The Humanization of Dogs

Listen to this dog cultist discuss being attacked by her own dog on Youtube. The woman is attacked by her dog and requires 300 stitches. She says the dog was her “baby” and never showed signs of aggression. (Gee that’s a new one) The woman actually imagines that her dog attacked her because she said, “Mommy can’t take you today” . The level of denial and sheer stupidity is almost pathological. I just dont understand these people.

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  1. Pathological is exactly right. Google ‘cognitive dissonance’ and ‘pathological altruism’.

  2. If you don’t want to be traced than it’s probably not advisable to solicit info on the internet. We’re dog haters; I don’t think anyone here advocates killing dogs except to protect one’s self or livestock; and that’s pretty much legal.

  3. I’m new here but finding this piece and the slobbering comments to it finally drove me to google I hate dogs, bringing me here.

    Dog cultists- that’s a great one- buy in so much that dogs are people so they think a terrified child’s phobia of the family dog is an insult to the clan. How dare Dad think that the animal should be controlled when his child is around. How dare Dad question the suitability of this family as baby sitters and designated guardians.

    Dogs are animals. There are those who have phobias of them. For good reason. It’s okay to have phobias of snakes, spiders, cats, birds, but of dogs? The child must be defective and corrected. Because dogs are everywhere. So are cats and birds, but they’d think nothing of that. Dog trumps child in their book.

    Of course losing the mom is the cause of this child’s phobia of dogs. Because dogs are people, you know. There is so much armchair diagnosing here it’s amazing, yet no one questions elevating dogs to personhood.

    Could have been the dog jumped on this child, but no one thinks of that. Besides, if anything should happen to the child, it will be the child’s fault for not being socialized to dogs. Whatever happened family priorities?

    The child is the sane one here.

  4. Like Wilko said, we arent advocating abuse of animals or killing dogs. In fact I have mentioned before that dog owners are typically the abusers of dogs since they are the ones who are holding them captive. This is contrary to many a cultist’s assertion on here that WE are so horrible (even abusers) because we express our disdain for dogs and desire not to have our lives disrupted by dogs via their crazy owners. Many of us also believe that keeping dogs in captivity to be your own personal affection slaves is abuse. In any case, unless it is self protection, I am chiming in to say we hate dogs not kill them. PS You can’t be serious???!!!

  5. I was interested to read ‘All dogs need crates …” Yes, they do – but here in England dog crates are not the norm. I have never been to the house of anyone with a dog who has a crate for the thing. Usually they have a dog bed lined with blankets and placed right next to the radiator so that it – their baby – doesn’t get cold. If I had my way I would crate dogs for 22 hours out of 24 (it’s done with human prisoners so can’t be cruel!).

  6. Any other animal the size of a dog would get crated, too. But no one cries about that. I’m more concerned with the conditions that caged animals endure in zoos. They are the ones who suffer abuse. Yeah, they’re perfectly fine with throwing humans into horrendous conditions, but doggie? Oh, no!!!

    Dogs should be under strict restrictions too. And not this “under twenty pounds” where the apartment managers look the other way when people have dogs the size of ponies in one bedroom apartments but will complain about a large housecat. Cats don’t bark and run out and jump on people.

    People who don’t have crates for their dogs and don’t use them when necessary are irresponsible.

  7. Glycol or anti freeze will kill them. Its a shame laws give dogs and dog lovers the right to maime, kill, trespass and disturb entire neighborhoods.

  8. Incredible, denial. Why was the beast not on a leash? If the cop did as he this idiot says, the cop was not doing his job!

  9. A related topic:

    Last night I watched the documentary Blackfish, on CNN. It’s the story of a killer whale (orca) at Sea World whose body count is now three people. They interviewed some former employees who sounded like dog nuts. The anthropomorphization of a 6 ton fish was ridiculous.

    It’s obvious to me that those animals are prisoners going through their tricks to get fed, not the trainers’ ‘friends’. One of the saner ones admitted that she never knew what the great beast was feeling or thinking and that they’re not “cute and cuddly”.

    It’s just a shame that people had to die before these folks finally developed some sense.

  10. I do respect your opinion , I don’t agree with it but I respect it. My baby girl has never harmed a soul she has issues trusting people because of the shit owners she had when they dumped her on the street when she was a bit younger. Anyways, I agree with you when you say that some “Pit Bull” owners are idiots,uneducated idiots though you probably think I’m a idiot for having my baby girl. But if I wouldn’t have saved her no one else would have because of the stupid shit uneducated people say, such as “lock jaw” , born aggressive , etc. She would just have been a 7 week old mange ridden malnourished puppy walking in a wet ditch at 38 degrees in January then later end up dead. But I saved her and she saved me, I was at a very low point in my life at the time and she gave me a reason to keep going. Then a few months ago bsl almost took her from me. I had to move to a different location in my state just to keep her. How would you feel if the police came knocking on your door telling you that if you didn’t leave and take your dog that they, would take your dog and put him/her. When they came to my door my head started spinning, I was going to lose my baby girl , I was going to lose my house , I was going to lose my friends, I was going to lose a part of me. Though my life story probably won’t change your mind I hope you at least think about it.

