The dog’s nose: so WHAT.

Dog lovers are obsessed with various dog body parts, namely the tail, paws, and nose. Boy do they rave about that nose; no dog book is complete without bowing down at the altar of the canine nose. A dog’s sense of smell is anywhere from 50 to 100,000 times more acute than ours, depending on which expert is consulted. I say, “So what?”

Moths and sharks have a better sense of smell than do dogs; in fact, most of a shark’s brain is devoted to the olfactory center. Sharks are efficient hunters, but not very bright. If a lot of brain space is devoted to sniffing, this doesn’t leave much room for thinking. A dog brain weighs about 3 1/2 ounces, a goodly portion of which is taken over by the olfactory center.

Left to their own devices, what do dogs do with their “better than human” sense of smell? They sniff out urine, poop, garbage, and butts. Only when mankind intervenes is the nose put to useful purposes. These purposes, drug detection, cadaver searches, etc. are mythologized by dog lovers, as if the dog is a super hero with special powers. In reality, the dogs can’t fathom why in the world they are sniffing around airports or rubble piles; to them it’s all just mindless sniffing for the handler’s reward of a treat or chew toy. Nor is the dog nose infallible; cadaver dogs mistake rotting tree stumps for decaying bodies. Certain sniffer dog evidence has been thrown out of court because the claims made about its abilities were just too outlandish.

A dog nose is cold, wet, and bear-like; pretty gross in my opinion. Yet dog fans think it’s cute. They will pay for a 24k gold impression of their dog’s nose print to wear it as jewelry!

A dog’s nose is basically overrated. The vast majority of dog noses aren’t out there looking for missing people or bombs, but rather sticking it in someone’s crotch.

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  1. Agreed! How is it a sign of an intelligent creature to sniff out shit and eat it? Only about 1/100,000 of 1% of the dogs worldwide actually have any useful purpose; like the job their breed was intended for or as service or search dogs. Most are just scavengers, parasites and killers. It’s difficult for me to imagine any reason why the world wouldn’t be better off without the whole lot of them.

  2. Are you serious? What is your problem? Dogs are in almost EVERY book you read, and they’ve saved billions of people around the world. If someone you love got saved by a dog, would you love dogs? Screw u! What the hell is your problem, dog hater?

  3. Listen KaD and Toby,
    I hate you both. Why do you hate dogs exactly? Because you guys are jsut noobs who hate dogs. Just shut up, and keep all your nasty little comments to yourself

  4. Mimi, I HAVE a dog. I hate dogs in general because they’re filthy, smelly, stupid, high maintenance, expensive and vicious. I also hate dogs because their owners let them run loose, shitting everywhere and attacking me while I’m on my own business walking this dog; and because their stupid owners let their dogs bark incessantly all hours of the day and night, waking up people or keeping them from getting any sleep.

  5. Wrong again; there are RARE dogs who are highly trained in rescue work. Most dogs are not trained in anything. Dogs kill far more people wordwide than they rescue; in the US alone more than three dozen people are murdered every year by dogs and that number is rising. Many thousands every year are bitten, mauled, and disfigured by dogs, especially children. Please go to this site and get educated:

    Here is a list of people murdered by dogs; many of them were the family pet. Did you know in 3/4 of the cases the dog that killed someone had no previous incident of violence?

  6. Hey Mimi, your dog would latch on to me, or anyone else, if given food. Why do you like such an indiscriminate lover? (Dogs can’t love, but I’ll sometimes use the lingo of dog cultists to make my points).

  7. No, I wouldn’t love dogs if someone I loved was saved by a dog. Would you hate dogs if someone you loved was mauled to death by a dog? Dogs maul people every day, so why don’t you hate dogs? My reasons for hating dogs are solid.

  8. Dogs have NOT saved billions of people around the world. Where did you come up with that ridiculous number? Mice and guinea pigs can be said to have saved millions of lives or more, in their use a laboratory animals to find cures for diseases.

