“Comfort Dogs”

I sure hope I never have to be”comforted” by a disaster dog! That would be insult to injury if I were in a stressful situation. And reading to dogs is a load of nonsense. Dogs are incapable of nodding,agreeing,showing interest,commenting or otherwise contributing any positive reinforcement for a young reader. My grandson is smarter than that and guess what dog crazies, he doesnt like dogs! What about the kids who are allergic to dog dander. Sounds like a bad day at school to me. They sure as hell better not bring in any pit bulls.

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  1. Yes, I hate dogs. I can’t spend 5 minutes on my porch without one or more dogs barking, some bark all day long. And just yesterday my daughter’s friend’s big ugly boxer jumped up the nice, shiny door on my S10 with its long untrimmed nails. S-c-r-a-p-e…My ex has 2 yappy little Mexican mutts, they act like they’re all tough but run at every footswipe. Damn, I missed. I just don’t see what people see in dogs. I’ll admit I like German shepards but that’s about it.

  2. Jesus, a dog is no more useful in learning to read than a chinchilla or a racoon is… These people piss me off.

  3. I am so stoked I found this site! I cannot stand dogs & am tired of being vilified because I won’t bend to the stupid fido loving nitwits! I am not an animal abuser, but I do not care for them at all. I HATE watching people treat their mutts like they are human (vomit).

  4. It would be interesting to hear what your neighbors have to say. Every dog-lover who shows up here portrays themselves and their dog as the ideal owner and pet. That is simply not the case. Every dog-owning neighbor I have is an absolute inconsiderate POS; and I live in a fairly nice area, all custom homes. If you live in any urban or semi-urban area you have to expect some occasional barking but I’ve observed my neighbors and their mutts behavior over a period of time and can say they simply they don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. Dogs are filthy disgusting scavengers and to have one that sleeps with you indicates the primitive nature of dog-owners.

  5. You let the dog in your bed?!?!! GROSS!!! I can’t even phathom the thought of crawling into bed to get comfy and getting a big whiff of stank ass dog in my face… BARF!

  6. Some of these comments just seem funny to me. Is a dog really that terrible? I used to not like dogs until I rescued my dog from the humane society. He has tought me so much about myself and I love him very much. Yeah I let him sleep with me because he always wants to snuggle with me, dogs are mans best friend they will do everything for the ones they love. My dog is not ugly he loves kids he never barks he loves cats and all of my other pets, he loves everybody! I spoil my dog a lot because he has never gotten a chance to be spoiled before. Bash me all you want but he is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. He has saved my life twice and I can’t replace that.

  7. What I find is sad is how everyone things dogs are loving, loyal and friendly…yet we cannot speak dog, and there is no hard proof that these traits are real or they are a clever muse dogs put on to get food because they are completely incapable of fending for themselves, they will die of starvation unless they suck up to humans and get fed. Dogs have serious mental issues, u leave for work, they get paranoid u won’t come back to feed them, they get scared when u don’t look at them so they bark, jump, beg, bite,cuddle, whatever it takes to put their minds to ease that u will continue to feed them and it doesn’t matter if the dog came from a shelter or papmpered by a good breeder. If the idea of a person fake-loving you, why do people put up with dogs that do it all the time?

  8. Lol okay dogs don’t have love? Are you kidding me right now..? My dog loves me unconditionally and he shows it a lot it isn’t just for food dogs CAN fend for themselves in the wild how do you think stray dogs make it.? Dogs are NOT stupid they’re smarter than most dumb ass people like some of the people on here.

  9. Humans have caused every single one of the worlds major problems. War, rape, genocide, terrorism, etc. yes, some dogs are loud and stinky and bite, but it seems rather petty to group every single dog in those categories. That’s like saying all Germans are nazis and all Caucasians are slave owners. I am a cat person, but the way you speak about dogs spells ignorance. I’m curious to see what else you hate. Goldfish? Reptiles? Rabbits? Flies? Babies? Babies are loud and stinky do you hate them too? They can’t read or write and they can’t do anything for this pitiful economy. There are far worse things to worry about than mutts my friend.

