Dog Feces and Other Crap

doog poop_dogTapeworm DogdogeatingpoopShare your stories about psycho dog people who let their dogs dump on your lawn, leave dog waste in their own backyards, let their dogs lick them in the face and mouth!, get into trash cans and eat dirty baby diapers and other horror stories.

52 thoughts on “Dog Feces and Other Crap

  1. We have a park a block from my house; it has a HUGE sign that says “Dogs NOT permitted except ON leash” which of course means that almost no one leashes. And almost no one picks up either. You can smell the scent of dog shit wafting through the air. Absolutely gross; I feel sorry for the people that live next to the park, I don’t see how they can every open the house windows. Animal Control should patrol the area and give out tickets for not leashing and picking up; they’d make a fortune!

  2. Frequently, you’ll read in the news about dog poisonings in areas where people get fed-up. All it takes is one and most of the dog idiots will stop letting their fleabags run loose in the park. Several years ago, in a mountain community, someone got tired of all the dogs running loose at night. They would pack-up. Somebody left out some heavy-duty poison, I think it might have been strychnine, and killed about a dozen dogs over a week. Of course, there was outrage by the negligent dog-owners and the obligatory media sensationalism but they never found out who did it. Animal Control is a joke and it’s best to not even contact them. Since they are essentially dog advocates, they’ll consider you a crank who doesn’t like dogs. We also have a state law that allows you to shoot dogs if they are threatening livestock and this includes backyard chickens. I have a friend who killed two dogs when they raided his pheasant coops. One belonged to a neighbor who got pissed but had no legal recourse after the sheriff showed up and told him it was his responsibility.

  3. “But life is too short to be evil and attack other people”…well you can take note of your own statement, life is too short to be evil and attack, people or animals… i believe this blog is a shame and should be shut, it’s against animal rights….I wonder if a cat (LOL) would come to find you if you are lieing under the ruins of a building,, come to rescue if you are drowning in the water or prevent you to blow up if terrorists place a bomb. I wish you to experience some of these things one day, then let’s see if you still hate dogs.
    Your hating is childish and dumb. I wish you knew what love is so you could appreciate all the animals and nature which are an important patrimony. For now you are just a frustrated human being.
    Good luck with your miserable life

  4. FYI, dog-worshipers, such as yourself, are fair game. Exposing your dog perversion is not an “attack”; we’re merely here to educate you cretins. Dogs are responsible for far more death and destruction than the almost insignificant “dog rescues” you mention. Try over 4 million dog bites per year, many mutilating and scarring children and the elderly, along with 23 fatal dog attacks so far this year.
    I wish you knew what civility and respect is but you have to have humanity and a social consciousness to develop those traits. Instead, you prefer to be another self-absorbed asshole who doesn’t really know anything about human love -something that you’ve probably failed at miserably.
    Oh, and as far as “shutting’ down this site, you’re typical of the dog-taliban who drop in from time-to-time -intolerant of free speech, difference of opinion, or beliefs. Most here do love “nature” and animals, just not the man-invented abominations called “dogs”. By your use of the word “patrimony” you’re probably intolerant of different religious beliefs also. Now run along and get some of that “unconditional love” you’ve convinced yourself is the “real” thing.

  5. Let me add. leo, that according to the National Counter-terrorism Center an average of 16 Americans per year are victims of terrorist attacks since 911. However, dogs have killed an average of 25 Americans per year, mostly children, infants and the elderly. So you see, it’s actually dogs that are the real terrorists. They simply don’t blow you up, they tear you apart alive, imagine the last thoughts of a little child being torn apart by a vicious mutt.
    Also, there’s probably far more dog-worshipers who drown trying to save their idiot dog than dogs saving humans from drowning. I always find it hilarious that the dog is usually found later, safe and sound, while they’re dragging the bottom for the owner/owners. Sometimes I wonder which is more inbred -the owner or the fleabag………at least the mutt has an excuse….

  6. LMAO We absolutely have the right to freedom of speech and to express our distain for nasty dogs. That is not an animal rights abuse. ( Note also that your dog is too dumb to know we hate them so its no sweat off the dog’s back) It is dog owners who are responsible for HUMANS hating dogs. If dog owners were responible there would not be the need for this site. So take the advice I gave to genius Megan. Listen and learn, then go educate other cultists. Thats how you can help dogs. Lastly, I am always amazed that cultists never seem to comprehend that the rights of HUMANS supersede the rights of dogs. That means my right to peace and quiet suspersedes your mutt’s obsession with barking. My right to live in an environment free of disease caused by dog defecation is above your dogs need to shit in your backyard toilet, polluting own public water. The rights of children to live in a safe non violent world take precedent over your dogs desire to bite, disfigure and kill for sport.

