Anti-dog books

Yes, there are anti-dog books! I own and have read all of the ones listed below. There may be other such books out there. A couple of these titles are meant pay homage to dogs and are intended for dog lovers, but they make dogs look bad nonetheless.

* Petishism- Pet cults of the Western world Kathleen Szasz

* The Dog Crisis, Iris Nowell (Man’s best friend? Think again.)

* No Dog Signs (photos of “no dogs allowed” signs from around the world)

* Is Pet Ownership Destroying the Lives of Americans? (Focus is on dogs), Carole Wade

* The Truth About Dogs Stephen Budiansky (author is a dog lover, but dog people hate this book)

* No Good Dogs, Ralph Steadman (Crudely drawn dog cartoons)

* Dogs Are Stupid, Bill Buckley (Meant for dog lovers, but dog haters will enjoy this photo book of dogs doing gross and stupid things, accompanied by funny text)

* Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy, a ruff dog-eared look at man’s best friend (quirky graphics and text mock dogs)

* The Truth About Dogs, Volker Kriegel (cartoon illustrations of dogs doing disgusting things)

* Animals Behaving Badly, Linda Lombardi (Great chapter on dogs. Written by a dog liker, but she knows the truth.).

Plus one more, whose title I forgot and which I gave away as a gift a few years ago. It’s a photo-shopped humor book showing cats taking sweet sweet revenge out on dogs, via shooting them, electrocuting them, squashing them with a steam roller, etc.!

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  1. There’s a very good book about the fatal dog attack on Diane Whipple. Title is Red Zone and the author is Aphrodite Jones. Let’s just say that she has no love for the killer dogs, their owners, and the misguided rescue zealots who wanted to save them after the attack.

  2. Dale Bretches, a prisoner who trained the Presa Canario that killed Diane Whipple, also wrote a book called “Dogs O’ War,” although I wouldn’t call that an anti-dog book! I don’t think he’s allowed to keep the book’s proceeds, though. I certainly hope not.

    I read that the dog’s owners, Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel, were trying to start a guard dog business with members of the Aryan Brotherhood when their dog killed Diane. That sounds like a great business plan! Not.

  3. I hate dogs sooo much! I thought I was the only one until I came across this website. I really like the fact that I’m not the only one who can’t stand these THINGS we call animals. I love every animal on the face of this Earth, except for dogs. I have been terrorized by dogs for nearly my whole childhood and can not seem to get away from them. I hate the fact that whenever you tell someone that you hate dogs they look at you like your crazy. I’ve made it a point to donate to Cat rescue centers and Wildlife rescue centers, but not one penny of mine is going towards these filthy, loud, annoying, disgusting creatures we call “dogs”.

  4. I’ve read that one. It’s well done. What a notorious case that was. The callous owners wanted the surviving dog saved at all costs, even trying to get the state supreme court to side with them. The Knollers are living anonymously somewhere in California.

  5. Hear hear! No other animal comes close to the annoyance and ridiculousness of dogs. I’ll gladly give a horse a carrot, leave seeds out for the wild birds, send a few bucks to the local wildlife rehab center, and hope shelter cats find homes, but dogs? No way.

  6. Definitely! I came across this website called www. rescuecenters .com that basically reference different animal rescue centers. I clicked on “cat” and than “horse” and got a list of several shelters that are specifically for that animal. These are the organizations that are donation worthy, and that I plan to donate to. As for dog rescue centers, they should be burnt to the ground.

  7. Another book is Bad Dog! by Doug Brown and Kaori Brown. Subtitled “True tales of trouble only a best friend can get away with”.
    Dogs get cut all the slack in the world by their followers. A dog will chew up expensive shoes, scarf down a wedding ring, or ruin the carpet, and the owners will blame themselves, and end up praising the dog for looking “cute”.

  8. Did some research…Robert Noel is now working as a bread baker in the East Bay area. He is so happy there, he doesn’t want to try to get his law license back. I wish I knew WHICH bakery he works for, I’d send a snail mailed hate letter.

  9. has several of them, including Is Pet Ownership Destroying the Lives of Americans, the Dog Crisis, and No Good Dogs; check for used copies. Others turn up at bookstore chains and used book stores (The Truth About Dogs is likely commonly available).

  10. Oh yea. I saw this video! And I totally agree, nice shot indeed.
    Check out this video:

    You might want to fast forward it to 2:20 because that’s when the good part happens.
    I’m pretty sure the site isn’t messed up. I can work it just fine :/ Try re-loading the page. 😀

  11. I’ve been having ongoing trouble accessing the main discussion area. I no longer see a link to it on the right hand side of the site. That video ought to cheer me up. 😉

  12. Everything on the site seems normal to me :/ I would try e-mailing Sheldon about this if your having problems. 🙂

  13. Dogs are an environmental disaster, They foul up water streams, they create major noise pollution, their owners buy dog supplies by the shovelful, their owners wash, dry, drive then places, buy larger houses to accommodate their precious pooch, etc.
    Use that money to clean up our rivers!
    Dog owners are weird.

