Pet industry EXPOSED!

The pet industry itself confirms what we’ve all suspected. I got ahold of the trade magazine Pet Product News International, and there it was on page 4: “With marketers and retailers having worked long and hard to elevate pets to child-like status in order to help justify the sale of higer-priced products….”

There it is. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. The propaganda spewed by the pet industry has succeeded in turning otherwise sane people into besotted “pet parents” who feel guilty if their dog doesn’t have the latest fashions, the brightest teeth, the coziest bed, the best food and medicine, or the most sturdy baby
stroller. Dogs are the biggest money maker for pet retailers, so naturally dogs are the species most often elevated to child status by marketers. Society has fallen for this scam hook line and sinker! Not only have people been duped by the pack instincts of the domesticated wolf, but they’ve also been duped by pet industry propaganda. Double duped.

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  1. I’d be interested to know what publication and Volume this was so I could reference it.

  2. The madness never ends! I read recently that there are even dog chiropractors now.

    I also read that some people support a pet tax to stop all this pet spending lunacy! That might be a good idea…….

  3. And in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, play areas for dogs now outnumber play areas for children! A sad state of affairs….

  4. Last week I saw a bloke wearing a shirt with a picture of a dog on it & underneath was written “get a dog”. So today I got a dog—————————with my .22 magnum, as it was wandering accross my back paddock, one shot to the head, it was dead before it hit the ground.

  5. People in the United States spend 60 billion a year on pets, yet we have 45 million children in poverty in the United States, there are, 29,000 children that die per day in the world per Unicef because of disease and starvation. There are 6 million seniors in the United states that cannot afford food. We have 30 million people with out health insurance and yet we have a whole bunch of people buying into the pet industry and a lots of dog items. To me it is revolting, but in a free society they have that choice. My complaint is that many dog owners are irresponsible and thus we have neighborhoods that sound like dog kennels. That should not be. When will our local governments get off their dead butts and quiet the dam dogs with decent legislation so humans don’t have to tolerate it.

  6. A pet tax is an excellent idea, to offset the expense cities pay to clean up dog poop, capture and kennel stray dogs, and maintain dog parks.

  7. Spending 60 billion a year on pets is a red flag warning that something is wrong. Misplaced priorities. Breed-specific dog food now exists. Marketers have conned dog owners into believing a beagle needs different dog formula-food than a schnauzer, which needs a different diet than a dachshund….

  8. Hi – I’m a first-timer here – great site!
    I too ***HATE*** dogs – **especially** German Shepherds. There is one next-door to me that I swear is the most brainless creature in the universe. It doesn’t even have to see me – if it hears me coming down my stairs (inside!), I get “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF…” Open the curtains – “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF…”. Out the front door, off to work – “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF”. Same when I get home – “WOOF, WOOF, WOOF..”. Brainless darned animal!

    The so-called “Animal Control unit” of the city council here (Wellington, NZ) is useless too.
    It takes ***ages*** to get even the slightest action taken against a stupid dog owner.

    I only wish handguns were legal in NZ. I could get one, pretend to be cleaning it on the front step – the dog would come along and BANG! Problem solved. “Gee, I’m sorry – I was cleaning my gun and it seems to have gone off……what a pity that your dog was there…..”

  9. If people want anti-barking legislation; they will have to do,it themselves. Someone will have to write it, collect signatures to put it on the ballot for a direct vote by those who want relief from canine sound pollution. (Aren’t dogs great? Both ends pollute. Shit and piss from one end; barking from the other). The legislation should specify that all owners must have muzzles, and use them when requested. Require that all animal shelters not only neuter all their shithounds; but also remove all the vocal cords. Require that dog owners whose dogs disturb their neighbors be required to remove the vocal cords, if they fail to muzzle them.

  10. Many Americans fail to have kids to continue American civilization. However, I’ve noticed that the alcoholic, mentally disturbed, bipolar, drug addicted frequently have “nice healthy” rates of reproduction. I know of a couple who had 8 kids, no dogs. But most of their dysfunctional offspring have reproduced(most of the marriages eventually failed), and also have had mutts. One had 3 mutts. There was a teacher(bipolar) who had twins by one of her teenage students. T

  11. Children will(if they can get jobs)grow up and pay taxes. mutts never will. Parks should be for people only.

  12. That is a sure sign of a civilization on its’ way to the garbage can of history? Right, Oswald(Spengler)?

  13. LOL @ Andy ! Dogs are useless and stupid, they chase their tails for hours among other asinine and disgusting activities. Gosh I hate those things but I hate the owners even more.

