Dog Facts

The BBC reported last August that dog bites are on the rise. Last year 6450 people sustained dog bites. Those affected the worse by dog bites are children under 10 years old. 75% of children under 10 years old reguired surgery as a result of dog bites.

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  1. This is completely unacceptable and as far as I’m concerened 100% preventable- dog genocide, that’s the answer. Wipe the entire canine species out. Problem solved, our children will be safe and not emotionally, physically and potentially financially ruined… selfish dog lovers!

  2. One thing that perpetuates this epidemic is the refusal of the dog-worshipers to acknowledge that some dogs are not worth ‘rescuing”. In their perverse fanaticism a problem dog can be “saved”. I know of two cases. One was a friend of mine who obtained a Dalmatian for his kids. Dalmatians are known problem dogs, why you never see many of them. Anyway, after two nasty bites to his kids the moron decides to get rid of the dog by giving it a way to someone else. He should have taken it to the woods and gave it the “bologna shotgun” treatment (piece of meat stuck in the barrel end of loaded 12ga). I had old-school relatives who would just shoot a problem dog; why pass it off to someone else. The other was a loose Pitbull that attacked a rider while on horseback; tore the horse up pretty bad. Animal control captured the Pit and was going to euthanize it but some dog-worshiping cretin decided to “rescue” the killer dog. Even made the local news as one of those ubiquitous dog stories that seem to be a regular feature these days. No wonder we have a misinformed citizenry when “news” is about nothing but dogs and celebrities.

  3. Dog Genocide? What kind of monster supports the killing off of an entire species out of pure selfishness? I know that you people don’t want to live in a world where something annoying you constitutes destruction. There are indisputably more dog lovers than haters.

    I have to say that the people on this website and others similar to it are incredibly hateful and intolerant. Saying things like all dogs should be destroyed and that ‘dog worshippers’ are the problem. Guess that I’m a ‘dog worshipper’ because I don’t agree with you!

    You know what though? I haven’t seen anyone so angry and upset over an animal in my life.

    LOL do you have an ‘ihateparakeets’ website too? I would love to see your selfish desires against people who love parrots too.

    For the subject at hand..
    Yeah its sad that children get bitten all the time, but you all know that 9/10 times it’s because the child doesn’t understand how a dog thinks. News Flash: One super fast way for a child to get bitten in the face by a dog is by hugging them, and children do this because they don’t understand that to a dog, this is an aggressive gesture.

    Commenting “rules”
    You say “life is too short to be evil and attack other people. ‘ but all i see here is a bunch of people who, not only condone that behavior, revel in it. You say ‘dog worshippers’ are selfish? Really? Well I beg to differ with all of you haters. You want dogs gone because they annoy you by barking or pooping? Please!

    Your the selfish ones. Trying to get dogs and dog lovers everywhere to do as YOU wish, simply because you don’t like that animal. There are so many other things more important in the world to be pissed about.

    You know what else is sad? How you say ‘everyone is entitled to their opinion’ but the only opinions I see expressed are the people who support this horrible idea of killing off all dogs for selfish reasons. Which leads me to believe that you don’t invite other people opinions, unless they hate dogs of course.

    I doubt my comment/opinion will pass through the mods but IF they somehow find it in their ego to let this one comment through don’t bother railing back at me your opinions. This is just MY opinion being shared and I won’t be returning to read anythings else on this site. I will put this horrible section of the internet aside forever. Oh and I won’t have to worry about your wishes of dog genocide becoming true, at least not here in America.

    Peace and Love! You ALL need it!

  4. Interesting that you use the term “genocide”. I suggest you look up the definition; it doesn’t refer to other species. Another perfect example of an ignorant dog-worshiper who can’t distinguish between humans and dogs.

  5. That comment was directed towards Lila by the way. I do not support any of these dog haters as I have a dog myself and the things you guys are saying makes me believe you have serious problems..

  6. Not every dog bites people you know.. I’m pretty sure that isn’t that huge of a deal right now.. A dog acts as it is raised, people do need to learn how to raise their dogs right I agree with that but not all dogs are disgusting beasts. Stop judging every dog by a few, that’s like saying that all people from other countries are bad.

