Subaru thinks dogs are people, too.

Automobile company Subaru is running a TV commerical promoting not only its cars, but also five different charities. One of the charities is animal related, and one of the actors in the ad is wearing a T-shirt which states “Dogs are people too”. For a major company to be endorsing this level of delusion, well it’s beyond the pale. Dogs are people too? Really? Do dogs buy Subarus? Do dogs donate to charities? Do dogs read or write or vote or invest or pay taxes or make any decisions whatsoever which affect the direction of a society? Have dogs created civilizations? Honestly, how high on dog farts does a person (or company) have to be in order to confuse dogs with human beings? A Google search of the phrase “dogs are people too” turns up delusions galore. Using this “logic”, are oranges apples too? Are giraffes lemmings too? Are pigeons gorillas too? Of all the stupid things that froth from the mouths of dog worshipers, “dogs are people too” is the most insane. These fools can’t seem to make up their mind. Sometimes they claim dogs are better than people, other times they say dogs ARE people. Never do they say dogs are less than people. Never.

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  1. this is THE most disturbing trend in humanity these days…people push each other around on Black Friday and worship their shit-hounds when they get home

  2. You’d never hear anyone say ‘cats are people too’ or ‘wolves are people too’. Just shitting, biting, shedding, stinking dogs who are worshiped like the sun rises and sets out of their ass, which it doesn’t. And dogs are dogs.

  3. You 3 are THE most disturbing excuse for human beings that I’ve ever come across. First of all, my dogs don’t bite or shed and last I checked you also shit and stink. Dogs are faithful companions when the rest of humanity doesn’t live up to par. And you really think the creators of the t-shirts think dogs are human? oh, that’s right, you obviously don’t think.

  4. Dogs eat shit, roll in shit, sniff the shit-caked anuses of other dogs, and shit in public, all over the place, not caring one bit about where the shit falls. They are disgusting animals. They kick their groin then they lick your face. You think that’s true love, don’t you.

  5. Hey Charity, dogs are opportunistic scavenger animals. Take off your rose colored glasses. You’re a walking can opener. A kibble provider to a parasite. You’ve fallen for that “faithful” BS hook line and sinker. Dogs are blind followers to anyone who feeds them. Yet they still sometimes maul their owner to death.

  6. Humans, except for homeless derelicts, and leftists in Zaccotti Park, don’t usually, in areas with modern plumbing, shit on the street. The ancient Gauls(a Celt people in France), invented soap. Their descendents, and other Europeans, could use it more often. But most Americans bathe daily. Humans invented deoderants and mouthwash. Humans have built sewage treatment plants to keep their shit, and other filth, from entering the waterways. Dogs shit on the sidewalks, lawns, graves, flower beds, gardens, parks, playgrounds, sandboxes, beaches, their owners floors, rugs, cars. They, of course, don’t clean it up. Some animals bury their feces. But dogs use their feces, coated with foul smelling fluid from their anal glands, to mark their territory. Many of their filthy owners just leave it there. To get on your shoes, feet, bike wheels, car or truck tires, wheelchair wheels, shopping cart wheels, baby carriage wheels. To feed disease spreading flies. To wash into streams, rivers, lakes, water sources, oceans, onto beaches. Filling the waters up with e.coli, and other pathogens. People can get sick, or die. Societies try to keep human shit off the streets, other public areas, and out of water, in the name of civilization and sanitation. But what is the good of doing this, if shit from millions of canines is allowed to enter them? The advance of civilization can be measured by keeping shit off the streets. Plumbing systems(first developed by the Minoan civilization on Crete) got human shit and piss of the streets. The invention of the car liberated large cities from large amounts of horse shit and piss. In New York, brownstone houses were developed. The enterence was on the second floor, reached by outside stairs, to keep horse shit dust from blowing in. The next stage in the forward march of human civilization and sanitation is the banishment of dog shit from our streets. Pick up laws are a joke without a dog DNA database, a system of collecting and matching samples from dog turd on the street with the DNA on file. This system would pay for itself. Drunk driving celebrities, and other petty criminals could be sentenced to shit patrol. The owners can be fined, the city gets much needed funds, the filthy muttkeepers can go on shit patrol, and the constant flow of dog shit into our nation’s waters can be greatly reduced. A town in Iceland has banned shithounds within city limits. That option won’t be necessary if responsible dog owners, with the incentive of heavy fines provided by a doggie DNA system , accept their responsibilities to their own species.