  7. Ps Leo

    Children are HUMANS
    Dogs are not children
    Dogs are not HUMANS

    …….or even near-humans for that matter. Sorry for the bad news.

  8. They are seriously disgusting all my family likes them but I can’t stand them. Just now my stupid dog just crapped all over the house (not solid) and I stepped on it. Cats rule.

  9. Seriously, I can’t stand these things they are stupid and they shit everywhere I will not own another.Dogs are animals!!. Period. They are in the same group as the Cow you shove in your face daily…hypocrites!.

  10. I used to be a dog lover. When I was a little kid, I begged my parents to get a dog. They did. I loved my dog, thought my dog loved me back, valued my dog above people, just like any dog nut.

    What happened?

    Several things. I spent my adult life in apartments that prohibited dogs. Once I got away from dog ownership, I realized how much they smell. I realized that a dog’s ‘affection and loyalty’ is nothing more than cupboard love, or in other words, dogs suck up to the two-legs that feed them.

    Then I started really analyzing dogs, and learning more about them and got more and more disillusioned. I found out that the frenetic tail-wagging and face licking that dogs do when The Master/Mistress comes home, is what wolf puppies do when the adults come back from the hunt – it’s nothing more than a signal to regurgitate food.

    I also realized that the hard-core dog fans were misanthropic a-holes who used animals as a substitute for human companionship. All those “Why Dogs Are Better Than Children” lists boil down to: I want someone who’ll never challenge me, criticize me, disobey me, and whom I have complete control over. I’m glad they didn’t have kids.

    And don’t get me started on the ‘childfree’ types who gloat over not having any responsibilities for children, how boring parents are, and how annoying it is when children misbehave in public, but then boast about their ‘furbabies’ to the point of nausea and allow their mutts to wreck havoc. At least kids grow up and become productive members of society in due time.

    Yep, I finally wised up and stopped anthropomorphizing dogs. Now I’m in the “dogs are useless parasites” camp.

  11. You, sir (ma’am?) have got it on the dot. I’d also like to add that I think a lot of people feel pressured to get a dog because other people have dogs, and the anthropomorphic view of their society leaves a stigma that makes them feel like NOT having a dog will get them judged. Then they go out and adopt or buy, despite lacking the time, money, or interest, and end up with a pet they really didn’t want that will in turn quite likely become a “problem dog”.

  12. Well said. This is from another poster on another site but aligns perfectly with your comment;
    “Another thing that kind of bugs me is how a lot of dog owners will go on and on about how loyal dogs are. If a dog has the mind of a permanent 2-year-old, can it be loyal? Would anyone ever describe a toddler as being loyal? To me, loyalty is something like the Frodo/Sam relationship in LOTR. Sam cares about his friend and chooses to help him, even though he knows the journey will be dangerous and possibly fatal, and continues to stick with him until the end. Dogs, not having a sense of self, probably also have no sense of mortality. A police dog, for example, may be described as being a loyal hero if he is shot while in pursuit of a criminal. But police dogs don’t consent to put their lives on the line. They are trained to think they’re playing a game. They bite the man in a funny sleeve and get a reward. They do not know they could die. To the dog, chasing the criminal is a fun game. If we put a toddler in the same situation, say gave him a gun and told him to go after the guy running, and was killed in action, would we hail the toddler as a loyal hero? No. We would recognize that the child was taken advantage of. Yet with dogs, even the most extreme dog-lover will hail the killed dog as a loyal hero, not a victim. This seems odd to me, and I can only believe they think that because thinking of them as loyal heroes instead of casualties increases their human-factor.
    It’s much more nice to think of the dog as a brave hero who put his life on the line for humanity out of the goodness of his heart, rather than an oblivious animal running after a man to get a dog treat. “

  13. I don’t hate dogs, I feel sorry for them. I cannot stand cruelty to animals because what makes a dog a dog is nothing but generations of cruelty inflicted upon it. There are some dogs I like, but I don’t particularly enjoy being around them. Like so many say, they are noisy, slobbery, and smelly.

