Disgusting Iams dog food commercial

Iams, a pet kibble company, has had some pretty barf-inducing ads over the years, all elevating dogs to lofty levels, but their latest TV spot veers into the bestiality zone. It shows a woman dressed in military fatigues, apparently just back from deployment somewhere. She is seen inside the house gushing over her huge Irish wolfhound (Russian wolfhound?), and walks outside, where she proceeds to lie flat on her back on the driveway, while the dog lowers itself on top of her, its legs splayed. The genital areas match up. Yes, it looks like this man-sized dog is having sex with her. No, my mind isn’t in the gutter; friends and family agree with me about the ad, they are grossed out by it as well. I’ll be writing Iams about this commercial. Their contact form is located at www.iams.com.

359 thoughts on “Disgusting Iams dog food commercial

  1. The people who do in fact harm “one of gods creatures ” are dog owners. Dog owners have access to dogs by holding them captive. Dog owners starve, neglect, abuse and kill dogs. We hate dogs. We typically do not own dogs. We do not advocate violence. We DO advocate responsible dog ownership and dog owners respecting the boundaries of others. Thanks for visiting our site.

  2. I am cool with people having the right to free speech, etc etc etc. the idiots who talk about grabbing a dog by the throat and smashing its head against a wall… You’re gutless cowards who need to be strung up. Y’all feel free to hate dogs. That’s your choice. The minute you take the route of violence, you become my enemy and a recipient of violence upon you. Period,

  3. The people who do in fact abuse dogs are dog owners. You must first own and hold captive a dog to abuse it. Dog owners starve, neglect, abuse and kill dogs. We hate dogs. We typically do not own dogs. We do not advocate violence. We DO advocate responsible dog ownership and dog owners respecting the boundaries of others. Thanks for visiting our site.

  4. Geez, could the dog cultists get a grip? How many times do they have to be reminded that THEY are the ones who abuse dogs? WTH. So sick of these trolls who come on the site playing macho like they will hurt someone for hurting a fur slave. They should take the same approach when one of their demons attacks a child. Instead they start back peddling, making excuses and showing little regard for a true human victim.

  5. “You’re gutless cowards who need to be strung up” hmmmm…. sounds awfully violent to me.

  6. Jinx: Dogs are CONDITIONED to respond to people who provide food. “Unconditional love” is a fantasy created by emotionally needy dog cultists.

  7. HaHa ! No need to be sorry. I’ll definitely pass on the dog love….no completing required!

  8. Right. “Its ok to joke around but let’s not dare be irreverent to the sacred dog” said the dog cultist. HaHaHaHa!

    “RETARDED”: We hate dogs on this site NOT people, so please refrain from making disparaging remarks that reference differently-abled individuals.
    “Rational”: I think you might start with spelling and grammar first.
    “Eat Shit”: Yet another dog cultist who believes him/herself to be good while spewing aggressive comments.

  9. Hey Jinx, Going to have to flag your comment and block you. Yep this is a dog haters site. I think you are in the wrong place. Don’t bother with a new ID as we screen for that as well.

  10. Reminder to all site trolls: Dog owners routinely neglect, starve, abuse, abandon and kill dogs because of course you must own and hold captive a fur slave to abuse it. We hate dogs. We typically do not own dogs. YOU DO! 🙂

  11. You are a sick nut, get help! You don’t have to like dogs but there’s no need to hurt them! And the fact that you thought to say don’t leave a mark makes you sound like a total lunatic….get help! I hope no one was foolish enough to give you a pet of any kind!!! And PS no parent perfers a pet to a child, grow up

  12. 1)Bill is a dog cultist. They often masquerade here as dog haters to try and make our site look bad. He obviously has experience as a dog owner. DOG OWNERS routinely abuse, neglect, abandon, torture and kill dogs because of course you must own and hold captive a dog to abuse it. We hate dogs. We typically do not own dogs. There is little chance a dog would be in my personal space.
    2)Dog worshippers post regularly on here that they would rather have a dog than interaction with a human or be a parent to a human child. This is nothing atypical at all. You have only to read prior posts for confirmation of this fact.