  7. Excellent points, James. I’d like to add that if I find poop on the bottom of my shoe, odds are I’ve stepped in dog turds, not human turds.

  8. You all seriously need to get productive hobbies. Or maybe get laid. Lighten up. Human children are a waste of space so some like to have dogs. It’s nothing to get your panties in a bunch about.

  9. Let me guess, you’d rescue a drowning dog over a drowning child. That’s how SICK you probably are. And if you think dogs are people too (what a pathetic screen name), you must have fallen asleep during biology class.

  10. I wouldn’t even think twice about saving a dog over a person. Kids today are disrespectful, baggy pants wearing, video game junkies that do not know how to socialize with adults. It’s sad.

  11. You’d have to face the child’s parents and the entire community. You’d be scorned for life for saving a mere dog over a child. You’d also likely be arrested for violating the Good Samaratin law. In some states it’s a crime to ignore a person who needs help. You are truly an idiot. You think dogs are people too, while children (who are young persons) are lower than dogs.

    I bet it bugs you that dogs are property under the law, while children are citizens with unalienable rights.

  12. Many people are a waste of space! Such as irresponsible pet owners, who allow their pests to bite, run loose, knock people down, disturb peoples’ sleep, defile the streets and environment, spread disease. If you like to keep animals; that’s best done outside a city, or other human population center. Keep your animals properly confined, leashed, muzzled. Don’t let them defecate where it will be a problem for people. keep it from polluting the environment. Nobody needs to have poisonous or constricting, non-native snakes. nobody needs to have lions, tigers, chimps, and other dangerous , difficult to control animals. Certain dog breds are best allowed, required, to become extinct. As a conservative, I believe in individual freedom, and avoidance of too much government regulation. But peoples’ need, right, to be save from attack by animals takes precedence over your “right’ to have dangerous animals, and allow them to be a threat to peoples’ life and limb. Peoples’ right to walk on a shit-free street or beach comes ahead of your “right” to allow your menagerie to use the world as a toilet. If people aren’t allowed to let their kids shit all over the place, why the hell should your lousy animals be allowed to do so? Keep your mutt(s) on a leash, muzzled, pick up, or lick up, their filth, keep them quiet when people are sleeping. People pay taxes(if they are lucky enough to have a job). Your mutts will never have jobs, or pay taxes. So they don’t have any constitutional “rights”, under any civil rights legislation, to use a park, or a beach. Their very presence, and the presence of their shit and piss, renders it less usable and pleasant for people. Even if you manage to pick up most of the fecal matter, the piss is still around. Productive hobbies? What do your mutts produce, besides noise, and hot meals for flies?

  13. Yes, I agree with you Dimitrios. It is too much to live with these dogs, they are too disgusting.

  14. Lol, I am glad I don’t have to clean a dog’s ass. If middle-class people want to spend their time doing that, and not save some of their cash for luxuries that would benefit them and their (human) families, it is their own choice and we dog dislikers don’t have to join them in their stupidity (or in condoning it).

  15. Thumbs up, thumbs up, thumbs up! And dog owners, haven’t you had enough of making your families’ lives difficult? No, I meant the lives of your parents when they visit you- your parents just happen to hate dogs, you see, but they also raised you into an independent human being. I don’t think your dog gave you that much.

  16. Save the world from these media agencies!!! We don’t want to live in a world that has literally gone to the dogs.

  17. Exactly, Roses. Dog fanatics take everyone for granted. Their parents and teachers taught them invaluable practical lessons and skills. Meanwhile, their dogs just sat there and did animal instinct things, and yet are given all sorts of lofty credit. If a baby were raised only by dogs (or wolves), this person would become mentally stunted.

  18. Brace yourself: the fastest growing type of parks are dog parks!! Also known as “shit parks”.

  19. Not all pet owners are irresponsible and leave their dog’s shit in public. Don’t generalize. And my best friend is alive because their dog woke them when the house was on fire so talk all of the shit you want, dogs are not worthless.

