Dpethotels. The D is for Dummies

homeless childdog_in_hotel_bedWhat do Hollywood, California, Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Chelsea area of New York City have in common? The residents have more dollars than sense, at least when it comes to dogs, for these are the locations of the three Dpethotels, undoubtedly the most obscenely ridiculous dog pampering facilitiy to ever come down the pike.

The dogs-only “hotel” features high thread count bed linens, massages, body wraps, flat screen cable TV in each suite, chef-prepared meals, and chauffeur service using exotic cars, including a Bentley and Rolls Royce. All for dogs. All this while homeless people shuffle along the sidewalks outside. All this for a butt sniffing scavenger animal. While people in many parts of the world can barely make ends meet, dogs at Dpethotels are having their toenails painted a designer shade of pink. As children are abducted and found days later in pieces (as was the fate of a little girl in Colorado), pampered dogs are presented with Disney cartoons and plastic castle-themed kiddie slides in the 10,000 sq ft dog day care. There is no excuse for this degree of decadence for dogs. None.

And how does the media react to Dpethotels? With glowing, praising coverage. Journalists are all too happy to refer to the out of thei rminds dog owners as “pet parents”, and to gush about “a dog’s life” these days. Reviews on sites such as Yelp couldn’t be more raving. One couple enthused that they coul dhardly wait to pass their bar exam so they can afford to take their furry son there every day of the week.

How did this insanity happen? What would cause people to be so STUPID?? I have a ray of optimism however. You see, by the time a fad or trend has reached such a freakish level of absurdidty, it’s on it’s way out. It’s parodying itself now. The end is near.

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  1. I can’t stand people who treat their dogs better than most people are treated. I love my animals, but I wouldn’t spend the money to take them to places like this. I only spent $160.00 on vet bills on one of my cats when she was about 4 weeks old after she had just come from a filthy, kitty-mill type home. And that’s only because she had a double eye infection, a disfigured tail, and a lung problem. She’s happy and healthy now, and it only cost a little under two-hundred dollars for the medicine and vaccines. My grandmother paid $2000.00 to have one of her shih tzus cremated after it died. That $2000.00 could have gone to feed hungry, starving children, and probably could’ve fed a lot to. My mom treated her dog better than me calling it her “second child” and showing pictures of it to people at the grocery store. She even gave it my last name claiming it to be “part of the family”. I’ve had plenty of experiences with dog-loving zombies, and can only say that these people are delusional and desperately need a wake up call.

  2. Someday, your grandmother, and other misguided folks who squander so much money on a dead animal, may be unable to provide for their own burial, or cremation. Their relatives may also lack the funds and/or the inclination to bury, or cremate them. Some of these people, who spent so much on a dead animal, may end up in a mass grave, at the local potter’s field. or cheaply cremated, and dumped somewhere. One of my aunts kept a sucession of black cats. When they died, she simply put them lout with the garbage. “They had a good life” was her attitude. Local laws on disposal of dead pets vary. Many vets send their deceased patients to the local fat rendering plant(soap, shampoo, detergent, etc.) In my lifetime, the human population of this country has climbed from under 200 million, to over 300 million. All land is needed for human use, with some set aside for wilderness, and wild animals.Wild animals! Not the misbegotten results of canine domestication. Chairman Mao elimated cemeteries(human) in his overpopulated country. I’m not advocating that. But any space used for, or considered for, pet cemeteries could, and should, be put to some use that would benefit people. this society must unaploegetically put human needs ahead og the ‘needs’ of useless animals. Alive, these things use up so much resources. Dead, they should not take up one square inch of space needed by people. $2,000 to cremate a mutt! Let it be cremated in the local garbage incinerator, if local regulations permit.

  3. Yea. My grandmother started keeping small dogs, mostly shih tzus (which are the most obnoxious breed of small dogs in my opinion) around when she divorced her husband back in the 70’s. I think she even spent $3000.00 on one and $2000.00 on another when they died. She has two currently (and this is why I never visit her) and she is planning on doing the same with those two dogs when they die. When I was younger I had a lot of rats (I used to breed them) and when they would die I would bury them across the street in an open field. It was a field which had mainly blue belly lizards and various wild snakes, but it was great for burying a pet. I’d plant flowers where I’d bury them to mark that spot. The open field was in the middle of suburban houses, they were probably going to build something there but after the recession hit in 2008, I doubt it. And California, where I’m from, was hit the worst. I also had cats, but I’m not sure what was done with them after they died, my mom said that she gave them to the vet. Burying a pet is just fine. No need for cremation. I wouldn’t throw a pet in the dumpster, although I’m tempted to do that with the shih tzus when they finally die.

  4. What is the point of television for dogs? They can’t understand what they’re watching or follow a story line. It couldn’t possibly make the dogs feel pampered or happy — it is the epitome of pointless waste.

    I’m pretty sure they don’t care much about thread count, either.

  5. If people REALLY wanted to pamper their furry children, these dog hotels would offer gourmet feces for the dogs to dine on and rotting animal flesh for the dogs to roll in. And maybe a few willing legs to hump. That would a DOG’s idea of luxury.