  9. speaking of dog’s butts & noses, all dogs are ugly (yes, even puppies) cuz they all have noses that look like little butts lol

  10. The streets of Brooklyn are paved with mutt shit, loaded with e.coli and other diseases nobody needs, a continuous hot meal for flies. Instead of picking it up, or at least having it/them shit in the gutter; the inconsiderate, unsanitary, bastard assholes leave it right in the middle of the sidewalk. It’s too much to expect many of these lazy clowns to use a pooper scooper, bag, or paper, like the law says. The leashes are so damn long, the mutts roam all over the damn streets, like they owned them. They don’t have effective control over it, if it’s that far away. If it bites, they’ll probably run away; instead of remaining, and taking responsibility. Dog bites cost the health care system about $100,000 a year! One evening, I met a man who had just been bit. The stupid bitch dog owner ran away. So what if he has to get a rabies shot, in addition to a tetanus shot, stitches, and pay for this, instead of the owner. Her fucking mutt should have been put down, and her ass should have been sued on Adams Street.(location of Civil Court, downtown Brooklyn). When i lived briefly in Florida, peoples’ damn mutts roamed around like wild animals. Finally, on a talk show, the mailman told how he got bit. The little white piece of shit mutt t was allowed to roam at will. Millions of tons of dog shit, crapped out on suburban lawns, parks, rural areas, streets, washes into lakes,streams, rivers, beaches. Both human and mutt crap have e.coli, potentially fatal. It’s just the same as if millions of people had shat all over America, instead of in toilets. Do you think that kind of primitive, Third World, medieval, unsanitary shit is fitting for a supposedly civilized country? Should people be allowed to shit all over the place, or let their brats shit all over, and leave it for someone else to clean up, or feed flies? They cost $1,500 a year to keep. With america going down the toilet economically, a lot of these lousy animals are going to end up on their owners’ dinner table. If someone doesn’t steal them for his/her own consumption.

  11. Hey, Mimi! That enough nasty comments for you? As I get older, I’ll probably become even more nasty than I am now. Maybe I’ll become even nastier than the uncivilized, untrained, unsocialized mutts of Brooklyn. And their even more antisocial, shitheaded owners. Who, along with other loosers, have long made ever day in Brookly a frigging freak show, that has long ceased to be amusing,if it ever was.

  12. I think that monetary figure for dog bites is WAY too low. Dogs also carry MSRA, the antibiotic resistant super infection that kills people in hospitals, and the virus that causes Guilliam-barre syndrome; a rare and potentially fatal nerve disorder. No wonder so many cultures consider dogs filthy.

  13. …dogs are dirty and disgusting really they are many people know it! But no one can say it because cry baby dog humpers like you want to sex them every night! Most people that own dogs…look like dogs!

  14. ha! saved billions? yeah right…thats just the movies hunny…they may have saved like 2000 people but have murdered countless numbers of babies lets say millions around the world how many babies and children even adults are attacked by dogs? number one problem in the U.S and Canada is DOG BITES! In emergency rooms! just 2 weeks ago a 9 day baby girl was mould to death having her arms ripped out and her dead chopped of by `5 friendly family dogs! they were so friendly that they were jealous of a real human baby!

    Dogs are jealous, vile dirty creatures! they make me and many others sick..when i go into a dog owners home i can smell their house smelling like dog! and their homes are dirty like yours!

    Bark all the time..each bark deserves a slap! Dogs aren`t humans and dog owners need to stop thinking they are people they aren`t! fucking animals!

  15. hey tody is there away we can block all dog sex lovers? really all dog lovers should be make fun of and blocked!

  16. lol…i know i think puppy`s are ugly though! they are ugly as well.

    you know my favourite video was on youtube when the deer was beating up the dog! haha!

  17. Dogs are alot smarter than you think… you are just so freaking ignorant. If you had ANY experience with dogs you might think more about this website. Have you ever even HAD a dog before? Obviously not! Do you STUDY dogs? Do you even ever INTERACT with dogs? No. This website is a crapload of biased shit


  19. Yeah shut the fuck up you little dog loving shit and get the hell off of this website if you love the little bastards so much. I bet you’re one of those stupid kids who loves wolves to the point of wanting to be one, and who thinks they’re still going extinct and need to be saved because they’re apparently god’s gift to man.

    And yes, people who own dogs often have houses and yards that smell like shit/whatever the fuck disgusting stink comes from dogs themselves.

