visited this site in about six months, so I’m reading all the new stuff that’s been posted since then. Thanks for the nice reply. Lucien

  42. Hi James, thanks for the nice reply, apologies for this late response. Haven’t visited this site since last summer. Any place where feral or wild populations of dogs could live in relative ecological stability would be a good place for these animals to be sent. Wherever they aren’t threatening humans or human interests. People who understand wildlife management at the practical and professional level (i.e., not me!) would be suited to making this happen. A tangential thought…. a worldwide reduction in the dog population by 90% would be good for the public health. Once again thanks for the comment James. Lucien

  43. Good points, James! Don’t quote me on it, but they say the pet industry is multi-billion-dollar. If only that money were spent on things like university tuition, the arts, or –heaven forbid– these things called “books”….

  44. I am aware that this is an old post, but I haven’t been here for awhile and this comment just made my blood boil.
    You dog butt kissers whine about how we make generalizations about dogs based on a few. Isn’t this EXACTLY what you just did, only about kids?
    As for kids born in the 90s being “dumber than horse shit”….who do you think you are? You’re the shit-for-brains if you honestly think dogs are “intelligent”. Anything they do that misguided dog kissers think is “intelligent” they are doing in hopes of getting a food treat! You compare THAT to my daughter the chef (BORN IN THE 90s)…my daughter studying early childhood education (born In 1988)…my son, freshman in high school, who will be taking trigonometry at the same time classmates struggle through algebra….who can take things apart and make other useful thngs out of them….who helps his younger brother with his homework. He was born in the 90s. None of my kids, not even my 10-year-old, uses “text speak”. You pit your mIndless slobbering fur slave against my intelligent kids in a battle of wits….I guarantee that dog will just pee on the floor and sit there with its tongue hanging out looking STUPID.
    Of course a dog attacks for a reason….STUPID reasons.
    Don’t tell me I don’t know anything about dogs. I live with two. They are disgusting and they are STUPID. They are “trained” but still STUPID.

    We need fewer DOGS.

  45. Don’t expect politicians to change laws to favor humans over dogs. Many politicians are of Irish descent; many Irish love dogs more than their own relatives. Politicians can’t be expected to oppose the millions of dog owners; many probably receive campaign contributions from companies that make, or import and sell, pet food, and other pet products. In Brooklyn, money is wasted on dog parks, while parks used by people don’t have rest rooms that are open. In Brooklyn’s Marine Park, people using the bocie ball courts have to relieve themselves in the park, because the rest rooms still aren’t open yet. Still being repaired. It’s like expecting a politician in India to oppose sacred cows in any way. So, the best bet is for fed up voters to write needed laws themselves, and put them on the ballot for a direct vote.

  46. What’s anybody’s opinion on the laws and social norms regarding leashed and unleashed dogs at outdoor restaurant and cafe seating areas? Also, curious to hear some anecdotes on this topic.

  47. What I find annoying about dog lover is that if you dont like dogs then they jump on you like you killed someone! My dad and brothers don’t understand why I don’t like their dogs. Luckily at my moms her dogs are kept outside. I wouldn’t say I hate dogs so much as I dont like them. Their needy, smelly, and they EAT POOP AND VOMIT! One time i was feeling sick and couldnt make it to the bathroom so i ended up puking on the ground, left to get something to clean it up but when i got back my brothers dog had eaten it!!! Yuck! They’re nasty, but I can tolerate being around them if they just leave me alone and dont beg for my food. Dogs are defiantly not better than kids. Dog lovers can be seriously annoying.

  48. I cannot stand when people say doogs are their kids. Dogs are the farthest thing from that! I have 3 beautiful kids. They are smart, they are productive, and they actually can say I LOVE YOU! My boyfriend had a ridiculous dog. I’m so sick of hearing “how smart she is, how good she is, how cute she is”. Why is she so smart? Because she sits for a treat? Lmao. She follows him around, and god forbid he goes to take a shower she starts crying. It is so ridiculous. My kids don’t sit around whining when I leave the room. This dog is the most pathetic excuse for a pet I have ever seen. She doesn’t listen worth anything. When my kids don’t listen, you best believe in the corner you go! Or time out in the room. This ridiculous dog gets petted. I am counting down til this dog dies. I hate it more than anything. And that’s. Only if I stay with him. I just can’t take it. We go to his mommies house and all u hear is “daddy is home”! Ew. I didn’t know a dog came from his sack. I’ve had it. Yet he has a million crap reasons kids are annoying. Kids don’t annoy me anywhere nearly as much as this retarded flea bitten mutt.

  49. You are yet another cultist who has problems with human relationships so you have turned to dogs. You make the common cultist reasoning mistake of comparing children to dogs. There is no comparison since a child is a HUMAN and a dog of course is an animal. Certainly we know its the owners fault. We still hate dogs. Children are capable of higher intelligence and even if they are not raised properly they still have free will and usually become healthy productive members of society. Dogs operate on instinct. Their behavior is simply conditioned responses. Children become socialized. That is, they grow out of diapers, they feed themselves and they defecate in toilets. They go to school and learn to work. Most don’t randomly attack people on the street or in their homes. If you are unclear about the meaning of the word “socialization” please do look it up. It doesnt mean ( in your case) going out with your friends to have a can of beer.