  6. After reading the following story I’ve come to the conclusion that some people… scratch that, a lot of people shouldn’t be allowed to have money.

    Putting in that kind of, well any kind of time or devotion to anything that eats it’s own feces is by definition utterly insane

  7. The economy is doing terrible, there’s a war going on, we have no cure for cancer, children in foreign countries are dying each day, and people who own dogs decide to do THIS with their money. This is why I despise not only dogs, but the people who own them (aside from people who use work dogs). I have cats, but I wouldn’t spend the kind of money to get them hotel rooms with a flat screen T.V. -_-

    Also, welcome to our site Ravage. You seem to be new πŸ˜€

  8. The only thing dogs are good for is, pooing on lawns and in parks, barking and annoying the crap out of me, mauling/killing people and infants (or other animals). There are some guide dogs for the handicapped and K-9 units, and even they have to be trained for months and they don’t always turn out right:
    But as for untrained, domesticated dogs (which takes up the majority of the dog population), they do nothing productive to society.

    This “Dog hotel” could be an orphanage, or a hospital. But instead people decide to make a fancy hotel for worthless mutts. It saddens me πŸ™

  9. I consider dogs to be vermin. I have to listen to them all day long and it annoys the crap out of me. What kind of house pet leaves their crap everywhere, barks and disrupts the peace, mauls/kills people, and causes so many other problems amongst neighborhoods? I once said on NoDogsAllowed’s blog, “If people can own dangerous dogs, like pit bulls, then I should be allowed to own a Tiger or Cheetah.” and I stand by that statement. Dogs cause so many problems in society, I’m sure my Tiger or Cheetah would cause less damage to property/people, wouldn’t need the cops called because they’re barking in my yard and keeping neighbors awake, and would probably kill less than an aggressive dog does. I had pet rats, and they were friendlier and less of a problem than dogs are. People complain that rats crap everywhere and chew things up, well guess what? So do dogs! So if people can kill rats, then I should be allowed to kill dogs. If it were up to me, Dog Poison would hit the shelves by tomorrow.

  10. true true Dog Hater. I would do the same with my ratties after they die & say ‘they had a nice life’. I never would waste money for a funeral or a gave site for my rats. No just natural dig a hole & buried them cross it over with flowers. Dog people are the biggest losers in the world! I mean really? fur children? That makes me sick to my stomach >.<

  11. I can’t seem to see the comments on the original page post of this site. Its it my computer or a glitch in the system?

  12. Same here pet rats never maul children, eat shit or do things that dogs can do & they are cleaner then them. I see most of my rats groom themselfs allot like cats like every 3 mins or more. They don’t smell unless you don’t clean their cage. You can make rats do tricks, & potty train them! Dogs are the real vermins & love to lick ass & shit! I had rats most my life & they are the best pets I ever have but thats just my opinion. Dogs are mean dirty & gross!

  13. I’ve raised rats since I was only 7. I raised three litters of rats in the time span of about 5 years. The first litter being 14 babies, the second litter being 22 babies, and the third litter was only around 10. Rats aren’t dirty, they only bit me when they thought my finger was food when I would shove it through the bars of their cage, I was a member of the rat fanciers club in California. I’ve had snakes, cats, rats, fish, a bird, a chinchilla, a gerbil, mice, and even two Giant African millipedes. And all these pets didn’t even come close to the hassle of my mom’s stupid dog. Rats can chew things up, but dogs can do twice the damage in about half the time. With all my rats put together, I bet a dog could do worse damage to a house/ people in about 10 minutes than my rats would do in a year. Like I said, Dog Poison. I would buy it by the pound..

  14. Burying a pet may be against local laws; because its’ decaying carcass could contaminate ground water.

  15. Really?! You mean just in suburban areas? Would it make a difference if the pet was buried in a card board shoe box? That’s how I used to bury my rats.

  16. If your mother gave your cats to the vet, the vet probably sent them, along with other dceased patients, to a fat rendering plant, or, depending on the local sanitation facilities, and laws, to the dump, or incinerator. Since you lived in the area, you should have some idea how garbage is disposed of. By the way, would your mother be of Irish descent? The Irish are well known to be very fond of animals; and also for having difficult relations with relatives.Manynof them like animals better than they like people.

  17. One of my brothers once told me that dogs can’t see television the same way people do. Their puny brains, and, I guess, their sense of vision, would be different than humans have.

  18. Hunting animals roll in shit to disguise their smell, so the animals they hunt can’t smell them so easily. That must be the reason dogs roll in rotten things. There was a recent “Family Guy” episode where Peter Griffin, the fat, drunken stupid father, dug up a Native American skull in his yard(and desecrated it, even urinating in it), bringing Poltergeist-like problems on his lousy family. When they went to the local garbage dump to look for it, Brian the talking dog with opposable thumbs, instinctively rolled around in the garbage. Just like anyn other dog.

  19. The way things are going, a lot of people won’t have very much money. Or, the money will become almost as worthless as Monopoly money. Do you mean that many people are not competent to manage their own money? Sometimes, relatives of a financially incompetent person can have a court declare them to be financially incompetent, and have someone appointed to manage their finances.