  14. I was watching the Nancy Grace show; the host is a child advocate who covers crime cases. She asked a caller if he had children. He replied “No. I have a dog”. Nancy was silent for a moment, then said something to the effect that losing a child is the worst thing for a parent. She ignored the dog. Good!

    What does a dog have to do with the question? Nothing!

  15. James,

    I’m responding under Pet Industry EXPOSED! only because the rest of the site doesn’t seem to be working:

    How often would dog owners have to pay for this database? Would it be a one-time fee?

    Cats often crap outside – now do we need a cat DNA database? Some people walk ferrets on leashes, and they might crap on the ground. So now do we need a ferret DNA database?

    We live in the most litigious country in the history of the Earth. The first time someone makes a mistake and a dog is wrongly accused, the lawyers are going to pounce on this and milk the government for millions in “damages” and “suffering.” It’s not worth it.

  16. In areas plagued by packs of feral dogs; some pest control company should develope some type of food based dog pesticide. Poison is put out for rats, insects, and other animals that spread disease, and threaten humans’ crops. Stray dogs pose a threat to humans, and their farm animals. it may not be practical to huint them down. So, to save human lives. some type of food based feral dog pesticide( a combination of various substances, extracted from foods, or synthesized versions of these chemicals)should be developed, and put out by federal, stage, and/or local governments. Farmers and ranchers should also be allowed to buy, and use, them. >ike rodent, and insect, poisons. In foreign countries, where feral dog packs, and rabies, are a problem, feral dog pesticides would be more feasable than tracking, and killing them. Morally retarded “animal rights” extremists will oppose this. So will dog lovers. Because they devalue human lives by putting animals, even useless, dangerous packs of rabid, feral dogs, first. In a few days, or minutes, these folks will screech about how sick, evil, mentally disturbed I am! It is the duty of governments to protect people from malarial mosquitos(by spraying), rodent infestations(by poisoning them), and packs of feral, rabid dogs(by shooting, or poisoning them). Just like they are obligated to poison mosquitos or rats. Enviromental extremists have opposed the use of DDT, resulting in an increase of malaria deaths. The worthless United Nations, and all individual counties(at a national, state, provincial, county level) should adopt as their goal, the complete eradication(by shooting, trapping, poisoning) of all feral dogs. In the United States, that means zero tolerance of dogs roaming loose. Just say no to rabies, dog killings(of people), dog maimings(of people), dog attacks on farm animals. Humans rule! Not shithounds!

  17. Dog owners should pay whatever costs are necessary to maintain it. Probably a yearly fee, when their license is renewed. Who the hell else should pay for it? I haven’t studied the cat, or feret, question. If a dog owner is wrongly accused of not cleanng mup after his/her dog, they can receive an apology, refund of their fine, and be reimbursed for any legal expenses. They should not be allowed to “milk the government for millions”. But if the government does not do something about about the tsunami of dog feces entering America’s waters, someone will someday sucessfully sue for millions of dollars.

  18. Sounds like the basis of a good idea to me James, it would make mutt owners accountable, and with a few safeguards & refinements certainly would be a start. Make the Mutt owners pay by adding it to their licence fees & anyone caught with an un- licenced one gets it impounded & $2000 fine. Anything that adds to the cost of mutt ownership can only be a good thing. In the real world you will find the ones that pay will report the ones that don’t. A database for cats & ferrets???? How about gunia pigs or pet sheep. You can rely on Zee for the stupid condesending remarks, anyone has an idea she has to try & pull it apart, maybe where she lives, or should it be “on her planet” there ‘s gangs of people walking cats & ferrets down the street, letting them shit everyware, jump up & attack people ( go to

  19. There are lots of options for disposing of dead dogs, most shot ferrules end up hung from a tree or fence of left to rot, depending on where they are located. This one was added to my hot compost system where over time it will totally decompose into something useful, rather than prowling the countryside attacking livestock. Sorry for taking so long to reply, as I have to work for a living, this does not leave me as much time as I would like to play on the PC. I’m not a kept bitch like the guy in your story of the Dalmatian from hell. If the man goes to work & the woman sits on her arse at home all day would you call her a kept bitch? I’m curious.