  11. There is a story on Mail Online today about a man who became lost in the Canadian wilderness and ate his dog to survive. The comments are unbelievable! While I find dogs utterly revolting creatures I would eat one if it were a case of doing so in order to survive. But the puerile comments on this story are all along the lines of: “How can you eat a member of your family?” “I would rather die than eat my dog!” “Dogs are not to be eaten.” “He couldn’t have loved his dog if he ate it.” Most of the comments are written (or, rather, typed) in the semi-literate hand of the mutt lover. Only a very small proportion of them point out that the man had to eat his dog in order to survive. Please, dog haters, go to the site and leave some sensible comments!

  12. Seriously……they’re just so awful.. It’s the same when a pit bull attacks a child. The cultists come out of the woodwork showing very little remorse for the child or other victim for that matter and rush to the defense of the canine perpetrator attempting to save it. As far as eating dog, if the price of food ever gets to the point where it is unaffordable to even middle class people and some speculate this could happen in the next 10 years, my guess is the dogsters with be barbequing their fur slaves as well. Hey and if they want to martyr themselves for their “family” LOL…to that I say, please do.

  13. Dear Amy/Hannah Dalton/Dog Lover and Cat Hater:

    Please determine a primary screen name when responding. Please delete duplicates.

  14. I doubt you have that many friends. If you were truly at a “low point”, where were they?

  15. I had a look at the link, and this jumped out at me: “His parents encouraged this meltdown [the child was scared of dogs and screamed when they approached him] and our dogs would end up banished to the gated back deck … Dusty our boy who would immediately back away to try and appease the situation while Gracie our girl would bolt in terror … I didn’t understand why members of our family had to essentially be jailed …” Look at the humanising of dogs in this post! ‘Our boy’, ‘Our girl’, ‘[he would] appease the situation’, and the crowning glory, ‘members of our family had to essentially be jailed’. Thank God for this dog-hating site.

  16. On the subject of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation), have a look at this: The RSPCA in the UK thinks people should be allowed to own pit bulls and all the other fashion mutts that certain types of young bloke think will make them look like real men. They argue that it’s the temperament of the dog that matters, not the breed. (I should add that the RSPCA is not universally popular in the UK – not least from dog cultists, who oppose the euthanisation of any mutt, no matter how vicious, mange-ridden or past its sell-by date. And they’re not popular because of a perception – real or imagined, but I would bet on the former – that they fork out too much to their high-flying execs and on legal fees rather than on mutt welfare). Get this: “Breed specific legislation has not prevented attacks on people or animals or discouraged irresponsible ownership.” If many dogs of a certain type are euthanised, then they can hardly attack people! I would bet that there would have been far more dog attacks if so many now-banned mutts had not been put down. And irresponsible ownership has always been an issue, as anyone who has trodden in a pile of dog muck will know.

  17. I’m not those other people. Please only say things like that when you have proof. Thanks.

  18. A four-year-old girl was savaged to death by a French Mastiff fashion dog in Leicester, England, today. Pictures of the mutt show an animal as big as a Shetland pony, acquired by the family four weeks ago and kept in their flat.

  19. I cant fricken believe how attached people are to their stupid mutts. Whenever I go to somebody’s house who has a dog the stupid thing comes up, jumps on me, barks at me, licks me, and the owner says that “it likes me.” Well it obviously doesn’t like my clothes, does it? And when I ask them to put it outside, they respond by saying “That would be like asking to put a member of the family outside.”

    In short, they think their dog is a fricken person.

  20. Okay it is official humanity has hit rock bottom. Talking about killing dogs is one step away from being a serial killer. You are all ##### morons and need to be dealt some antifreeze or be caged 22 of the 24 hours in a day. #### idiots were you dropped on your heads as babies and lost sensitivity to morality. I hope someone takes their shotguns and paints targets on your backs and goes hunting. Shameful and im embarrassed to be a human because of you moronic assholes.

  21. Here’s what is so psycho about dog people like this one. They carry on about how horrible dog haters are, alleging that we want to kill their dogs and other acts of cruelty. There may have been a random poster who stated they wanted to kill a dog. We as a group do not advocate the killing of dogs in spite of dogs routinely murdering our children and other vulnerable individuals.. Typically these comments are removed. The kicker is the dog cultist proceeds to wish all manner of violence on us after posturing as such a humanitarian LOL

    “I hope someone takes their shotguns and paints targets on your backs and goes hunting.”

