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* At San Francisco’s once dignified Crissy Field (which now unfortunately contains a dog park) an off-leash pit bull attacks and bites an on-duty mounted park patrol horse, giving chase for over a mile and a half. The pit’s owner, his lawyer, and pit bull fanatics blame….the horse.

* A pair of Presa Canario dogs race down a hallway and lunge at Diane Whipple, savagely killing her by ripping out her windpipe. The owners blame…. her perfume. Or maybe she was having her period, they speculated. Oh, and she should have managed to get away from the dogs faster.

* A mastiff-ridgeback mix, awoken by the presence of a one year old boy, grabs the tot by the head and mauls him to death. The boy’s father, at first livid and calling for the dog’s destruction, changes his mind after a radical dog advocate group, The Lexus Project, apparently convinces him that the fault lies with……the one year old boy.

Are you mad yet? If so, here’s the e-mail address of one of these dog kooks, the owner of the horse-biting pit bull: Dvdgzzrll@msn.com

There are many many more incidents just like these. Some are minor, such as a dog owner blaming their dog’s nasty growling behavior on the recipient’s clothing. Or facial hair. Or the “threatening” purse or umbrella they are carrying. To these twisted dog cultists, dogs can do no wrong. EVER. There is no such thing as an unprovoked attack. Something MUST have given the dog a perfect, logical, totally understandable reason to attack, maul, snarl, lunge, or even to just bark its fool head off all day. Such idiocy should not be tolerated.

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  1. In the old days, before cars replaced horses, the police of New York City would routinely shoot on sight, any loose dogs. This was done, with no apologies, to prevent dogs from scaring, or attacking, a hose, and causing an accident. Any mounted police officer, or anyone else on a horse, with a licensed gun, should be permitted, encouraged, even required, to shoot on sight-without, of course, endangering any humans nearby-any loose dogs they encounter. The owner of the dog should be arrested for failing to properly confine or leash it. And if, God forbid, there is any fatalities or injuries caused by the loose dog, the owner must stand trial for negligent homicide, or reckless endangerment. And be sued for his/her last penny. The elevation of mutts to sacred cow status results in the devaluation of human beings. Any dogs in America must always be leashed(on a short leash), confined, muzzled, neutered, debarked. Who cares what the owner, or the mutt, wants/ Dogs must not be allowed to endanger, inconvenience, annoy, people.

  2. The incident with the 1 year old boy happened near where I live, I remember reading about it in the paper. I remember reading about the New York Cop and his horse being chased by a pit bull on NoDogsAllowed’s blog. To these people it’s: People can do no right, dogs can do no wrong. To me it’s just the other way around. I mean really.. ಠ_ಠ

  3. Sick this is the kind of thing that makes me hate dogs more! Humans are being abused by dogs more then what we are doing to them.

  4. These incidents are sadly tragic and I think preventable. Humans have bred dogs for hundreds of years to make breeds that can do what they need them to do. Dogs work well with humans but so many people get dogs and have no idea what they are doing and do not care about or respect people who do not like dogs. Dogs have to get licenses but I think dog owners should have to pass a test and get licensed themseves. Presa Canario is known as the ultimate gaurd dog so what the hell where they doing loose in the hallway – ridiculous. I love and have owned dogs my whole life so i know about the responsibility of dog ownership, it’s huge. You don’t just bring home a cute dog and let it loose in society.

  5. The rationalizations most dog lovers use to excuse their animal’s behavior is insulting to any thinking person. If their dog
    bit a bearded man, they’d blame the guy for having a beard. “My dog was spooked by the guy’s beard!”. But the bigger picture here
    isn’t bad owners per se, it’s dogs acting like dogs. Of all the common pets, dogs are by far the most likely to severely injure or kill
    other domesticated animals and people.

  6. Some people keep rats as pets, which is ok by me. Wild rats are classed as vermin & they are routinely shot, poisoned, trapped etc but that’s not considered cruel. Why can’t the same rules be applied to un-leased dogs? Why can’t they be exterminated on sight? Think of all the filth & destruction ferrel dogs cause. These idiots that spend time & money rescuing mutts are at best misguided, they would better serve society by exterminating them.

  7. Millions of dogs are captured and killed every year in shelters and this does not include those that are shot, tortured, killed by wild animals, etc. Ferrel dogs living in neighborhoods are typically picked up by animal control and euthanized.

  8. in my town it is illegal to own a chinchilla but you can get away with dogs and 24-7 barking without repercussion because animal control is a biased dog lover.

  9. not in my town loose dogs in my town are (animal contols words) playing with the kids that own them off leash for all we know. the ordinance she is supposed to be enforcing states ALL dogs must be leashed or fenced AT ALL TIMES. if the woman (i would like to call her something else) would enforce instead of interpret maybe my town could be a safer place where people would actually want to be.

  10. i have actually found this very true! dog owners would rather fess up to their children doing wrong than their dogs, this is why i can’t get dogs silenced even though the law is on my side. animal control is a self proclaimed dog owner/lover so in her eyes the dogs do no wrong to start with and then after talking with her she tells me things that lead me to believe that she would rather interpret the law than enforce it either to spare the dogs/owners or to make her job easier because if she wrote a ticket like she is supposed to she would have to see the judge. animal control tells me if a dog attacks me i am not allowed to meet it with lethal force to defend myself, i say if a dog attacks me it had better finish me quick because one of us WILL be dead at the end. what can someone do when the person tasked with enforcing the dog laws is a biased and lazy dog lover, who like the people in these stories, think dogs do no wrong.