    I haaaaaaaaaaaate the dog fetishing in this country. There is something fundamentally wrong with the thinking it’s okay that an animal can be bred for thousands of years to mold it to the arbitrary demands of humans who demand companionship and to fulfill the illusion of “Unconditional Love” complete with projected human emotion and expression.

    I see these posts from the dog fetishers who think the comments on this site are so horrible, but I see comments like, “if my dog is beaten and abused, it will remain at my side.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? What issues do you have that requires the abject servitude of an animal like that? What makes you think that they love you when they are conditioned to be the way they are in order to survive? They know very well that you will not hesitate to abandon them if they were to revert to their true nature that has been smothered by overbreeding and objectification.

    It’s really funny when you get the ones who think dogs are better than humans, but in reality they treat dogs worse than they would dare treat a human. I think that says a lot right there. Humans won’t toady up to them and be slavishly devoted to them, so they take an animal substitute.

    Dogs were originally bred and adapted to be a work animal. Sure they stood in as a companion or playmate, but recently people have gone overboard with dogs beyond the point of rational thinking.

  14. This isn’t the same anon from the October 18 post. But I get what you mean, other anon. I used to anthropomorphize dogs, but partly because I thought if I didn’t, people would judge me: “Of course dogs have all manner of complex human emotions! You’re bad if you think otherwise!!” My days of honestly loving dogs were more of a VERY long phase. I don’t hate or even really dislike them except for jumpers, nuisance barkers, and certain breeds. Like you, there are some dogs I do like, but overall I would rather learn about dogs than interact with them. What I “hate” is the cultural obsession with dogs that fails to take criticism.

    “[…] “if my dog is beaten and abused, it will remain at my side.” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? What issues do you have that requires the abject servitude of an animal like that? […] Humans won’t toady up to them and be slavishly devoted to them, so they take an animal substitute.” Exactly. Here’s my question for these overboard rabid dog lovers: if there were undeniable evidence that dogs don’t have complex human emotions, would you still insist they be treated like deities? Or would you consider them another “stupid, worthless” animal because they don’t exist to SERVE YOU?

  15. Leo,
    While it is true a small number of dogs in the overall population are beneficial to Man in terms of their usefulness, the overwhelming majority of the beasts are merely household pets owned by irresponsible people who expect the rest of humanity to make allowances for them. It is this rude insensitivity on the part of dog owners that is at the heart of my dislike of them; and I suspect that sentiment is shared by many “dog haters” . In my opinion a well trained canine is a joy to be around. Over the last 30 years I’ve seen less than five.

  16. Recently I was in a small village on the Norfolk (England) coast. It was a balmy evening, so I decided to go for a stroll. As I was walking past a closed cafe with picnic tables outside, I saw something that made me look twice. Two women, who in the US might be described as ‘trailer park trash’ and in their sixties or thereabouts, were sitting at one of the tables, each with a dreaded fluffy toy mutt. One mutt was sitting up on the picnic table! Its anus and fluffy backside hair – no doubt containing all manner of horrors – was in contact with the very place that people put their food down. Its mucky paws, likewise. My first thought was to point out that the dog shouldn’t be on the table, but the predictable response would have been ‘Why don’t you f— off?” I thought about grabbing the mutt and putting it on the ground, but they would probably have called the police and I was the one that would end up being charged with public disorder or something. It wasn’t something that I felt I should call the police about (I would no doubt have been charged with wasting police time), and as I was in an unfamiliar area I didn’t know the number of the dog warden (whose office would probably have been closed at that time, anyway). The RSPCA wouldn’t have been interested as the mutt owners’ actions were cruel to the people who were going to sit there with their food and not to the dog – plus they would probably have put the other dog on the table to stop its paws from getting cold. So what did I do? I did nothing, and mulled over what I should or shouldn’t have done for the rest of the evening. The ignorant (which is well over half of all dog owners) should be banned from keeping mutts.