  20. Why didn’t your best friend have a battery powered smoke detector in his home? So what if a dog makes noise during a fire, dogs make noise all the time, usually over delivery trucks, mail carriers, blowing leaves, and joggers. How did this fire start anyway?

  21. Well for every dog that happens to wake the owners, there are plenty more that don’t save the day. Dogs commonly die in house fires, and so do the people. Dogs aren’t super heros, and not all dogs are Lassie.

  22. Yes, it is very ungrateful behavior when their parents are given lower priority than a worthless mutt.

  23. Let’s face it there are certain behaviors vehemently defended by their protagonists but ultimately anti-social: guns, smoking and dog sh*t.

    We need to raise the public debate about dogs to these moral levels; people should be free to enjoy public spaces unsullied by all 3 regardless of what owners think.

    I live in a country where “it’s only the irresponsible owners that don’t clean up” but *every* public park is ruined by crap. I also used to live in a country where dog crap is very rare – families and kids, babies play & picnic in parks.

    It’s sad that only a few people have been fortunate enough to see what public spaces can be like if we do control dogs. Paradise lost.

  24. In Brooklyn, and elsewhere in this rapidly decaying society, many peoples’ dysfunctional, underclass parents; and their barely literate, incompetent teachers did a very piss-poor job of teaching them how to function in society. Or enough skills to be employed, be good parents, eat properly, take care of their health, stay out of jail. Or to be responsible dog owners. Shit, they can’t even take care of themselves. Much less asume responsibility for properly managing an animal around people.

  25. Many parents have not raised their kids into indepenent human beings. Their kids end up on welfare(in many cases, however, the economic decay of America can lead to decent members of society to be jobless), jail, drug treatment centers, mental institutions. Many members of America’s growing underclass have been raised by welfare recipients

  26. Visit Brooklyn. Many”adults” are not fit for kids, or anyone else, to socialize with. They are alcoholics, drug addicts, compulsive gamblers, psychotically abusive creatures til the end. Only a strong union pevents them from being fired. and living on the streets. and dying in the gutter. Many are habitual criminals. Even those with good jobs. They are themselves devoid of respect for the law, civilization, or themselves. Many of these creatures own mutts. That are, like themselves, a problem to all around them. Mutts owned by the filthy, savage, unsocialized underclass that places like Brooklyn breed in such large amounts are a menace to life, limb, and basic sanitation.

  27. Many(most?) of the parks in America are, and have been for years, “defacto” “shit parks”! Many cemeteries are also “shit parks”! And they will remain that way. Until dog DNA databases are established. To enable identification of the mutt which left its’ filthy “calling card”. And the fining of its filthy keeper.

  28. Also 2 carbon monoxide(colorless, odorless, fatal) detectors. Instead of 2 useleess mutts.

  29. A woman, living in an isolated area with her baby, recently shot and killed an intruder who was armed with a knife. Was defending herself, and her baby, antisocial? In areas plagued by packs of feral dogs, and coyotes(many with wolf ancesry), a gun can mean the difference between life, and a corpse so chewed up the coffin has to be closed at the wake, and funeral.

  30. Many Brooklyn streets are coated with dog shit. Many people avoid parks because of crime. But they still have to go out on the streets. That can’t be avoided.

  31. Feral dogs as a threat are ignored by the mainstream media. Or portrayed as victims.

  32. I wish your parents held the same sentiments DogsArePeopleToo.
    Your ideology is the quintessential example of skewed thinking: to disregard the value of your own species in favor of that of the parasite-spreading vermin.Carrion really. This is what dogs are, before you bought the Alpo.If you stopped feeding the dog, it would stop this so-called ‘love’and attack you then find a new food-source such as the dead sewer rat.Dogs love rot and stench. The more fetid, rank, putrid, decaying the stench, the more the dog loves to eat and roll in it.
    Dogs have no place in Modern Society.

