Crazy Dog Logic

“Las Vegas police were called to the home of a 23-year-old woman earlier this week after her neighbors complained that she was having sex with a pit bull, according to published reports.”

Things I just don’t get: People have humanized dogs to the point where they have play dates, dog apparel, dog strollers, gourmet and organic food, dog furniture and special parks just for dogs. They have funerals, cemeteries and health insurance. People want to take their dogs in retail stores, hotels, on regular passenger airplanes and even to work. They are perceived by dog advocates as part of the family. One advocate wanted taxpayers (even those without dogs) to pay for dog feces stations because dogs are “part of the community” and since people without children have to pay for schools then it follows that people without dogs should pay for poop stations. Dogs are on the fast track to becoming humans. So then why is it any surprise that dog people might also want sex with their dog? Why is this activity off limits for the dog folks when dogs are perceived as being entitled to just about everything humans enjoy.

Dog advocates tell us over and over how intelligent dogs are. And they argue that dogs are capable of complex emotions like jealousy, revenge, and compassion (check out therapy dogs). The woman in the article was deemed mentally challenged either by disability or use of drugs. Clearly the dog was smarter than her. Wasn’t he therefore exploiting her? Was he abusing her on an ongoing basis? Since the dog was a pit bull it doesn’t seem plausible that the dog was “forced” to have sex. So did the dog rape the woman? The US Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that 91% of rape victims are females. Yep, she was female. Was this a date rape? Date rape is also called a drug-facilitated sexual assault or acquaintance rape. She may have been on drugs and seemed to know her perpetrator. Dog people say that dogs should be allowed to bark because this is how they communicate. If the dog didn’t want to participate couldn’t he have “Just Barked NO!”? If the dog is found guilty will it have to serve time, do community service or register as a sex offender especially since the woman was disabled? I wonder if the dog loves her unconditionally or was he just using her for sex.

16 thoughts on “Crazy Dog Logic

  1. Check out a video on YouTube heading simply ‘ejaculation’. A woman is crouching on the floor holding a black shaggy (appropriately enough) mutt at arm’s length and the dog is shagging the air nineteen to the dozen. Suddenly the woman jumps up with the most horrified expression on her face because the mutt has come all over her shoes. It is HORRIBLE but morbidly fascinating. Not much more I can say really!

  2. There’s no doubt it’s really nasty…yeah I just can’t watch a video like that. The point is that the dog cultist want it both ways. They want dogs to be human when it suits them and accommodates them. Then they cry animal abuse when not too smart people actually believe it. It’s just crazy dog logic!

  3. It’s only a matter of time before we see the dog-cultists advocating human-canine marriage. The current dog-worship phenomena/mania, in it’s depravity, is already breaking down long-standing social and community norms. With dogs endowed with all the perfect traits of a mate by the dog-worshipers -loyalty, unconditional love, etc, etc, ad nauseum, it’s only a small step to make them a sexual/life partner. We all know the mentality of the cultists; it’s certainly within their reality…….

  4. I have just done a bit of searching on the internet and have found a site entitled “MarryYourPet – The Pet and People Wedding Specialists”. Alongside it is an admittedly somewhat dated piece carrying a BBC Two header: “Are you thinking about marrying your pet in 2005? Would you be interested in taking part in a new BBC2 documentary series? We’re making six programmes about pets and their owners – looking at everything from pet funerals, to pet grooming, to pet weddings. We’d love to hear from anyone in the UK who’s thinking of marrying their pet in 2005.” The site advertises “A Package for Every Pooch” and states that they can cater to “the poshest of pooches”. So, the question is, if you marry your mutt, are you allowed to have sex with it? Does it have conjugal rights? Can you be arrested for bestiality? I find this whole business distasteful in the extreme and am still in a kind of stunned denial that I found this website in the first place!

  5. …and how about the dog memorial service LOL…but I agree, marrying takes it to a whole other level.

  6. “I am married to a dog” is basicly tells everyone else you have so little hope in humanity that you opted to mate with a four-legged ignorant scavenger rather than a human being. If you want to stoop this low, at the very least mate with poor homeless man so at least you can say you have some dignity as a human being.