    Huh? …and that is because WE are so horrible? It’s just so laughable. Lastly, I have said this before and I say it once again for “ALICE”. It is the dog cultists who are the abusers of dogs because typically you must own and keep a dog to abuse it. You must own a dog AND a dog crate/cage in order to keep it caged for “22 of 24 hours in a day”. So Alice, try to get it into persepctive. This is a dog haters site where people who have had their personal boundaries violated by insensitive dog cultists like you express their thoughts and feeling about dogs. Our constitution affords that right to all citizens. However I don’t think that applies to the freaking psycho dog that hasnt shut the *H* up since 9 am this morning as I attempt to enjoy a peaceful morning cooking for my family. By the way they are humans. Could someone throw that mutt a turkey bone?

  22. PS Alice, we dont use the F word on this site no matter how angry we are. It’s called self control. Next time we’ll have to flag you.

  23. What the hell would you know about “humanity”? Obviously you’re willing to have humans “hunted down”. As I always contend, dog-worshipers have their heads up their ass while having a foot in their mouths. Oh, the contortions you idiots go thru for dogs. But we’re well aware most of you lost your humanity a long time ago…….

  24. Once again….no F bombs on here in spite of how angry you are. It’s called self-control. I know this is hard for someone who is used to violating the boundaries of others. This is also not a debate site although we do indulge you when we feel like slapping you. Either way, try to be civil.

  25. “Im dicusted with all of you why cant i find something to feed you ugly humans that will kill you i honestly hope you all burn in hell because god made dogs….. and im tracing the ip adress to the guy that said he killed lots of dogs im having the police take a little look at his comment have fun bruning in hell……you all should kill yourselfs nodody would care”

    I can’t help posting an excerpt from the dog cultist who was flagged for using the F word. He wants the police to find the guy who allegedly killed dogs while in the same breathe he wishes death to ugly humans, that would be us. He wants to do it by feeding us something that will kill us. His comment is filled with rage, hate and espouses violence. I just don’t get these dog people. They are not grounded in reality.

  26. The thing that gets me is that they spew such hatred and aggression all the while posturing like they are such good individuals. If they had an ounce of logic they might reason, “Gee, I love dogs. Let me help other people love dogs as well. Let me socialize my animal immediately. I will not impose my animal on others. I should do these things so other people won’t have disdain for my animal”. That is what they SHOULD be thinking! But instead they start acting like militant hillbillies.

  27. Have a look at this one on the Daily Mail’s website: (Sorry, can’t get link to work). A dog in China was run over and the comments suggest it’s an international tragedy. Another dog lies against it, and oh! the loyalty! Biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen unless you count what I trod in on a local footpath last week. Sample comment: “The Rainbow Bridge has welcomed another angel…RIP sweet baby.” And another: “I just cried. Dogs are so loving and loyal. Too bad I cannot say that for most people.” And so on. What on earth is wrong with these people?!

  28. “Dogs are so loving and loyal. Too bad I cannot say that for most people.”

    Hey it takes good interpersonal skills to get along with fellow humans. The people who prefer dogs over people are idiots who were probably not very well socialized as children. How easy is it having a dog as your life companion when you don’t have to compromise, communicate, or venture outside your narcissistic, self-centered, little bubble? You have a ridiculous, submissive mate that only wants to be feed. No skills required!

  29. Some lady I know has a dog that got attacked by a friend’s dog (latter is a labrador, or whatever you call them, but not an aggressive breed). The lady kept reassuring that her dog had never done that before.
    Here’s what I conclude:

    Either the dog HAS done it before and she is lying to mitigate the fact that her creature needs to be put down, or she was telling the truth which would imply that no dog is “safe.” Every dog can snap and it is not breed-specific.

    Either case proves to me that we should not have dogs at all in cities.

  30. First post! So glad I found this site!
    What really grinds my gears is when I have a relative visit they insist I put my cat out of sight. However, when I go and visit said relative I am expected to put up with their dog. How is that fair? I respect their dislike of cats, but they just expect me to deal with their “baby”.

  31. Welcome! Yes I agree. They are a rude inconsiderate bunch. That’s why they are always trying to push their hybrids on others. Doesn’t matter how you feel because its all about them, They have no sense of personal boundaries. Probably why they prefer to have needy dogs up their butts constantly

  32. Wow another narcissist who owned a dog to meet his OWN needs. Another DOG OWNER who starved, neglected, abused and killed a captive dog. If dog ownership was made more difficult and the process more selective there would be fewer dogs in the environment and fewer irresponsible idiot owners. When will they ever learn??

