Might Dogs Be Allowed To Dine With Owners In Australian Cafes?

I got a call from a reporter from the Gold Coast Bulletin (Australia) last week for my view on the proposal to let dogs dine with their owners in Australian cafes.

Here’s what I had to say:

Dogs to dine with Australian cafe patrons?

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30 thoughts on “Might Dogs Be Allowed To Dine With Owners In Australian Cafes?

  1. Great post, enjoyed reading the site owner’s point of view.

    I find it incredibly silly when people say dogs are part of their family too. Usually such people are happy to exclude real human family members from their considerations.

  2. It’s obvious who won that face off: Sheldon by a mile! That is so true, dog people are very self righteous, and they need to make REAL friends, instead of opportunistic scavenger animal “friends”. Is Paris Hilton still toting dogs around? She should have outgrown that habit years ago.

    Dog wigs?? There are dog wigs??

  3. Not only that; but alot of dogs are dog aggressive or food aggressive or both. People have NO sense when it comes to their dogs poor behavior and more than one dog in a place is likely to lead to a dogfight with people getting bit. And the establishment getting sued. I would never eat at a place where shithounds were allowed. How filthy!!! If you love your dog so much stay home with the useless thing. And what about people who are allergic like me? Where are MY rights? Dogs aren’t people; they don’t have rights.

  4. Irish-Americans, many who have dogs, often go years without speaking to family members. Ryan O’Neal didn’t recognize Tatum when he saw her last(?) year. In my family(some who have mutts), it’s standard practice to go years without even speaking to each other. Tatum told a judge in a New York court that she bought drugs because her dog died.

  5. Oh, shit! Many eating eastablishments are filthy enough, with animals walking around. Unsanitary kitchens, workers with tubercolosis, dirty food make eating out risky enough. One St. Patrick’s Day, I ate at a famous burger, and a famouis donut, place. The next 5 days were spent in a hospital on King’s Highway, Brooklyn, getting fluids pumped, not dripped, into me. There is absolutely no reason to have animals in restaurants. Unless they are properly cooked, and prepared, under sanitary conditions, by workers who are free of communicable diseases.

  6. Good rebuttal, Sheldon. At least that newspaper printed both sides. Most papers take a nearly 100% pro-dog stance. Allowing dogs at restaurants will encourage begging behavior. There is no point at all in bringing a (living) dog to an eatery.

  7. I’ve seen more than one dog snatch food and wolf it down, greedily skulking around awaiting another chance. Somebody will have a gun at a restaurant and, then the commotion really starts.

  8. It seems like Sheldon’s opponent in the article was more interested in a chance to promote her store. The ‘joys’ of guarding your paid food/drink from a dog and a dog owner who think it’s cute to bother or gross out other patrons.

  9. For years I’ve taken my dogs for walks and eaten or drank at outdoor cafes in California, Oregon, Ohio, Texas and Louisiana. Here in New Orleans many bars let you drink with your dog inside. I have seldom seen any problems and it’s never been dog on patron problems but occasionally you’ll find some dogs not settling down but I’ve never seen a dog harm a patron or staff member. Several places have special dog biscuits and water service for the canine patrons.

  10. Good point. There’s also the FACT that dog owners are more socially outgoing and therefore more likely to patronize dog friendly establishments. Good for business.
    Face it haters, more and more restaurants, bars, hotels etc are going dog friendly. Live with it. You are a small if vocal minority.

  11. Someday, one or more pitbulls will be brought in. Or Rottweilers. Or, 2 jerks will get into an argument, and set their dogs on each other. Fights break out in bars every day. Adding dogs to the equation will make things much worse. Police responding will probably have to shoot the dogs. If you were a cop, would you like to respond to a bar fight, and also have to deal with dogs? Think about it! Maybe we could have the opinions of some law enforcement people on that one.

  12. If dogs are allowed into hotels, resturants ect one will eventually find themselves in a court house either from their dog/s involved in a fight, dog attacks on humans or their pets, dog hair in food.
    The restuarnats will become deserted. So use your head you anti socials who are bent on destroying communities by using your dogs to offend or upset others. Yes, these bullying cultures are out there!! If you love your dog so much you would not want to see it shot or destyroyed.

  13. It’s like this in Europe. I remember seeing mutts riding with their owners on the subway in London. Also mutts tied to chairs in the outdoor part of restaurants. Once I was in a waffle house in Belgium, dining inside, and a family came in with their dog and sat down. Not only did the waitress not make them sit outside with it, she went and got it a bowl of water!

  14. How well was that bowl washed? Was the water hot enough? Was it scrubbed properly? Before some human used it? Useful, productive cows, chickens, pigs aren’t brought into that waffle house, are they? So why should other animals?

  15. Maybe Paris should try to marry and reproduce. Before she is forty. She will certainly be able to afford it. Her stupid mutts can’t continue human civilization.

  16. I was at this cafe called cafe bones in sydney, and my parents took that “little mutt” along. There was a pitbull and she attacked it. i was hoping the pitbull would end the dogs life. Well guess what? The “mutt” won. wow. Little dogs are strong! Then our “mutt” stole someone’s food. Haha. she got us kicked out. LOL. that mutt is devious.. She gets revenge! once i took her ball to throw it, and she attacked me, so i ran into the house. I closed my door, i looked away and looked back. The dog was there and the door was opened. She had done a pee under my bed! Yuck! my dog’s a devil.

  17. If the mutt bit you, it should have been taken to the vet. There, its’ rabies innoculations would be checked, then it should have been euthanized.