  20. We have a poison called 1080. It’s used by farmers for controlling foxes & is just as deadly to dogs but Australian native animals are immune to it. These days you can’t just go & buy it, you have to complete a course to obtain a certificate before you can purchase it. (Google 1080)

  21. No country has been more generous with foreign aid than America. Both Democrats and Republicans, liberals and “conservatives”, have taxed Americans, and the businesses they depend on for jobs, so they can make America into the world’s free grocery world, free gunshop, Santa Claus, social worker, welfare office. They “think” America’s soldiers are mercenaries to do other peoples’ fighting for them. That is the ultimate foreign aid/welfare check! Signed in American blood! The foreign aid America sends too often ends up in the fat Swiss bank accounts, and fat guts, of the corrupt, anti-American foreign elites; instead of in the mouths of needy people. Generosity has its’ limits. Ultimately, other countries have to suceed, or fail, largely by their own actions. Since India abandoned socialism, and curbed its’ population explosion, it has made much progress. It may even end the United States’ days as a super power. Without fighting it. One thing rising economic superpowers have in common is: they don’t waste so much money on dogs.

  22. Thank God! In any part of America where packs of stray, or feral, dogs are a problem, the government officials should be coerced, by the threat of impeachment, lawsuit, to use this. It’s no different than putting out poison for rats, or mosquitos! The hell with “animal rights” lunatics! Any owners of pet mutts can confine their pets to their own property, and muzzle them when out in public. It, and other dog pesticides, should be freely available to farmers and ranchers. And, also(for this I will be demonized as an evil, psychotic, cruel to animals monster!) private citizens whose land is being trespassed on by their neighbors’ loose dogs. For the protection of their families, gardens, lawns, property, they should be allowed to put it on their land. I’m not advocating they throw it over their neighbor’s fence, or anything like that. People have a right to protect themselves, family, property from animal pests. It is the responsibility of dog owners to keep their animals confined when not on a leash, muzzled. To keep them off other peoples’ property.

  23. James,
    I am highly offended by your inclusion of bipolar in your list of “dysfunctional” people who you, in your apparent superiority, feel have dysfunctional kids. I am bipolar, under medical supervision, and have four perfectly normal, functional, and intelligent kids, two who are grown and leading normal, functional lives; and a perfectly functional, solid and loving relationship with a man who is “normal” (in the minds of people such as yourself). Maybe you had better educate yourself before you spout off judgments about who should and shouldn’t perpetuate the human race. And I do have 2 dogs, not my choice, and they are treated like animals, not people.

  24. I am an unwilling dog owner who feels the same as everyone here about the dog idiocy in this country. If it wasn’t for the kids the two yarking hair factories in my house would be living on a nice farm somewhere they might be more useful.

  25. I agree. I think many dog owners are selfish and inconsiderate of their neighbors. How about “anti-dog” neighborhoods??? that would be nice. Then i wouldn’t be forced to look for more land just to ensure i won’t be bothered by an ^&*&^&^ dog.

  26. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! FINALLY SOME PEOPLE WITH COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. AMEN!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!

    Some dog owners are idiots (not all of them, just some of them).

  28. there is no way in hades I would let my kids have a dog inside the house. IF i lived in a rural area, and IF the dog was pleasant-looking and required little to no maintenance, and IF the dog barked a few times to alert me of strangers (again, rural area so not bothering neighbors), then MAYBE i would let them have a dog. and even then it would strictly be an outside dog.

  29. Just my two cents: I hate some dog owners more than most dogs.

    I’m nauseated when I see doggie ‘strollers’.

    And, just because people spoil their poochies, doesn’t mean they actually are caring for them. Too many dogs are not properly trained or socialized. Too many dogs are fed improper food, ie table food. It is cruel to over-feed dogs. Daschunds that are obese often have broken backs.

    Years ago I used to work for a company that had a “pet” division. Everything in the above article is true. They, along with the competition, were trying to make inroads to China for ‘pet-care’ 15 years ago. I remember thinking, “Doesn’t China have trouble feeding it’s PEOPLE?” And now you know what the Chinese monied class is spending their disposable income:
    I think the ‘gated community’ for dog owners is a great idea listed above. Make it posh and let them clean up their neighbors dog-poo for a change. And maybe I can go collect my mail bare-foot.

    Having said all that, I actually like dogs in general. But, if I ever got over my ‘dander’ allergies, I’d probably have a sweet old cat.

  30. doggie ‘strollers’,??? some of these pricks must think their mutts legs are painted on, most working dogs live in a kennel outside & never set foot inside the farm house, their fur coat keeps them warm “doggie clothes”??? for f**ks sake. I liked the story on “the most expensive dog”,cost £945,000 & you still have to pick the dangle berries from around it’s arse & what a fugly munted thing it is, judging from the photographs. My favourite dog picture is at 9x magnification, round with cross hairs on it. This link shows wild dog control in Australia.