  33. I really have a beef with people that let their dogs run free in large busy places.
    I mentioned this on a different page, but i was on a layover in Winnipeg airport in 2001, it was a friday afternoon, i’d say about 4 or 5 pm. I headed from the restaurant on the 2nd floor of the airport to go to the gate that my flight home was leaving, and i tripped over this medium sized dog that just ran out in front of me. now sinse i’m blind and can’t see, i didn’t notice the dog at all. even though i had the white cane that i use, i still fell face down on the floor. the dog then proceeded to nibble on my ear, and was on top of me. not to mention i had a carry-on, so it was hard enough dealing with that, but having a heavy dog on top of me nibbling my ear? i pushed it off, and the owner, a b**** of an old lady started shouting at me about animal abuse, and how “he’s just showing you love!” and “I’m calling peta on your sorry ass!” and such. I told her to put the damn thing on a lead, but noooooo! “he has rights, you know!”
    I hope she did call peta, because i was only in the airport after that for about two hours, then i hoped on the plane and went home.
    so yeah, idiots who travvle with their dogs and let them free in the busy airports and malls and such piss me off to no end. and i defy any dog lovers to justify this woman and dog and the possible calling of the peta idiots.

  34. They’re taking over Facebook too. My entire newsfeed is stupid dog pictures. An ex of mine has PittBulls that make it onto Facebook with surprising frequency. Usually with a toddler sitting on top of them. People just can’t seem to suck enough dog dick. In my opinion, this is why people hate EACH OTHER. There’s not enough attention payed to strangers, or your neighbors.

  35. Pseudo-human relationships with dogs as a substitute for true human interaction require no communication or interpersonal skills, negotiating, cooperation, or compromising since a needy fur slave doesn’t have an opinion and is completely dependent on the recipient of their “unconditional love” for its very existence. I completely agree with you. Don’t get along with people? Get a dog! It’s that easy!

    I could care less about seeing someone’s stupid dog. However, it reminds me never to visit that person’s house unless I am prepared to hose down and burn my clothes when I come home.

  36. I’m blind by the way. I posted on the why I hate dogs page. But I feel compelled to write here also. Playing with dogs? like playing fetch with them? They slobbr all over everything. Yes I know that’s their nature dogs naturally slobber. But it just feels real gross and makes me with I had a whole bucket of sterilization chemicals to put my hands in to get the slime feeling off. Why would you want to play with something that makes everything its mouth touches feel and smell very ad and gross? I don’t like dog slobber for the same reason I won’t pick up slugs in the backyard in summer and play with them. Getting the slime off is real hard and takes lots of time and scrubbing and washing. I remember when I was in college. I had a professor who always asked why I don’t have a guide dog. He said it would help me out a lot rather than having to “feel my way across campus” with my cane. Just shows you even college professors can be so very uneducated and enamored with dogs also. My cane, gps, maybe a braille compass and my own skills are all I need to get around successfully whether it be in the city, a town, or mountains forests or wherever I choose to go. I don’t trust dogs guiding me. I feel like I’m not in control of where I’m going. It makes me nervous.

  37. I had a blind co-worker a few years ago whose guide dog lead him down a flight of concrete stairs. He had to be hospitalized.

  38. This is what my walk is like in a rural neighbourhood.

    The doctor’s dogs start barking like crazy so I wear headphones. Don’t run in case they get out and attack you.

    Walk past the biggest Rottweiler ever snarling and barking at you. If that rope breaks, I am toast.

    Walk up the concession to the farm, where I have to watch out for 2 schnausers and a Lab who attack me as a group regularly. One bit me and they still let him run loose.

    Walk home again past the barking dogs and the Rotty to my neighbour’s dog. The previous neighbour had a poodle that regularly invaded parties, raided your plate, and stomped all over the fireplace.

    And friends who brought dogs that had my old cat in it’s mouth – on my deck. Twice in a row. Without an apology.

    They are gone now; now we have a very large Malamute with two very young children next door.

    I don’t understand why people want to push the limits of human beings with their animals.

  39. This is what my walk is like in a rural neighbourhood.

    The doctor’s dogs start barking like crazy so I wear headphones. Don’t run in case they get out and attack you.

    Walk past the biggest Rottweiler ever snarling and barking at you. If that rope breaks, I am toast.

    Walk up the concession to the farm, where I have to watch out for 2 schnausers and a Lab who attack me as a group regularly. One bit me and they still let him run loose.

    Walk home again past the barking dogs and the Rotty to my neighbour’s dog. The previous neighbour had a poodle that regularly invaded parties, raided your plate, and stomped all over the fireplace.

    And friends who brought dogs that had my old cat in it’s mouth – on my deck. Twice in a row. Without an apology.

    They are gone now; now we have a very large Malamute with two very young children next door.

    I don’t understand why people want to push the limits of human beings with their animals.