  7. Another deluded worshiper compelled to emotionally defend his/her fleabag. I think you have it backwards, cretin. It’s the majority of dogs and owners who make it bad for the few. The US alone has nearly 5 million dog bites per year; you’re far more likely to be bitten by a dog than being in an automobiles accident, that is a statistical fact. In many urban areas dog feces is polluting the rivers and streams. The city near me issues regular public announcements for dog-owners to clean up their mutts shit because of elevated levels of canine feces -in one of the biggest rivers in the US! You people are so stupid and brain-washed you don’t realize you have a PR problem because of your fellow irresponsible dog-owners and their mutts -not us “dog-haters. You’re so accustomed to filth, noise and ignorance you’ve totally lost perspective of what a civil society is supposed to be. It’s all about you and your filthy fleabag – a pair of self-absorbed assholes made for one another.

  8. Lila K,

    You know, now that you mention it parakeets are pretty annoying, and parrots shit almost as much as dogs so yeah, I would support I hate bird website too. You’re completely missing the point (not your fault, you’re probably part Retreiver) ; People who own these revolting menaces to society selfishly push their beasts onto everyone without a thought or care in the world… and I stand by my statement, Genocide…. Au revoir mutts!

  9. Wow..another idiot dog cultist blaming the victim translation child’s behavior for being bitten by a dog. There are no excuses for a dog ever biting a child. I sincerely hope this cultist never has children.

  10. How about you get yourself on YouTube and type in this silly thing called ‘animal cruelty’ (especially if its in Korea). It’s so hilarious. All those mangey mutts being thrown into a gas chamber together, hung by their own owners, skinned and burned alive, oh and my favorite is when they get beat upside the head! The dog meat trade rocks! Basically, when you say you want there to be a genocide to kill all dogs, that’s what you want right? Please go watch those videos and tell me how you feel about yourself now. I will pray for you.

  11. Seems you aren’t smart enough to know that colleges graduate lots of dumb people. They accept you because they want your money. The dog product industry wants your money too. That’s why they want you to believe your beast is a near- human. Maybe you can learn about that in college. LOL Check out a marketing class next semester. PS Your dog doesn’t love you “unconditionally”. It just knows you control its food. It is called conditioning not love. Maybe you haven’t taken Psych 101 yet. I think your dog is smarter than you. Good luck in college 😉

  12. You probably can’t even get in to college dumb ass. He does love me unconditionally dogs love their owners even if they are starving they are perfectly capable of fending for themselves in the wild they do not use us just for food.

  13. I can’t imagine how pathetic your life must be if your “fleabag” is the “best thing that ever happened” to you. Welcome to reality.

  14. Well at the moment your dog is in jail. And in order to get in the chow line he has to love the warden “unconditionally” . Try philosphy 101. Its a course in reasoning.

  15. Judging by your grammar and punctuation, you’re probably in remedial courses at your local community college.
    You come across like a hillbilly, “Ah gotta dawg and ah goda skool”. Take some advice dearie, you’re not that bright nor interesting. Go back and read older comments from other dog-worshipers. Yes, they’re certainly stupid, but not as stupid as you.

  16. Um okay my grammar isn’t even bad? And I’m not stupid you don’t even know me so stop calling me shit. You need help.

  17. You’re getting good advice here from people much smarter than you, that’s the point. This site is more about educating dog-worshipers and dispelling some of the myths of dog ownership rather than just hate. Sure, we don’t like dogs, but we despise ignorant inconsiderate dog-owners more. Your dog does not and can not “love” you nor does it possess the type of loyalty humans are capable of. You’re projecting your own desires on an animal that has evolved with man and has learned conditioned response. They read your body language and vocal inflection -all for their benefit, not yours. They’re scavengers since prehistoric times and have learned behavior to secure their well-being and survival. Dogs don’t create great works of art or literature, they don’t invent, discover, or build cultures and societies -they’re effin’ animals, not people. About all they are capable of creating is noise and steaming piles of shit ……

  18. Dogs can love people just as any other animal can they will stick by their owners side even if the owner beats them and starves them I have seen it before.. Dogs do have feelings and are certainly capable of using them.