  20. This is the place for nasty comments about dogs, or did you take a wrong turn somewhere? Dumbass.

  21. When I was growing up in Brooklyn there was a guy with 2 german shepards who shit in humongous piles in his backyard which was adjacent to the backyard we all played in. The smell of german shepard mixed with decaying shit is seared into my memory. That being said, if dogs could be kept inside, away from those of us who are revolted by them, quiet (no barking), safely chained (no mauling and disfiguring) then I wouldn’t give a rats ass if people owned them but unfortunately, once someone gets a dog it’s the problem of the whole neighborhood. I have a new little mutt down the block who barks all day. That makes 5 on my block alone. If I could, I’d torture the owners until they begged for sweet mercy. Their dog barking tortures me so it would only be evening the score

  22. Hey Mimi, I thought dogs teach you to loooove others. Aren’t you supposed to be learning stuff from your dog? As far as keeping nasty comments to ourselves, HELLO, if you’re not used to rants being posted on-line, you must be new to the Internet.

  23. There are plenty of guys(and gals) in Brooklyn with 2(or more) german shepherds(or other types) “which shit in humongous piles” in various locations. That is a Brooklyn archetype. That is one of the things which defines Brooklyn. Along with the wiseguys, gangs, muggers, drunks, drug users, sexually perverted religious leaders, fathers who come home drunk to beat the shit out of their wives and kids, fatherless kids, unassimilated foreigners who make going to the store in your own neighborhood feel like you’re walking down a foreign street, or around the Mos Eisley spaceport on Tattoine. Maybe some Irish-American saloon writer like Jimmy Breslin or Pete Hamill could(if they are still alive) write a novel or short story that might start off, “When i was growing up in the __________ section of Brooklyn, there was a guy with 2 german shepherds…” A nice, sordid little story of the lowlifes of Brooklyn. And their filthy, stinking, shitting pets. Something for the literary critics, and pseudointellectuals, to discus and analyze.

  24. Right. I stand corrected. I meant to type about $100,000,000 a year. 2007 statistics, I believe. In about 10 years, it would be about $1,000,000,000. Isn’t that nice? They probably carry more diseases as well. Or will, as more diseases enter America.

  25. Many people in modern societies around the world don’t “actually have any useful purpose”. Many “are just scavengers, parasites and killers” (like doggies ). Many societies have millions of unemployed. Those that are employed often have jobs that are often tend to be useless, or harmful, to society: lawyers, religious “leaders”, junk food and fast food workers who keep doctors and nurses busy, all those employed in the tobacco industry. Illegal drug importers, distrubuters, manufacturers who keep their customers going in and out of hospitals, rehab, police stations, courts, jails, and finally into bomeyards or crematoriums. How many people are growing food, making useful products, curing disease, doing really important scientific research, producing real art, music, writing, instead of crummy shit? Is there a connection between the fact that so many people in America “are just scavengers, parasites,and killers”, who don’t “actually have any useful purpose” and their keeping of mutts(inbred, diseased, fat, viscious, unsocialized, dysfunctional), which, like their debased human keepers, don’t “actually have any useful purpose” ; and which, like so many of their human keepers, “are just scavengers, parasites and killers”? Is the keeping of so many useless, debased, degenerate animals by so many useless, debased human degenerates conected? Is it a symptom of a society that, in Oswald Spengler terms, is in its’ winter stage, to soon go the way of Rome?

  26. The connection between pit bulls and criminality is like that between ham and eggs; corn beef and cabbage, rich young starlets and D.U.I. They are the dog-of-choice for drug dealers, dogfighters, gangbangers, and other dangerous, unwholesome types.

  27. During the 90’s, on Nostrand Ave, there was a disturbed man who brought his doggie across the street to shit near a restaurant! I told one that he was leaving it there.

  28. When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail, and when you have a dog, everything looks like a toilet for the dog.

  29. Mimi: This is a “hate dog site” and perhaps you are on the
    “Wrong page.” If you read every comment, reasons are given as to why the posters hate dogs. Perhaps you should take your comments to a “love dog” site because no one here will agree with your love of dogs. This is a place for “hate dogs” and not HATE PEOPLE who feel that way.

  30. Dear KaD and Toby: I hope you will see my reply to “MIMI” that perhaps she is on the wrong page. We’ve had this happen before and these type are usually removed from our site.
    Does she belong here? Let me know. No room here for “people haters.”

  31. Yeah dog people’s houses really do smell bad..I visit someone and they have not had a dog for some weeks..and the staircase still smells awful.

  32. When I observed a relative walking a dog once, the dog couldn’t even stop to wait to go to the doggy park to shit. He went plop on the grass on the sidewalk near the residential homes. The relative had to pick up the poop and put it in a bag. I found it really gross and kept a large distance from the dog the whole time.