  14. I totally agree! I wish dogs never existed. Dog barking can devalue property, and I can see why. I hate having to live next door to a barking dog. It’s loud and obnoxious. It’s ridiculous that we should have to put up with dogs sh*tting in lawns, on the street, or in parks. Loud barking, large aggressive dogs such as pit bulls that may threaten safety. I mean come on, shouldn’t human rights come before dogs?

  15. What the hell?
    What kind of site is this, full of animal haters?
    You are the real beasts people..
    And this fake pic uploaded on the top…OMG! Nice arguments bro! Congratulations for being so realistic!

    Your stupid egotism, your ecxessive faith in humanity, your racism and your eternal self delusion are beyond limits.
    Do you really think you are better than dogs? PROVE IT IF YOU CAN
    And never forget, that agressive dogs is the result of human greediness.
    If you had ever read a real and unbiased book, you would have known that, and many other things as well.
    But it seems that you prefer staying with your ignorance and your ridiculous narrow mindedness.

    So my humble advice is for all of you to wake up, look around you and realise that the world doesn’t suck because of dogs.
    The creatures you call “things” have a really bigger heart than that of yours, which is full of hatred and maliciousness.
    Dogs cannot hate, they can only love, but if you keep living inside your tiny box, you will never see that.
    I feel sorry for all of you.
    Let’s all admire your humanity! (I guess you like wars too, huh?)

  16. I LOVE ALL animals, EXCEPT for dogs. Other than that I am a vegetarian 🙂 I donate to wild life rescue and cat rescue centers. I just hate dogs. That’s why the website is called “” not “” And why would you look up a dog hating website in the first place?

  17. P.S. If dogs can’t hate they cannot love either. I’m not saying that animals (or dogs) don’t have emotions, because they do. But saying they can only feel love is ridiculous. Look up some of the stories on Nodogsallowed page and read up on all of the recent dog maulings. I’m sure while all those aggressive dogs were tearing people apart the dogs were only feeling “love” to, right?

  18. First of all I came here at random and then I couldn’t believe my eyes.
    And just let me repeat that agressive dogs is the result of human greediness.
    And yes, dogs can only love and they always give their love unconditionally. But I am pretty sure you never had a dog, not to mention that you have probably not even seen a real dog in your life.

    And aslo, I have more terrible (and 100% real) stories to narrate were only humans are involved.
    And what about people who kill or abuse dogs with the most inhuman way? Then why should we wonder why some dogs are aggressive?
    But we can turn blind whenever we want, right?

    You don’t really have any reasonble arguments for the fact that you hate dogs apart from you narrow mindedness.
    I don’t judje, I just realise what kind of people are out there, without sentiments, with no heart. That’s why this world is under collapse, because of people like you.

    And you can’t discriminate among animals. You are either an animal lover or not.

  19. To answer your questions:
    Yes I DID have a dog for 6 years. A pure bred Chihuahua named “Misty”. I hated every minute of being around her. NO I did not abuse her in anyway. I HAVE seen a dog in real life, everyone has -_-. I can choose to dislike an animal if I want. NO I am not cold hearted at all, I am a vegetarian because of my love for animals, I just don’t like dogs because I was traumatized at an early age by them. I understand that a dog (or any animal) can feel a fondness for someone, an owner, trainer, etc.. But animals cannot understand the concept of love like humans can. Animals have instinct, humans have logic. I am NOT saying it is right to abuse an animal, if anything we humans are to protect animals. I just choose to come to this site because as a dog hater, I am out numbered. But on this site I can talk and relate to people who feel the same way as me. The world is not under collapse because I don’t like dogs, are you serious? And further more I don’t come to this website to argue with people who don’t agree with me.
    Now a question for you: Are you now a regular member of this site? Because if you are planning to stay it is a waste of time for you. If you love dogs so much there are plenty of dog loving websites for you to visit and be happy with. By you insulting me is not going to change the way I, or anybody on this site thinks or feels, so where is your motive? Just to argue for fun?
    I don’t want to insult, degrade, or argue with you any longer. I understand the level of hatred for dogs is a bit shocking, so maybe it’s best if you avoid websites that will make you upset. K?