  20. Cancer is not a single disease. It comes in many different types. The causes are usually a combination of a genetic tendency(runs in families) combined with bad health habits. ie.If your parent, or sibling, has colon cancer, or a polyp in the colon, there is a 1 in 4 chance that, sometime in your life, you will get colon cancer. But, these odds can be influenced by your health habits. Smoke, drink heavily, eat a fatty diet, don’t get enough fiber, eat a lot of beef, be overweight, don’t get moderate exposure to sunlight(Vitamin D), you increase your chances of getting it. But, if you eat a low-fat diet, eat fiber, are not fat, don’t smoke, drink heavily, get moderate exposure to sunlight, drink green, and white, tea; eat soy, don’t eat too much beef; you can greatly reduce your chances of getting it. The chances of getting breast and prostate cancers can also be reduced by avoiding fat, and getting moderate sunlight exposure. And not being overweight. Prostate and breast cancers can run in families. If some type of cancer “runs in your family”, you must try harder to take care of your health. There isn’t going to be a single “cure for cancer”; because you are not dealing with a single disease. Like Louis Pasteur found a cure for rabies; or a cure for syphilis(the magic bullet). Foreign aid that America sends to help children in foreign countries is often embezzled by their greedy, corrupt leaders. Sending money to other countries won’t automatically solve their problems. The “Black Hawk Down” attack was an attack on an American attempt to distribute food. American aid wasn’t lifting India out of its’ poverty and starvation. When they abandoned socialism, curbed population growth, their povery began to decline. I’m not saying america should never try help people; but America can’t solve the world’s problems. Ultimately, the sucess, or failure, of other societies, depends on what they do for themselves. As poverty and starvation declines in India and China, obesity among kids is increasing. Chairman Mao was a big(5’11”), fat pig, no matter how many of his people starved. Instead of wasting money on mutts, people should save it up for their healthcare, and try to take care of their health.

  21. Yesterday, a young couple in Brooklyn was killed by a falling tree branch(Hurricane Sandy) when they went out to “walk”(let it empty its’ bowels and bladder on the street) their lousy dog. If they didn’t have the damn thing, they probably would not have been out at the moment, and at the location, the tree branch fell. About 31 people died here. A cop died evacuating people from a house. But this couple died so their lousy mutt could evacuate its’filthy bowels and bladder on the drenched, dirty streets of Brooklyn. The cop died a hero’s death. They died in servitude to their mutt’s stinking anus, and stinking bladder. The dog survived, and was taken to an animal hospital. Someone will probably start a publicity filled campaign to “adopt” the lousy shit factory. This lousy animal will get more sympathy, and attention, than the people made homeless by the fires that destroyed 111 homes in the Rockaways. Doggies first; the hell with people!

  22. Caligula made his horse a member of the Roman Senate. Some elected horse’s ass(I’m not sure wether it was in Congress, or a state legislature) actually proposed that their be income tax deductions for dogs, because having them is supposedly beneficial to peoples’ health.

  23. The laws governing pet burial, inurban, surburban, or rural areas, would vary from location to location. there would probavly be national, state, and local laws. i’m not a lawyer. but burying an animal in a cardboard box would make little difference. Being paper, it would soon be soaked with rainwater, cave in under the rocks and soil above, be chewed by worms.

  24. I eat a really healthy diet. In fact, I think I have actually lost weight over the past month. Cancer does run high in my family, so I have been worried about getting it for a while. I don’t smoke or drink. I eat mainly salads and diced tomatoes, but I think I am lacking a few vitamins. I hate eating take-out food, it’s usually greasy and unhealthy. I ate a dominos sandwich once and suffered from food poisoning for days. I used to have medi-cal health care, but when I moved to a different state after the recession I switched to medicare.

    And you’re right, if people didn’t spend so much on their stupid mutts, everyone should be able to afford health care. It’s ridiculous that people can’t afford to pay their medical bills while some rich lady pampers her poodle at some grooming salon…

  25. Having a dog is a health risk in my opinion. Even when the stupid mutt is next door to you. The loud barking can be very stressful when I’m trying to focus on something important. Large aggressive dogs can attack and kill people, dogs can carry diseases that can spread to people, dogs can catch fleas that can bite you, dogs need to be walked at least three times a day. I saw this show once, it was similar to the Dog Whisperer, and this one lady was disabled and couldn’t keep up with her large dog that would tug on the leash constantly causing a huge amount of discomfort. She refused to get rid of the dog because she ‘loved it’ even though it was causing health problems. In another episode of the same show, family members refused to visit a girl because of her large, mean dog that would attack anyone who came near. At the end of the episode, her mom ended up crying in a parking lot because she couldn’t see her daughter because of the dog. And yet, people still claim that dogs are for some reason a benefit to peoples’ health? This show was a perfect example as to how dogs cause stress in peoples’ lives, and how the stupidness of some people can make it worse. I forget the name but if I find it again I will post it here.