  10. These comments are so funny.

    Why hate a dog? It’s WAY more logical to hate people. Dogs bite, humans murder each other and kill innocent people. Dogs go to the bathroom. Oh, wow. Dogs mate, many people are perverted and rape children. Dogs are ugly. I bet that they think you’re ugly, too. Dogs are stupid. Most are smarter than you.

    Seriously, you people get worked up if a dog in your neighborhood barks. I wonder how they feel, we talk and yell and scream all day long and they have much more sensitive ears.

    Go ahead, hate dogs. Just don’t be rude and mean to the people who love them, we all have our own opinions. This is the reason we have animal abusers.

    I’m a dog lover, and no, i’m not the perfect person. I love my dog, and i take care of her and hold myself responsible for her. Deal with it.

    Go cry a river, build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.

    Just read that they are dirty. LOL. We have to shower/bathe almost every day! And look who is talking. Oh my gosh.

  11. Dear Kitty and Friends a.k.a. anonymous, lol, Mark, Kara:

    Yes we hate dogs. This is a dog hater site. This is our place to express our disdain for the current dog culture, the culture of humanizing dogs, irresponsible dog owners, dog attack, dog over population and the forcing of dogs on the general public by dog cultists. We also seek to educate recalcitrant dog cultists who feel compelled to visit our site. Since you insist on stalking this site I suggest you do something productive with your obsession. Do a little research about dog crime and child victims. Write an essay for Composition 101. This might help you “GET OVER IT” ;).

    Please be advised that individuals posing as “moderators” will be banned from the site.

  12. “Go ahead, hate dogs. Just don’t be rude and mean to the people who love them, we all have our own opinions. This is the reason we have animal abusers.”

    Although the above statement makes little sense I believe the person is attempting to state that dog haters are responsible for dog abuse. I would like to point out to the cultists that read this site that typically one must own a dog to abuse a dog. I don’t think I have ever heard of an instance where a dog was abused by a non dog owner. We don’t like dogs. Most of us don’t own dogs. It is the dog owners/cultists who are responsible for dog abuse.

  13. Here in the UK there is a charity called PAT Dog (or something – I think the PAT stands as ‘Pets As Therapy’). These dogs go into hospitals (rolls eyes) to give a supposedly calming presence and meet patients. Well, first of all I cannot believe that hospitals allow this – but they do! And secondly, if I were a patient in a hospital my blood pressure would go through the roof if I saw a mutt coming on to the ward. OK, I’d make an exception for a blind person’s dog, but not for some other mutt no matter how clean and well-behaved the dog was supposed to be. I had to go into hospital recently and in my anaesthetised stupor I started to wonder if I had been subjected to a dog visit. It was terrifying! If people want to see these dogs outside, that’s their prerogative, but to bring them on to wards doesn’t bear thinking about. Has it occurred to these dog-loving people that some people might not like dogs and will have a strong objection to them being brought on to the wards for hygiene reasons and because, if you are in bed hooked up to a drip, you can’t get away from them?

  14. I have to say that anything that barks is not comforting. It doesnt get any simpler than that.

    Here’s a bit of information in Emily Post’s, The Guide to Good Manners for Kids. This is a book written for an 8 year old reading/social level. Author Peggy Post (daughter of Emily Post) states,
    ”It is hard to believe that not everyone thinks your best friend Spot is just the cutest pet going, but it may be true.”
    ” Consider alternatives to leaving your dog home alone for extended time periods or find a space in your home where his barking won’t be heard next door”

    I have to agree! So if all those 8 years and older can keep their dogs from barking at everything that moves, those of us who “don’t think your dog is the cutest pet going” won’t have to hate your dog.

  15. Really? Teach your dog to post on an Internet blog and we’ll discuss dog “intelligence” further. Hell, teach him to recognize the contents of the monitor as anything other than random blotches.