  20. Weak minded people really don’t want to see that there is an alternate way of thinking other than the little cocoons of reality that they exist in. There is an instant fear of control loss involved. If they were wrong about this, what else could they wrong about? So in anger, fear, and haste they work furiously; spilling over with emotion to quickly patch up the “crack in the dam” before the wave washes away their carefully crafted and manicured cocoons of reality. They lash out with name calling, demonization and basically any desparate ploy to save any shred of the cocoon.
    Dog lovers (yuck) especially find it odd that there would be someone that doesn’t just love their little shit factories to pieces! Then, to happen accross a website of many people who feel the same way must be really traumatic! To realize that their belief is all BS, that dogs are just stupid creatures that don’t have human emotions. That they have projected their own emotions onto the stupid animals and it’s all hogwash! I can understand how they lash out with so much unfounded stereotypical idiotic propaganda.
    I’m not replying to you doghater#1 as if you don’t realize this, it’s for dear Stef’s benefit….Good luck Stef….

  21. DogHater1# I didn’t say the the world is under collapse because you hate dogs! For crying out loud! Can’t you understand the real meaning?!
    And the fact that you had a shocking experience with a dog in the past doesn’t mean that all dogs are the same. Human beings are capable of doing much more terrible stuff..
    And you can’t say you love animals while you hate dogs to death.

    And Enrique, justifying your hatred towards dogs by saying that they are stupid or ugly, doesn’t make you sound like a smart person.
    And I didn’t say that dogs have human emotions. Dogs are aminals (and they should be treated like this), and they can have feelings in their own way.

    Ah and just for the record, I am studying to be a vet so I know what I’m saying. I don’t just say what comes to my head.

    And don’t worry dear doghater1# I won’t visit this place again. Trying to have a conversation with narrow-minded and blind people is always useless.
    So,just a friendly advice..You had better do more serious things than devoting your life in hating dogs.
    Take care.

  22. I CAN love animals whilst I hate dogs. I DON’T devote my entire life to hating dogs, I have other things I do for your information. And I’m not blind, dogs are practically the only thing in this world I hate this much. So I’m not going to cause the down fall of the world with my “narrow mind”. By saying I can’t love animals if I only hate dogs is a narrow minded statement in itself.

    Good for you studying to become a vet, though.

  23. I totally agree Enrique. Just because I don’t like dogs I can’t be an animal lover? Meaning, I have to love all animals or I can’t love any of them? If I had never had, heard of, or seen a dog before, what would give me reason to hate it? And what the hell does a dog’s aggressiveness have to do with human greed? I know humans made pit bulls for fighting, but even with that in mind the comment still doesn’t make sense. There are other aggressive dogs besides pit bulls. Stef’s logic is definitely out there…

    Yea.. Good luck Stef..

  24. Of COURSE a person can love animals while hating dogs! In fact, most of us dog haters probably like many more species of animals than you do. You dog nuts only seem to love dogs. I like wildlife, including bats, skunk, coyotes, snakes, sharks, alligators, pumas, racccons, porcupines, and other species. Dog lovers hate most wildlife because it threatens their precious mutts.

    The only animal I hate is the dog.

    You had better do more serious things than devoting your life to giving medical care to trivial, useless coddled mutts.

  25. Good one Toby, I knew this vet in California who love to treat cats, and even wild life (hence the picture of him holding a baby deer in the waiting room) but he apparently hated having to treat dogs. After my mom’s Chihuahua ‘misty’ got stung by a bee we rushed right down to his office. I waited outside the door, but my mom went in with misty, the whole time I could hear the dog screeching (which was unusual for her). After the visit she had a noticeable cut on her neck from where the vet had grabbed to hard. But when we took our cat “Mewi” down for a check up, he was gentle and kind to him. There are vets out there who apparently hate working on dogs. I just wish there were more cat-only vets around where I live.

  26. I don’t have “ecxessive(excessive) faith in humanity”. The way people fail to practice responsible animal ownership, and other human mistakes, convinces me that people, even intelligent ones, have an ability to make mistakes, which they must be on guard against. Agression in dogs, and other lifeforms, has genetic roots. much about people, animals, plants is genetically determined, or strongly influenced. Dogs, like people, are descended from lifeforms that hunted meat in groups. That tracked, chased, killed, and ate other animals. I, and others on this site, never claimed that the world sucked only because of dogs. I don’t think that anyone actually claimed, on this site, that the world sucked. The role of dogs in modern society, and the problems connected to them, need to be addressed. So does other forms of irresponsible animal ownership(chimpanzees, poisonous, non-native snakes). Is it hateful,or malicious, to put peoples’ safety, rights, needs ahead of the needs, impulses, of millions of useless, non-productive, dangerous, annoying, filthy, noisy, troublesome, creatures that are a problem even to their owners? Many dogs have maimed, killed humans, other animals, even other dogs. I won’t debate whether they are capable of hating, or really loving; but I must point out that they do have a capacity to maim, or kill, without warning. You will probably reply that people can do that, too. You would be correct; but that does not change the fact that attacks by dogs cost the health care system about $100 million a yuear. In 10 years, that would be about $1 billion. What has questioning the role of dogs in modern society, and discussing the problems they pose, got to do with whether or not a person would like wars. I’d say that you would have a wide variety of political,opinions here. People with different political views, and different opinions on history, politics, current events , and other issues.