  33. To keep a dog quiet and indoors requires a lot of time and attention. If both partners are working, it might not even possible. So why do people bother to get dogs when they do not have the time or money to spend on them? They are only going to create a problem for everyone else.

  34. I’ve lived with a male dog growing would spend all its time licking its privates..and it would run up against random trees in the park to leave its mark.

  35. I see people picking up their dog’s crap and putting it in bags.
    Honestly, I really could not do that at all without gagging all the
    way. Thus, I have no dog — never did — never could! And then
    when I see them let their dog lick their mouth (humans) I see the dog licking its own rear (in my mind). A gag reflex takes over! As I have said many times: “A dog’s tongue is his wash cloth and toilet paper.” So be it.

  36. fearofadogplanet, your name is very funny. Dog owners often say things like – “You need to get adjusted to dogs, they will always be here – go to another planet if you don’t want to see dogs.” I also don’t want dogs taking over people’s live. Social interaction will become very difficult then, as will going out. It would be awful to go restaurants where dogs are allowed.

  37. It must be cultural brainwashing. They feel they “need” a dog, even though they can’t explain why.

  38. People who own dogs have low self esteem and require the dog to complete their identity. Get a dog and , voila: They are “dog owners”. That’s their new identity. The dog “completes” them. They send out multiple dog-relate emails selfishly to others, *assuming* that everyone is just like them.they sign Christmas cards, emails, Birthday cards etc with the dogs’ names added to their own. They send out cards with pictures of their damned dogs in Xmas costumes.Their FB pages have folders with the dog licking ice creme, licking then their faces…but no pics of the dogs licking anus and feces, which they ALL do.Dog owners are selfish and totally disregard their fellow humans’ rights and wishes and privacy.You never see any of the above from other pet owners. INFLICTING their pet on others.
    That’s what it is. An INFLICTION. A selfish infliction of what interests THEM on others.Owning a dog is a HOBBY. Don’t inflict your HOBBY on everyone else. Don’t leave evidence of your HOBBY all over the streets. Don’t leave evidence of your HOBBY all over the streets and permeating the airwaves and the air with the stench. Don’t talk non-stop about your HOBBY and don’t let your HOBBY keep people from enjoying their right to enjoy a life free of your selfish inconsiderate HOBBY.
    Also,people who do not/can not have children:Stop pretending the dog is a child. It is not a child. It is an animal who is only nice to you because you fee it.Stop calling the other dogs your “baby’s playmate”.

    The dog does not love YOU. The dog loves the source of food. Stop feeding it and let someone else fee it and then OBSERVE. The dog will refrain from this so-called “love”.
    Your sycophantic sucking-action requirements for love and identity from this DOG creature is neurotic.This goes so far as people insisting and getting note from their psychiatrist…prescribing the DOG as a necessary thing for their mental stability so far as to “require” the worm-infested beast on the plane with you so you feel “complete”, much like a baby needing a pacifier, only the dog is filthy and annoying.The people I see bringing a ‘prescribed’ dog onto a plane all have that (undeniably noticeable) emotionally & mentally- unstable aura about them. Very insecure people with fragile egos an zero disregard for their fellow humans. These kinds of defective people prioritize the beast above their own species. This is pure insanity.
    Nut-job basket-cases. All of them.

  39. RECIPES 🙂
    1. Bosintang (soup)

    Dog Soup is called, Gaejang, Gajangkuk, or Gujang, Gujangaeng,
    Guyoukgeng. It has been called Bosintang from the later part of 1940,but during
    the period of the 1988 Olympic games, it was banned to use the name of
    Bosintang, so its name was replaced by Youngyangtang, Sacheoltang,
    Mungmungtang. But nowadays, the name of Bosintang is widely used instead
    of Youngyangtang. Bosintang is made by boiling dog meat with thin soy paste,
    tearing it into pieces, putting ingredients such as green onion, leek, stalk of taro,
    brake into broth, and boiling it again to make Bosintang. In Kyungsang
    province, to get rid of the smell, perilla purple are put in the soup. Perilla are
    also used for ridding the smell. Taste of perilla is similar to that of dog, and
    it becomes a good match to dog meat. Side dishes of dog meat are Kimchi,
    fresh peppers, and cucumbers. Adding a glass of Soju(liquor) enhances the

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

    (1) Ingredients

    100g of boiled dog meat, 500g of gravy, 20g of green onion, 10g of a leek,
    10g of perilla leaves, 100g of taro stalk soaked in water.