  11. You must put on the ballot, for direct vote, mandatory muzzle laws, and surgical debarking of all problem barkers whose owners won’t muzzle them.

  12. It is the responsibility of national, state, local governments to ruthlessly eradicate all packs of stray dogs. The Army, or local National Guard units, could be used to wipe them out.

  13. If a human being attacks you, you can, depending on the circumstances, use lethal force. Any animal that attacks a human being should be killed.

  14. Definitely. I am very careful about which breeds I consider buying. So many cases of attacks, or at least irritations, involving dogs happen because their owners weren’t compatible. I love Dobermans and rottweilers, but we are forever parted because I am simply too lazy, unassertive and submissive to own them responsibly. I don’t think it’s necessary to get a license to own a dog, but breeds people use to look tough need their potential buyers be very monitored. Having insurance for owning a pit bull is not enough. Then there are the people who get annoyed with their dogs for not “acting like a dog should”. Like Michele said, dogs were created for specific purposes. Terriers are going to destroy your gardens; they dig to hunt vermin and pests. Cane Corsos are going to be challenging and suspicious; they guard without mercy. Borzois are going to distance themselves from people; they were expected to do their work largely on their own. And English bulldogs are going to be ten feet behind you if you walk with any speed; they’re so dang stubby, and screwed over because bull-baiters kept squashing their noses further into their faces. People who think they can get any dog and have a flawless companion are in for a surprise.

  15. You can’t have chinchillas? Those are domesticated and they live in cages. Weird that your entire town outlaws them.

  16. I am very angry with the incident regarding the 1 year old. Not that the othere were not just as awful, but how the f**k can you blame the death of a one year old who was mauled by a dog on the baby. This is crazy, im absolutely fumin. Personally, if i was the parent my instant reaction would have been to batter the s++t out of the fleabag and kill it with my bare hands. What spiteful, nasty people. Im sure they wwould be singing a different hymm if it was their child mauled by a dog. If someone ever said something like that to my face, they wished they wouldn’t have. Absolute joke.

  17. Seriously? You can’t have a tiny little rodent IN A CAGE, but you can have a giant, potentially deadly beast? That is wrong on so many levels.

  18. I can’t stand up for dog owners on that one. Blaming a 1-year-old kid for his death is uncalled for.

    Please tell me you’re exaggerating the “s++t-beating” out of your disgust because that would only make the dog angrier and attack you more. In case you don’t know, with larger/tougher breeds you have to stuff your arm or something long down the dog’s throat and pray it chokes to death. I hate hurting animals but if a dog is right in your face trying to kill you or someone else, it’s your only option.

  19. Ugh. In my April 7 post did I really say throat-stuffing an attacking dog was the ONLY option? Sorry, I’m a damn fool. I was trying to be helpful by quoting “The Truth About Dogs”. The guy who wrote it said the throat-stuffing was the best option against dogs that were trying to kill you. There are sure to be other options if you need them. A decent warding-off attack could be going for the eyes, or punching the nose repeatedly. Noses are rather sensitive spots on dogs. Though if it’s a very large or tenacious breed, you might have to resort to the choking method. I wasn’t trying to be patronizing. I just admire your devotion to your unborn baby and wanted to be helpful.

  20. I was walking through the Home Depot parking lot yesterday, when two large dogs in an SUV suddenly lunged at the window, barking wildly. I had my folder with me, as I was going to make photocopies at the office store next door.
    As hard as I could I slapped the vehicle’s window with the folder, right in front of the dog’s muzzles. Twice. Whap, whap! Boy did that shut them up. Surprised the heck out the them. I bet these mutts had never been disciplined ever.

  21. With regard to options in taking down a vicious dog, I tackled a staffie bull terrier once which was growling, barking, throwing itself and trying to bite people – basically just being a d1ck and a bully.
    It had already bit someone else and drawn blood. The person had made the mistake of laughing, which infuriated it (as did hugging, kissing and generally paying attention to anyone or thing other than itself). Maybe not the biggest of dogs but pretty well muscled, solid and completely insensitive to pain. The key is understanding that the only dangerous part of a mutt is it’s stinking teeth.
    If you can avoid that then it’s got nothing else. I got in behind it and grabbed it by the neck with both hands. It was threshing about because as dumb as the vicious @sshole was, it knew it was in trouble at that point. Reasoning that as a male adult, I was bigger and heavier than the dog, I decided to use my body weight advantage and dropped on to it, pinning it to the ground. After that it was a simple matter of getting my arms coiled around it’s throat like a couple of boa constrictors while it frantically tried to rip my hands to shreds. Sure it still struggled for a while, but there was no way it had the strength to move an adult human from on top of it. Eventually, it gave up and started looking at me with “puppy dog eyes”, a kind of pleading look. Yep, the realisation had finally dawned that no animal should think it can tackle with an apex predator without seriously endangering itself. Luckily for the vile, stinking fleabag – I had to be mindful of the owners (friends of mine), and released my grip just as it’s eyes started rolling in its head. It was a heck of a lot more respectful after that. Being an animal, you can’t reason with these things. They have to be taught their place in the food chain. Projecting human emotions and feelings onto them only confuses the stupid things and leads to dangerous situations where they think they can do as they please.

    I don’t agree with cruelty to any animal, but if one wants to get threatening or attack then I will have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about sending it to that big kennel in the sky.

  22. I’m so happy to have found this site.

    Dogs really deserve to be eradicated as pests. How some people actually want these filthy, disease ridden vermin around them is beyond me.

  23. If they had to fend for themselves like real animals instead of being kept alive artificially by furslavers they would become extinct

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