  26. Health care costs are often basically unpayable. People, and politicians, debate over who to stick with the bill. Many people can’t afford to pay their health care costs. Because of their horrendous health habits. Their employers, if they have a job, can’t realistically be expected to pay, either. The government(taxpayers, and the remaining businesses) can’t either. But it’s not hopeless! The individual-the individual, not the government, not our “leaders”-can personally lower them. No matter how unfavorable your family genetics, you can try harder. If you have a lot of hereditary problems, that means you must try harder. This crisis is only solvable on an individual basis. Simply brushing and flossing before you go to bed can cut thousands of dollars in bills. Political leaders can lead by example; instead of being alcoholic and obese(famous Irish -American Senator); smoking 3 packs a day, being obese, giving himself 7(?) heart attacks; former vice -president; smoking for 20 or 30 years(law professor elected to federal office). I don’t mean telling people what size soda they should drink(real estate billionnaire elected as mayor). The health of a politician affects his/her ability to complete the term of office. There are genetic screening tests couples can take before they get married. Individuals who decide to do this can avoid giving their offspring 2 copies of a bad recessive gene. Not having dogs will make thosands of dollars available to contribute to an employer health plan. as well as cutting health care costs from bites ,being knocked down, being infected with e.coli.

  27. Walked three times a day? How the hell is someone supposed to walk them 3 times a day if they have a job? Doing it before work could make you late, unless you get up earlier. When people get home from their job, then theyn can take them out for another dump and piss. If they require 3 walks(dumps and pisses) a day, then obviously dogs are not suitable for working(or job seeking) people who live in apartments without yards.

  28. My mother is actually German, like my father. So I come from a German background. My mother loved her stupid dog more than the cats, though. She was very fond of animals, yet back in the 80’s she bought dozens of fur coats and snake skin shoes. But I always had the feeling that she loved her dog more than me. Whenever the dog was upset, I was in trouble. I never see her anymore, and if I ever do again I’m hoping that dog will be dead.

  29. My mom would walk her dog more than 3 times a day, and she had two jobs and lived in an apartment. My neighbors dumb dog is outside more than 3 times a day because I can hear it’s annoying barking all throughout the evening and sometimes in the morning, and we live in town houses (which are similar to apartments) that have these puny yards that are about 12X4 feet (I’m guessing), and they just leave it sitting out there on a chair. It doesn’t walk around, it can’t go to the bathroom because the yards are concret based, so I don’t get why they leave it out there barking like that. To get fresh air? Try leaving a window open..

    I would assume they would walk it once in the morning, (before work), once in the afternoon (maybe lunch time), and once in the evening (when they get home). Having dogs would be too much work for me, and I had one for 6 years (not by choice). I’m going to search yahoo answers for dog free neighborhoods to see what choices I have for moving. If I get any good answers I will repost them here incase anyone is wondering the same thing.

  30. My mom would walk her dog more than 3 times a day, and she had two jobs and lived in an apartment. My neighbors dumb dog is outside more than 3 times a day because I can hear it’s annoying barking all throughout the evening and sometimes in the morning, and we live in town houses (which are similar to apartments) that have these puny yards that are about 12X4 feet (I’m guessing), and they just leave it sitting out there on a chair. It doesn’t walk around, it can’t go to the bathroom because the yards are concret based, so I don’t get why they leave it out there barking like that. To get fresh air? Try leaving a window open..

    I would assume they would walk it once in the morning, (before work), once in the afternoon (maybe lunch time), and once in the evening (when they get home). Having dogs would be too much work for me, and I had one for 6 years (not by choice). I’m going to search yahoo answers for dog free neighborhoods to see what choices I have for moving. If I get any good answers I will repost them here incase anyone is wondering the same thing.

  31. “it can’t go to the bathroom because the yard is concrete based”? The concrete streets of Brooklyn are canine toilets! Even those owners who “pick up” usually let the mutt(s) use the concrete sidewalk, instead of the tar paved street/gutter. In the “old days” 50’s. 60’s, 70’s there was a “Curb Your Dog” law, and signs. These days, the mutt(s) usually go on the concrete sidewalk, unless it/they prefer to poison a local tree with their urine. The do(s), not the owner, usually makes the decision where it/they will go. The owner is mpermitted the decision of whether or not he/she will pick the feces of the concrete sidewalk. Leaving, of course, some fecal residue, and the urine. It would be better if the mutt went in the gutter. When the pick up law was passed, it should still have been required that they go in the gutter. Not on the pavement, or on New York’s valuable trees.

  32. I just assumed that the neighbors wouldn’t want dog feces in their front yard. They’re gone, so it doesn’t matter now. But I wouldn’t want dog urine and feces stinking up my front yard, and in this state you’re not permitted to have a hose in your yard, so I’m sure they would have a fun time cleaning it all up by hand 😐

  33. During the 90’s, on Nostrand Ave, there was a dog owner who let his extremely decrepit dog shit in the front yard, to the aggravation of his landlord. This was because one of the mutt’s legs would sometimes pop out of the socket. Before this, it would shit around the neighborhood; and the owner would leave it. Sometimes, it would shit near a restraunt across the street. The police would frequently visit, because of dog related arguments between the owner and his landlord.