  7. OK, if it’s gonna end up bringing brought this far, how about dog/human marriage counseling? I wonder how much one could make doing that? 😀 (Just a crazy thought)

  8. Yeah, why not since some of these weirdos try to marry their dogs. Check out There’s a photo of a woman in her wedding dress and her dog groom. OMG. They already call them their “babies”. The thing that really gets me is, the dogs are there for the cultist’s convenience. The dogs are on lock down all day till the owners get home and suddenly unconditional love commences. Lots of the fur slaves rarely go for a walk or ever see the outside except to use the backyard toilet. Some howl all day from separation anxiety OR others are left outside to bark and howl there. If these “dog parents” treated their REAL children like this they would be taken by Child Protective Services. It’s an imaginary world they construct based on their needs not that of the creature. My guess is the ones who marry their dogs want a similar relationship of convenience. Too bizarre…yeah, I totally see them going to counseling with their mutts. I might even volunteer to pay for a few sessions if the thing would shut the *H* up!

  9. Dogs are bred to love humans. Dog idolizers, saying your dog loves
    you exposes your extreme lack of rational brain function.
    Consider this. A puppy at a pet shop or animal rescue facility up for adoption will react enthusiastically to any human who approaches them; old or young, male or female, any variety of human is greeted with tail wags and that irritating wanna lick your mouth nauseating behavior. That’s why one buys a dog, to be loved. Just as one contracts a prostitute to get some!! So when you dog lovers say my dog loves me, my mind thinks ” well yeah, was that not the intent of getting a dog? Because you can’t get human love to your specifications and satisfaction, so you buy some form of love?”
    Also why do dumb dog lovers refer to themselves as the alpha dog in the household!? Let me ask any who think that, if your mutt ever peed on your bed ask yourself, if a wolf in the family pack were to piss where the alpha sleeps what would happen? Dumbasses hate to break it to you all but if your dog pisses on your stuff or your bed… You ain’t the alpha!! End of story!!

  10. Is it just me or is there a growing number of morons who drive their vehicle with their dog on their lap, between them and the steering wheel…
    I guess somebody’s crap-machine being able to see out the windshield is more important than being able to avoid a collision that could kill someone.

  11. My moms an idiot about her dog. Seriously she keeps going on about how the dog doesn’t have to listen to anyone while she’s around, true or not, that’s not what pisses me off by the fact that even she doesn’t correct the mutt when she mis behaves. Pushing her way out the Door when mom goes out the door whether she’s calls for the dog or not. I’m tired of the dog thinking she can sit in the middle of the floor and doesn’t have to move. I try to correct mom on the matter, honestly I give up as of now, but she says I’m having an attitude. She expects me to care for the dog but the dog doesn’t have to respect me or anyone else.

  12. How come(and please help me out with this) dogs think they are in control of everything? There are these two dogs next door, and every time I get out of the car guess what? The dog rushes over expecting me to pet her. She is a sweet dog, doesn’t bark or do anything gross or nasty. She is the ONLY dog I tolerate. But of course she looked confused when I stopped petting her when I got out of the car. Of course her owner got all mad and said I have to pet his dog because she “loves” me. And I told him ” Isn’t that your responsibility?” Never got the answer as he walked away.

  13. I have heard of people who have had sex with dogs, horses, pigs, apes, cows, camels, etc. Unbelieveable. It’s impossible to think that some people these days would rather have sex with a dirty, dangerous animal rather than a human being who actually cares.

  14. Oh I did visit that marryyourpet site, and I contacted them with a rather humerous comment. On the site there is a “ask Adrian” feature, whereas you are supposed to ask some guy if your pet ‘is the one for you’. I decided to contact him and say something along the lines of:
    “Excuse me Adrian, I contacted you a while back about my dog named ‘Flumero’, it’s me, Jordi by the way…well we finally made it to stage 3 in our relationship, but as soon as I threw off my pants, he jumped up and tore half my nut sack off, Flumero loves me unconditionally, this is just a sign of him saying he loves me right? you said he was the one for me…”.

    I’m curious as to what answer I might get XD

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