  40. Why would anyone breed or buy a dog with a well-established history of vlolence? Why not get a pug or a collie? Nobody wants a dog like that for a dern good reason – it kills and maims people.
    You are a very selfish person who is desperate for attention.

  41. I hate dogs sooooooooooo damn much & also develop a fear of them due to being bitten as a child.

  42. God didn’t made dogs. The bible even states that dogs are evil beast to be avoid at all cost.

    Read Matthew 7:6 Do not give what is seacred to dogs do not cast your peals before swine. Otherwise they will trample it underneth their feet & Tear YOU INTO PIECES!

  43. Oh behalf of irresponsible and idiotic dog owners, I apologize. I want to punch some of them in the throat on a daily basis. And I own 4. Not all of us are crazy and delusional, I promise.

    I understand that some people simply don’t like dogs. Some have been bitten, some are allergic, and some just flat out don’t like them. I don’t take this as a personal affront. They’re not people. They’re animals.

    I have a very sturdy 6-foot privacy fence in my backyard. I don’t allow my dogs to bark and disturb the neighbors. And I keep the poop cleaned up daily because nobody else wants to smell that, and I certainly don’t like stepping in it.

    When I walk them, I do not let them off lead. I don’t allow them to jump on me or anyone else. I don’t feel the need to take them everywhere I go. When we go places and cannot take them, they are crated indoors until we get home. If someone comes over and they’re uncomfortable around the dogs, I put the dogs outside or in their crates. I don’t have small children (my son is 15) and I think leaving small children unattended around ANY dog, no matter how well-behaved, is just asking for trouble.

    While I realize I’m probably stepping into a gauntlet by even posting this, I just wanted to let you all know that some of us hear you and understand.

    What I want to hear from you is what are your biggest irritants regarding dogs and their owners? What drives you the absolute most bats**t crazy?

  44. Just been scanning through some of the posts.

    I don’t wish to label those who own dogs as anything other than misguided and/or anthropomorphists.

    That said, I do not understand why these dog lovers are so upset by the idea of humanely killing dogs.

    If they are not vegetarians, there is no reason a dog should be treated any differently to a cow or a pig. Which we are happy to kill to eat.

    If they are vegetarian then what to do they feed their dogs? Dogs are carnivores.

    If they feed them on textured soya protein then they are abusing their beloved animal.

    Ether that, or they are hypocrites if they feed them meat.

  45. Yes I agree with you Neil. I have often asked why dog owners who allege to be “animal lovers” feed other animals to their dogs. And the mere mention of putting a dog down even after it has murdered a human is blasphemy to them. Its just lunacy. The cultist trolls came out of the woodwork when I suggested that euthanized dogs be used to feed zoo animals since zoos are non profit educational institutions and could certainly benefit from this resource. Given the number of dogs that are killed (by dog cultists btw) on a daily basis it seems irresponsible to be so wasteful. In nature larger mammals eat smaller mammals. If dogs were like REAL animals they would be part of an ecosystem, consuming and being consumed. Dog cultists have elevated these hybrid mutant creatures to near human status. If they ever thought it through they might see how delusional the entire culture of dog worship is…if only they could find their way back from the belly of the whale…err dog

  46. Oh man, that one line near the end there sums up EXACTLY how I feel about dogs and their owners… Hahaha, holy smokes I am dying of laughter and appreciation.

  47. Thankyou for existing. I finally feel like I’m not alone with this anguish. Since I moved interstate to the suburbs I’ve developed an intense and horrible phobia of dogs. I have frustrated so many “friends” and exboyfriends and am belittled all the time for it. I struggle to meet guys because admitting that you hate dogs makes you an alien. I think I’d fall in love instantly if the first thing someone said was, “dogs are so overrated” haha. I feel like I can’t go anywhere without bumping into one, I’m terrified to even walk down the street. It has gotten so bad that I freak out leaving my house to get in my car, I practically shake with fear putting the clothes on the line because we don’t have a closed in yard and we’ve had dogs run through it in the past. Dog people just don’t sympathise and are horrible about it, yet all their fears are justified. We had a dog once and it was by far the stupidest, most frustrating pet we’ve ever had. We’ve since had some beautiful guinea pigs, who were maliciously slaughtered by some stray dogs, the part that grinds my gears is there will be no repercussions and it wasn’t doing it to eat but just to kill, for fun. I’ve seen so much killing by these horrible, hideous beasts. We recently had ducks and they were wonderful pets too, friendly, non-invasive creatures and very beautiful. We planned to enter one in the local fair/show but, and you can probably guess where this is going… Disgusting stray dogs snapped its neck and broke the other’s wings. They are not kind animals. Not in general. More like bears, or lions, every now and again you might get really lucky and find a nice one, but deep down they are killing machines. If we were not a more dominant species they would kill all of us. I can’t stand reading dog mauling stories because the victims are not even remotely respected. I just get so bleeping angry. Beautiful little boys and girls, with horrible deaths, and the only comments are “think of the pups feelings!!!!1!!” I hate when people call ferocious beasts pups by the way. I remember reading about a little girl playing in her lounge room and a loose dog got inside and savagely killed her, in her own house!!!!!!!!! I cried because I can only imagine how absolutely terrifying that would have been. But, of course, who cares about her? Poor dog right? Give me a damn break. And seriously, I would eat a dog the same as I would a cow, (I probably wouldn’t because they’re freaking filthy and I’ve seen them eat their own shit, unlike cows) I like cows more, they are genuinely gentle creatures, but I eat meat and don’t discriminate against different animals. People who humanise dogs are the biggest hipocrits, and usually massive human-haters. Just. Ugh. I could rant all day obviously. Haha. So I just wanted to stop and show some appreciation, because I sure as hell can’t be out going for a walk or something, might run into one of those monsters 🙁