  34. If I was that landlord I would evict him. If the dog is that decrepit and can’t walk around enough to even walk around the block, then maybe it should be put down. When my Dad’s Irish setter got too old, he took him to the vet and he was put down because he was in pain. Dog owners.. I swear. αƒš(ΰ² η›Šΰ² αƒš)

  35. I don’t know whether or not he was evicted; this was during the 90’s, I no longer live in that neighborhood. The mutt must be dead for some time now.

  36. James if you could only understand just how disappointed I am after reading all that, that I’m unable to give you a thumbs up.

  37. We could suggest more icons be added to the website πŸ˜€ I already tried to copy and paste a “thumbs up” text icon and it wouldn’t work..

  38. i read the article and i remembered i just saw at tv exactly that hotel wich this article reffers..i live in germany by the way…i was completely astonished to see those morrons (hotel employees)giving the dogs massage,paiting their nails,reading them bedtime stories so on….this is freakin ridiculous…why would people spend so much money on useless dogs instead of donating them to charities or at least giving them to their relatives if they dont know what to do with their money? .i hope the atomic bomb will fall exactly on that hotel and those pet owners will die of rabbies or eaten alive by dogs

  39. Bedtime stories!! Dogs can’t fathom bedtime stories. The stupidity of these dog freaks is off the charts. Here’s wishing all these dog-doting hotels are condemned for harboring vermin, both fleas and dogs, and/ or sued over dog bites, or by an employee slipping in a puddle of dog urine.

  40. That breaks my heart. I was hoping to move to Germany for a couple years when I’m in my mid or late 20’s. I was hoping they didn’t worship dogs like Americans do… πŸ™

  41. trust me they do this doggy plague is everywhere!…for example a visit to the vet costs for than a visit to the doctor for humans therefore they put more price on a dog’s life than a humans life….and if your being caught slapping or hitting your dog on the street even with a gentle slap they put you to pay a fine of over 2000 euros…on to that there are a lot of lunatics here who keep their dog unleashed that proves to be agressive and the owners cant control it…so no matter where you go you will always find dog worshipers

  42. All public park space, all public beaches, must be reserved exclusively for human use. Dogs are not taxpayers; not human; not an intelligent lifeform from another world. They don’t have “human rights”, “civil rights”. Useful, productive farm anuimals aren’t permitted in public parks and beaches Nobody told dog owners to get a dog! It’s their own choice. Why the hell should non dog owners have to be affected by their choice? Or pay for any “dog toilet areas’? Pay for any “dog Parks”? Be deprived of on inch of public park or beach? Taxpayers who chose not to own dogs are under absolutely no obligation to provide peoples’ mutts with a place to exercise. Let them buy exercise devices, or go to a privately owned and run dog park, at their own expense. If the local zoning laws allow one. Which they are under absolutely no obligation to do! Human needs, human rights, human enjoyment of public spaces, must totally, completely, unapologetically be put absolutely ahead of the unwelcome, filthy presence of useless, lazy, noisy, non productive animals. The useless politicians are afraid of offending any special interest group; not just dog lovers. So, it’s time to mobilize for a new human rights, civil rights, movement. One that will put people ahead of mutts.

  43. A 144 pound Great(?) Dane! That weighs as much as, or more, than many human adults. The food it eats must use up as much land,resources, packaging as many peoples’ food. Even if the food is food unfit for human eating; it did require land, gasoline, fertilizer, etc. to grow. The food packaging must be disposed of, if not recycled. And, of course, the amount of feces and urine it produces(the only things which it does produce) must be comparable, similar, to the body waste which would come out of a man, woman, child that size. With one key, crucial difference: none is excreted into a toilet. The urine is deposited on the street, gutter, or on some tree that is being slowly destroyed(when the tree dies fom Hemi’s pee, it will have to be removed, and replaced, at public expense. As for the feces, laden with e.coli(like human feces); even nif it’s picked up, residue, laden with germs, will remain. The newspaper used to pick it up can’t, of course, be recycled. It goes into a landfill, or must be incinerated. If this 144 pound creature’s feces is not picked up, it can wash into the water systems of America. It’s almost the same as if a 144 pound person, who has no job, uses the streets a s a bathroom. Millions of lazy, useless, non productive creatures are using up as much resources, producing as much waste, as if they were human. But they are not! They are dirty, useless, expensive, unnecessary animals.They are a burden to society. Welfare reform should begin with america ending the welfare system it operates for millions of useless sons of bitches, and bitches.

  44. I couldn’t agree more. As far as the civil/human rights movement goes, count me in. It’s so painful to see so many underprivileged people without food, homes, cloths, etc.. Yet dogs seem to get better treatment than we do! You should visit No Dogs Allowed ‘s blog and you’ll see just what I mean. She finds news stories about dogs that attack/kill people, dog hotels, and anything that has to do with stupid mutts and their owners that manages to make headlines:

  45. Maybe the promotors of her tour will take her to court for not fulfilling her contract. Her disappointed fans will be demanding their money back; the ticket sellers will not be pleased. Did she have it “put out of its’ misery”?