  31. I don’t mean to offend you. I’m glad your problem is controlled. That your kids are normal. But, I strongly suspect that my dear old dad, in addition to being alcoholic, might have been bipolar. Or something. It was not just his drinking. Of his 8 offspring: 5 take, or took, antidepressants. At least 2 were alcoholics. One killed herself, leaving behind a $200,000 hospital bill, and probably more in unpaid student loans. Another, an alcoholic, made suicide attempts. Fortunately, the 2(known) alcoholics are sober now. I ‘m not making judgements about who should perpetuate the human race. As a conservative, I believe that decision must rest with the individual. But, every person, every family, carries good and, not so good, genes. Genetic screening programs, before marriage, exist for many diseases. ie. Tay Sachs, sickle cell anemia. There are many other diseases, besides these. Hemochromotosis(iron overload), PKU(protein metabolism disorder), colon cancer have a genetic basis. They claim they haven’t found the gene(s) for alcoholism. But I’m sure there’s a genetic basis. I’m not telling anyone whether or not to marry, who to marry, or whether to have kids! But, the family I mentioned(it’s white, so lets not make a racial issue of this), is filled with mental problems, alcoholism, and other heredity ailments. Three of the four diseaes I mentioned, iron overload, PKU, alcoholism, are more common in North Europeans. Both of the parents of the family I mentioned, had/have colon cancer, or polyps, in the intestines. If one parent has colon cancer, or intestinal polyps(even non-cancerous ones) that means a 1 in 4 chance of developing colon cancer. This gene is now detectable, by genetic screening. If both parents have cancer, or intestinal polyps, that increases the chances, of colon cancer, above 1 in 4. I know this, because I asked a gastroenterologist. The decision to marry, have kids, rests with individuals. But, when a genetic screening test is done, revealing that both carry a matching gene like that, in many cases, they might change their minds about marriage. It’s their decision. But many people do take genetic considerations into their decision making. This family is a compelling argument for doing so.

  32. Right on! All packs of stray/feral dogs must be hunted down, trapped, poisoned. All they contribute to the world is rabies, attacks on domestic animals, attacks on people. The useless United Natins should adopt as a goal, the eradication of all stray/feral ,packs in 5 years. All national, state, provincial, local leaders should be held responsible for the eradication of these pests/threats; just like they are supposed to eradicate rats, malarial mosquitos, and other pests/threats. That Australian might expose himself to rabies by touching their lousy carcasses.

  33. Most Chinese are more interested in eating dogs than keeping them as pets. In America, we have “puppy farms”. In China, they have farms where tehey raise “meat dogs”. They are even trying to buy St. Bernards, to crossbreed them with their “meat dogs'”. I can’t think of a better use for these big, useless sons of bitches/bitches.

  34. I opened this site to find an ad for a dog training club on the right hand side of the screen! Had to laugh. But my heart sank when I read that it handles ‘puppy biting’ and – wait for it – ‘potty training’. When did you last see a muttling sitting on a potty? Or, to take it to its logical conclusion, a toilet? If this dog training club can achieve results on this one, then they deserve a medal! But the term ‘potty training’ in itself brings home the fact that these filthy pack animals are being humanised and treated as children by those who can make money out of it.

  35. Were they bought at the kids’ request? Then they should care for them as much as possible. Idon’t think any part-time job could cover the $1,500(?) a year to support these useless things. Two? How come you have two? One is more than enough trouble and expense. When your kids are old enough to apply to college, and apply for financial aid, they will probably ask you how much you can give them. Maybe, you can tell them that, if you didn’t have so many dogs, you could afford to give more. If, indeed, you can afford to give anything. Any kid(s) that nag their parents for a dog should realize that they might want to go to college. Money wasted on a dog won’t be available for college. Or a prom dress, sweet sixteen party, braces, or an allowance. How about giving a kid who wants a dog a choice:dog, or his/her allowance? Or, if they have a summer or after school job, telling them that they will be required to contribute much of their earnings to support the son of a bitch, or bitch? Instead of saving it up for a car?r something else thay want?

  36. The entrance to Hades was guarded, according to Greek mythology, by Cerebus, a monstrous dog with 3 heads! During the 60’s, or 70’s, the Russians produced a 2 headed dog by grafting a dog’s head onto another dog. The damn thing lived for a month, or two.