  17. Similiarly I have friends who put their dogs in the car. Even though they think their cars are clean I can still see the dog hair. I dont even want to imagine what unseen contaminants reside on the seats. I learned my lesson when I went out for an evening in the city and wore dark clothes. I got into my friends car while it was dark not knowing that there was dog hair on her seat. I didnt realize until I got home at the end of the evening that the back of my clothing was covered in dog hair. I was seriously embarassed that I had walked around all evening talking to people and socializing while covered in dog hair! I was horrified. Now if I ever have to get in a dog owner’s car I wear clothes that will immediately go in the wash the minute I return and I definitely will never drive with someone if I have to attend anything that matters. As a rule I try my best to avoid driving with dog people.

    I do think your story tops mine however. These people are just so awful.

  18. Often times nothing can be done. I have a niece who I love dearly, smart and independent. Her boyfriend is also a nice guy but talked her into getting a dog, mainly because he wanted one. They’re both disciplined people and that is expected of their dog. I think it’s merely an experience/experiment in their relationship. The dog is well-behaved, doesn’t bark and friendly enough. It is, however, a dog and as with most dogs it is only interested in attention and food. Yes, they’ve taught it tricks, for which every one must be rewarded with food. The uniqueness dog-owners see in their mutt is mostly their own projections. Anyway, the first thing I noticed when ever I visit is the smell of dog. They keep a clean house and the dog is also kept clean but the smell is pervasive, at least to my nose. Now when we want to see her we try to arrange a lunch somewhere other than the house.

  19. You are so naive, leo. If I’m drowning a HUMAN life-guard will save me. Average household mutt can’t do anything but smell bad, bark and make a mess. Average dog will NOT save ANYONE in their whole useless lifetime.
    Dogs are not heroes. They are human slaves and do what they do out of opportonism, because it’s beneficial for THEM.

  20. Leo, most of us enjoy animals and nature. Problem is, dogs are not natural. They are hybrids created by humans and are not a natural part of the ecosystem. They are polluters of the environment with very limited usefulness. Check out Fido’s Footprint on You Tube. And although I love birds, rabbits and animals in the natural environment they belong in their habitats not inside my house or even in the yard next door. You also accuse us of being “evil and attacking people” but then wish for us to experience drowning, terrorist attack and being trapped in a ruined building. huh? All to experience the love of a dog?????? Now that’s just crazy dog people logic. But of course nothing new.

  21. Lila, Welcome to the site. I agree with you. Most of the “heroics” that are attributed to dogs can be accomplished effectively by humans or technology. Herding dogs have not been needed for a very, very long time LOL Security systems are cleaner, quieter and cheaper than harboring a dog. And then there’s the “blind card” or the cultists who imagine that dogs serve the blind. When was the last time most of us have seen a blind person with a dog? Only 5% of blind folks use a guide dog. And I think only God is capable of unconditional love.

  22. I was wearing brand new shoes when I stepped in dogs crap that some retarded pet owner forgot to pick up.

  23. Yes, dogs are not HUMANS or CHILDREN. I get so wearing of people whose dogs are their “fur children.” (ever hear that one?) I tell them a child can learn to use a toilet, get an education and be a productive human being. A dog will still crap anywhere and everywhere, never learn much except bark (seeing eye dogs exception) and never support themselves.
    So Be It.

  24. Free speech does exist. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I forgot to mention that a dog smell makes me nauseous. Had to go
    to a home the other day and did not know dogs were there. They had GATES (outdoor type) locking off each room but all FIVE dogs were outside. Praises be.

  25. Yeah. There is a 9/10 chance that will happen to me. You are far, far more likely to get killed by a dog just look at all the statistics. When an 11yr old insults you, you really need to grow up

  26. Hi, everyone! I love this site!
    I live in Washington State, where the “Children of Dog” have taken the cult of canis to new levels of absurdity. I would say that my hatred of dogs is a general contempt mixed with limited tolerance for some of the dogs owned by friends and family. In other words, I have to button it about my dog-loathing ways in order to keep the peace much of the time. Thankfully, my husband feels the same way about dogs and our daughter has come around to see the light as well.
    Here is my story for this post: We live in the suburbs in a cul-de-dac. Our neighborhood is designed without fences for a nice, open, one-with-nature appeal. Unfortunately, this fencelessness allows for two of our neighbors’ over-sized rat-creatures (they call them “dogs” but I have my doubts) to wander in and out of our yard — eating the food I leave out for the birds and leaving stinky deposits in return. One of them is particularly heinous and feels the need to come into our yard during the summer when we’re outside BBQ-ing and just yap at us. How do tiny, wretched balls of Satan-spawn manage to make such loud noises?
    We chase the dogs off whenever they come over; yet, still they come. I do not understand the mentality of their owners who seem to think that letting your wee, vile cur run about a neighborhood off-leash and without supervision is an acceptable method of dog ownership.