  13. I own a wonderful Irish Wolfhound that does nothing that you say nor is anything like you say. The dog is a great addition to my home, family, and friends, and adds much joy to our lives. He is clean, very respectful, and smarter than many of you, because he’s not a hater.
    Your real hatred has nothing to do with dogs. The hatred in this society usually begins with people who have hatred toward animals such as dogs. It’s a red flag people. It’s your right to hate dogs, but it’s the right of responsible people who love and own dogs to have them. Just don’t own a dog then. I wouldn’t have something that I don’t want or like either, but I wouldn’t trash it or care less if somebody else has it. Of course, I would not tolerate anything that would cause a problem for us or our home or health due to someone else’s negligence that is imposed on us, and I have had to address situations like that, but you could say this about anything that this person would do. It’s not the dog, it’s the ignorant self centered person.
    As for the cost, we live in a capitalistic society that affords people to spend their money on their dogs. Do not assume that they do not have their finances in order for retirement or otherwise. Many people are much more extravagant in their spending on things that cost significantly more than owning a dog, and on useless “stuff” just to show off. I have studied and worked hard for 40 years to be in a situation in life that I can own a wolfhound if I want, and since I started from nothing from a poor family, I will not apologize for it.
    You dog haters are judge mental. I sense there are many other things that you hate too. I can tell by your harshness, and that’s not just about dogs. If your going to hate, why don’t you focus on hating something worthwhile, like hatred for example.
    I am grateful that I live in a country that I am free to own a dog as long as he is cared for, trained, and treated properly. The others are criminals and should be dealt with accordingly. It’s when we can’t own
    dogs that we would be in trouble, because that would mean that we would be oppressed and have a lot less than dogs. You would probably not have most of what you want or even need, let alone the right to blog about hating dogs. Have you ever thought of that?
    Probably not, you are focusing too much on hating dogs of all things.
    You are lame.

  14. It’s not the dog, it’s the ignorant self centered person.

    Yep, most of us will agree with you on that one but it doesn’t keep us from hating dogs.

    I am grateful that I live in a country that I am free to own a dog

    Glad you brought that up Char. Freedom is a responsibility. Your freedom to own a dog should never impose on the freedom of others. In the current state the “rights” of dogs often supersede those of humans. They are enabled to attack, maim and even murder without consequences. And I don’t know of any human that wouldn’t be arrested for defecating on a neighbor’s front law.

    “It’s your right to hate dogs, but it’s the right of responsible people who love and own dogs to have them. Just don’t own a dog then”

    Alas, if only that were true and oh so simple. Dog owners typically perceive they are responsible. They think it’s ok for their beast to bark “a little” because “that’s what dogs do” and “that’s how dog communicate”. The only problem with this kind of reasoning is that it diminishes MY quality of life by stealing my peace and quiet. The peace and quiet that “I have studied and worked hard ” to attain. Then, when I do go to work, I am exposed to people carrying dog dander, saliva, feces and contaminates to shared work areas. Same goes for stores, theaters and other public spaces. I am exposed to dog at every turn even if I, “just don’t own one“. The biggest polluter of our public water is dog foul. Should I pay for clean municipal water when YOUR dog shit is a very significant contributor? Well I do. Perhaps dog owners should pay a surcharge. Businesses often pay more for polluting. What about the typical backyard toilet where dog crap is almost NEVER cleaned up. Eventually it makes its’ way into groundwater. At some point, the environment cannot keep up. In many areas dogs are winning. The environment belongs to everyone not just your dog. These are just some of the ways that ENTITLED dog owners force their dogs on others daily.

    So do I hate dogs? You bet I do. And incidentally, I don’t think this makes your dog smarter. hmmm..I also hate child abuse, racism and other social issues. Dogs are a concern both socially and environmentally. Self-entitled dog owners, generally the vast majority, believe they and their dog do not impose on the lives of others. You are so very wrong.