  27. Agression has a genetic basis. Do you believe in genetics? I don’t advpcate abusing dogs. If there were fewer dogs on this earth; there would be fewer dogs being abused. Many people don’t really have real necessity for owning a dog ie, herding sheep. There would be fewer people being bit, or knocked down, or sickened by the germs in their unpicked up filth. “you can’t discriminate among animals”? Really? It would make no difference to you whether your kid’s pet snake is venemous, or not? Many peoples’ religious dietary laws, or social customs, lead them to “discriminate'” about what animals they allow in their shopping cart, refrigator, dinner table, mouth. Have you any preferences about what creatures you would, or would not, consume? Instead of worrying about whether or not people love animals; how about giving some thought to the idea of showing some love, or just some common consideration, to people. by putting human rights, wishes, feelings, needs above the so-called “rights” of useless mutts. Keep their shit off the streets, parks, beaches. Confine them on a short leash, at all times. Keep them quiet. Muzzle them in public. Neuter them. Do surgery on their vocal cords, to keep them quiet. Remove their front teeth, to make them less dangerous to people. Put humans unquestionably ahead of mutts!

  28. We definitely need more health care for people that’s for sure. I wouldn’t say that animals don’t deserve health care like vets, though. I mean, if we could reduce vets down to only treating cats, horses, birds, etc.. then that would be great. I love animals, just not dogs. I do agree that humans should come first, over any animal. That’s why it makes me sick to read that people are spending so much money pampering their pooch, while there are starving children in foreign countries.

  29. No country has been as generous with foreign aid as America. Unfortunately, much foreign aid is diverted to the Swiss bank accounts of the fat, corrupt pigs that run these countries. Since India abandoned socialism, and reduced its’ birth rate, poverty has been reduced.

  30. This is why I’m so careful about which charities I donate to. You never know who is really getting the money.. There are so many scams out there, it’s hard to pick which ones are trustworthy.

  31. The laws must be changed, so that killer dogs are automatically destroyed. Why clog up our court system, and waste money, to save the worthless lives of harmful animals? It’s like going to court to prevent the spraying of poison for disease carrying mosquitos, or rats.

  32. If the owners are too stupid to keep the damn things outside the house, behind a good fence, away from their shoes, rings, carpets, they are quite correct in blaming themselves. If the stupid mutt chews through an electrical wire, and electricutes itself, won’t that be be cute! If its’ chewing through the wire starts an electrical fire , won’t that will be real cute!

  33. Shitting on lawns could be dealth with by putting an end to the custom of letting dogs roam around free. We’re not living on the American frontier, in little houses on the prarie, miles from our nearest neighbors. Demand, threaten to sue them, if your asshat local officials don’t enforce any existing laws. If there are no good laws dealing with this problem, there is only one thing to do. Collect signatures for laws to be put on the ballot, for direct vote. Thes laws should cover:1.Bans on dangerous breeds. 2.Dog DNA database(at dog owners expense) to deal with feces, and dog bites. 3. Unclimbable, undiggable under fences for all homes with a dog(just 1!) 4. Muzzling of all dogs in public. 5. Muzzling, or surgical debarking, of all nuisnce barking dogs. The politicans won’t do this; only the people can.

  34. I think debarking should be done to all dogs. It is so annoying to have to live next door to a yapping mutt. I can no longer watch movies down stairs because the thing sits down there and barks all evening long. We live in an apartment type setting, where our yards are very small and connected to each other so when the dog barks it’s extremely loud. The yard isn’t big enough for the stupid thing to roam around, they just tie it’s leash to a table and it sits in a chair. This prevents us from also using our yard because it barks at us whenever we go outside. We moved in before the dog did, so I have to say we were here first. They also let it run around in the parking lot without a leash, so now it chases our car. I hate this stupid little worthless mutt so much! But the thing is, it doesn’t do all this often enough for me to be able to complain about it. So how can anything be done about it? I don’t want to cause a feud with the neighbors by complaining, but I also can’t stand to have to listen to it anymore. I just moved in around early August, and it’s one of the nicest places I’ve ever lived. I’m already thinking about leaving because of that stupid dog, and it truly pisses me off. I wish there were dog-free neighborhoods that people like us could move into, where this wasn’t such an issue. I’ve got more important things to do than to have to worry about running over their dog in a parking lot, or having to listen to it’s robo barking.

