Hate me, love my dog?

With so many dog fanatics being misanthropes (haters of mankind), why do they love “man’s best friend”? Does it make sense to admire someone who is best friends with whom you hate? “The friend of my enemy is my friend” sure doesn’t make sense to ME. Misanthropic dog lovers should, in theory, DISLIKE an animal which toadies up to humanity.

Another irony: dog lovers constantly rave about how dogs are nonjudgmental, forgiving, loyal, and all that, while in the same breath slam humanity for being self-serving meanies. Well if we’re so rotten, why do dogs like us so much? I guess dogs are pretty darned stupid for wanting to lick our boots. Dogs like us for who we are, but most of their owners certainly don’t.

Of course, we in the know here at whyihatedogs realize what’s behind the dog’s “devotion”. Food. And modified pack instincts funnled via domestication and training. And neutering. And being leashed, fenced, kept indoors, or otherwise restrained to prevent the animal from oh, wandering off to cavort with it’s own kind, perhaps? Nabbed as 8 week old puppies and forced into close proximity with an alien species (us) who provides its only source of food and water, hardwired by selective breeding, and help captive by various obstacles, dogs have a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. Apparently the irony of all this is lost on dog fans, who insist dogs love mankind unconditionally, even if the owners themselves hate us.

18 thoughts on “Hate me, love my dog?

  1. I really couldn’t care less what dog fanatics think. The fact you chose to have your life revolve around a stinky, filthy, useless, expensive, high maintenance animal by default proves you’re a moron.

  2. But their hate for people and love for dogs is ironic. If they dislike people so much, shouldn’t they be annoyed that dogs “like” people?

  3. There is a dog story at Yahoo, a soldier “reuniting” with his Great Dane. Nauseating photo/video. Anyway, nearly every comment on the “story” is misanthropic. Dogs bring out the misanthropes.

  4. My family are all dog lovers. They have this saying that they are constantly repeating: “the more I get to know people, the more I love my dog.”

    Funny thing is, the more I get to know their dogs, the more I hate the owners.

  5. You are absolutely right excellent point. Dog Owner’s make absolutely no sense when it comes to their worthless animals. They dont want to believe anything negative about these disgusting animals despite how true it is.

  6. I replied on a different post and it didn’t show, so I’ll try again here… I’m bringing my toddler daughter to a couple’s house this weekend, and they have a jumpy, barky, whiney dog. I hate it. It’s a lab or a retriever or something yellow. It jumped on me when I was pregnant and I pretty much stood outside and waited for them to be ready to leave for lunch. This time we don’t have plans to be out – it’s going to be cold. And my daughter’s 2. Any pragmatic ideas for how to manage this? I really like the couple, really really hate their dog.

  7. Simply tell them that you don’t like dogs jumping on you. And that you don’t want to take the chance that it might attack your daughter. if they have any concern for your feelings; they will ,put the mutt in the yard, or basement, or in a securely locked room. One that can’t be unlocked by a 2 year old. Muttkeepers should realize that everybody does not like mutts. There is always the possibility that it might attack a guest. so, for their own legal and financial protection, they should put it out of the way. After all, you are coming to see them; not their shithound.

  8. Many dogs I have never met ; but I have seen their shit and piss on the sidewalks and gutters, of Brooklyn. Unless it came from a blind person’s guide dog; I know the person(s) to be filthy, lazy, unsanitary, inconsiderate, lacking in respect for their fellow human beings, the environment, lacking in concern for public health, peoples’ shoes, their sense of smell. I wish for a dog DNA database, which would compel these filthy shithound keepers to reach into their pockets to pay a formidable fine, and/or do some community service on a “shit patrol”, cleaning up dog dung fom the streets, parks, beaches. Taking samples for analysis, so others could also be fined. And also do a “tour of doody/duty” on the “shit patrol”. a real “cash cow” for New York Shitty/City.

  9. While I don’t hate dogs, I do find many dog owners completely ridiculous, and get annoyed at the stupid things they say about their dogs, and I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    I’ve always found it odd how the same people who admire dogs for their ability to “forgive,” (how is it that an animal that has no concept of morality and being wronged is capable of forgiving?) are apparently incapable of forgiveness themselves. Not only that, they actually hate forgiveness when it’s a human expressing it. Tell your average dog owner that you’d forgive Michael Vick for what he’s done, and they’ll go nuts.

    If a dog “forgives” it’s human owner that has abused it, they praise the dog for its “loyalty” and “forgiveness.” If a woman goes back to her abusive husband and forgives him, they call her stupid.

    The same people that fawn over how “loyal” dogs are will also boast how a dog has the cognitive capabilities of a 3-year-old. Is a 3-year-old capable of loyalty? If not, then how is a dog?

    Another thing that is annoying is whenever I read a story about military/police dogs, the comments are flooded with people calling those dogs “heroes,” that they’re better than police officers/soldiers, etc. How can a dog act heroically when it doesn’t even know its life is in danger? Police/military dog training is all a fun game to the dog. He does what the person asks him to and gets a praise, treat or toy. Unlike human police officers or soldiers, the dogs do not consent to willingly put themselves in danger. They have no idea that danger exists. A dog has no concept of law enforcement, politics or warfare. He has no idea that he could get injured or killed. In the dog’s mind, it’s still playing that fun game.