    On this site we provide a safe place for people whose quality of life is diminished because of the prolific occurrence of dogs. Here, they can safely and pro-actively express how they feel. At one time people had to tolerate second hand smoke from smokers who felt ENTITLED to impose their right to smoke on others. Smokers scoffed, ridiculed and huffed at others for standing their ground. I look forward to a day when people who do not want contact with environmental dogs can enjoy dog free living and where humans, especially children, are safe from attack, maim and canine murder.

  15. Dogs are like children to some families. That is ridiculous that you would relate that commercial to beastiality. F*** off haters!

    This comment was edited by moderators as a one time courtesy. We do not allow the F word on this site. In the future this poster will be flagged

  16. It’s always amazing to me that dog cultist’s comments are so hateful and aggressive. All the while they are objecting to the fact that we hate dogs. 🙂 BTW, the commercial is overtly sexual in nature. Get over it.

  17. What in the hell is wrong with you? Who in their right mind would want a filthy dog on top of them ???

  18. That is one sick individual. The commercial with the wolfhound is nasty. I would never do that kind of thing. Iams is in the gutter!!!

  19. Sick commercial! I would hate to have this outlook on life. Dogs, cats and all animals should not look as if they are having sex with humans!

  20. Why make such a perverted commercial? It’s a sexual commercial. Iams should be ashamed!!!!! They are disgusting. So is the dog in the ad. Can’t they do something more mainstream ????!

  21. I agree about how dogs are worthless and dog owners are generaly irespectful idiots, but the posts about cats (and sometimes dogs) being useful because they kill “vermin” are ridiculous. They don’t kill only “bad” little rats, they mostly kill lizards, birds, etc. Anybody working for the environment knows the vermin here are the dogs and cats, who kill millions and millions of small animals every year (check the internet for details if you want, for exemple here : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-21236690 ) I like cats alot, but I would never let a cat live outside, and I would gladly get rid of a feral cat. One cat is not worth more than 300 birds, etc. I would choose the 300 birds, etc. even if I like cats.

  22. You are all IDIOTS if you really think all dog owners abuse and neglect their dogs. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a bird. They all love each other and I’ve never had any problems with them. I’ve never had to “beat” my dogs. They respect my commands because I respect them. All of my animals go on “walks” together. My bird flys, and the other four walk. I’ve never put them on a leash and they’ve never ran away. And I know a lot of people who treat their animals the same way. So my point is that you all should not be soo naive to say that all dog owners are abusive. Yes there are people who should not own any animals but to generally say we are all the same is just ignorant. I’m not here to degrade or judge anyone, but you are being hateful and judgemental yourselves just because “you simply dislike an animal”. I came to this site just to see why people would hate dogs and I’m dumbfounded by the horrible things I’ve read on here. I agree that if a dog bites a human it should be put down but sometimes dogs bite to protect their family just like we would fight to protect ours. So I pose this question, should humans be killed for protecting their home and family if the invader is injured?

  23. Awed

    You must first own and hold captive a fur slave in order to abuse it. DOG OWNERS routinely abuse, neglect, starve, torture and kill dogs.

    Dog leash laws were created to protect the public from roaming dogs not prevent your mutts from “running away”. I also sincerely doubt you are chasing two loose dogs around to retrieve their shit while you all do your pack bonding.

    “but sometimes dogs bite to protect their family” I am guessing when you say “family” you are referring to yourself. There are NEVER any excuses for a dog attacking a human.

    You make the common dog cultists mistake of comparing dogs to humans. There is no comparison. Dogs are not capable of morality or reasoning. They act simply on instinct. If your dog lived in the wild like a real animal it would kill other animals for food and be eaten by larger mammals. It would steer clear of humans as a rule and probably not encounter anyone that it perceived as a threat to its offspring. If it killed or attacked a human it would likely be hunted.