  27. Welcome to the site! I feel your pain. Usually people here will reply with ideas. Its such a dilemma when friends or family have nasty dogs that you just want to kick. Thats one of the reasons I like this site bc as I have explained to the cultists who troll, “This is where we go to express how we really feel about your freaking demons”. How about some tabasco sauce in a spray bottle? Buy your neighbor a pooper scooper as an anonymous gift.

  28. Hey! Thanks for the advice. I like the pooper-scooper gift idea. This particular neighbor (the one with the invading yappy dog) is rather strange and has actually yelled at me because leaves from our trees fall onto her property in autumn. I was too shy and reticent to reply with, “Well, I cannot control how leaves fall off my trees, but you ought to be able to control your wretched little dog from coming over and pooping on my lawn!” Then, I noticed last month that she had raked up leaves and dumped them on my lawn! LOL! What a jerk! Anyway, I think she is a psycho lady, and I don’t want to cross her; but an anonymous gift might be the key. I don’t think I could get close enough to the dog to spray it with anything.
    The other annoying dog in the cul-de-sac is our neighbors’ daughter’s dog; I hope that when the daughter finally moves out (she graduated from university this past summer) she takes her mangy mutt with her. Fingers crossed!
    Would the moderators of this site be interested at all in an anti-dog song that I wrote last summer?

  29. As DFH often states, dog cultists are bullies, which translates into cowards. I know folks, including myself, who have had enough. If you choose to fight you must be discrete and clever and even more “psycho” than your bitch of a neighbor. She deserves no consideration nor quarter, neither does her fleabag. I do what it takes to keep the peace around my abode. Everyone’s situation and temperament is different so it’s not my right to judge what you should do. I wish I could share my tactics and methods (not on a public forum), they’re ruthless, destructive and sometimes painful but they get results. My neighbors dogs know and fear me; when I go into the yard to work or relax they don’t dare bark. In fact, they disappear. The idiot neighbors haven’t a clue because I don’t acknowledge or confront them, I’m just a regular citizen, or so they think. Strange things happen in the middle of the night or when no one is watching. The dogs know. I have absolutely no regard for dog-owning neighbors or their curs. Police or animal control won’t help.
    Let me ask you this: Could you prove your neighbor dumped the leaves on your lawn? Did you call the police? If you did call police, did they do anything about it? If the answer is ‘no’ to all questions then you now know how to proceed getting that witch and her little dog, too……..

  30. Hey there! I’m hoping that, ultimately, the coyotes do the dirty work for me (they already got one of her little dogs — ha! I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West writing that!). You sound like some sort of caped crusader against vile dogs and their nasty owners, which is awesome, but I’m content seething inwardly and making my daughter go out and pick up the turds (to guard against her ever thinking that she wants a pet dog again). I cannot prove that the neighbor dumped the leaves — I just inferred it because first came the bitching and then came the pile of leaves (obviously raked up and dumped by somebody) on the part of our lawn that borders her property. I cannot imagine calling the police anyway; she’s just a sad, pathetic drunk who has been in and out of rehab numerous times. Frankly, I find the whole situation almost as funny as frustrating. How nice to come here and vent to some sympathetic ears!
    Truly, with the way that she lets her dog(s) run free, I figure either a car or a coyote will solve the problem for me eventually. But, your awesome comment gave me shivers of delight — you’re like a character in a book! Cheers to you!

  31. Hi Justine, I was using the questions to point out how hard it is to prove anything if no one really sees- the tactic that I use on my dog-owning neighbors. That’s why I don’t contact police or animal control because it puts you in the system even if you’re a plaintiff; and that can backfire on you and become messy. I’ve had it happen to two friends who eventually had to move. They thought the police and animal control would help them. The dog-owners soon realized the “law” wouldn’t and couldn’t do anything. This emboldened them and soon there was an all out feud with one of my friends getting a restraining order from the dog-owners for merely knocking on their door at 2AM. It’s this incident and the almost daily vilification of anyone who even criticizes the actions of negligent dog-owners that have allowed them to be socially irresponsible and act with impunity. IMO, the police and animal control aid and abet them
    I’ll seek my own justice.