  50. Instead of all of us repeating ourselves as we have had to do many, many times over for the uninvited like you, I suggest you go back and read some of our posts. This site has been around for a few years now so there’s plenty of comments for you to read. Also, this is a doghaters site, not a debate site even though we do indulge you at times. Lastly, we don’t need to defend hating dogs. Hate is a feeling. We are entitled to FEEL the way we want. We are also allowed to EXPRESS how we feel and we do it on this site. Dog cultists on the other hand believe their feelings for their beasts ENTITLE them to force their dogs and all the nastiness that goes along with dogs, on the rest of the world. To review, do some homework.

  51. I don’t hate anything, but, I LOVE cats! I LOVE my kids! We didn’t have dogs growing up, & I certainly wouldn’t have one in my house now! They are way too dependant, they stink, among several other things that go without saying. My adult daughter chooses to have a dog and that’s perfectly fine with me! She also has a cat! My adult son, on the other hand, has given me a granddaughter! Starla! A gift from Heaven above! She just turned 3 years old! Enough said.

  52. Dogs are nothing but crap machines that pollute the environment!

  53. There are so many problems with your points Pro Choice.

    ” Dogs don’t ask for much. They just want to be loved and they know it.”

    That is all children really ask for. Children who are truly loved and cared for properly grow up to be the respectful adults you admire.

    “So many people are terribly ignorant when it comes to animal intelligence and behavior. After all we as humans are just mammals too.”

    So you are trying to say if you raise your dogs well they will not end up with rotten behaviors? Well it’s the same for humans. Raise them right and they grow up right.

    ” It’s our desire to be drawn to what warms our hearts and makes us have a sense of being in this otherwise monotone world.”

    That’s the thing, dogs don’t warm my heart. My experiences with dogs are trying to sleep through my neighbor’s dog going off barking for hours on end, without success. When you’ve been subjected to the sound of a howling mutt for hours on end with no escape because it’s in your building, come back and tell me how warm your heart is.

    Truth is the majority of people don’t truly love their dogs, they love the idea of their dogs, but when it comes down to it, it’s an animal they leave in a cage or alone in their apartment when they go to work all day. Neglected of any love whatsoever and only left with food and water. It’s no wonder the way they behave is so psycho. Their owners are psycho and only have dogs as something to exercise power over because they can’t have power in the rest of their shitty lives.

  54. My husband has 2pits that he places above us his family….I really hate this. I had a dog and I like pets but not to the extent to where I would place them above and beyond my families needs. He can not even provide for them & wants to have them. Theses dogs Male & female must go!…its caused such a strain on our marriage and he will end up alone. My kuds needs are first and I believe a Man should see t hat to.
    Society now days has flip the script of what tge meaning of a pet is, making them as if they were or are human……please somebody help these people who are against there own kids n families….KIDS first..DOGS last..pets all last!

  55. It’s been a while since I’ve commented, and I’m miserable… My fiance’s dog is getting on my last nerve. I hate this dog with a passion. This is never going to work out. I hurt my knee trying to step over his fat ass dog, and he didn’t even ask if I was okay. He checked his dogs leg though. She’s so fat she can’t walk. Why do people place dogs over humans? It’s rather sick to me… My self esteem has suffered in these last 4 years. I think I’ve finally had enough. I will never… Ever date another person who owns a dog again. I hate them. I hate how they look, I hate how they smell, I hate their barking, I hate their begging, I hate their fur, I hate everything… And I mean everything about them. My kids, I love so much. Kids are the future, and that’s who we need to take care of. Not some Neanderthal dogs who only eat, shit everywhere, and sleep.

  56. It saddens me when people dote over their dogs and treat them better than they do their brothers and sisters. If people cared more about other humans, particularly children, the next generation wouldn’t grow up to be so jaded and heartless that they MIGHT abuse and mistreat
    dogs<— attention dog lovers!!!! Nip the problem in the bud!!! People(children) over dogs!!!!

  57. You forgot that kids don’t hump your leg when they get excited. I like dogs and I like kids, they are definitely not equal though. My children will assure that my genetic line continues. They will care for me in my old age and they will raise my grandchildren. My dog on the other hand, is neutered. My children actually care when I am unhappy, they do kind things for me when I am sick (as I do for them). They reciprocate. My dog seems more interested in what he can get from people(treats, pats, games). When my children see someone who is hungry, they will share what they have, I have never seen my dog attempt to share his food with anything that is hungry. My children stick up for other people when they see them being bullied, my dog would never do that. They stand up for those weaker and smaller then themselves, my dog chases after things weaker and smaller than himself. When they see someone (anyone) who is sad, they try to help, my dog seems only sensitive to me as pack leader. I got my dog partly because I thought it would benefit my children (which it has). I did not however have children to benefit my dog. I am raising my children to love and respect animals but, there is a difference between the love one has for an animal and the love on has for a child. Unless of course, a person has some kind of an attachment disorder.