    (2) Sauce

    8g of salt, 2g of mashed garlic, 3g of perilla, 2g of red pepper, 2g of mashed
    ginger, a little amount of pepper.

    (3) Cooking instruction

    After boiling the meat with gravy and stalk of taro for some time, boil again
    after putting vegetables an d other ingredients into it. Before eating, sprinkle
    pepper on it and put into an earthen bowl. The stalk of taro is to be kept in cold
    water one or two days to get rid of its smell and taste.

    Bosintang Picture

    2. Jeongol (boiled dog meat mixed with spices and vegetables)

    Eat while boiling to boil down some of the soup. Add lots of dog meat and
    ingredients. Vegetables such as dropwort, perilla leaves, green onion and other
    ingredients such as garlic, pepper, and red pepper are put in. It can be served
    for a side dish with Soju (liquor) or for eating boiled rice. After eating, boiled
    rice can be mixed with the remaining soup.

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

    (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 150g of gravy, 50g of green onion, 50g of leek, 40g
    of dropwort, 20g of perilla

    (2) Sauce

    3g of salt, 5g of perilla, 10g of mashed garlic, 2g of red pepper, a little amount
    of pepper.

    (3) Cooking Instructions

    Eat while boiling the soup, dog meat, gravy, vegetables and other ingredients
    in a pan. If it is excessively boiled, the color of vegetables can be changed,
    deteriorating the taste of the soup. So once it is boiled, cooking over a weak fire,
    begin eating.

    Jeongol Picture

    3. Suyuk(a boiled dog meat)

    Suyuk is eaten with specific ingredients or salt. Add heat to the meat by boiling
    water or steam for prevention from cooling down. Ingredients are to be made of
    the mixture of soy bean paste with perilla, and one can eat the dog meat with the
    addition of salt or these ingredients and wrapping it with perilla and lettuce.
    Eating it with mildly-boiled leek is common. When eating Suyuk, Soju(liquor) is
    usually accompanied by for its taste.

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

    (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 50g of gravy, 1g of salt, 1g of garlic, a little amount
    of pepper, leek, perilla leaves

    (2) Sauce

    It can be enjoyed at one’s taste with the addition of mixture of soy bean
    paste, sesame oil, perilla oil, or with salt on it.

    (3) Cooking instructions

    Put dog meat and gravy and ingredients into pan, and steam it with a weak
    fire, eat with sauce. One can eat with boiled-leek. Perilla powder, perilla oil,
    mustard, vinegar are to be added to the sauce.

    Suyuk Picture

    4. Duruchigi (mixture with seasonings)

    It is a food made by mixing dog meat with seasonings and vegetables, and
    boiling and roasting them. When eating Duruchigi, Soju(liquor) is usually
    accompanied for its taste.

    The standard amount of ingredients for one portion.

    (1) Ingredients

    200g of boiled dog meat, 20ml of gravy, 50g of green onion, 50g of leek, 40g
    of dropwort, 20g of perilla leave, a little pepper, 5g of perilla oil, 1g of salt, 2g of
    mashed garlic, 2g of mashed ginger, 2g of red pepper

    (2) Cooking instructions

    Put gravy and vegetables into heated pan and roast them, and after vegetables
    become softened, put dog meat and ingredients into the pan and mix them. If it
    is not salty enough, dip in the sauce.

    Duruchigi Picture

    5. Dogmeat Food developed by Professor Ann

    Digested dogmeat : Dogmeat hydrolyzed by protease
    Dogmeat powder : Digested dog meat powder
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    Dogmeat wine : Wine of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by yeast
    Dogmeat vinegar : Vinegar of wax gourd and digested dogmeat fermented by
    Dogmeat red pepper paste : Red pepper paste fermented with the addition of
    digested dogmeat
    Dogmeat soy bean paste : Soy bean paste fermented with the addition of
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    Dogmeat soy sauce : Soy sauce fermented with the addition of digested
    Dogmeat-red pepper paste pickle : Dogmeat pickled in red pepper paste
    Dogmeat Kimchi : Kimchi fermented with the addition of digested dogmeat
    Dog intestine sausage : Dog intestine into which blood of dog, vegetable and
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    Dogmeat can : Canned dogmeat
    Dogmeat noodle : Noodle with the addition of digested dogmeat
    Dogmeat Chinese noodles : Chinese noodle with the addition of digested
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    Dogmeat bread : Bread with the addition of digested dogmeat
    Dogmeat cooky : Cooky with the addition of digested dogmeat
    Dogmeat hamburger : Hamburger pad made of dogmeat
    Dogmeat cutlet : Cutlet made of dogmeat
    Dogmeat ham : Ham made of dogmeat
    Dogmeat sausage : Sausage made of dogmeat
    Dogmeat cosmetics : Cream, essence and emulsion made from dog oil