  48. IF ONLY. Dog people have dog brains though. Jump up and down on you and invade your space! Why look up ihatedogs in the first place if you’re a dog lover? To impose your thoughts and shove your dogs and dog-love in our faces of course, because we aren’t sick of them enough as it is.

  49. I know. Its bad enough we are force feed dogs every freaking day but then they have to invade our site. We can of course ban them but its useful to let them show themselves for who they really are.

  50. This website has saved me much emotional turmoil by the cause of the insanity that is being posted all over the net these days. You’d think Armageddon had arrived with the mere way people who love dogs act, placing them on a pedestal above their own families, while billions of child-slaves are tortured in the East-who cares, right? They’re not ‘dogs’ (aka gods[funnily, dog is the opposite of god]) and humans are evil. I admit it’s late and I have little time to post, but hence initiate myself as a poster at this site because it actually makes sense, and for once, does not make one feel like FILTH just because one disagrees with being hated for NOTHING. I greatly appreciate the work the mods and posters have put into the creation of this site, as I feel it serves to create some mental stability on my part. Kudos to logic and respect!

    Oh, and my name is LovetheUniverse because I have a love and respect for everything that does not hate me for absolutely no reason, which is what dog lovers do; and so, I do not have a hair of respect for them.


  51. good to see there’s still reason and logic in this dog whorshiping society. I believe there are good dog owners and there are some dogs who do serve a purpose – i.e. police dogs – just like cows, horses, or any other tools people utilize. But the idolization of pet dogs is getting out of control to the point that many people value this animal over people, this is sad and terrifying.

  52. Note how moronic dog owners no longer take their animals for walks these days, but let the dog take them? What I see are these people waling down sidewalks and allowing the dog to zigzag from one side to the other, giving not thought or care to oncoming pedestrians who have the right of way. I’m sorry, is your dog royalty> Is the rest of the population supposed to stop or change sides of the sidewalk to accommodate your animal? What about those who walk on one side of the sidewalk, then have their 10 foot leash and dog go all the way over to the other side, forcing everyone to have to step over the leash or get tripped? Your dog is not your ‘baby’! It is not royalty! Keep to the right and keep your bloody animal at heal beside you!

  53. I hate dogs to the point that I wish they didn’t exist at all. My aunt is a typical dog lover who calls them her babies. I’ve tried to explain to her that just because I hate dogs doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. Allot of dog lovers say well, if they don’t like dogs I wouldn’t trust them. Lol I love my kids very much but the thought of a slobbering, flea infested barking wormy shedding smelly dog just down right makes me sick!! My sister has gotten kicked out if places because of her dog and she treats her dogs and seems to show more love to them than her own children. She says I will never understand because her dog is like a human and speaks to her. Oh my god really?!!! The dog is aggressive and she has to keep her kids away from it so they won’t puss it off. Why in the hell would you take a chance on your kids safety for any animal!? Anyway I hate them and the dog lovers need to keep their barking ass filth away and out of site!

  54. Greetings, dog haters. \

    finally got some outside help on this. I don’t really hate dogs. I hate the way certain people behave around dogs.

    Dogs do not really like to be put in purses, painted with nail polish, or held constantly and treated like an infant, but people do it all the time. We knew that.

    But it’s people who encourage bad behaviour that are morbidly intriguing. The mother that pushes her toddler in front of a large malamute and films herself; the woman who loses control of her dog at a picnic and says, “What can I do?” smiling sweetly ; the endless stream of pitbulls on Facebook “proving” they are gentle, misunderstood, and noble….all markedly antisocial people, putting friends, neighbours and family at peril despite their protests and obvious danger

    And like all good narcissists, they don’t really care about the dog – they’d train it if they did – they just want an excuse to be the center of attention – at the expense of the dog. After all, they can always put the dog down and get another one.