  19. I hate dogs with a passion. Over the years I have had to scrape their sh*t from my shoes, my children’s shoes, my bike tyres, my babies’ pram’s wheels, my children’s pushchair’s wheels. I have had to listen to mutts barking all day when I have been trying to get a bit of peace and quiet in my own garden. I have had to experience having my leg mated with by friends’ mutts and my backside sniffed. I have had to tolerate dirty, filthy mutts jumping up at me when I’m walking along minding my own business (which, of course, “are only being friendly”). What other animal do you see in the shopping centres squatting down and defecating? And then turning around and sniffing it and – God forbid if you happen to be enjoying a coffee and cake at the time – eating it? They are the filthiest animals on this earth. What amazes me, though, is that if you happen to hate dogs, for whatever reason (the main one being that they squat and crap everywhere), you have ‘issues’. You need ‘treatment’. People who hate dogs are one step away from being serial killers because humans will be their next target! Well, sorry to disillusion you, dog lovers, but people have every right to HATE DOGS and cannot understand why you subject yourselves to living with their filth. That’s your choice – but for God’s sake don’t inflict your mutt’s filth on other people.

  20. I have just seen a video on YouTube entitled ‘Baby’s first steps interrupted by pooping dog’. A baby is walking uncertainly across a cream-coloured carpet when along comes the dog, squats down and defecates next to the sofa. And yes, you’ve guessed it. The baby falls backwards right into the mutt’s poop. Compulsive viewing for dog haters and very educational for those who think the sun shines out of their mutt’s backside.

  21. The crazy dog owners probably think it’s cute. It’s really disgusting and dog feces carries so many diseases.

  22. Might I suggest that people take a look at the Mail Online website from time to time? Any articles about dogs are swamped with pro-dog and quite ridiculous and ill-informed comments, and I think some balance is required. There is an article on there today that caused me such … well, I don’t quite know how to describe it! I had to switch to this site to get my blood pressure back to normal! Essentially two guard dogs that were part of the Royal Family’s protection squad (and I don’t have anything against genuine working dogs) have been euthanised as they were no longer required and could not be ‘rescued’ because of their aggressive temperaments. The low-IQ-dog-loving-brigade are out in force saying how disgusting it is and how Prince William should have stopped it (when in reality it wasn’t his decision and he probably knew nothing about it) and how these poor dogs could have been given to loving families and so on and so on and so on – I’m sure you have the picture. There is a button on each comment to report abuse, but interestingly this seems to be being used by the dog-loving brigade to block any comment, no matter how ‘unabusive’ that doesn’t support their warped view of mutts.

  23. “Dog Genocide”? Really? Wow. People are so stupid these days. Maybe if you actually taught your kids not to go up to a dog and just start petting it, i bet at the very LEAST 50% of these attacks wouldn’t have happened. It’s not the dog, it’s the idiot who decided to provoke it. A dog screws up, and people are all “lets wipe out the species”. A human messes up and murders some people “Ok, their probably just insane” really? Are we that selfish?

    By the way, you can tell this website was made by a bunch of cat lovers. Just because you like cats doesn’t mean you should go and make a Dog Hate website to make you feel better about yourself:)

  24. This is classic “blaming the victim” mentality. I assume since you sound like a dog cultist I need to explain that the child is the victim NOT the dog. No child should EVER be attacked by a dog for any reason, not even for mistakenly petting it. Since dogs routinely attack child and other humans, they are not suitable to reside with humans. AGAIN, it is NEVER the childs fault . It IS the dogs fault and if you reason otherwise you are delusional. According to your reasoning, if 50% of dog attacks did not occur because children did not try to pet dogs, are the remaining 50% acceptable???

  25. That’s because your accustomed to your shitty existence picking up dog excrement and caring for a pathetic, filthy animal

  26. My god. You are so damn heartless. Have some damn mercy! It’s a child it doesen’t know any better. Losing a child is much worse then losing a mutt. And how about when the family dogs attack a baby? What the hell can a infant do to provoke a dog?

  27. I was going to say the same thing. A child who wants to give a hug (a sign of deep affection) deserves to get bitten? So what are we supposed to do? Dog-train our children before teaching them the ABC’s to make the world safer for dogs?
    In all seriousness.
    If you own an animal that views being awkwardly approached by a harmless baby as an attack, then that animal is by definition not a pet.