    What you are doing is called anthropomorphizing. It’s something you’re supposed to grow out of along with wetting the bed and believing in Santa Claus.

  16. Had some neighbors outside just last week. Their dog was barking insanely at whatever imaginary nonsense infests what passes for a mind, and the owners were laughing and saying, “Good dog! Good dog!” In which dimension does that make any sense? Upper middle neighborhood. Neighbors are some sort of middle management somewhere.

  17. What you are doing is called anthropomorphizing. It’s something you’re supposed to grow out of along with wetting the bed and believing in Santa Claus.Yes

    haha Good point.I have often thought that dog people act like their beasts are fluffy stuffed animals come to life…the velveteen doggie that craps barks and attacks.

  18. I used to moderate this site and loved it but because I travel so much I do not have time. I am a dog hater. Yes. Hater. I find that they smell and make me nauseous. I do not permit one in my home or go to a home that has a dog. (I always ask before I go to a meeting, etc. at a private home). Cannot understand why people love them so. And seeing them in markets (as “service” or “comfort” dogs) is a farce. If you need a dog for comfort, stay home. You cannot get them chased out because there is a law regarding these animals. Some people do not even “pick up” after them. UGH. I have written that people who think their dogs are “fur children” are deranged. I say a child can learn to use the toilet, get an education and job. A dog will just be a dog.

  19. I completely agree. Whenever I go to an establishment and see a dog or even a dog bowl for watering the thing I write to the corporate office to complain.These people want their dogs to be near-humans and if we dont push back the beasts will overtake our environment.They are nasty dirty disease carrying annoying creatures. Yes I hate dogs too! Thanks for your input. Please write more often 🙂

  20. Did you know, that they are now letting you bring your dog into Barnes & Noble bookstores? 😛 What kind of idiot needs a poop-crazy fleabag to help them pick out books?

  21. I can not stand dogs,it is like people worship them, I have this opinion and I think cats or rodents are better. And PLEASE, seriously strays are the ones nobody wants for a reason, but they still find homes. People have a right for their opinion, and I say this the only dog I will ever in my entire life is this collie, but otherwise I hate dogs. Get a grip people. Dogs are incapable of living on their own, while cats can survive.

  22. Just be quiet, what do you hate, the sphinx cat? The ragdoll, people have a right you know.

  23. Okay, let me tell you that DOGS ARE not as smart as people, you tell them top sit,most of the time they have not a clue what you are saying. And we are not abusing animals most of the time you guys hate cats and do not pick up your little ‘angel’s’ poo, you reward them for barking, and you want us to pay for a poop station that BTW most owners won’t even use.

  24. Getting a dog was the best day of your life? I would be much happier to get a phone then a filthy dog! What If you have kids huh? Are they going to be the 2nd best thing or will you just continue to bow down to your fleabag and let the kids become idiots?

  25. Wow another idiot who admits sleeping with a dog. I cannot fathom it. The smell in that bedroom must be oh, so romantic. He thinks dogs love children. I don’t think this guy will be mating anytime soon unless of course he finds another socially stunted dogger for a love connection. There should be a dating site for freaks obsessed with dogs. That way they might shack up and keep the mutts geographically concentrated. But I guess if you’re doing it doggy style with your sister or cousin you don’t need your own website.

  26. Interesting word, ‘dogger’. In the UK a dogger is someone who has sex with strangers in public places, usually in a car. Which, to me, would seem a lot more healthy than taking a mutt to bed.

  27. I am a therapist who works with special needs kids. My 3 year old pit bull has done wonders for many of children on the autism spectrum. Yes, Henry can get a bit smelly after playing outside in the hot sun and yes, he is treat/food motivated, but you should see how amazing it is when he prompts these kids to engage. They light up when he fetches the ball, etc. He is super gentle with them and very patient when they play too rough.

    We use a variety of animals including horses and cats, too, but dogs are just great at getting these kids to interact and participate in therapeutic exercises. I’m super impressed at how intuitive these creatures can be.