  55. gonetothedogs, you seem like a good dog owner and I’d probably like your dogs. I thought I liked dogs until I started dating someone with an unruley, untrained, disorderly, disruptive dog. The dog barks far too much, bullies for food and attention, and begs. It’s unnerving to be around! The owner is oblivious to her dogs bad behavior and even rationalizes the dogs bad behavior. She defends this creatures behavior and ultimately encourages it. She says “my dog’s behavior doesn’t bother me.” Meanwhile, other people have to suffer.

    This is the type of stuff that makes people hate dogs.

  56. You just wished painful death on other humans and don’t see the blatant irony of calling them monsters??

  57. When I was small a dog walked up to me and bit me. Just like that.

    Later, my mother, an animal lover bought a mastiff that used to growl if you walked near him whenever he was chewing on his bone, the very bone YOU gave him.

    After a while I got used to dogs and even came to love them untill tonight. My landlady’s dog (I rent a room in a house) nitherto friendly mutt bit my face while I was petting it.

    If he were my dog I would have beaten him within an inch of his life and then starved him for couple of days.

    The current situation is ridiculous. That silly dog is friendly and normal 99% of the times, then something clicks in his pisspot brains and he bites.
    He is never punished, only scolded.

  58. I used to like dogs as a child. It has changed since my child was attacked and almost killed by a nasty pit bull at the public park. We were just walking, not that I should have to clarify ANYTHING, since humans are allowed to walk in a playground and not be killed by canines. At least they were until recently.

    We were lucky, the dog tore up my sleeve but the owner managed to get it on a lead before it could kill my toddler. She then proceeded to tell me that my child needed to be on leash.

    Logically, this would not have prevented the attack, but any of that logic stuff doesn’t seem to work with these people. Are they brain poisoned? What on earth is going on?

    We have had many other incidents. Even today with a small terrier dog, the owner is an acquaintance who says her dog is friendly. Oh, so friendly! She encourages small children to pet her friendly dog. Then her dog picks up a stick, and suddenly the dog needs 5 feet of space between it and the stick so it doesn’t attack.

    This is not a friendly dog. I come to the realization that my acquaintance is insane. Good to know….

    I never touch dogs anymore. I’m polite, but as soon as I find someone owns a dog, especially a pit bull, I make a mental note that we won’t be good friends. I don’t want myself or my children attacked. There are too many stories. This is an especially heartbreaking one:

    Here is another. There are literally books of stories like this out there:

  59. thank god for this site. what unnerves me is how dogs are kissed and cuddled when in my mind it was always obvious dogs don’t enjoy being kissed and it’s the owner using the dog for his strange needs, dogs are gross as hell and owners don’t respect the instinct and danger of dogs, they don’t see them as animals, they see them as children and it makes me sick to my stomach. Entire industries for dog food and toys sit behind this screwed-head owner mentality and it’s self-reinforcing, this “dog obsession” in our nation is destroying romantic relationships, replacing people for dumb animals, it’s out of control it’s everywhere I don’t wanna deal with it I don’t want dog hairs on my clothes or food I’m stuck with these dirty creatures because my boyfriend loves them but I can’t even say I don’t really like dogs without being treated like I’m a psycho, what can we do to bring down the “dog obsession” and bring things back to normal??? I don’t remember this dog thing being so bad back in the 90’s, I don’t know what the hell has happened but it’s getting worse and I need creative ideas on how to prevent this from going on and on

  60. Dear Kiwi, I too was involved in a relationship with a dog person that ended a year ago. He had a 130 lbs beast that would bark and try to sit in between us when we hugged or kissed, he would piss on the living room chair every other week although he was trained to piss outside. He needed constant attention and was a nervous wreck. He would lick and bother you while you cooked food or eat anything in the house. My bf would take him on rides in the car and he slobbered on us and tried to lick my face non stop (so gross). He overall didn’t listen to me although I pet him, gave him treats, watered him, fed him and took him outside and tried to make friends and even my bf had issues with him. He growled at me on different occasions when I tried to get around him so I can get to a different room (even tho I gave him the bone) and it shows how stupid this animals are and people are still falling for them! This dog was a mess but it was my bf’s ”son”.
    Towards the end of our relationship, I asked him who would he save from the fire if there was one in the house, me or the dog? He answered the dog because the dog cant save himself by opening doors etc. Are you kidding me?? Saving a dog over a human? Needless to say, I am happy now with my new bf and we don’t have any dogs. I see dogs as parasites that leech from humans and they offer very little in return. Their place is on farms or police/rescue not on a couch slobbering all over the furniture and stinking up the house doing absolutely nothing. If I was to get an animal as pet I rather get a pet pig which are a lot smarter than a dog and they don’t maul people!