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    Dogmeat-Hamburger, Cooky ang Bread Picture
    Dog Oil-Csmetics Picture

    6. Dogmeat hamburger restaurant in Korea

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  40. (Notice the SMELL has to be dealt with when preparing this feast?)
    With the failing economy and poverty on the rise this is not a bad idea at all.
    Yes, it’s illegal in many countries to use dog meat –so just make sure not to get CAUGHT.
    Eternally yapping dog in neighbor’s back yard can be seen in new, optimistic light as viable food-source.

    One could even feed this to the cats or racoons, though other dogs surely would enjoy to eat it.

  41. Dear Mimi: I do not think you “belong” on this site. There is no
    HATE here except for DOGS. EXCUSE me, but what is a
    are jsut noobs who hate dogs???? Do not tell the people on
    here to shut up. The reasons for “dog hate” are printed out at the beginning of the site. May I suggest you remove YOURSELF from this site. Or, you can be removed by the “moderator.”

    Mimi September 11, 2011 at 12:36 am
    Listen KaD and Toby,
    I hate you both. Why do you hate dogs exactly? Because you guys . Just shut up, and keep all your nasty little comments to yourself

  42. Just as with pigs, every part of the dog can be used. Except the squeal. I mean, the bark!

  43. Yesterday, when I visited my dermatologist on Ocean Parkway, I was privileged to see evidence of the muttkeeping community of brooklyn’s antisocial hobby on the rainy streets of Brooklyn. Good thing I carefully check my shoes before going up the stairs where I live. A small, light brown, rainsoaked amount of some shithead’s “hobby” was on the sole of one of my shoes. Fortunately, there was plenty of flowing rainwater in which to put my shoe and wash it off. If you are going to step in some fly’s hot meal, it’s best to do so on a rainy day. That way, you should be able to clean your shoes before you enter the house. Of course, the shit is going to be rinsed off the streets, and into any nearby bodies of water. Contaminating them with e.coli, and other stuff.

  44. And thinking people hate you for forcing your stupid, ugly, stinking dogs on the world.

    If you work nights, you learn to hate dogs with a purple passion. Owners leave their dogs during the day to bark and bark and bark and bark and bark and bark while I’m trying to sleep. Fortunately, I live in a town with a noise ordinance, so I would track down every single dog barking in my neighborhood, learned their barks/direction, and I’d report the dogs every time they opened their filthy mouths, until the owners were nearly bankrupt from the fine and eventually had to give their dogs away or put them out of our misery–i.e., kill them like the dogs they are.

    I hate the damn beasts. I’m 50 and still have scars from a “kid friendly” Labrador Retriever who attacked me when I was 10. I don’t have ANY scars from the many cats I’ve owned, even when they’ve clawed me but good a few times when something bad happened to them.

    And the smell of dogowner houses is out of this world. I can tell when ANYONE owns one of those filthy scumbags. Their houses stink to the high heavens to the point that I can’t visit them.

    I’m glad I’m not the only dog hater. All hail the dog-hater site. It’s about time we got a voice against these vile creatures and their filthy scumbag owners.

  45. And another thing: Dog owners are all control freaks. They’re the slimeballs who want and demand obedience, not equality.

  46. What an excellent website. I finally get to meet other dog haters like myself. I always thought I was the only one who hated them but now I’m starting to meet others who share my opinion. This is a great site.