    Most of us love animals and nature. I know I do. Unfortunately dogs are hybrid, mutant, inbred, man made perverse creatures. There is nothing natural about a fur slave held captive by you to meet your emotional needs. They are not part of any natural ecosystem and are a burden on our environment.

    You need to get out more.

  24. Reminder to all site trolls: Dog owners routinely neglect, starve, abuse, abandon and kill dogs because of course you must own and hold captive a fur slave to abuse it. We hate dogs. We typically do not own dogs. YOU DO! 🙂

    I am so happy I found this site. I hate dogs so much

  25. This commercial is truly perverse. The most disgusting thing I have seen in a long time

  26. That commercial was disgusting. The dog was clearly on top of her to the point where it would make people think……
    what is up here 🙂 Clearly, the dog was up. Iams could have done a better job with this commercial.

  27. Shelly,

    We do not hate humans on this site. We also do not advocate violence against humans or animals including dogs. You will need to observe appropriate language boundaries while communicating here. These boundaries include references to violence. Your comment,

    “you should all die”

    is inappropriate. In the future you will be flagged from the site.

  28. Thank you Pip. I couldn’t have said it better. As many of us have observed on this site, dog cultists are intolerant of others especially those who disagree with them. They often wish violence and even death on others who do not espouse their values. Perhaps this is why they find it acceptable for dogs to maul, maim and murder humans especially children. Thank you for steering another deluded dog fanatic in the right direction.

  29. Thank you Canetoad. I have had many bad personal experience with these disgusting, aggressive animals. My wish is for them to be extinct from the earth. I would have no remorse what so ever. Children are dying and the earth is being polluted. Dogs need to go away.

  30. I hate all dogs but especially pit bulls. I can’t stand looking as their evil ugly faces. They remind me of the Joker with beady little eyes. People who elevate pit bulls over children are sociopaths and should go to jail.

  31. That Iams commercial is so gross. I change the channel everytime I see it. I find it shocking to see how many dog lovers don’t read what it was previously posted and they are oblivious to anything but their need to inflict their ”dog love” words on here. There are so many dog loving sites but they choose to come here and be really rude and wish death on people that don’t agree with their views on dogs. It makes me sad that this society is going the wrong way when most of the dog owners are selfish and rather spend more money, pay more attention and give more love to a scavenger than a human being or their own children. It’s sickening and it seems to get worse

  32. Seriously?! You’re sick to think like that. I would’ve never seen it that way. Having a dog as part of your family is wonderful, and yes if I was to leave far from home a long time my dog would welcome me the same way as in the commercial and no its nothing sexual, is because they have feelings just like we do. And yes if not socialized correctly and neglected they may become aggressive but it’s not the dogs fault it’s the human who raised it but if appropriate trained dogs are friendly creatures that can make you smile when you feel the lowest, my dog can sense when I’m sad and she won’t leave my side no matter what. She is my undeniable companion. You’re just sick for thinking that way. You need to see a shrink. Get some help or a dog lol they also can work as therapist literally. Look it up, dogs are amazing creatures. Get some help! And I just ran into this site, I wasn’t looking for this type of sites for all these haters that think I’m doing this intentionally. Just had to express my point of view, what’s wrong with you people!

  33. Check out this whack-a doodle. Yeah we know. Its not the dogs fault.The dog is a therapist with an graduate degree.The dog is your family. Its how they re raised. YAWN These people are really delusional.

  34. This image is burned in my brain as one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. All the commercial needed was some cheesy bump and grind music and bad lighting and it would have easily been peddled as porn. Which I’m sure there is a group of individuals who have this on a loop for their midnight rendezvous with Mr. Hand.

  35. Don’t you FFFFing dare say that. Dogs are animals that save lives. YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU SAVE SOMEBODYS FFFFING LIFE. YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU HELP THE BLIND AND ASSIST THE MILITARY. And you most certainly get checked out because who the hell doesn’t like dogs

  36. I just had to “un flag” this one ( edited of course) to demonstrate once again how psycho and aggressive dog cultists are and why they clearly must be attracted to psycho, aggressive, violence prone creatures.