    Imagine someone trained a toddler to shoot at the “bad guys” by playing “army man” with him with a fake gun. Now imagine they send that toddler on an actual battlefield, armed with a machine gun, and tell him to go out and “shoot the bad guys.” If that toddler was killed, but took out some enemy troops, would we call them a hero? No. That would be stupid.

    I’m actually surprised how many people who worship dogs are okay with them being used as living tools for law enforcement and the military. I suppose it’s because it makes the dog seem more human-like, which in turn makes them feel better about themselves, and better allows them to use dogs as replacements for human companionship and children without feeling weird.

    Now, I like dogs, but how much of a meaningful relationship can you actually have with one compared to a human relationship? Dogs cannot comprehend much. If an adult told you that they loved their 3-year-old toddler and enjoyed interacting with them very much, we wouldn’t find that odd. Now imagine an adult told you that their 3-year-old was their best friend in the world, and that they prefer to seek the company of 3-year-olds instead of other adults. Wouldn’t that be worrisome? Yet someone boasting that their dog is their best friend or that they prefer having dogs as friends to people is seen by many as being perfectly reasonable these days.

  10. This article is about EXACTLY what I’ve been obsessing about in the last several days. I am from Romania, a country in which we have over one million stray dogs! In the capital alone there are around 100 000 stray dogs. People would be absolutely stunned if they came to Romania and see how many violent dogs we have. And Monday, they’ve half-devoured a gorgeous 4 year old child who was with his grandmother and brother in a park, in Bucharest!!!. They killed a gorgeous child by eating him. And many many others before him, including a Japanese man in the middle of the day by a single bite that teared his femoral artery. Tens of thousands of people are bitten every year, and these are only those who seek medical assistance!!! And a ton of people are STILL saying the damned horrible violent criminal disgusting rabid stray dogs SHOULDN’T be euthanized!!! Pork meat is the favorite meat of the country, we have the tradition of slaughtering a pig for Christmas and a lamb for Easter, most adult people in the country have seen a pig or a lamb slaughtered for Christmas or Easter and think nothing of it, even if pigs are more intelligent. And they keep insisting that killing dogs to prevent children from being eaten is “murder”! I feel like killing half the country right now. I am extremely mad and nervous, and I noticed how a lot of dog fanatics are misanthropes and I googled ” i hate misanthropes” and got here!

    Here is what the typical streets of Romania look like:
    The child that got killed on Monday:
    Can you fucking believe this?

  11. I’m sick and tired of getting barked at just because I look different. I don’t know if you’ve already mentioned it, but filthy mutts are known to bark at minorities. It’s embarrassing when it happens. The dog ignores just about every white person in sight, but when it sees you it starts barking like Cujo.

  12. Dog owners are dysfunctional and often aggressive/violent. Racism is a form of aggression. They likely train their monster pets to bark at minorities.

  13. Any dog fanatic that says a dog barking at a person of a specific race is normal is full of crap. I saw a bunch of people trying to justify it on a forum once. Talking about it like it’s the most common thing in the world. One person even made the judgmental and blanket statement, “Black people tend to be afraid of dogs” and suggested using random African Americans as test subjects to get their dogs “conditioned” to darker skinned people. It was disgusting. Take the mutt on a walk in the park and they should pass by every race there is at least once (may vary depending on where you live). If a dog is only barking at people of a specific race, there is intentional human involvement.

  14. It’s stupid how dog owners think thats it’s a taboo to hate dogs. Oh, and they think you want to see pictures and style videos and stay tuned for doggy woggy info.
    No, i am not interested.
    And no, i can’t see that your dog is smiling at the camera

  15. To hell with all of you dog-hating bastards! You make me sick with this damn website as well as your xxxxxx hatred of canines! Without them, life would be more xxxxxx up than it is.

    If you ask me, you make me ashamed to be human, especially if you favor cats over dogs. To hell with that stupid shit!

    I hope that every dog in this world gangs up on you and rears you to bits like the assholes you are!

  16. Good Evening anti-anti-dog

    You are free to participate in the conversation however you must observe the rules. You may not use the F bomb on our site. The rules are clearly displayed on our home page. Your comment was edited but in the future you will simply be banned.

  17. So predictable. Apologies not needed. We already know that in your world, human life is secondary to your stinking, slobbering flea bag. I feel sorry for you. People like you have problems with human interaction, and prefer the companionship of a fur slave that is only around because it’s trained you to provide food and if you don’t believe that, open your parents basement door and see if it doesn’t run off. If you can’t locate it fairly quick, you can bet it has taken up with the next sucker that feeds it. Within 24 hours you’ll be at the pet “rescue” (translation- someone else’s problem) just because you cared so much for the last flea bag. And the filthy, rotten, stinking cycle starts over again. The pet industry loves ppl like you. I have nothing but pity for people like you.

  18. It’s because dog worshippers usually seem to be antisocial sociopaths who naturally assume the worst in every person they meet so they convince themself they hate them. But they do the opposite with dogs. They naturally assume the best in every dog they meet (and might be surprised to get a bite from the dog). This comes with the whole “dogs are better than people because they’re more pure hearted” mindset. Of course that’s a load of crap. Dogs not doing the same bad things people do isn’t a reflection of a pure heart, it’s a reflection of stupidity.

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