    I also love how often I see perfectly reasonable statements (“Children do get attacked by dogs”) with statements like “It’s sad that children get bitten all the time but…” BUT? But what? Crazy person just admitted dogs attack kids ALL THE TIME. What’s sad is not that kids don’t know how to approach dogs, because frankly, who cares how one is supposed to deal with an animal you do not own and that is supposed to be domesticated enough to be out in public in the first place?
    It’s sad that there are numerous misguided people on this planet who would defend the instinct of a dog (bite-attack) over the instinct of a baby (touch-learn-explore-love).

    “You want dogs gone because they annoy you by barking or pooping?” Uh, yeah. Pretty much. By the way, replace “annoy” with “horribly interrupt my productivity through repeated sleep deprivation.” and “pooping” with “pooping in public places whose cleanup tax payers pay for unless I drag it into my bedroom carpet first.” I guess when you have nowhere to be but the dog park, you can just sleep in while your dog barks incessantly in the yard until you finally manage to get him hours later.

  28. If you own an animal that views being awkwardly approached by a harmless baby as an attack, then that animal is by definition not a pet.

    This is an excellent point and especially applies to pit bulls. Dogs should not be in residential areas

  29. When a demon dog attacks, the cultists almost always swear the thing ” never was aggressive”. Even if true, which frankly I don’t believe, dogs are unpredictable and should not be around children. Pit bulls are the primary source of child attack and murder.

  30. I would like to quote someone that I really agree with:

    “According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America 15-30% of the population has animal allergies (the US population is about 316 million so 15-30% is about 47.4 – 94.8 million people)

    4.5 – 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year ( – averaging 31 deaths per year in the last decade (

    Fear of dogs is one of the top 10 most common fears and 11% of Americans have a fear of dogs (that is about 34.7 million people) and this percent has been steadily rising since the 1990s along with the number of dog attack related deaths per year.

    Spend quality time with your dog by going for a walk/jog; or go play at the Dog Park. There is no benefit for your dog or the general population when bringing your dog to the hardware store, gym, post office or a restaurant. Instead you do harm by causing millions to suffer the discomfort from allergies, dog bites and Cynophobia. And not to mention the risk of dogs spreading diseases.

    Pet owners who have non-dog pets (cats, horses, reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, etc) survive just fine without taking their pets with them everywhere they go. These non-dog pet owners love their pets just as much as dog owners do – perhaps even more if you believe some crazy cat lady stories 😉 “

  31. StoptheDogMania,
    Thanks for the great information. I always love hard fact back up for the things we say on here. I have often wondered how many people who are allergic to dogs suffer because of doggers bringing in dander/saliva/fur on their clothing and belongings. I used to work with someone who was routinely covered in dog hair everyday and when she left the job her office chair was like a living pet. It was really gruesome. I also find it unconscionable that hospitals and health care facilities allow health care workers to launder their own scrubs. With over 70 million households living with one or more dogs imagine what you can come in contact with being served by a dog owner while you are ill!

  32. Luiz suarez was in the papers for months for a bite! Dog are awful animals, if pets at home had an animal for sales and the description read..loyal pet, (as you feed and home it). But will make u and your family smell like human excrement..noisy, doesn’t give a crap where it craps and needs u to pick it up, also if u have any friends with small children warn them that your new pet might bite them on the face without warning!! Who in the hell would buy one!!

  33. True. But Lisa wasn’t the one to use the word genocide, it was in reply to a “dog hater” that suggested it. Sure, dog have caused pain on humans, but they’ve also saved lives and assisted with manual labor- (sled dogs, sheep dogs, service dogs). Dogs protect their owners, they help PTSD and rape victims, they assist and serve in our military. Should we also kill all sharks? Actually, let’s just terminate the human race, bc they kill people and hurt people.. And they can be annoying right? So might as well.

    The hatred here is insane. What do you get out of hating? Does it give you pleasure? instead of worrying about things that actually matter in your lives you would rather pent up hate?

