Puppy Bowl farce seen as news by NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams teased with a story about a bowl game. No, not THAT bowl game, but rather, the Puppy Bowl, which will air on Animal Planet at the same time as the Super Bowl. Can a contrast in Neilson ratings get any wider? The football game (and all the pricey commercials) will sweep the floor with the damn little
mutts. But for some bizarre reason (oh wait, NBC News is run by dog cultists), Brian Williams decided to plug the 9th annual Puppy Bowl. If you are so motivated, as I was, please e-mail NBC Nightly News, to lament the dumbing down of their program yet again by the most ridiculous dog coverage imaginable. Yesterday they reported on the most popular dog breeds. How is this even close to newsworthy??

The Puppy Bowl was taped five months ago, but most dog nuts will think it’s being aired live, which is why they’ve already been putting in requests to adopt the dogs. They think they’ll be getting the puppy-aged cur as seen on the show, but it’ll be near-adult in reality. Suckers. So much for advice to spay/neuter, when litters of dogs are glorified on the national news.

Also of note is that NBC Nightly News is loathe to report on anything negative about dogs. Packs of dangerous feral dogs are menacing people in Mexico. A pit bill mauls a baby to death. Not newsworthy to NBC. They’d rather report on “murderous” cats that are killing birds.

E-mail: Nightly@nbc.com