    @ REALLY: To answer your question ” YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU HELP THE BLIND”……..that would have been last week when I ( yes a human person) assisted my blind friend as a sighted guide. It’s a task that a real live person can do to assist a blind individual with mobility. We can even have lunch together and an intelligent conversation. LMAO! When I am not available my friend can use her GPS assistive device and her own wits to manage. NO DOG REQUIRED Ha!

  37. DFH covered it . Technology is going to make many real SD obsolete and free their owners from being chained to a mutt. As to our military again tech is going to rule the day and the expense of training and shipping fido around will be long forgotten.
    Now isn’t there some stupid dog movie you should be sitting in a darkened theater watching. Remember to take some Kleenex to tidy your self with and zip your pants before the lights come on.

  38. Really July 3, 2015 at 6:31 pm

    Don’t you FFFFing dare say that. Dogs are animals that save lives. YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU SAVE SOMEBODYS FFFFING LIFE. YOU TELL ME WHEN YOU HELP THE BLIND AND ASSIST THE MILITARY. And you most certainly get checked out because who the hell doesn’t like dogs

    DFH felt the need to carry the stupidity over to the next page here.

    Really, And I doubt you’ll be back like most trolls you just spew some crap and run. Lots of people don’t like dog. Some despise loose unattended dogs. Almost everyone at least under their breath hates a non-stop yapping mutt. No normal human being likes seeing some floor rat inhabiting a shopping cart. Many actual dog owners wish their mutts would die or run away or that they could return them to the shelter that talked them into the wonder of dogs.
    Possible the most hateful people to their dogs are pit bull owners . Who instead of raising the right dump them on average at the ripe old age of 18 months to 2 years , usually unaltered. With pit bulls finding their homes in the one digit percentages, pit bull owners can’t breed them fast enough. Even though the majority end up in the land fill or warehoused in some dilapidated warehouse in New Orleans.
    I hate dogs. However based on dog owners and their deplorable behavior I really think the so called dog lovers hate them even more. It is dog owners who have filled the shelters with millions of unwanted dogs.
    Oh and Really, this site allows people to express their dislike of mutts with support and understanding. Probably because we have a neighbor like you.

  39. Yes its really repulsive and oddly, directly followed by a video of two dogs getting their freak on. I guess we aren’t the only ones to see a correlation!

  40. This video might be second runner up.


    Dog Nutters are always working overtime to convince the public that dogs are useful and you need one to be happier. They are blinded to common sense by their obsession with the cult of dog

    1)Where is the parent at bedtime and why isn’t the PARENT reading a story to the child? Children need to hear WORDS to improve language, literacy and reading. This is well documented. Dogs bark.
    2)Why is an animal that eats shit and licks its own asshole permitted to lick this child in the face and put the child’s toys in it’s filthy mouth?
    3)Why would any parent allow an animal’s filthy freshly crapped bare ass to be in a child’s bed?

    That made me ill.

  41. First time on the website. Hysterical! A whole bunch of angry people. And for what? A commercial? What else angers you? OMG! I didn’t get enough ketchup packets with my french fries! OMG! Kim Kardasian changed her lipstick color! What is this world coming to??? I can’t stop laughing at all of your comments.

  42. I find it amusing that so often dog cultist’s first stop on the site is the creepy Iams commercial section. What is with that??? Why the attraction???

  43. Great comeback, dogsfromhell! You got me there. A dog cultist? What the heck is that? You mean like a person that appreciates all of God’s creatures, including you (for your comedic value, of course)? You’ve like Svengooli!

    Ok, I wasted enough of my time. Keep up the good work, dogsfromhell. Keep laughing!

  44. Ewww. This advert is gross. That stupid ill-minded woman actually wanted to star in a stupid advert. It looks like they’re having sex. That is so disgusting. This advert should be banned

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