  33. Hmmm. Very telling. You make an interesting case-study Misanthrope.
    Let’s see,self-loathing, insecure, transference of personal dissatisfaction, chronically feelingn rejected by own race, supplimenting with DOG.
    Yes. Very interesting case study you are indeed..
    The verdict stands:
    Dogs have to be banned.It’s the sanitary decision.
    Say goodbye to Fido

  34. I am a big advocate of this dog DNA database. The only ones the dog-owning cowards prioritize above the dog is *themselves*.
    If their dogs shitting on property other than their own was going to hit their pocket-books, they’ think twice before taking the beast out for a walk to dump on other people’s property.
    Remember-these are self-centered and very selfish inconsiderate people. Gotta speak their language:That means hitting them with work-orders, FINES and lawsuits.Anything that inconveniences THEM.They won’t want that.
    Suddenly they’d start to see their dog for the disruptive, annoying inconvenience that it really is.

  35. Vollkswagon, Honda, Toyota, and Subaru are all using dogs heavily in their TV commercials. A current ad from Honda shows dogs driving the car to a ski resort, with the tag line, “dog tested”. WTF?

    Many ads during the Superbowl will also feature dogs, and the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet is getting big coverage from the media. When will this insanity cease?!?

  36. ‎3.6 billion (1,000,000,000) pounds of dog waste is produced per year in the USA alone, enough to cover 800 football pitches to a substantial depth….. a single gram can contain 2.6 million coliform bacteria (including e coli, salmonella & giardia)…, pet owners who think you don’t need to “scoop”……… YOU DO….

    Filthy disgusting beasts, why we let them anywhere near us I still don’t understand…

    Not to mention the millions of tonnes of food that go to feed them, and the water they drink & you need to bathe the stinking mutts, while people starve in developing countries & have no running water….

  37. For one, people create more poo than dogs do, and it has probably more harmful bacteria, we’re exposed to so many toxins (which we create), and we smell worse when we don’t use deodorant (and most people outside developed countries don’t)

    The human race is so narcissistic that we feel the need to hate on innocent creatures.

  38. For the young adults 25-35 dogs now seem to be the new children for them They are either lazy, stupid or both if they think a dog can take a childs place. I think there is a crap load of delusional morons that cannot communicate with humans but are great with a four legged furball. I think the problem lies with dysfunctional humans.

  39. OMG I love your name I hate WORMY feces-eaters! lol Hey guys I have a question were did you guys find the one about dogs destroying REM sleep I can’t find it anywhere. I found it here once but now I can’t find it! It was an article of some sort.

  40. “Many people are a waste of space! Such as irresponsible pet owners, who allow their pests to bite, run loose, knock people down, disturb peoples’ sleep, defile the streets and environment, spread disease.” But of course, they are only being friendly!

  41. My neighbour’s canine, a chihuahua, barks non-stop and is driving me to distraction. If there happened to be a fire it would bark because it never stops barking. By the way, what is the point of a chihuahua? You might as well buy a rat. Pet rats are silent, and don’t annoy the neighbours.

  42. “I’m an old cowhand, from the Rio Grande,Whenever it rains, dog shit is washed from the land!

  43. I recently purchased one for $9.99, plus $.89 sales tax. $10.88. Two of them-double protection-would cost $21.76.

  44. I, just today, read about a Great(?) Dane that weighed 144 pounds. A 144 pound dog will produce about as much feces and urine as a person that size. Both human, and canine, feces contain e.coli.

  45. From a medical point of view, it’s best to reproduce before age 30. Older sperm, and eggs, are more likely to contain genetic defects. In the “good old days”, many people did not live until age 30; it was absolutely necessary that they marry early. Today, many societies, Western and non-Western, are undergoing demographic collapse. The world’s population was never supposed to rise this high; it will go down. One way, or another.

  46. Nevertheless, on the shelves of the local supermarket, there are now filet mignon flavored dog treats. Can the canine taste buds distinguish the taste of filet mignon from cheaper cuts of meat? Unlikely. The taste buds of other copraphagic(feces eating0 life forms probably can’t, either. What a waste of money! I wonder how many people are going to buy them for their own consumption. What have these stupid creatures done to deserve filet mignon?

  47. Irish -Americans often go decades without communicating with family members. Many of them own plenty of dogs.

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