  47. I really like this site, because over the years of being inundated with dog barking I have come to loath dogs and most owners.
    No one has explained to me why dog barking gets a free pass? It can go on for hours, days, weeks, years, and animal control just sends out a little note asking them to quiet it. If you or I make noise we either get cited, or cuffed and taken to a cell. If any of you check the barking laws you will notice they make you the cop. You better have logged the date, time, duration, and don’t forget decibel reading and audio or video tape. If the cops or A/C respond they look at you like your the problem. What you don’t like dogs? Exactly and now shut it up. You have to remember both of them A/C and the Police are dog friendly. A/C takes care of the strays, and the police have a K9 unit they aren’t interested in helping you get unwanted noise out of your house. You are the problem so the laws are so vague and filled with requirements like the dog must bark continuously for 30 minutes. Hell we don’t talk for 30 minutes non stop, or you must have 3 people sign the complaint. Yeah that will be fun because the other folks also own dogs so try that one, or if the dog is in the garage than it is not outside so there can be no complaint. Until we change the laws or use other methods of extermination ( I mean noise extermination) than we don’t stand a chance

  48. John, I agree with your observations.

    We already have laws for animal control but these are ignored by every so-called regulatory authority.

    It’s the refusal to enforce animal laws that compounds the torture that dog owners inflict on others with unchallenged impunity.

    Governments won’t introduce effective legislation because they know that dog owners, a large percentage of the population, will vote them out at the next opportunity.

    This is one of the great weaknesses of democracy which I summarise with this observation: “When the people are foolish, democracy fails.”

  49. I’m a dog lover and I’m sorry you have neighbors are inconsiderate assholes. I too have had neighbors with dogs that barked for hours– all night. This is not just something that dogs do. This is something that dogs with irresponsible owners do. I have a suggestion for you that WORKS like magic. Dog Silencer Pro.
    My stupid neighbor wouldn’t/couldn’t stop their dogs barking. This did the trick.

  50. Why would I put out $79.00 for someone that is disturbing the peace and putting noise in my home from their useless peace of fur? I don’t go inside their home and sing, or scream, how is it I have to spend my money to shut their stinking piece of crap up?

    The only thing I will do is take their sorry butt to small claims court and nail them for not keeping it quiet and that will cost them up to 5K in California.

  51. I feel your pain. I completely agree that the burden of their choices and irresponsibility should not be on you. That said, it’s a long haul to go to small claims and the dog silencer works. Like I said, I’ve been in your shoes and I know exactly how much fun it is to lie awake at night listening to the dog someone else brought home and then decided to abandon to the back yard. Your neighbors are assholes. No question. Where I lived with the barking dog there was also a noise ordinance. Fat lot of good that did.

  52. Having been a Police Officer with the City of Oakland California I have a background in gathering evidence which in this case is two pages of log sheets of dates and times of dog barking and duration. Video from my driveway looking to the house where the dog barking is originated from with date stamp and also showing decibel meter readings in the video of the projected noise per the meter.
    Call in information to Animal control with date and time and persons I talked to.
    Witness statement from one of my neighbors who will gladly testify.
    I really think it will work.

  53. It’s definitely a form of misplaced love and misplaced priorities. “The Devil’s” Dictionary defines dogs as honory gods which recieve the world’s surplus worship. Or something like that.

  54. If the dog is muzzled, or surgically “debarked”, that should keep the lousy son of a bitch, or bitch, quiet.

  55. It’s not their noses, but their anuses, and bladders, which are the most significant parts of their lousy carcasses.

  56. Let them exert some control over their lousy, unrully, undisciplined, unmanageable, noisy, filthy, snarling, menacing mutts. Let them control where the mutt drops its’ dung.Let them drag it off the sidewalk, into the gutter, to empty its’ bowels and bladder. Let them control where the animal pees. In the gutter. Not on a tree, the sidewalk, or against a building. A defecating, peeing mutt on the sidewalk blocks pedestrians. No one should have to detour around a dog. Dogs are lower forms of life. Let them, require them, to stay out of peoples’ way. Let mutt keepers “demand obedience” from their filthy animals; instead of catering to them. Let society “demand obedience” from those who insist on owning dogs, to each and every law-which puts the needs,rights, feelings, wishes of humans over the agendas of mutts and their keepers-at all times. If necessary; if attempts to regulate muttkeeping in the city and suburbs fail from the obstinate lack of cooperation of urban and surburban muttkeepers; then it will be necessary to ban them. Except for guide dogs, drug sniffing dogs, cadavar dogs, etc.

  57. All muttkeepers must be required to have a muzzle, and to put it on whenever someone complains about the noise. day, or night. If a muttkeeper is also a heavy smoker, the tobacco fumes will tend to overpower the canine odors. The fumes might also shorten, not only the muttkeeper’s life, but also the worthless existence of the mutt.

