Puppy Bowl farce seen as news by NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams teased with a story about a bowl game. No, not THAT bowl game, but rather, the Puppy Bowl, which will air on Animal Planet at the same time as the Super Bowl. Can a contrast in Neilson ratings get any wider? The football game (and all the pricey commercials) will sweep the floor with the damn little
mutts. But for some bizarre reason (oh wait, NBC News is run by dog cultists), Brian Williams decided to plug the 9th annual Puppy Bowl. If you are so motivated, as I was, please e-mail NBC Nightly News, to lament the dumbing down of their program yet again by the most ridiculous dog coverage imaginable. Yesterday they reported on the most popular dog breeds. How is this even close to newsworthy??

The Puppy Bowl was taped five months ago, but most dog nuts will think it’s being aired live, which is why they’ve already been putting in requests to adopt the dogs. They think they’ll be getting the puppy-aged cur as seen on the show, but it’ll be near-adult in reality. Suckers. So much for advice to spay/neuter, when litters of dogs are glorified on the national news.

Also of note is that NBC Nightly News is loathe to report on anything negative about dogs. Packs of dangerous feral dogs are menacing people in Mexico. A pit bill mauls a baby to death. Not newsworthy to NBC. They’d rather report on “murderous” cats that are killing birds.

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20 thoughts on “Puppy Bowl farce seen as news by NBC Nightly News

  1. Why do care? People like dogs, people will watch dogs on TV, people will continue to spend billions on dogs. Of course you don’t like it but you don’t have to watch it either. Why not accept it and enjoy your super bowl event, how does bowling dogs on TV affect you at all? It’s worth bringing to the attention of the public dog poop, aggression, barking, etc. but why would you care if anyone watched a show of puppies bowling. They are not hurting anyone, causing any harm. It is just a TV choice.

  2. Complete waste of time. I cant even watch the commercials of the Puppy Bowl. When one has a**hole neighbors that are too ignorant to shut their barking dogs up, the last thing I want to see and hear on tv are f*king dogs.

  3. I agree with the comments posted. The puppy bowl does not show the aggressiveness of the dogs bullying the a small terrier dog. That was edited out, or how they pooped and peed on the rug.
    I a fed up of dogs eventhough I grew up with them. They are annoying. They jump on you with dirty paws, they are contantly licking themselves and they are be so mean to each other. At a doggie daycare they are wild animals.They hump each other, bite eachother and just go crazy. Anyone who works at a doggiedaycare enter will tell you how frustratiing it is. They big dogs are the worst, they drool into the water bowl and makes the biggest poop.
    People just overpopulate dogs and we need to stop all of these puppy mills and slow the growth down. The dog shelters are extremel overpopulated. I hav a neighbor with a small dog and she is the mean and nasty. I also can’t stand dogs!!

  4. So basically you believe that the pet industry preys upon people’s emotions and created a dog obsessed society of neurotic humans and canines? I do not necessarily agree. I assume by the word masses you mean dog lovers – it is interesting that you label us ignorant because most dogs haters are ignorant as well. I believe we all have something to learn. It appears that you acknowledge dog haters as the minority which makes me wonder if you feel smarter, superior, or emotionally healthier than the majority? Also, I am curious to know why you are so passionate about this subject. Your comments are interesting and my questions sincere – I am in no way trying to be a wise guy. Thanks

  5. Cattle, sheep, pigs and fowl have also been domesticated for thousands of years, and have probably contributed more to civilization than dogs (especially cattle). Remember, it’s the dogs that were bred to herd and protect those animals because of their value.

    Yet if someone says “Man, I hate pigs!” no one will care (even though pigs are more intelligent than dogs). Yet if they were to say “Man, I hate dogs!” they would be treated with disdain just for their personal belief about an animal. If this website was about pigs, I bet you wouldn’t care.

  6. Dogs can be helpful in hunting. So can horses. Humans got themselves out of the stone age by domesticating plants, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs. Human discovery of metals allowed them to replace stone tools with ones made of copper, bronze, brass, iron, steel. Most dogs don’t do any guarding, or hunting, except for cat feces. Actually, that would not qualify as hunting, but as scavengering. “food security”? Most dogs simply uselessly use up food supplies. Instead of security, they are a threat to even their owners.

  7. you make some good points. I like your comment about dogs being caught between animal and human nature. This is a topic I could write volumes about but let me just say that it is possible to strike a good balance. However, this requires time and patience which brings us back to spending precious time on a dog. Yes, dogs can fill an emotional need and it is human nature to care for things – how you fufill these needs is a personal choice. Dogs probably are not the smartest animals, I think the attractiion from the beginning is that they have the most human like expressions, they looked people in the eye and had an greater interest in humans than other animals. Dogs, along with cats, were the easiest animals to domesticate because they wanted to be with us.

  8. I have been around cattle, pigs, fowl, goats and sheep, they are all cool and if I owned a farm I would look into farm animals. I am watching the oscars and remembering George clooneys famous pig. However, none of these animals relate to humans like dogs and cats.

  9. All anti-pollution laws, all animal cruelty laws, should be rigorously enforced against these lousy puppy mills. Dogs are enough of an economic burden to their owners without paying for doggy day care. How much does that cost a day? A year? Limiting dog ownership to one should somewhat alleviate the fecal, urineary, and noise pollution they cause. Your neighbor should muzzle her mean, nasty mutt.

  10. Guns, in responsible hands, can be used for hunting,killing animals that threaten lifestock and crops, and protection against criminals, terrorists, and the canine terrorists that kill and maim so many Americans.

  11. In America, few people imposes their pigs’ company on people by taking them to parks, beaches, public places. Or turn their houses into pig stys, the way many people have converted their homes into kennels. One fraternity had so many dogs, they had to get licensed as a kennel.

  12. Some of us “are so passionate about this subject” because we live in urban ateas, where the large concentration of dogs inevitably necessitates that we continually watch our step. Also, there is the constant possibility of attack from mutts that are poorly controlled, and/or simply unsuitable to be around people. Many of us have had problems from the noise generated by their senseless barking. A group of barking dogs in a small area can generate very annoying, even illegal, noise levels. And there is the obvious fact that an overpopulated planet does not need to have 90 million mostly useless dogs using up resources badly needed by people. It also does not need their feces and urine polluting the world.

  13. I agree with you completly. Dogs are disgusting, ugly, mean MONSTERS. I have 2 amazingly smart felines that play with iPads, and a dog that comes when you say “here, kitty kitty”. Dogs aren’t loyal at all! All of the ones I have had experiences with are finicky, biting, growling beasts. Cats on the other hand, are clean, easy to take care of and protect us from disease and vermin. Yet, today “dogs are perfect” and “man’s best friend” and all of that junk. If anything, DOGS are the villains and cats would be the heroes, and the loyal companions. Dogs kill people, cats, anything they can. Cats kill disease-spreading rats that kill millions. If people wouldn’t have been so superstitious in the “Dark Ages” and took the time to think before killing cats… The Black Death would NEVER HAVE SPREAD TO HUMANS!!! And so, CATS RULE DOGS DROOL. HATERS GONNA HATE.

    PS: Pigs ARE smarter than dogs, but they taste SO much better! But then again, I haven’t ever even tried dog meat yet! *licks lips* *evil laugh*

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