  58. Also, I have never seen my child growl at and attempt to hurt a baby. I have however, seen plenty of dogs growl and snap at puppies. Even dogs from loving homes.

  59. I have kids and I own a dog and let me tell you, my kids come before my dog on any given day of the week. Don’t get me wrong; our dog is treated well and given plenty of love and attention, but he is NOT on the same level as my kids. He is not allowed on any of our furniture, he doesn’t sleep with us, he doesn’t eat from our table, and he doesn’t get dragged with us every single place we go.

  60. Okay, first of all.
    Dogs don’t talk back – Wrong. You ever tell a dog to stop doing something bad and the dog either barks at you (talks back) or does it anyway (disrespects). My bf’s dog does this all the time. She’ll talk back in barks. Bark in the middle of the damn night while the baby is sleeping and we’ll tell the stupid dog to be quiet and she’ll just bark louder at us.
    Dogs don’t borrow money – Wrong. They cost shit tons. Vet visits, toys, food, baths, treats, not to mention all the stuff they destroy.
    Dogs don’t require college tution – Cause dogs aren’t human, Duh! What the hell is a freaking dog gonna major in college? Fetch?
    Dogs don’t play the stereo loud – I’d rather hear a loud stereo than WOOF WOOF WOOF GRRR WOOF WOOF WOOF.
    “I like my dog. You, not so much.” – Good for you moron, go home and spend time with your dog then.
    “My favorite Child has fur and four legs” – I swear, if the father of my child EVER got a shirt like that, I would punch him in the mouth.

    Now, as a mother, here’s my reasons of why children are SO much better than dogs.

    1. Children are smart, even at birth. They learn so quickly, they are so alert and curious.
    2. Children show love and appreciation far more than dogs. Instead of a stupid looking sideways grin while the dog throws it’s toys at you, Children will tell you they love you (or if they’re only babies and can’t talk, they still will give you that “look” of love. Unless youre a parent, you can’t fully understand that look.) they’ll also hug you, kiss your cheek, make you feel wanted. Where dogs will jump on you, lick your face with their shit covered tongue and not leave you alone.
    3. Children are fun to play with and have amazing imagination. A child can make up a whole story out of the top of their head, create a whole movie with dolls, and make a game out of anything.
    4. Children are SO MUCH CUTER! For those who disagree, you’re an idiot. Children are adorable. The way they laugh, the way they smile, they way they look at you, talk or coo. They’re just so freakin’ cute! Make you feel all warm inside.
    5. your Child is YOURS. A bond with your child is much stronger than a bond with a pet. I had a cat for sixteen years, and until I had my daughter, I thought she was like a child to me. But I see now, The bond between a parent and child is stronger and more amazing than ANY BOND IN THE WORLD. You look at your child and think “I created this little person and they lived in my belly for 9 months.” “I’m going to raise this little person and see them grow up.” There is NO bond like the bond of a parent and child. Period.
    6. Children grow in so many ways mentally. They devolope personalities, likes and dislikes, interests, beliefs, etc. They become their own person. Yes, animals have personalities and what not, but not like humans do. At least not in a way other humans could understand.

    People need to get it that dogs AREN’T better than children and dogs AREN’T Their babies either. IT’S A FREAKING DOG! HAVE YOU GONE BLIND YOU OBLIVIOUS MORON!

  61. Now, I feel like I have met people of the SAME MIND!

    Thank you for this Excellent Post.

  62. I know a few kids who regard the yard as a pooping zone… but they learn. My toddler nephew has dropped a deuce in the yard in the few time… he was playing doggie! I would rather support kids (even though I don’t have any) than non-human animals with my donations and time. If it makes you feel good to volunteer at the animal shelter, fine, but don’t let yourself believe you’re actually helping society (you’re just making yourself feel good playing with the animals). The one that gets me all up in arms are the people who want to sink large sums of money into a animal rescue. Is it wrong to abuse animals? YES. But it’s worse to rescue the pets and leave the children behind. That sets up a whole world of problems that cannot even be imagined by someone who hasn’t been there. I grew up in a terrible place, and more than once, the family dog was “rescued” by animal control (I’m SURE those mutts were euthanized), while my siblings and I were left in a situation that was too horrible for an animal. How screwed up is that!? I really honestly believed for MANY MANY years that pets (dog in particular) were more worthy and important than I was. I work in agricultural research now, I don’t know of ANY canine that has made a significant contribution to growth and development of society. A child that was worth less than a dog, grew up to contribute to society. Those “rescued” dogs? Long dead. Maybe that made someone feel good for a little while, but they didn’t matter 10 years later.

  63. You’re an idiot. Find me one decent person who would agree to have a child knowing that the child would die in 10 to 15 years. I know some people are dealt that hand and they deal with it, but no one would want that because losing a child is unbearable. But you are excited and happy to get a new puppy because when it dies, you are sad for a couple days. Lose a kid, you are in a bad bad place. Dog goes missing, oh well, you’ll get over it. Kid is missing, you don’t go to work, you and alot of normal humans all search for the child because it’s our instinct to protect and care for kids. A hungry dog will eat your face you moron.

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