  35. This book just published: “I Want to Kill the Dog”, by Richard M Cohen. True story about a dog that comes between a marriage. I’ll try and get it from the library. Sure hope it doesn’t end with the husband converting to dog worship like his wife.

  36. It is not your responsibility “to worry about running over their dog in a parking lot”! It is their responsibility to make sure their mutt is not running loose around cars.If they care about the damn thing; they wouldn’t endanger its’ rotten life. Maybe you could point out to them that they are endangering its’ life. If a driver turns, to avoid their dog, and there is an accident(hitting a person or car), they could be held criminally responsible, and sued in civil court.

  37. There are so many divorces, and miserable marriages. It’s really sad, pathetic, stupid that useless, parasitic, filthy animals should cause even one marriage to fail. Even if there are no kids, it is a sign of something terribly wrong that America has elevated such filthy, useless, obsolete(few Americans herd sheep, especially in cities) animals to such a high, undeserved, unnaturally important status that they are allowed to threaten a human institution that all civilizations and cultures are based on. Human cultures and civilizations are based on the marital relationship; not on the relation between a person and his/her dog. Do Indians allow their sacred cows, temple rats, monkey gods to break up marriages? I’ve never heard, or read, of any cases. Oswald spengler would be rattling around in his grave, if he knew that dogs were endangering marriages. The Decline of the West? looks like it!

  38. Probably a memoir. The cover is a hopeful sign: shows a dog sitting on the floor, with a saw cutting a circle around it, so it’ll fall through.

  39. There’s no doubt dog elevation in the West (and in Western-influenced cultures) is a by-product of societies that have lost their way.

  40. Just read in Time Magazine that Brazil has the highest number of small pet dogs, “frou frou” dogs, than anywhere else in the world.

  41. For some reason I can’t reply to your comment James, so I’ll just reply to mine in response to yours.

    The neighbors actually just moved out yesterday. It’s strange to, because they’ve lived here for 3 years then out of nowhere, almost overnight, they just disappear. Whatever. At least they took that pathetic mutt with them. I just feel bad for whoever they move next door to..

  42. Maybe your good luck will continue; the next people to move in won’t have any barking shit factories with them. Happy Thanksgiving.

  43. At least, the little sons of bitches, and bitches, don’t use up as much food as some of the huge mutts that Americans keep. Keep wasting their money, time, resources on.

  44. I still can’t reply to your comment James, so I’ll just reply to mine in response to yours:

    Thanks. I also hope my luck will continue. Happy Thanksgiving to you to. ^_^

  45. America is always the place of the “world’s largest dog”. More Great Danes here than in Denmark probably. More breeds of dogs are kept and bred in America than anywhere else.

  46. If reading about people “spending so much money pampering their pooch” sickens you; then maybe, you shouldn’t read p.59 of the New York Sunday Dailey News. An article, “Four Legged Foodies” mentions foie gras(fattened duck liver) dog biscuits! $2.70 a piece! Many of these overly pampered sons of bitches/bitches will go for some cat feces, or some other feces. Some of their stupid owners will probably eat them, instead. Wasting so much money on mutts may eventually lead to these clowns buying cans of dog food for their own consumption.

  47. Dogs are animals, they don’t need to be pampered. I sometimes feed my cats deli meat that no one else wants, and I only buy a specific brand of dry food because that’s all they’ll eat, but that’s all. I remember hearing about people eating Alpo dog food back sometime in the 80’s because they went broke. You never know, history is known to repeat itself.

  48. I’m sure that human consumption of dog food is not limited to the 80’s. Whenever the practice became common, I’m sure it has continued, year after year, to some extent. Someday, if meat, and other foods, are rationed in America, there will be no food available to pet food manufacturers. They will go out of business. Food unfit for human consumption will, instead of being made into dog food, be fed to farm animals, or used for ferilizer.

  49. America is probably the world leader when it comes to multi-dog ownership. Even in other countries where mutt ownership is fairly common; it is probably limited to just one. In most cases. Here, In the shitlands of Brooklyn, having 2 seems to be a well-established custom. In this country, many families don’t have 2 parents. Is the 2 parent family being replaced by the 2 dog family? If so, that is an alarming symptom of an unhealthy society.

  50. Top news item in the UK today – an eight-day-old boy has died at Telford Hospital in Shropshire, England after being attacked by a Jack Russell. The dog has rightly been destroyed and already the dog-loving zealots are on the comments boards saying that it shouldn’t have been destroyed as it was acting on instinct!