  46. Actually a parade is gonna be thrown in her honor for choosing the filthy sack a feces over the hordes of people willing to fork over +$100,000 while employees are deprived income earnings.

  47. In California…

    “Howard Kuljian and his family were out for a walk on a damp, overcast morning at Big Lagoon beach, playing fetch with their dog Fran as 10-foot surf churned the water just feet away like a washing machine.
    Signs near the beach warned of “sneaker waves,” the kind that suddenly roar ashore.
    Kuljian tossed a stick that took the dog down to the water’s edge, and in an instant, authorities said, a wave swallowed it, setting off a nightmarish scramble.
    “Everything kind of snowballed from there,” said Coast Guard Lt. Bernie Garrigan.
    Kuljian’s 16-year-old son, Gregory, ran to save the dog, only to be captured by the surging surf himself. Kuljian, 54, followed, and then his wife, Mary Scott, 57. On shore, their 18-year-old daughter, Olivia, and Gregory’s girlfriend could only watch.
    Both parents’ bodies were later recovered, but the boy — presumed dead — is still missing.

    The dog eventually made it back to shore.”

    Here sister and girlfriend…here is your dog back, aren’t you so happy?!?!?!

  48. I could only imagine the hordes of dog owners voicing how they would have done the exact same thing for their annoying parasites.

  49. It’s sad because, if they would’ve just not gone after the dog, they would all still be alive. Including the dog because the dog made it out alive regardless.

  50. This is a vey good reason for absolutely banning dogs from beaches. To prevent the owner(s), and stupid, dog loving, bystanders, from senselessly nrisking their human lives, to save a worthless animal, if it goes into the water, and gets in trouble. This would also spare lifeguards from having to go into the water, at risk to their lives, to save misguided dog lovers, and silly “Good Samaritans”, who senselessly risk their lives for a dirty, useless feces machine. No dog is worth risking your life for, causing you to drown, and/or causing a lifeguard(s) to drown, trying to save you. If, after a safety regulation banning dogs from beaches is passed, some mutt lover brings his/her mutt(s) to the beach, and a lifeguard(s) has to go into the water to save the owner(s); the dog owner should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment(of the lifeguard(s)). And, if the lifeguard(s) dies trying to save the silly dog lover, that clown must be prosecuted for negligent homicide, banned from ever owning a dog again, and banned from that state’s beaches. Our laws, culture, must affirm that human life is more important than canine life.

  51. Almost as bad as unleashed dogs are dogs that are on extremely long leashes. That makes it difficult for the owner to control them. They roam all over the damn street like they own it. But dogs don’t own a damn thing; not even their worthless selves. Recently, on the way to the grocery store, I encountered a white feces and urine dispenser on a very long leash. I had to cross the street to avoid it. There must be a limit on the length of a leash. How about ones that keep the fly feeder, tree poisoner, within 1 foot of it’s keeper.

  52. How true! Therefore, it is on the more responsible members of human society-the only kind-to pass and enforce laws that absolutely put humans first. And compel “dog worshippers’ to stop putting their dirty animals ahead of people; stop annoying, inconveniencing, endangering people with their lousy mutts; stop elevating these dirty things to the status of people. This lousy, rotten, ignorant attitude is the root of the problems that society experiences from mutt lovers, and their filthy, useless animals. Society doesn’t experience(usually) these problems from the owners of horses, cows, pigs, chickens, sheep. Their owners don’t elevate these useful creatures-in their minds-to almost human status. They accept restrictions on where they may not be. They don’t let them roam around, off their farms. They don’t, usually, cover the streets, parks, beaches with their waste. and leave it their. That would not be acceptable. Some places have had problems with horses being ridden on beaches. But that problem is minor; compared to the tsunami of canine feces and urine that is poured all over america. But first, peoples’ attitudes must be changed.

  53. What subway system, in what city are you refering to? Dogs, except for guide dogs for the blind, should be banned from subways and buses. Unless, maybe, they are in a cage that won’t leak waste. And muzzled, to prevent noise pollution.

  54. One major problem with trying to pass legislation that puts peoples’ rights above the agenda of muttlovers is the fact that so many politicians, Democrat, Republican, liberal, “conservative’ are Irish. Since many-not all-Irish like mutts better than their own families and relatives, getting to put humans above four leggged feces and urine dispensers will be a very difficult task.

  55. That reminds me of a recent “Family Guy” episode where “New Brian”-a second dog Peter Griffin, the fat, stupid father of the Griffin family broght into the house as an eventual replacement fot the aging(8 years old), alcoholic,heavy smoking Brian-foolishly admitted, and bragged to Stewie that he had humped Rupert, his beloved teddy bear. The next scene showed the super intelligent, but violence prone, Stewie, draging a plastic garbage bag out the dog. What some cultures would call an “honor killing”.

  56. In a recent “Family Guy” episode, Brian asked Lois to, let him hump her leg for 15 seconds.

  57. even if it is in your own house? Because I buried them in my backyard not in the middle of a park.