  32. I couldn’t agree with Wilko more. When the police and animal (un)control do not do their jobs it serves to fuel the cultists more. The police do not have a solution and they just want their jobs to be easier by you not bothering them. You need to find your own creative solutions that keep you under the radar. I used a bark free device that I pointed out the window at one of my homes. There were two psycho beagles that barked obsessively at everything that moved. This made the monsters shut the freak up provided it was always in the window pointed at them. When I moved out I left it for my tenants who used to torture the things with it for a chuckle. Since the beasts on the other side of my common wall in my current house cannot trigger a bark device, my plan is to buy either the bark free CD and amplify it with a speaker system (it runs indefinitely) or get the bark free device and just turn it on manually with added amplification (provides high decibels in short bursts). I figure I need more volume than the stated decibel level because it is between the walls. I have other tactics to annoy them ( the inconsiderate owners) that do not involve violations. I use them like behavior modification. Dog Barks/I Annoy You…..that simple. At this point the hybrids are mostly quiet except for occasional outbursts. It just makes me angry that trash like that think its ok to disrupt my peace and quiet for ANY amount of time. If you want a dog demon than go live on a farm, not next door to me. Anyway, you have to be proactive and discreet like Wilko said.

  33. Dear DFH, and anyone else contemplating ultra-sonic systems. These are commonly known as bark stoppers and operate usually in the 23k Hz or above frequency range. That is relatively short-wave sound that most obstacles can block and that air resistance will eventually dissipate. I think most bark-stopper devices claim 75ft or so but you need a direct line of sight. Long-wave sound (20-100 Hz) penetrates most things and travels far; why you can here sub-woofers from blocks away and how whales communicate from far away. Anyway, high frequency takes a lot of special circuitry and specific devices to amplify. If you amplify you have to have an amplifier that has a frequency response of 23k Hz or more and then a transducer (speaker or piezo) capable of transmitting sound waves in those frequencies. Ordinary stereos and speakers do not have those frequency responses because humans don’t hear much above 18k Hz.
    I had an old couple with a couple of yappers I battled with for a while, they were stubborn and had a lot of shrubbery and such around and the bark-stopper didn’t seem to work all that well. I finally resorted to an Italian made motorcycle horn at over 100db and a remote controlled switch kit ($12). When I went in the yard to work or relax I carried the remote fob and hit it when the shit-eaters started yapping. I mounted the horn up under my shed roof; it was only on for a few seconds at a time. Again, there was not a damned thing the asshat neighbors could do. In the beginning they’d let the mutts out at 4AM, that’s when I answered with a boat air horn directed right at their window. They knew it was me, but again there was nothing they could do. I won that battle mainly because they saw I was willing to reciprocate at an even higher level. There were other things I did that are unmentionable. Eventually, they moved; I like to think I had something to do with it.


    Here’s an idea that might be worth the price. Send the gift of foul. Consider the idiot neighbors who render your backyard uninhabitable. The creep down the street who lets the hybrid dump on your lawn. The relative who allows their dog to smear you with salvia after the beast just had oral sex with its’ own ass. Your choices are fresh Gorilla, Elephant, Cow or combination crap delivered anonymously.

  35. I doubt that they forgot – just couldn’t be bothered. My property overlooks a popular dog-walking track, and it is quite educational to watch dog owners from my vantage point. The usual routine is that dog squats and craps while walking a couple of paces forward, dog gets up and does that useless scratching of the grass routine, owner walks over to pile of dog crap and puts hand in pocket, owner looks around to see if anyone is looking. If someone is looking, owner picks up crap and ties knot in plastic bag (so it is easier to hang from a tree when no-one is looking later on). If no-one is looking (apart from me, but they don’t know that), they withdraw their hand from their pocket and nonchalantly walk on, leaving the big steaming pile for someone to step in and tread all over the house.

  36. We caught on camera a dog crapping on the sidewalk in front of our house and the woman looked at the mess created, reached into her pocket, looked all around to see if anyone was watching, decided the coast was clear and walked away leaving the pile of runny sh*t. I was so annoyed after coming home from work and viewing the video that I took some sidewalk chalk and circled the pile and wrote “SHAME” with an arrow pointing to the crap. Also wrote “caught on camera”. It was cleaned up by someone after a couple of days and saw they tried to wipe away the message but you could still read it until the rain eventually washed it away. Now the dog owners in our neighbourhood avoid using our property as a dog toilet and I am happier for it. We now have reputations as dog haters and have no problem with that as we now don’t have to pretend that dogs are ok.

