Wildlife isn’t fooled by dogs

While many people are besotted fools for dogs, wildlife and other animals aren’t so easily duped. Dogs are routinely sprayed by skunks, stabbed by porcupines, bitten by rattlesnakes, squeezed by pythons, stomped by moose, pummeled by deer, carried off by eagles, attacked by raccoons, stung by bees, swatted by cats, kicked by horses, butted by goats, gored by wild boar, hissed at by swans, and eaten by alligators and catfish.

Yes, catfish! Giant catfish will scarf down small
dogs. The clueless owner throws a stick into a murky river, their small dog cluelessly swims in after it, and suddenly a huge gaping mouth emerges, and the dog is gone, along with the stick. I read about this hilarious scenario in Ideas and Discoveries, a science magazine. I know as a personal fact about a dog that was carried off by a bird of prey. This is no urban legend: A familty friend was walking her tiny chihuahua in the front yard when a large bird, (eagle or hawk) swooped down and carried it off.

Coyotes will kill dogs of all sizes. One memorable instance involved a dog running off leash ahead of its owner. The dog was equipped with a GPS device attached to the collar, so the owner could keep tabs on it. The whippet-type breed ran out of sight, but no worries, not with the GPS! When the owner caught up to her dog, several coyotes were hunched over its body. Hey, at least the GPS still worked!

29 thoughts on “Wildlife isn’t fooled by dogs

  1. lol…i know dogs are so stupid!

    I think all dogs should be eliminated only exception should be for people that are blind, or police K9 units..as dogs are volient and can be shot down by officers! Dogs in general make me sick and i find them disgusting. People who think dogs are their brothers, sisters, daughters and sons…need a good therapist immediately! There is something wrong in a human being that regards its dog to be a daughter! Get real adopt a child if you want a “daughter“! Even other animals kick the shit out of your dirty vile dog!

  2. Dogs are banned from most Australian National Parks mainly to protect the wildlife. You can’t trust the dumb f*@%k dog worshippers to do the right thing & keep them on a lead & pick the shit up.

  3. Dogs are banned in most national parks in the US as well. You’re not allowed to even take it out of the car for a piss. I think that’s fair. One dog running loose can cause alot of damage to the native wildlife. And like Bill said; you can’t trust dog owners to do the right thing by cleaning up after their shitfactory OR keep it leashed and under their control.

  4. Ever realized that a child requires a bit more work and money than a dog? DogS and children are tottaly different things, you can’t replace a dog with a kid, or vice versa. So maybe some people want a lot of love with a little less work, therefore a dog instead of having another kid. Children are much bigger responsibilities than animals, my friend.

  5. I really wouldn’t be talking. Whithout clothes, food, or water, how long would YOU survive in the wild? Probably not much longer than (or not as long as) a dog! And what about the wolves and the coyotes your talking about? THEY ARE DOGS TOO U IDIOT

  6. Children are also a heck of a lot more important to a culture than dogs are. And for the umpteenth time, dogs can’t love!!!! You’re being fooled by mindless pack instincts and selective breeding!! Don’t flatter yourself that your dog loves you. It can’t!

  7. Hey, we human beings have a big brain. A brain which invented clothes, camping gear, GPS, cell phones, freeze dried food, matches, weapons, vehicles, and all the other stuff that oh, I don’t know, made us become the most successful mammal on the planet.

  8. Wolfgirl, you sound exactly like an indoctrinated dog worshiper, complete with mantras like “it’s not the dog’s fault” and “dogs give love.” Ooooh, dogs are SO PERFECT, that the only way to mess them up is when they are owned by a bad person. BS!!

  9. HAHAHAHA Dimitros is so damn hilarious i had a dog for 10 years and u can say watever the HELL u want, but dogs have a brain, dumbass, and are smarter than some of the humans i know, so bullFUCKINGshit!!!! dogs can love any more than humans can. i recieved a message on youtube to spam the shit out of this website, and from what sick people leave comments, i think i might as well be the biggest damn troll on the history of this earth.

  10. Well wolfgirl’s right, it IS the owners fault. and she wasnt saying that they were perfect! plus, everyone has there own special animal that they love, and animals that they hate. she likes dogs u dont. so what!?

  11. Wolfgirl, you sound exactly like an indoctrinated dog worshiper, complete with mantras like “it’s not the dog’s fault” and “dogs give love.” Ooooh, dogs are SO PERFECT, that the only way to mess them up is when they are owned by a bad person. BS!!

    Too true. If dogs are so human as their besotted, idiotic owners like to claim, then as a human they would have warring emotions, bad days, bad moods and sometimes… bad intentions. Dog owners simultaneously build dogs up to heroic status while claiming they are too stupid for any kind of negative action

  12. I don’t love any animals. I realize many are useful, tasty, some even healthy to eat. I know it’s necessary to use land and natural resources; but I don’t think it’s good for people to cause mass extinctions. I am glad my ancestors caused sabertooth tigers to become extinct. Who needs them lurking around European suburbs?

  13. You have to pick up a dogs shit for it’s entire life. Sounds like a bigger responsibility to me. By age 2 or 3 a human will know how to use a toilet and by teenage years will be able to earn at least part of a living if that is a consideration. Why would you want the constant nagging for attention from a dog? I personally only want the dogs I encounter to shut up, and go away. You should wonder what it is about you that makes you need so much “love.”