  51. I just read up on this story on Nodogsallowed’s blog. The boys name was Harry Harper. I would like to see one of those dog worshiping bastards say something so hurtful if it were their child that got killed by the stupid dog. The parents are partially to blame for letting the dog have access to the baby, but still.. if dogs are so capable of doing this, why even have them around? And that dog most definitely deserved to be put down!

  52. And on today’s Daily Mail website (22nd November 2012) is a graphic photo of the facial injuries suffered by a two-year-old girl as she played on a roundabout at a park in Birmingham. Have a look at her face, which is practically falling off. And predictably, all the dog-loving zealots have jumped on the comments section with the usual platitudes about how it’s not the dog’s fault and saying that it should not be put down. Though interestingly, there are more anti-dog comments than usual. Maybe the message about these spoiled mutts is beginning to get through.

  53. Just heard about some singer, Fiona Apple, who cancelled a tour to be with her stupid dying old pit bull. She referred to this beast as her best friend, her daughter, AND her mother. Shows you how badly dogs can warp people’s common sense. I’m sure her REAL mother is flattered. Not.

  54. Malaria-infested mosquitos are “acting on instinct” when they feed on human blood, spreading malaria. Would those ignorant, morally bankrupt, extremely stupid loosers who put a worthless Jack Russel ahead of a human say that all the malaria spreading mosquitos killed by spraying “shouldn’t have ben destroyed”?

  55. This could have been prevented by banning dogs from parks. Children’s right to safely recreate in a public park should be totally put ahead of mutts’ supposed, imaginary “rights” to dirty them, and pose a threat to humans of all ages. Parents must pressure their worthless politicians to put their kids ahead of useless mutts. Ban dogs from public parks and beaches. Everyone will bemefit. The stupid mutts won’t even know that they are being banned from public parks and beaches. They don’t know that they are banned from libraries, houses of worship, and other places they aren’t even capable of enjoying.

  56. She’s lucky the damn thing didn’t kill her, maim her, or kill or maim someone else. Does she have any close friends? Any children? A good relationship with any of her relatives? Since the mutt was interfering withn her career, maybe her next pet(s) could be a fish, or fishes. Someone could feed them while she’s gone. If any die, just give them the traditional dead fish funeral. Down the toilet! No need to disappoint her fans.

  57. Talking of instinct, have a look at this recent article on the UK Daily Mail’s website. An eight-month-old German Shepherd poopy has been hailed a hero for pushing his young master out of the way of a runaway truck in Clacton-on-Sea, England. The poopy didn’t fare too well and ended up with broken bones, which will set the family back about £8,000 in vet’s bills. Predictably, the dog-loving zealots have been posting on the site the usual ‘oh, poor heroic little dog, get well soon’ messages. But let’s look at this story a little more closely. How could an eight-month-old poopy have understood the link between a runaway truck and danger to the boy? If it managed to jump up and push him out of the way, does this mean that it wasn’t on a lead on a main road? The owners have opened some kind of Facebook account so that people can contribute towards the vet’s fees! My guess is that the dog was hit by the truck and they realised that would have a bit of forking out to do, obviously not having pet insurance, so here comes the ‘heroic dog’ story. If indeed the boy was knocked over and out of the path of the truck, it would only have been coincidental that the dog jumped up at that particular moment – maybe because it was scared of the truck. But to suggest that an eight-month-old poopy deliberately jumped up to save his master and heroically took the full force of the impact … don’t make me laugh.

  58. I meant to say, too, that the truck was described as ‘runaway’ but it had a driver in it, who drove off! Seems too that the truck mounted the kerb when turning a corner rather than doing something like zooming down a hill at 90 mph with no driver inside! No wonder the driver drove off – having seen the comments on various websites over the ‘poor brave dog’ he was probably afraid he’d be lynched.

  59. I love that you have the ability to cpraute the moments that are most important to a family and their child. I love that this family included the one thing that does not leave the side of the child. It is so precious.

  60. Fiona? Aye, faith(?), fate(?) and begorrah! ‘Tis a fine Irish name! Aye, Fiona me lass! Would any of your forebearers come from the Old Sod? If so, then that would explain your close attachment to your dear, departed pit! Many Irish Americans don’t speak to their family members for years. I don’t even get greeting cards from some. But they turn their houses into kennels! One of my brothers had 3 mutts, once. Now, he’s down to 2. And one big, fat cat. Bigger than one of his mutts. His pitbull is less than a year old. The damn thing probably has many years of life ahead of it. Hopefully, so does he and his family. Please God.