  37. Bravo! I wish more people were able to catch these dirt balls. You should post it on You tube or have a little monitor in front of your house like they have in a store to advertise a product, showing the perp over and over and over to the local community. That would be hysterical.

  38. Dogs eat feces.

    They EAT it. It’s the most repugnant thing I’ve ever witnessed. Waiting, tongue lolling out of their mouths like a drunken snake, just waiting for a hot mudsnake to drop from the rear end of another dog so they can lap it up. It’s absolutely vile. I’ve seen a chihuahua (a disgusting animal) eat a hot cat turd right out of the litter box. I also watched as our German Shepherd dug into the dirt to scoop up a cat turd.

    Vile creatures. Filthy and stupid.

  39. You might want to consider commenting in the “I Hate My Dog” section :). Would be interested in hearing some of your other terrible dog experiences as well

  40. You think you Americans have a problem with dogs…….you should try living here in the UK where the damn things are virtually worshipped.

    There is a massive problem with dog shit everywhere in the UK. In my opinion the ONLY way to tackle it is to destroy any dog who’s owner allows it to foul public areas.

    No chance of it happening though.

    Brilliant to find a website that is dedicated to realistic view of these often disgusting animals.

  41. Welcome to the site. Hope you will contribute often. Most people read and hang out in the section 10 Reasons I Hate Dogs. Thanks for your insight.We have a regular member who is also from the UK!

  42. When I was younger, about 35 years ago, most people who had dogs also had houses and their own back yards where their animals would do their crapping and pissing. Nowadays, especially in large cities such as Toronto, it seems that most dog owners live in condos or apartments, so they allow their animal to crap and piss on public sidewalks or parks (where children play). At what point did this become acceptable? Do I come to your home and crap or piss on your lawn or by your front door?

  43. Please, people! Dogs is multimillionare business. And further more, dogs are theirs babies to theirs owners. Who would get rid of babies? Till this works, nothing will change! BTW I hate dogs!

  44. People that don’t give a f**** what your dogs impact on other people is , my fiancée and I have been dog sitters for many years , and when People say it is the owner not the dog this is very true . We currently took in a dog that was suppose to be one day so this couple could get married , it was suppose to be a legit 1 day deal which in turn is now going on a week , they brought over only 1 bowls worth of food for the dog no bed and no toys or treats , they did not inform us that they would be travelling to the city we found this out through a Facebook post , imideatley called the couple out on this in which they replied with were sorry we did my inform you and you can buy his dog food at Walmart it’s this much blah blah blah , excuse beeping me ! But I am not your personal dog butler ? Of course they didn’t give a crap because they were already gone , since this there dog had dug many deep holes in my yard , under fences and just middle of the yard which I now have to repair at my own cost , they replied to this stating oh we didn’t know he dug holes ! F**** that they didn’t this dog digs like a damn champ clearly had some practise , I want to know if tere is somthing I can do to make this couple pay for te damage to my lawn , and if get don’t show up to my house to pick the damn thing up wensday , I am taking it to the S P C A and they can bail it out of doggy jail , not impressed with you retarded dog owners who don’t give a f**** about nothing or no one other then yourself and your retarded animal . Have some prinicples and dignity for other people’s property and convenience you selfish dirty mutt loving assholes .

  45. I am from the UK and it is very true what NJ said. This country thinks the sun shines out of the dogs back side. They treat dogs in animal shelters far better then they do children in care and even the elderly and disabled. While i was growing up my mother treated her dogs way better then us kids, she would say she likes and respects dogs far better then humans because a dogs love is unconditional and that they don’t hurt you, yeah thanks mum! No wonder i suffer from anxiety disorder most of my life and that my sister with depression often in her life, she still sometimes have to take time off of her child care job to recover.

  46. And then you have this :
    They eat poop, doesnt matter who’s or what’s and all kinds of decaying crap, lick their balls 24/7, have their nose up everything’s ass and crotch but for some reason people love kissing them, and worse, they find it FUNNY when they try to lick other peoples face and say “aww hes so cute and friendly isnt he?” and look at them weird when they dont…. and they say cat owners are weird…

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