  37. Doggie strollers undoubtedly contribute to dogs being lazy and obese. At least, if a dog is in a stroller, it will defecate and urinate in it, instead of on the street. The stupid owners can have the fun of cleaning the stroller.

  38. I thought dog strollers were pretty crass too until you pointed this out. Now I think they should be made compulsory for all but working canines. Just think – no more dog crap on the pavements. Bliss.

  39. Some of the feces may fall out of the dog stroller, onto the pavement. And the urine, being liquid, couls flow out, and drip onto the pavement. How do dog owners deal with their precious pets excreting in the stoller? Do they put a newspaper under the mutt? Or put open diapers under the mutt?

  40. In supermarkets, there seems to be more shelf space devoted to dog, and cat food, than to baby food. If Oswald Spengler was alive today, writing “The Decline Of The West’ , he would probably include that in his book, as evidence of decline.

  41. One major cause of poverty is the break up, or non formation in the first place, of two parent families. Many families, however, have 2, or more, dogs! Is the 2 parent family being replaced with the 2 dog family? A 2 parent family can(if both parents have jobs) provide 2 paychecks. The 2 dog family, however, constitutes a double canine drain on the family’s financial resources.

  42. Oxfam lets you buy animals for people in developing countries! I may just have to try that next holiday season.

  43. Dogs also generate other waste: dog food packaging, or cans, medicine bottles, medical waste(veterinarian offices), worn out collars, clothes, toys; household items-shoes, clothes, appliances, furniture, etc. that they damage; old dog houses, pet carriers, dead puppies-that either die, or have to be euthanized. Newspapers, bags used to pick up their feces can’t be recycled, and must be disposed off. And used pooper scoopers. I wish the hell more people would use them. All this unrecycled(unless the city recycles the cans, and the plastic packaging material the dog food comes in) has to be collected, incinerated, or carted to a landfill. at public expense. At human expense! The amount of garbage they generate would be similar to the amount generated by a human being; but unlike human beings, these useless creatures will never pay any taxes toward the collecting, landfilling, or incinerating of their garbage. You will! Whether you own a dog or not.

  44. How about putting out some type of poison for the dogs that roam around attacking livestock? Or adding chocalate, and other doggy deadly foods, to some meat? Maybe a cow that died. Dogs like carrion.

  45. Your “local governments” will never “get off their dead butts and quiet the damn dogs with decent legislation so humans don’t have to tolerate it.” In New York, many of our local leaders on under indictment, out on bail, on their way to jail. So, why don’t you get together with your friends, write some legislation yourself(one dog limit, mandatory muzzles, mandatory debarking of all strays and nuisance barkers) and other canine legislation: Dog DNA database to deal with their feces, beed restrictions, shorter leashes, anything you need in your neighborhood. Then, go door to door, go to shopping malls, and collect signatures to have it put on mthe ballot for a direct vote. Your politicians, like the ones in New York, will probably be particularly use less on this issue, and others relating to mutts. Even if they don’t have any themselves; they will wish to cater to folks who idolize the damn, noisy things. Good luck!

  46. When I pass this yard behind a high wooden fence, their big mutt starts barking. I tell it to shut up, or to kiss my Irish ass. They probably leave it in the yard to deter criminals. This is Brooklyn, world famous as a puppy farm for gangsters, criminals, drug addicts.

  47. Then avoid Brooklyn. Many dog owners have 2. Or more. But many kids in Brooklyn don’t have 2 parents. When the 2 parent family is being replaced by the 2 dog family, that is not good at all. 2 parents can mean 2 paychecks; 2 dogs are a double drain on the family’s finances. Watch where you walk.

  48. On a recent “Family Guy” episode, Lois Griffin, mother of evil little Stewie, told Brian-the talking dog with opposable thumbs, that she was sick of cleaning his crap from their yard. She told him to learn how to use the toilet. Stewie showed him a toilet training video. But Lois ended up putting diapers on Brian. Stewie laughed. At the end, Brian took a dump on the lawn.

  49. You have owners of fast food joints who buy health insurance for their dog. But the employees who are human? Nope. Instead he’ll cut hours to less than 31!

  50. This is no joke.My in-laws have spent over $10,000 dollars on their dog’s skin issues.He’s been to an allergist and had the best shampoos. They keep putting him on steroids and then wondering why the dog gets all crazy.They are complete fools who just “love their vet” because “she is so nice”. I guess so,they are putting her kids through college. Idiots. As stupid and annoying as their dumb dogs are.

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