feral dogs

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It doesn't take dogs long to become feral. Those strong enough to survive without owners quickly revert to default mode, roaming in packs, scavenging, and breeding. In the six months since the March 11 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, hundreds of former pet dogs are running loose in the no-entry zone around Fukushima, producing litters that ar

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even more feral than the original dogs. Officials worry the dogs will spread diseases to people. It just goes to show how artificial a pet dog is, especially a purebred. There are around 400 dog breeds in the world, every one of them maintained by selective breeding. These breeds would vanish after a single litter if left to their own devices. After several generations, there would be no recognizable dog breeds at all, the mutts would resemble typical “village dogs”: curs with yellowish fur and a black muzzle, or splotchy colored short-legged dogs. If left alone long enough, evolution turns them homogenous, such as the dingos in Australia. The dingo is certainly not the sort of dog most people would want to dress in sailor outfits or pamper with facials and gourmet cakes.

Some feral dogs are aggressive, forming menacing packs, while others are benign scavengers, with garbage dumps as their “natural habitat”. If all dogs were “default dogs” or “village dogs” it's doubtful they'd be popular pets, let alone regarded as fur-kids worthy of expensive medical care and such. yet these canines are much more of a REAL dog than say, a golden retriever is. When most people think of a “dog”, they think of a Platonic image, a popular purebred (or first generation mixed breed) fetching the paper and sleeping by the hearth. But this is a facade.


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  1. I remember a Newsweek article about this problem years ago when the US invaded Iraq. In the first six months afterwards so many dogs had gone feral and were attacking people in packs that ten thousand dogs were shot. Six humans got rabies from dog bites. After a disaster destroying loose dogs should be a priority to protect the public.

  2. Believe it or not, purebred dogs are pets, feral ones aren’t. And unless, for instance, a natural catastrophe occurs (which we can’t control), or a war (which is caused by PEOPLE), dogs wont randomly develope feral wild packs. Unless a bunch of irrisponsible OWNERS lost track of their dogs and don’t have them stabalized correctly. And how are purebred dogs a facade? I have one, they aren’t a piece of fiction!

  3. We have a feral dog problem in Australia, packs of these wild killing machines roam around in packs and will attack sheep and cattle at night, killing 20, may eat part of 1, some are still alive in the morning with their guts torn out so the farmer has to shoot them. They do it for the thrill of killing rather than hunger. A lot of them started out as cute, cuddly domestic dogs, the FACT is they soon revert to type when not controlled by humans. This is how it happens in the real world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXhIkHxfpxk&feature=player_detailpage

  4. You are such an idiot. Dogs ALWAYS form pack and attack people when they get the chance. I’ve posted several links for this if you look back in the pages instead of going to a DOG LOVERS SITE where you belong.

  5. If that’s so true why are there over 100 dogs at a time at the dog beach I go to, yet they don’t form packs and kill all the people?

  6. Lets not feed this troll, because….
    Most trolls are deprived of respect and attention in RL. Therefore, they produce meaningless posts to deliberately pester, annoy, and/or insult other forum members just to get some attention. They FEED on attention. Don’t feed it and let it starve.

  7. Dogs naturally form packs and attack people, animals, because, by their very nature, they are pack hunters. Like humans are. Humans form packs and attack people. In England, rich kids used to go “slumming”. They would get old clothes, and hang out, in bars, in gangs, in poor neighborhoods. There, these rich brats would form feral gangs, and beat up and rob people, just for fun! Under Charlie Manson’s religious guidance, middle class white kids savagely butchered people and wrote on walls with their blood! Because people are pack hunters by nature, and have a tendency to form feral gangs, they should understand that dogs also do. And take precautions. In a disaster, if people have to abandon their dogs, they should be required by law to euthanize them themselves. For the protection of human society. they shoulld be required to have pills or injections handy. Or to simply shoot them.

  8. Give them time. Left alone, for a few hours, or less, they certainly will. In suburbs, peoples’ pet dogs that are allowed to freely roam around will form packs and attack, even though they still have owners.

  9. The military should be used to kill them. The experince of hunting and killing these four-legged terrorists might be good practice for hunting, and killing, human terrorists. Perhaps Australia might allow American soldiers, and law enforcement personnel, the chance to hone their skills by tracking, and killing, these canine terrorists. Perhaps safaris could be organized for foreign hunters who would like to hunt these wild animals.

  10. They are a facade because they must be maintained by people, otherwise the entire breed would vanish. A poodle doesn’t care if it breeds with a St. Bernard or a bulldog, to produce litters of mongrels. If all poodles were LEFT TO THEIR OWN DEVICES, there would be no more poodles. All dog breeds would vanish this way. And dogs would revert back to being “village dogs”. Selective breeding and training forces dogs to be “companions”. Dogs would not “choose” this life for themselves. They READILY become feral scavengers, breeding with reckless abandon, when given the chance.

  11. If some kind of disaster threatens, dog owners should be required to euthanize their dogs, by themselves,if necessary(the local vet has left). To prevent their mutts from forming packs, gnawing on human corpses, posing a threat to humans trying to deal with the diaster. They should be required to have, and know how to use, a syringe of “put down Fido” drugs, or pills to put in its’ last meal. Leaving the mutt in a cage may not suffice; if the house falls down, from earthquake, tornado, hurricane; falling debris may break the cage, freeing the mutt to join a pack, and threaten human safety. Disaster shelters usually won’t allow mutts. So, if they can’t take their mutt with them, it’s best for all, including the mutt, that it be ‘put to sleep”. Put its’ carcass in a garbage bag; don’t let it rot on the living room floor, and spread disease. Burying it in the backyard may violate local sanitation codes. Even dead, these damn things still pose a problem. Hurricane Sandy aproaches the shitlands of Brooklyn, and the rest of the dogloving Northeast. At least, it will wash the dog dung off the streets. I wonder, how many dogs will get loose, and attack people? Afterwards, both Obama and Romney will show up, make a few speaches, perhaps even help out in a soup kitchen for 15 or 20 minutes. Their secret service agents will probably protect them from any packs of feral dogs. If this country goes down the toilet; perhaps both of them, their families, millions of others, will end up in homeless shelters, on the streets. Then, both of them will probably get to find out wether they like doggie soup.

  12. Another way to perform an at home, emergency euthanization of your dog would be to muzzle it-so you don’t get bit- then hold its’ head under water. This reminds me of the scene in Kill Bill, Vol 2, during the epic battle between Uma Thurman and Darryl Hannah, in Bud’s trailer(Bud dead from a poisonous snake, supplied by Darryl Hannah), when one, I forget which, had her head shoved into Bud’s toilet, in an attempt to drown her. Many people lack firearms, might have trouble using a knife; so drowning might be a feasable way. Doglovers will tell me how sick, evil, psychotic, cruel, etc. I am; but, under those circumstances(disaster, can’t take dog with them) it is necessary to put it down, for human safety.

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