  34. No we shouldn’t kill all sharks because they live in their own habitats and not in our homes like your land-shark waiting to pounce on a child. Dogs have long outlived their usefulness and the ones that actually perform a service are few and far between. A good example is the fact that less than 5% of blind people utilize a guide dog for mobility. There are 1000’s of bark and crap machines for every 1 dog that performs a duty and technology is replacing that quickly. The humans who kill people end up in jail or on death row. If the killer happens to be a dog it gets a free ride to Mickey the Mauler Club and Resort complete with groupie worshippers. Even its’ owner got off the hook so I guess that means there IS a service a dog can perform that humans cannot. My mistake…Your rational is “insane”. Does your obsession “give you pleasure”? I have to wonder why you would be trolling a site where people are taking a stand against an environmental, social, health and safety issue. You should instead direct your pent up passive-aggressive hostility toward volunteering for your beloved beasts. Try cleaning up some environmental dog shit at the local park or working at a pit factory. You’d probably last a day LMAO

  35. Here are some dog FACTS reported by your very own fellow dog cultists:

    Dog Bite Facts:
    Each year, more than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dogs.
    Almost 1 in 5 people bitten by dogs require medical attention.
    Every year, more than 800,000 Americans receive medical attention for dog bites; at least half of them are children.
    Children are, by far, the most common victims of dog bites and are far more likely to be severely injured.
    Most dog bites affecting young children occur during everyday activities and while interacting with familiar dogs.
    Senior citizens are the second most common dog bite victims.

  36. Dogs don’t “save lives” and “assist” people. They are not human, and they do not have the mental depth to do these things deliberately. They are tools of human beings who are trained to be service animals, police & military dogs etc. They don’t do it because they love us. Any protection they give is driven by instinct.

  37. This is to Lila K, whilst this is a few years old, and she did state that she would not be coming back to the website (most likely because, like many other dog worshippers, she chooses not to believe in the true fact that dogs are menacing creatures, nothing but useless commodities for the desperate and weak).

    Then again, this comment goes out to ALL DOG LOVERS who wish to visit this site.

    The main difference between dog haters and dog lovers, is that most dog haters hate dogs so much that they even cringe to the sight of one, they stay away from dog loving sites, in result they do not cause a whole commotion saying that “dogs suck” in the forums/comments but yet dog lovers will not think twice before bagging ‘all of us’ assuming that we all think one specific way about these flea-ridden beasts, that we’re hateful and that we don’t show any love whatsoever (even though in truth, dogs don’t show love to their owners) yet humans, especially all of us, have the capacity and willingness to show love to other human beings.

    I read through her comment and nodded my head in shame of her ‘opinion’ and wish that she gets the help that she needs to overcome her delusions, however the comment that really pissed me off was this “Peace and Love! You ALL need it!”.
    It’s as though dog worshippers don’t get it, she came on ‘our’ site, ‘our’ community claiming that we all said we want all dogs dead (even though it would benefit the world) and yet she still didn’t get it through her thick f- skull…


    They are undoubtedly the burden of all human-kind and NOT JUST the few millions (this site of a few thousand does not speak for all haters of the mutt). We AND dog experts have proven time and time again how dogs are in ‘fact’ a a burden on human society, and the only given fact that they aren’t tends to be useless, or phony shit made up by animations, media and blind dog worshippers.

    I know for a fact that they won’t learn the truth, because they simply do not have the capacity for it.

    Oh and also…Peace and Love be with you mutt lovers, trust me, I care, I’m human after all.

  38. Lila K said – “Yeah its sad that children get bitten all the time, but you all know that 9/10 times it’s because the child doesn’t understand how a dog thinks”

    I couldn’t believe this when I read it.
    You really are so deluded that you would blame the victim for being attacked? I bet you wouldn’t accept the “logic” of your own argument if used in other circumstances. Give this a go…..replace the words “children”, “bitten” and “dog” with “women”, “raped” and “man”.

    So using your logic and applying it to another scenario we get –

    “Yeah its sad that women get raped all the time, but you all know that 9/10 times it’s because the woman doesn’t understand how a man thinks”

    Now do you still think that’s an acceptable argument?
    Somehow I doubt it. You wouldn’t accept it in any other circumstance but you’ll buy it when it’s used in the service of defending your precious mutts from any criticism, no matter how valid.

    Hopefully this helps to highlight to you that you are suffering from a serious psychological issue, one that indirectly puts other people (including children) at risk. Please get the help you so clearly need.