  61. Another book! Rabid: Are You Crazy About Your Dog or Just Crazy? By Pamela Redmond Satran. It details the dog pampering insanity. $55,000 cystal-studded dog tub anyone? I don’t know if the slant is negative, positive, or objective, but I’m going to order it off

  62. The New York Post had pictures of people taking their mutts to sit-shit?-on Santa Claus’s lap.

  63. People are really bringing their dogs to sit on Santa Claus’ lap? Dog owners have now officially reached a new low.

  64. “Is Pet Ownership Destroying the Lives of Americans”? looks interesting. I am a big dog fan but I DESPISE the way some people go about it. You can say whatever you want about other pets. But the second someone says they dislike dogs, they get pinned as this mass-murdering, psychotic loner who punches babies in their spare time.

    I’ll be on the lookout for Carol Wade’s book, it looks like something I could get into.

  65. Many dog owning couples have low birth rates. So, instead of bringing their kids to Santa, they bring their so-called “fur kids” instead.

  66. Exactly what about dogs are you a fan of? The expense, the feces, the urine, picking up the feces, the barking, the destruction of household items, the lawns killed by Fido’s urine, stepping in feces on streets, parks, beaches; the problem of what to do with the mutt when you want to go on vacation, disposing of its’ deceased carcass, when it finally dies: the possibility of being sued, indicted, even jailed, if it injures, or kills, someone?

  67. ……No? What I like about dogs is that I find them so interesting. There have been over 600 different breeds, specifically created for many many uses. And it fascinates me how well they to get along with people–provided they are properly trained of course. Other animals have helped us too, but dogs stand out in just how many ways and how much they have helped us. What bothers me is the elitist hypocrisy of dog fans that is sweeping across a the world, most notably America. Like I said in my above post, trash other pets all you want. But if you say you dislike dogs, people are going to accuse you of being the next Osama bin Laden….calm down, fanatics. lol.

  68. I am so glad that I have found like minded people. My boyfriend has two dachshunds. They are very cute to look at but not to live with. However, because I love my boyfriend i ‘m putting up with them. Now the topic of us having children has arised. I made it very clear to him that as much as your dogs are adorable, I will not tolerate dogs around my newborn. Then he went on onesaying how they are his babies and he can not live without them, to which I replied ‘id rather be a single mother than a grieving one’. Now I know that not all dogs will hurt a child but just the fact that there is a risk of it happening is enough for my maternal instincts to kick in. Dogs in general are also very unsanitary and I point blank refuse to have needy, demandijng shit factories around my precious child. I just think children are miracles and those who say otherwise do not like being challenged,

  69. IMO, dogs and babies don’t mix. They should be kept outside and separated from young children. Even a small dog is capable of disfiguring or killing a newborn in a flash. I always cringe when I see thumbnails of videos on Youtube where someone has their baby lying down on the floor with their head right next to a husky or other dog.

    I believe I’ve read that dogs may not even recognize babies as being human, so a helpless wriggling baby can easily invoke their prey drive.

  70. Thank you for the link! I just feel that i’d be a bad mother if i did not try to give my children the best environment possible, it make my skin crawl when dog worshippers put a dogs needs before their own child. I have read things like ‘ my child is allergic to my dogs but I love my dogs too much to get rid of them so i’ve put my child on drugs for the allergy’. I mean how spiteful and selfish. I seriously think people with that sort of attitude are unfit mothers. Just wanting a dog with all the filth they bring into a home around a child is bad parenting. I once even read a question on a blog, a mother wanted to know if her newborn could sleep with her in her bed with her three big dogs? F**kin nutcases. Sorry its something im sooo passionate for.

  71. I don’t want children, but when I get dogs I’m going to make it a habit to NOT have them in my bed with me. It is a better idea to keep them in crates at night so they don’t soil the house or get into trouble. I might let the dog sleep in my room, but it would have a specific spot to itself.

    As for the putting your babies on drugs….I’m sure that would raise a lot of future issues in some cases. It’s hard to part with your pets, but at the cost of your kid’s health is pretty sad. As for the remark about creating the best environment, it makes me think of the person who thought it would be a good idea to have a boa constrictor (python?) and a baby at the same time. People need to be smarter about what animals they have, and when.

  72. @James, My local beach bans dogs, thank god. Now if only I could go to the park without the fear of a dog attack…

  73. So these books were written by dog lovers, eh? I will write a book about the reality of our dog crisis, with details about attacks on people and wildlife and dogs coming between marriages and how these days “dogs can do no wrong” and hopefully, it will help put a stop to those nasty dog worshippers.

  74. Where are the personal injury lawyers when you need them? They could make a killing on the dog cultists and the damage done by psycho dogs.