  14. Dogs were invented, domesticated, by humans for specific purposes. Hunting, herding, killing rats. There was no widespread keeping of them as pets until the late 19th century. By the British. They, and their shit and vomit, were kept outdoors, in rural areas.

  15. Ever realize that a child may help support you in your old age? Invite you to move in with them, and your grandchildren? Or pay for a good old folks home, or retirement community? Even if the kid doesn’t want to do this for you; the government will collect some of his/her paycheck for your Social Security, and Medicare. A dog will do none of these things. Even cent you spent on the mutt(s); you won’t have for your old age. You may even end up eating dog food. “Instead of having another kid”? 2.1(?) is the number of kids needed for a replacement level birthrate. Kids, not dogs, continue a civilization! Do you care about civilization continuing? Of course, “children are much bigger responsibilities than animals, my” fellow human being. Cyrus McCormick, not a dog, invented McCormick’s reaper, a harvesting device that revolutionized agriculture. It enabled grain to be harvested faster, before rain, snow ruined it; or locusts devoured it. On Cyrus McCormick’s grave, it says that he made bread cheap. Dogs don’t make bread cheap; money spent on them is not available to pay for your groceries. How much do you spend on your groceries, and on mutt food? A kid(if given martial arts training at an early age) may someday stop a terrorist attack like 9/11. And survive, to someday run for President. A kid, not a dog, may someday lead a research team that discovers a cheap way to desalinate large amounts of water, find new sources of energy, advances in agriculture. Kids, not dogs, may someday form new political parties that will provide badly needed alternatives to the basically worthless Democrats and Republicans. What is your favorite food? Dogs did not domesticate the plant, or animal, that you enjoy eating. Your favorite book, song, movie, piece of art? Your religious/philosophical/political belief system? Your favorite building? The person who had the best influence on you? Your favorite sport, or hobby? Your favorite vacation spot? Humans, not mutts, made these things possible for you. If your favorite food is lamb, or mutton, a sheep dog may have assisted the farmer, or rancher, in producing it; but the decision, the work needed, to put that lamb or mutton, or whatever you like to eat on your plate, was basically done by humans, and the machines they devised. Even the domestication of sheep, and the sheep dog, was a human achievement. Many people do attempt kids with mutts. The results of this will be a civilization lying in ruins.

  16. Their pathetic brains are smaller than wolves’ brains. They are dependent on humans to put food, and water, into their dishes. Or to leave the bathroom door open so they can drink from that other bowl. So called wild dogs scavenge from human garbage, or even dig into outhouses for feces. Pet dogs often have acess to cat droppings.

  17. Dogs do have “bad days”. There are many cases of supposedly well behaved pets that suddenly, without warning or reason, kill or maim. One woman woke up one night to find her mutt chewing on her nose. If a pitbull has a “bad day”, it could be its’ owners last day.

  18. Please explain to us exactly how dogs “are smarter than some of the humans i know”. I’ve met, and continue to meet, some of the stupidest people on earth. They are still more intelligent than animals. “dogs can love any more than humans can”. Please explain, a little more coherently, exactly what you were trying to say. “sick people”? The people on this site are quite sick. Of having to walk through shit filled streets, having their parks and beaches turned into canine toilets, having their front yards, back yards, gardens, defecated and urinated on, having loose dogs runing around their neighborhoods, having their sleep disrupted by barking from useless animals, having to fear for the safety, the life, of themselves, family, friends. Having mutt keepers inconsiderately imposing their lousy animals unwelcome, unwanted presence in places, situations that should be humans only.

  19. In Mesa Arizona yesterday, a swarm of bees attacked 4 dogs, killing one of them. The bees had a hive in the chimney of an abandon house. Maybe the dogs
    were nosing around in there and distrubed them. In any case, out they came. The mutts were rolling in the dirt and throwing themselves against their owner’s door.
    She had the good sense to not open the door; it wasn’t worth it, to risk letting the swarm inside.

  20. How much sense does she have, if she has 4 dogs, and lets them roam around loose? Suppopse they form a pack, and kill or maim a human being? Why does she have 4 dog? I wonder what the vet bill was for 3 bee stung dogs? how much did it cost to bury, or dispose of, the one killed by the bees?

  21. I can’t believe you people talk about animals (dogs) like this.its disgusting.you should be ashamed.

  22. No “gene” we are not ashamed and its you who should be ashamed for helping to promote dogs are near-humans

  23. Even some of the supporters of the site have dogs wrong I’ve noticed. Now I’m not trying to be a jerk here but humans did not originally domesticate dogs or I should say dog ancestors. What is known as our dogs of today came from wolves long ago, who realized that pairing up with humans was beneficial in obtaining food. After so long of this mutual companionship humans began to raise and breed them into the working class dogs of the recent past and now as the stupid drooling mongrels of today. Wolves and coyotes are not dogs but are part of the canine species which includes dogs.

  24. Dogs have no concept of love dogs only understand who is in charge and who is not. Dogs lick your face not out of love but because as pups it was a signal to the parents to regurgitate food or as a sign to show submissive behavior. Dogs, due to excessive breeding ended up with smaller brains that cause the dogs state of mentality to remain like that of a pup which is why it’s easier or I should say if properly breed and trained, easier to command them where as with wolves at the age of 2 or 3 they have become mentally mature due to also having larger brains which makes them much more intelligent than Dogs.

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