  18. Dog agressiveness can lead to fights between their lousy owners. In the New York Post, there was a story about 2 mutts that got into a fight in Central Park. Their owners, 59 and 75 years old, while trying to break it up, got into it with each other. The police got involved. And, of course, there going to be lawsuits. One of the owners suffered a broken molar. Lawyers have to eat, too. I guess, that in addition to feeding flies, dogs can also provide for lawyers. This will cost the criminal and civil court system, some lucky people will have to do jury duty, and maybe the owners will get room and board, at public expense, in jail. I wrote a letter to the editor to that lousy rag(New York Post) suggesting that all dogs be muzzled, so that dog fights won’t lead to their owners battling it out. A canine caused fight between dog owners could even reult in the owners biting each other. Or even the police. This trouble could have been avoided if the 2 mutts had been muzzled. If they were armed, or members of gangs, there could have been homicides. Aren’t dogs troublesome? To their owners, the police, the society.

  19. In Manhattan, 2 elderly dog owners, 59 and 75, got into a fight, along with their lousy mutts. When dogs fight, chances are quite good that their owners will do likewise.

  20. I’ve never been to Australia so I don’t know their relationship between people and dogs. Maybe they are more responsible than American dog owners, but still, I think pets should not be allowed inside places like restaurants unless they are a service animal.

  21. “Dogs aren’t people; they don’t have rights.” Millions of Americans have never learned that simple, basic fact. The failure to realize that truth is the root of the lousy attitudes that have made living in the same country with dogs so problematic. All dog owners must be made to realize that their mutts are lower forms of life. That their first responsibility is not to their dog, but to their fellow human beings. that instead of pampering their filthy animals, and dragging them into public places; they must always put the safety, wishes, feelings, convenience of humans ahead of what their lousy mutts want, or what they think they want. that’s not important; what people want is more important than what lousy dogs want.

  22. On Oprah Winfrey’s new show, Chelsea Handler told the tale(little pun) how she brought her dogs into a restraunt, and permitted them to run loose, climbing onto tables, eating customers’ food(food customers paid for0, licking customers. This overgrown brat, who seems overly fond of booze, acted amused about what happened. Suppose her mutts had bit someone, or someone tripped over them? Even if a restraunt allows dogs in, shouldn’t the owner control them? Both the restraunt, and the stupid, drunken brat who can’t handle(another pun) her mutts can be sued-even though they didn’t bite anyone. The health department should close that place down, until the stupid manager learns that he/she should only permit guide dogs in. This is the best arguement for keeping dogs out of eating establishments. Even though Chelsea’s mother was a Mormon, she seems quite fond of booze, as well as dogs. Is this an indication of part Irish ancestry? It certainly is an indication of irresponsible dog ownership. If Chelsea ever reproduces, she better not unleash spoiled, rotten, unmanageable brats on the world! I hope her brats are made to behave better than her mutts. She, like many celebrities, and not so famous people, is basically a rotten, lousy brat herself, who is stupid enough to think that what she permitted to occur (oc-cur, another pun), is cute, and funny; when it is simply stupid, uncivilized, very annoying, inconsiderate, very irresponsible, illegal. She should have been arrested for disorderly conduct, and given the opportunity to enjoy prison showers, jail house slop, the company of misfits like herself. Her dogs need obedience school; and Chelsea needs some time in a human obedience school. Keep dogs out of places where people eat. This is just common sense. People must reclaim public places, and spaces, from canines. Dogs aren’t people, they pay no taxes, they have no human or civil rights. the less places in which dogs are present, the better this society will be. dog owners will argue that they pay taxes. True enough, but that doesn’t give them the right to impose their mutts’ company, feces, urine, noise, etc. on the public. Farmers can’t bring their useful, productive animals in to restraunts-unless they have been slaughtered, butchered, inspected(for disease. So why bring live animals in that haven’t been inspected for disease? Dog owners must be trained to put consideration for people ahead of their wish to impose their animals on the world. what dogs want is of no importance. Grow up Chelsea! Stop being a drunkenjerk. Keep your animals out of public places as much as possible.

  23. Outside my local supermarket, there is a metal fence. Dog owners tie their mutts up outside. If you see a very large mutt, it reminds you of a cowboy’s hose tied up outside a bar. One time, somebody’s mutt defecated while it was tied up outside the store. I don’t think I saw the dog; but I remember the stuff mashed into the pavement. Maybe people should not be allowed to tie up dogs outside food stores. If they leave carrying a bag, ot bags, of groceries, they can’t pick it up. So, why not ban mutts from being tied up, outside food establishments/ suppose a flies fly off the warm meal into the store? People can leave their mutts home when they shop for groceries. or maybe, not even have dogs in the first place.

  24. Sinc es o many nirish live in Australia, you can assume that many of them have a closer relationship with their mutts than they have with their family members. Since it’s largely rural,the lousy dogs would be allowed to roam free. And cover the country with their waste.

  25. She should just marry a dog. I’m sure that will be the next big thing with the way this society is headed.

  26. marryyourpet.com

    I’ll bet money the majority of these crazies are dog owners.

    There is also divorceyourpet.com

    If only I could divorce my neighbor’s pet. I’d pay money to do that.

  27. Haha enjoyed the post, and it’s funny how non-dog lovers always have the most sane, and truthful opinion/answer over dog lovers who make themselves seem like delusional morons.

    But yes, when thinking of a ‘real’ family, pets are not, they are not blooded family and it makes me sick to hear people compare them to one. In saying that, even adopted people are not considered as real family, but that’s never overlooked by anyone who has a brain.

    Looking at a dogs face makes me sick, why would I want a smelly, ugly animal at the human-made table whilst I’m eating, people who even suggested it are CRAZY!

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