    I appreciate you guys are not fans, but please don’t dismiss the therapeutic contributions these animals can offer.

  28. Dogs used for therapy and assisting the disabled do not make up the vast majority of dogs that have over populated our environment. Dogs are unpredictable, particularly pit bulls. Pit bulls and other dangerous breeds are known to attack after years of no reported history of aggression. In addition, rescue organizations often conceal the backgrounds of their dogs (unethical at the very least but clearly putting vulnerable populations at risk). And “therapy dogs” are not exempt from aggressive behavior.

    Of all the therapeutic interventions serving differently-abled children I would not opt to have my child interact with a dog particularly a pit bull. While I appreciate your success with the dog you have utilized, you should not dismiss the health, safety, social and environmental issues caused by the prolific occurrence of dogs in residential areas.

    The small number of dogs providing any type of service simply does not validate our culture’s current obsession with dogs.

  29. Man’s best friend is possibly the most annoying phrase in the English language. My “best friend” is NOT a barking, crapping, water polluting, hair shedding, aggressive fleabag. Yes, dogs are “that bad” cultist. How could a dog “teach” you anything? Considering dogs probably can’t even think anything, I bet you are pretending to learn from it. Idiots like you are the reason we hate dogs. In the meantime, you may want to search, “I like dogs”, and waste your time worshipping a pointless, hybrid animal. I’m legitimately surprised that you have decent grammar.

  30. “My 3 year old pit bull has done wonders for many of children”

    Oh yeah, pitbulls have done wonders for children and other vulnerable humans, like, bite off pieces of them (like a chihuahua never could).

    A pitbull has just been “adopted” by a neighbor. Oh joy. Now we all get to ‘share’ in the experience. The creature barks its obnoxious head off whenever anyone walks by.

    My theory is that people with narcissistic personality disorder are particularly drawn to dog owning. This would explain both their need for slavish adoration and their total insensitivity to how they destroy their community’s peace and tragically pollute the common environment.

  31. I hope you’ll play a child’s medical bill when your demon hound one day will snap & maul one of the kids.

  32. There are so many A-Holes out there who seek to impose themselves on everyone else. Some A-Holes intentionally remove the muffler(s) from their vehicle, some A-Holes try to force their belief system on you, and then there are the dog people. Many are ignorant, inconsiderate and self-important A-Holes who seem OK imposing their barking and feces on the rest of us.

  33. And yes, I feel that if you own a dog, all the shit and noise should belong entirely to you too. Why should your pet have even the slightest impact on me?

  34. I was reading in my lunch time and I came across a yahoo article that mentions a therapy pig that gets ticketed in Queens. Pigs are smarter than dogs and if you wash them they don’t smell right after you wash them and you can potty train them. If I have to have a therapy animal I rather have a pig which is more intelligent, non-smelly, non-lethal animal rather than a filthy dog. Why is there discrimination against pigs when pigs get slaughtered to provide us with meat and what if you are allergic to a dog??

  35. Unfortunatly my idiot mother believes comfort dogs are a good thing. I saw three “service” dogs at the mall one after the other and i think one, a lab, was being trained, another lab with what i assume is a father with his clearly disabled daughter and a pom with two adults and a child. Now i can let the first two pass but i dont think the child walking the pom actually needed the dog nor do i believe the dog was actually a service dog. My mother thinks the kid probably had diabetes or scizures and the dog would help detect if there was going to be a scizure or if blood sugar drop. She even believes comfort dogs are good for people who have anxiety being around groups of people.

  36. I keep rats as pets. They are cleverer than dogs, cleaner and not likely to maul me to death.

  37. If a person needs “comfort” why not get it from your own species ? You can actually converse with a fellow human being. They have experienced the complex emotions that a individual might be going through. As for therapy, that’s why we have psychiatrists. Never heard of a dog that could prescribe anti-depressants or diagnose complex mental illnesses.

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