  58. Dogs brains have decreased in size. They are smaller than wolves’ brains. They “are alot” stupider “than you think.” The”so freaking ignorant” readers of this site are well enough informed to know that dependence on humans has resulted in decreased intelligence, decreased brain size. Many have had dogs, read about them, had plenty of interaction with them,their owners, their feces, urine, noise. Have even been attacked by them. “Crapload”? That is one of the central themes of this site! The tons of diseased crap, and toxic urine, that are being incessantly unloaded by these filthy, useless things all over this country. All over this planet . Do you care about the environment you live in? The pollution of Americas’s waters? Of this planet’s oceans? Sewerage treatment plants can’t catch dog feces and urine that is washed into our rivers.

  59. Wolves are part of nature. Without wolves, other predators, or human hunters, deer will overbreed, starve, start moving onto farms, and into surburbs. A hundred square mile area might have a few packs of wolves. But one square mile of a city will hae hundreds of thousands of defecating, urinating mutts. This is not natural.

  60. Pooper scoopers are available, if a person doesn’t want to bend over to pick it up with a bag, or newspaper. There is no excuse for leaving the filth of your dog’s bowels on the sidewalk. When the mutt is about to go, drag it off the pavement, into the gutter. Then use the pooper scooper. It might also be a good idea to pour some disinfectant on the residue, and urine.

  61. “The dog loves the source of food’? Cats are a source of food for dogs; but many dogs do not like cats.

  62. Instead of someone tormented by some useless animal’s noise having to spend $79.00, let theowner of the nuisance buy a muzzle, and put it on the animal whenever it bothers anyone. Let the police, when responding to barking complaints, simply order the mutt owner to muzzle it. Or get a ticket, or a trip to jail. If the keeper of a nuisance barker refuses to muzzle it, offer him/her this option: their vet surgically “debarks” the animal; or the dog license is revoked, and it goes to the animal shelter. All organizations that operate animal shelters must be required by law to surgicall debark all their dogs. Or loose their license to operate the shelter. Or at least, their tax deductable donation status.

  63. Then, there is only one answer. If the politicians can’t, or won’t, pass this much needed legislation, which puts human rights above the noisemaking of useless animals, then those who want relief from canine noise pollution must collect signatures from registered voters, to have these laws put on the ballot for a direct vote. they must persuade as many lovers of peace and quiet to vote for it. They should also pass mandatory muzzle, and surgical “debarking”, laws. Also, laws stripping humane societies of the license to operate shelters, or at least, their tax exempt donations, unless they surgically “debark” all the mutts that enter their shelters.

  64. How are your self-defense skills? In Manhattan,2 senior citizens, 59 and 75, got into a fight when their 2 stupid dogs did. This, of course, will take up the time,and the taxpayers’ money, of the criminal, and civil court systems. Fights between dogs can easily lead to confrontations between their owners. And, if they are armed, or are affiliated with gangs, homicides can happen.

  65. Any restaurant that permits mutts(except for guide dogs0 is going to have a next to impossible task of keeping it clean enough to meet health codes. Concentrating large numbers of unruly mutts in a small area will inevitably lead to plenty of dog fights. Dogs are territorial! And then, their stupid owners will get into it! Since restaurants have knives on the tables, it’s only reasonable to expect a few killings to take place.

  66. Canned dogmeat? Millions of America’s useless dogs could be canned, and exported. America exports horses to Europe for human consumption.

  67. You sound as if you are from a foreign country. Lucky! Hopefully there are no dogs there!

  68. Dogs have NOT saved billions of people! Dogs KILL more people than they save, dog worshipper!

  69. Cats nose is better than a dogs and cuter to boot and they don’t go sniffing out shit and rotting corpses to roll in like dogs

  70. @ I hate WORMY Feces-Eaters

    Those recipes sound good. In a non creepy way since kids always made fun of eastern countries for eating dogs and cats. I’d really actually would like to try to make some of them. I’ve really been into making Japanese dishes and I know the perfect dog to use for it.
    Thinking of my mothers dog

  71. After a good meal I used to like to burp then blow it like a hit of weed towards a dog. Or id fart by them . Lol is that gross

  72. Mimi, Dogs have also killed millions of people. In fact, they have been used in warfare to make it easier for people to kill each other.

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