  75. Yes, they aren’t just parasites, they’re mobile homes for parasites as well!

  76. Yes, what about “bark bark bark” is so important that everyone has to hear it?

  77. @Paul…that is interesting! I thought Marjorie Knoller was still behind bars. When was she released? She should NOT be allowed in society with decent people. Not while the victim, poor Diane Whipple, lies dead in a cemetery.

    And Robert Noel works in a bakery now? I don’t see how they can live anonymously because mostly everyone knows who they are. But at least the two demonic dogs were put down against their wishes. Why would anyone want to spare the life of a vicious dog?

  78. @No Dogs Allowed…I find it interesting that these folks were both lawyers and they involved themselves in a situation like this. Obviously they felt they were “above” the law because they were attorneys. Not even Diane’s death (the result of their depraved indifference) could bring them down to earth.

    And they must have been racists if they were connected with the Aryan Brotherhood. Who adopts a hardened felon in prison, seriously?! That whole situation was sick and twisted. Also, did you know that Knoller was having sex with the dogs, particularly the male dog? Ugh.

  79. Yes, that is an excellent book about the San Francisco dog mauling that happened in 2001. That whole story is so tragic…Diane Whipple sounds like she was a lovely person and she didn’t deserve that terrible fate. Poor lady was simply trying to open her apartment door and cook dinner. This case fascinates me for many reasons. Like most of you here, I dislike dogs (including the small ones). It is very rare when I meet a dog that I like and that likes me in return. I don’t mind gentle dogs that are sweet…but the majority seem to be nasty creatures.

    What bothers me most about the Diane Whipple case is that the owners took no responsibility at all. They even blamed the victim after she was dead! Diane did nothing to provoke those vicious dogs in any way. I believe the real issue was:

    1) the fact that the dogs were of a breed generally known to be vicious…it’s literally in their blood;

    2) they were poorly trained/socialized by the humans they came into contact with. Their vicious behavior went unchecked. It was encouraged. The whole damn neighborhood feared those dogs. When a dog nearly snaps your hand off (as Bane did to Robert Noel once), it might be time to correct that aggression before something horrible happens;

    3) the bestiality that occurred between the owners and these two dogs. I can’t understand how anyone could do that. I’m too afraid to play with a dog or pet a dog…I could never be able to engage in sex with a dog, nor would I want to. That is beyond disgusting. Not to mention, it is animal abuse. So perhaps this is one of the things that warped Bane’s mind (and Hera’s) when both dogs attacked Diane Whipple. They “snapped” and instead of turning on their owner, Marjorie Knoller, they went after Diane. She was afraid of them because they had bitten her on one occasion. It has even been suggested that Bane was enraged because Diane didn’t respond to him the way Marjorie did (in a sexual sense). As evil as these two dogs were, it is important to examine their environment and training. Maybe with the right owners, this could have been preventable.

    But I won’t lie…I’m glad that these dogs were destroyed. It’s just sad that a good person had to die in order for them to be put down.

  80. Just like many other parents every year, I personally coached the three son’s in athletics. The call so that you can duty had been thrust about me to start with, but 25 years or so later I personally hated suspending it up. To state I liked it is an understatement. Soccer Base makes two kinds of field scholarships available to clingy schools. The first type, the Field Grant, delivers funds pertaining to schools to run natural type grass soccer areas. The second sort, the Synthetic Field Offer, provides funds for educational facilities to install synthetic soccer areas indoors or outdoors.

  81. Just googled the case- from an article titled Descent into Darkness by David Barry:

    At the same time, the lawyers’ involvement with Schneider was deepening. After Whipple’s death, the authorities learned that Schneider had had topless photos of Knoller in his cell, and they also served a search warrant looking for photos that supposedly depicted Knoller and the dogs having sex.

    There were erotic letters from the lawyers to the man they now call their son. And there was Schneider’s prison artwork, much of it depicting a nearly nude Knoller with the big dogs.
    One lawyer at the trial suggested that Noel, himself a big man, was attracted to the extreme machismo and violence that was represented by Schneider and was so different from his own well-to-do life.

    A former Pelican Bay guard quoted in Rolling Stone magazine said he saw Noel change. “I’d get on the phone with Bob to ask him about a case,” Keith Whitley said, “and all he did was talk about how big Bane’s balls were.”

    Noel himself bragged to the magazine about the size of the dog’s penis and its erections.

    Noel made similar comments in some of his correspondence, and he seemed to revel in the fear that the dogs inspired in his neighbors. He did not seem to mind Knoller’s apparent attraction to Schneider, however, and in fact wrote in sexual terms about his wife in letters to the Aryan Brotherhood boss.

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