  58. What a shame Cee Cee I never have problems with DHU site. πŸ™ to bad it is awesome site & no dog lovers to pick on us or bully us in anyway. I change my name to ratty lady from rat lover on this site not DHU.

  59. the page is gone? figures because dogs are sooooo perfect. >:( sarcam that is

  60. Regarding the link to the article on Yahoo news above, it really was deleted but you can see in other news sites like http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3317246/Woman-mauled-to-death-by-dog.html

    When a dog incident happens (they are not Accidents) most news sites only limit themselves to just leave kind of a footnote remark on the matter.

    The Mirror newssite http://www.mirror.co.uk on the other hand seems to be a NO-DOG supporter – Let’s support them!

  61. How can you pass judgement on what people do with their own money? It’s nobody’s business but theirs. I see posts talking about disease, wars, homeless, etc. So are you saying people should give away their money instead of using it for something that makes them happy, just because it is for a dog?

  62. Argh.

    Please do not attest all dog owners as the type who pamper their pets through Dpethotel, or even most of them. I greatly dislike people who practically worship dogs, especially since so many of them hardly have a thought for other animals. The people who bother spending so much money on something like Dpethotel get a giant face-palm from other dog owners. Honestly I do not think the dogs notice what an “astounding treat” they are being given, or even care. Anthropomorphizing animals has come to crazy levels these days….most dogs would probably be happier taking walks outside than sitting on some mattress getting a dog massage….where did the idea of dog massages come from anyway?

    If more dog owners were responsible I bet half you people wouldn’t be supporting the destruction of each and every canine. Unless we’re out romping our generally isolated property, our dogs are leashed when they’re outside. And I make sure to keep an eye on them if I’m in charge. They’re not just pampered pets, either. We live in the country so one of our dogs was bought to protect us and our other animals from cougars, coyotes, etc. If people worked harder to properly train and discipline their dogs (especially in America), their presence would be much more accepted. This being said, Dpethotels are a shrewd, somewhat scary opportunist pervading crazy dog people….

  63. I wouldn’t spend money giving my rats “proper funerals” either…I bury them outside my bedroom window, morbid as it sounds.

  64. Right on. If dog owners were actually responsible, and prevented their dogs from bothering other people through biting, barking, trespassing and pooping, etc., then nobody would be creating websites with names like “Why I Hate Dogs.” Nobody would hate dogs if they weren’t being tormented by them.

    Irresponsible dog owners have created dog hatred, single-handedly. This is all on them.

    Thank you for being one of the rare responsible ones.

  65. That’s true: what people choose to spend their own money on is their own business.

    I do not advocate denying people the right to spend their money on dog luxuries. I also do not advocate denying people the right to spend their money on other foolish, wasteful things, such as cigarettes. That’s their prerogative.

    But I reserve the right to think it’s stupid and wasteful.

    Dogs don’t give a damn about fancy sheets or high-def television. Spending your money on that is truly a waste because you’re ostensibly doing it for the dog, but the dog derives no pleasure from it.

    If you want to spend money on the dog, buy it a fancy brisket or something. It’ll actually like that.

    You have the right to be wasteful with your money, and I have the right to scoff and call it what it is: wasteful.

  66. It’s sad that there seems to be so many bad ones though. My apartment complex has several dog poop bag stations in the area that provide free bags, and still I see piles of crap like 10 feet from one.

    IMO, the laws need to start getting tougher on bad owners. At least a $100 fine if you don’t pick up after your dog or its caught running at large. Maybe after the second or third escape, your dog is taken from you. May seem harsh to some, but it would stop people from getting dogs if they weren’t sure they could control them. It’s scary how many people expect their dog to get loose and act like it’s inevitable and they’re powerless to stop it.

    In a lot of the stories I’ve read where a dog gets lose and attacks someone, the dog is a repeat offender of escaping.

  67. I agree that the law should be harsher on people who are irresponsible with dogs. I also think it’s a bad idea to let cats outside but that’s another topic.

    I used to live in a neighborhood with some strange people. There were two dogs that commonly wandered outside. The first was a well-behaved and sweet “neighborhood dog” who was always near her owners. She never caused trouble.

    The second was owned by a family that clearly had some issues. I don’t want to pour out the details; it’s rude. But for a long time they did not train their dog, and that caused problems. They were the epitome of the type of owner I don’t want to become. They would let her out by herself in the morning, or neglect prevention of her escape. She would take dumps in other yards and her owners wouldn’t offer to pick it up. She terrorized the wildlife, intimidated the neighbors and would bark constantly at odd hours of the morning. They didn’t leash her when they went for walks. Even more, she was a big dog. Other dogs in the neighborhood would fulfill their chase instinct antagonizing animals through barking and running. The neighbor’s dog would chase animals to actually kill them. I know this because she targeted the throats of both my dogs, the smaller one more than once. She even limped a couple of times because she would get in front of cars. People threatened to call the humane society, but it took more than a year for the owners to start being more responsible. The funny thing is that a storm blew down the fence to someone’s yard so their Scottish terrier escaped and went for an adventure. She ended up at my place for a few hours, and met the neighbor dog. She started acting tough and scary, but the Scottie barked like crazy and she backed down! The idea of it was really funny. It takes more than an undisciplined dog six times the size of a terrier to scare a terrier. Haha.