  39. You are so quick to assume dogs don’t live or care. Have you ever owned a dog? If you have, and it has misbehaved, you better know that you are responsible for its misbehaving, and that its mistakes are caused by your lack of care and decency. If you HAVENT owned a dog, you are a self righteous know it all who has some major problems since they want to sit behind a screen and bash a species that has done so much good.

  40. Especially applies to pit bulls? What do you know about pit bulls? Have you even cared enough to do research on WHY they can be aggressive? You all need to get off this website trying to banish dogs and start trying to stop the people who train the dogs (pit bulls as you said) to be aggressive.

  41. “You are so quick to assume dogs don’t live or care. Have you ever owned a dog?”

    Why yes, that is why we are here. Some of us bought into the current craze that “your life is not complete without a sweet doggy”, or we unfortunately reside with a person for whom we care deeply but who owns one and we, by default, are stuck with it & see the daily hassle. The parts that your dog worshipping friends didn’t tell you “Oh, it’s normal for your sweet Fido to _____” (shit on the carpet, vomit in the kitchen, piss on your sofa, dig holes in the drywall, the yard, under fences; bark incessantly, etc, ad naseum). In whispered tones you’ll hear “It just comes with owning a dog, honey”. When I was a child it was practically unheard of to have an indoor dog, as dogs were useful idiots then. Somewhere along the way, the giant pet industry was born. Just go into any retail or “boutique” pet store and over 75% is devoted to bringing you suckers something you think would look cute on Fido or the “very best, new improved” food/kibble/treats for the thing. The biggest problem I see is that people are fools for a “rescue” dog. I wonder how many ask “Rescued from what?” before plunking down the adoption fee. You do not consider the breed & what their temperament is about. I have a neighbor who keeps 2 beagles inside his house, and he wonders why they bark all the damn time. And yes, he glues bows to their heads & puts clothes on them. CLOTHES! Or how about a family with children “rescuing” a pit? The sheer stupidity is amazing. And when something bad happens to the child you’ll have 100 ppl saying to put it down & 10,000 lined up to take it. All while the carefully written details are there in print. Read the comment section. They’ll be 90% saying the child must have provoked it, how the owners didn’t train it right, etc. No, these breeds are ticking time bombs, because they were originally bred to fight. When you mix inbreeding to the gene pool, there is no reason why ANYONE should own any bully breed. That is why PURE BREEDS cost so much. The unfavorable traits have been eliminated and the favorable traits have been bred with similar, reliable, & trustworthy breeders. These days anyone can hang up a sign in their yard with “puppies available” and people will rush right over to pay good money for an inbred, unstable dog whose gene pool is as shallow as Kim Kardashian.

    I know it’s hard for you to believe there are still some sane people in this world who do not care for your slobbering, shit eating, flea-ridden attention whore, otherwise known as your undeniably sweet, affectionate, cute, “my dog wouldn’t hurt a fly” canine. What’s more unbelievable is that we DO NOT equate dogs on the same level as humans, as so many of you do. But we are there, some can tolerate your flea bag in small doses, some can not. Look at how many dog-free communities are starting. And hell hath no fury if we say we do not care for your dogs jumping into our laps univited or licking us right after we saw Fido sneaking a piece of cat shit out of the litter box not 5 minutes before….because YOU will then accuse & shame US of being dog-haters or animal haters, when actually most of us DO like animals, just not YOUR sorry excuse of an oxygen sucker. My sister (not a dog worshipper) belongs to and pays an HOA fee that, among other things, funds a DOG PARK! There are rules posted but of course the rules do not apply to whomever is reading the rules. As a result the fee is going up because the rule breakers refuse to pick up excrement as stated in the rules. They will have to hire a HazMat company once every 2 weeks because you’re too damn lazy to pick up the shit piles that your shit eater manufactured from the overpriced environmentally sustainable barf food you prob purchased from big box chain stores or worse, your biggest enabler, your veterinarian. It’s absolutely mind boggling that HazMat companies have had to add dog shit retrieval to their list of services and a sad commentary on humanity. We are tired of seeing purse dogs (which you refer to as “designer dogs” but I refer to them as FrankenDogs) sneaked into more and more places such as restaurants, grocery stores & theaters. We are sick to death of so-called Comfort or Emotional Support dogs. Any excuse will do as long as you can shove puppy into any social setting. We think it’s beyond the pale that you are butt hurt if we ask you to keep your flea bag at home while you attend a cookout, for example, but we find it side-splittingly funny that you have to leave early to “check” on FiFi when we know just as well as you that you HAVE to get home before major damage is done to your dwelling, or the neighbors complain about the mindless barking. WE ALL KNOW THESE THINGS TO BE TRUE!!! No amount of denial will take away that truth! And let me save you some keyboard time…. No matter how much or well you think your dog is trained, in just a matter of a few hours without you around for constant reinforcement, it will start to revert to old habits. It will. You see there are many reasons why we do not like dogs. Some have had very traumatic events happen to them. Some have to assume responsibility for an animal they did not want but still have a moral obligation to tend to their needs even though the true owner refuses to do so. Some people are allergic to dander. I’ve never once had anyone ask me if I was allergic to fur & dander, but you better believe I’ve been asked if I was vegan or gluten-free? These are some reasons….