  68. Ageed. A cheetah or a tiger would cause far less damage than a dog half it’s size!

  69. @ James: I agree. Dog worshippers insist on keeping their dogs alive no matter what… My aunt has an old, blind, deaf, weak dog and she refuses to put it down saying “Her life WILL be long/happy!” yeah right, happier on the other side of the rainbow bridge, maybe.

  70. On the shelves of the local supermarket, I saw some filet mignon flavored dog treats. It’s beyond ridiculous to expect a creature that eats feces to appreciate the taste of filet mignon.

  71. No in Thailand they are considered objects, so to kill one is like damaging property.

  72. The would be an uphill battle because the whole freaking media is boosting all the furkid stuff. By this is a fight worth fighting anyway.

  73. I recently went to the dog-wasteland of NYC and because of dogs, all of the trees were DEAD, and the streets were covered in feces. The filthy beasts wore shoes and sweaters and junk like that. Disgusting.

  74. Don’t forget butt’s to sniff and a few trees for them to piss on πŸ™‚

  75. LOOOOOL. Good job, Elusive. Writing an anecdote no one gives a flip about. haha.

  76. Seeing as this post is basically about dogs having access to a plethora of buildings, it seems the most fitting for my complaint: I don’t like when people feign necessity for the sake of their dog. I find it an abhorrent and unnecessary disrespect to truly disabled people who really do need service animals. Today there were 3 dogs at a local mall. One was a standard poodle that looked OK because it had a muzzle-harness and was accompanying a lady in a wheelchair. The second was a small puppy being held in a woman’s arms. I didn’t have a particular aversion to this, but the puppy appeared overwhelmed and it didn’t look like the owner had a leash. My view is that dogs be leashed or have a leash handy when not on their property.

    The third one was the one that turned on my scrutinizing goggles. I was at the food court eating a pastry near these two women. One of them had a labradoodle with her by the table (leashed). The dog had a small vest with the typed words: I AM A SERVICE DOG. The more I watched these women and the dog’s behavior the more I could not decipher why she was a service animal. After I was done eating I went up to them and asked in a friendly manner what work the dog did. Her owner seemed a bit caught off-guard. She told me her daughter has arthritis and is on the autistic spectrum, and that the dog helped her with stability, confidence, etc. I said, “Wouldn’t it make more sense for the dog to be with her?” She replied that her daughter ran off with some friends with that drive for independence, so the dog was with her. It made a lot more sense to me to just leave the dog at home. I was very particular about not petting her because most service dogs I know have a strict no-touch rule. The woman said part of the dog’s work was to open up her daughter to be around other people, therefore people were encouraged to pet her? It could have explained why the dog was coming up to me for attention, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if these women were just lying about it. Apparently workers can’t ask why you have a service dog. You just slap a vest on and it can go anywhere. And yes, I’m being biased: “woman”, “female” and “girl” are generally neutral terms in my vocabulary. I use “lady” when I’m trying to be more courteous.

    Not dog-related but a vent about inconsiderate pet owners in general: I was also at a Petco today looking at the rats. There were two young adults, presumably a couple, who were planning on getting one. I thought about saying, “Finally, someone else who loves rats.” But I wasn’t sure that was the intention, and I was right–when the woman told the worker she needed one medium I knew that struggling fancy was going to be the dinner of a snake, or large frog. I’m good enough at distancing myself from this, so I just kept looking at the rats. But then the guy said, “Rat people,” with one of those whimsical, mocking smiles. I gave him a look. If he couldn’t tell I liked rats then he has a below-average IQ. Or maybe he’s just douchey. Seriously, feeder animals should be sold frozen. Screw the people who get upset because ‘it’s so much work making the animal look alive’ or ‘they want to see it get killed’. When it comes to people who worship dogs, it would not surprise me if they also like reptiles for the latter protest.

    Muzzle-harness: http://www.4paws-training.com/halti.jpg

  77. All my snakes eat frozen/thawed rats and mice. We raise the rodents ourselves. They enjoy good conditions before they are euthanized for snake food. I can’t understand the thinking of people who enjoy seeing an animal killed by a snake. It’s not pretty. Often we have to feed live pinkies to newly hatched snakes and while the pinkies are nothing more than squeaking embryos, we still don’t like to do it. We get them eating frozen/thawed as quickly as possible. We euthanize our feeders humanely. Any decent, responsible snake keeper won’t feed live because the rodent could injure the snake.

    You’d have to be a whole new level of lazy to think that it’s too much work to make it look alive. It takes no effort to hold a dead rodent by the tail and jiggle the damn thing ffs.

    BTW I am a dog hater who is stuck with 2 dogs by majority house vote. I love reptiles for what they are, not what they eat or how.

  78. This is exactly why I hate dogs and cats. People that have this kind of money and then spend it on bs like this drives me crazy. Homeless people, hungry children and these dog worshipping saps paying for this treatment for a dog. My stomach really turns.

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