  42. vacuousness- Oh ye of little understanding. Keep your slophound to yourself , Keep your crapomatic on a leash and pick up after it. Keep your widdle bag of noise pollution quiet. I don’t want to interact with your stupid drooling crapsack . If you let it approach me I will defend myself BEFORE the damn thing has a chance to do harm.
    I will never invade your home or yard or presume to pet the fricken thing. Don’t assume everyone thinks you are special because you have chosen a vicious dog to prove you don’t racially profile your dog breeds. To me you just look like a menace to avoid.
    Dogs were bred to be slaves. Not one of them has ever done anything not bred into them.
    Pit bulls are naturally aggressive as are many other breeds bred to be aggressive. When your pit snaps I hope you’re the only one in the room.

  43. Oh and I hold my dimwit neighbors , my SIL 100% accountable for the misery we’ve been put through because she is negligent pet owner.

  44. Vacuousness,

    And you should spend more time on our website researching every single one of our articles and comments because you have completely assumed noticeable falsehoods…

    “Have you ever owned a dog? If you have, and it has misbehaved, you better know that you are responsible for its misbehaving”

    How the heck does someone come to conclusion that they hate dogs with a passion if they have not at all owned a dog? You’re probably one of those people who become bug eyed when you realise that more than a billion people in this world actually hate dogs and over 300 million openly support the hating of them and their owners, 47% of the population don’t like or care about dogs at all. In saying that you don’t realise that dog haters ‘are the only demographic of anti-dog facts’ we do the research whereas the dog owners don’t, they live in a fantasy believing what they want to believe in and completely ignore the ‘facts’ if they say anything negative about their furpets.

    From the majority of ‘all’ recorded cases of dog attacks, and by the way, dogs kill more than sharks, snakes and spiders combined. The dogs whom are the perpetrators have been considered ‘lovable family pets’ spoiled dogs make up THE MAJORITY of recorded human attacks, pitbulls make up more than 50% of the involved breed of said attacks. This COMPLETELY DEBUNKS the idea that dog nutters have that ‘it depends on how the dog is raised’.

    The FACT that you and all dog nutters don’t want to listen to, is that ALL DOGS ARE DANGEROUS no matter how much someone might see them as loving. They might be seen as lovable licking machines, but then anything could happen to make em’ snap, and more often than naught it is provably unprovoked.

    Stop giving in to your dog nutter idiocy, you can still like dogs, we don’t care what you like, we just want people to be more aware, we here on this ‘dog banning site’, so you call it. Are concerned about human lives, and you don’t like that because???

  45. My friend Natasha got attacked by a Caucasian shepherd dog while she was growing up in the South Caucasus, and yet dog owners still expect her to not be scared of dogs. She was 5, and was trying to get the dog’s nose ot of her face, so she pushed its muzzle away, and it got aggressive and started biting at her face and hands. Luckily, someone was there to save her, but she’s scared to death of dogs now. I don’t know how common dogs are in the Armenian community, but she’s scared to death and doesn’t want to be around them, and nobody respects that about her. I wish someone woudl take her feelings into account when she says, “sorry, I don’t want to pet your dog, I’m scared of dogs.”

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