  61. It’s because they’re such wimps that they can’t protect their families themselves. So they get a huge dog to scare people away. That, and being antisocial it’s a great way for them to keep strangers away.

  62. When i was a little girl i was terrified of dogs, at the streets or houses, now i am angry about the responsibility of the owners they are not babies and not everyone want to be around them, my sister adopted three dogs a two labratos and a little one, i was terrified to go home every day and furious about the smell, the noise and the responsibility. She get married and every time she came to visit my mom she bring the dogs because they are her daughters, i thing all that behavior is weird but they make me feel like i am intolerant.

  63. Im so glad i found this site I HATE dogs i really do and this is coming from someone who owned dogs and loved them before. Now i live with my in laws they own a big black dog and three little ones and two cats. They including my husband are dog lovers and I mean the kind of people who call their dogs babies and kids my MIL owns the four dogs and my SIL owns the two cats she calls them her fur babies and tells her mother that those are the only grand kids shes getting from her. When we were in the kitchen cooking on mothers days my husband says something about being two mothers in the kitchen meaning me his mom and my SIL who has no kids she said no theres three mothers in the kitchen my husband was like no she was like i have two babies my husband looked at her and said your cats dont count you are not a mother of anything they are cats hehe i thought that was funny. But anyways I hate dogs the cats I dont really mind they dont make messes they are around and arent begging for attention like the dogs do, I mean I Freak ing hate HATE having to have a dog all the time around my feet hoping i drop food. No matter what I say to the damn dogs they wont go away ever. Once I got take out I put the food on my bed and i forgot a cup I literally left for a few seconds and a dog who was not even around me got on top of my bed in that little amount of time and was eating my food . I was so pissed I yelled at it and instead of blaming the dog when i told them They blamed me for leaving my food in my room unattended ARE you serious Its my fault I was mad beyond belief. Also i have a four three year old girl and I cant even give her her food on her hand because they will just bite her food right out of her hand no mater what she is eating nothing matters these dogs can do no wrong. A few days ago i had just got done cleaning the kitchen and one of the dogs came in from outside because of course they come in and out as the please it played in his own bowls and brought it all in the house I was mad. Ive tried to do things to repel them even using scents around me they dont like but it does not work. I really dont understand why my in laws treat them as kids or call them kids and say they are members of the family and they look at me like Im a monster because i openly say I hate dogs. People who call dogs kids or babies and call them selves parents You are not a parent they are not kids . In fact their life is not as important or and precious as a childs life, Ive had dogs and I loved my dogs but I never treated them as a kid or called them my kid because any mother or person If your dog dies youll cry and be sad but you will get over it maybe getting another dog IDK. But If a mother loses a kid that is the most horrible thing ever no mother can ever get over losing they baby ever. So to compare or even suggest your Dog is your baby is an insult because are you really saying that your dog deserves more or is equal to a real baby If you think that then you need help

  64. DOGHATE- Sprinkle pepper on the bottoms of your pants and shoes. They will go away sneezing and not come back.

  65. I LOVE You guys and gals. I have been saying all these things for over 30 or 40 years and the past few years it has just become Unbearable with the Insanity over doggie lovers and “their ME ME ME” attitudes… You can’t go anywhere anymore without them in your face.. One huge one crawled out from under a table when I was eating at a restaurant and shook it’s self right next to the salad bar and I could see debris flying all over the salad bar… That was ILLEGAL when I was growing up for them to be anywhere public food was… Now they are in every store. Stupid owners. I was on an Alaskan Airlines flight in December to my Uncles 90th birthday. On a 4 hour leg of my trip home there were 4 doggies on that flight and NOT ONE of them looked like a security blanket or pacifier… I mean Service dog!! And by my reaction I was clearly allergic to all four of them. Needless to say it was THE MOST frightening and miserable flight… Even breaking down and wearing a double mask, closing my eyes and taking allergy pill just to manage… which brings up the question… many people are allergic to them, WHY is it WE are supposed to take drugs to counter act THEIR INSECURITY???? I wrote to AK Airlines and they recommended I check and check and re check to see if one is on the flight and then check again when I get on and take drugs… and gave me a $50 coupon. I Don’t EVER want to fly with them again if they think I am worth less than their Doggies on the flight. How about they take the $50 and buy Pacifiers and security blankies with it… Or better yet How about the “pet” owners take drugs for Their conditions instead of inconveniencing the rest of the world. And while were at it I don’t feel the need to help fund their CLEAN UP OF Them being on the planes or the destruction they do. I heard a stewardess repeatedly through the flight telling one of the dog owners THEY CAN NOT Have it ON THE SEAT… and they argued with her!! Really what a warped brain they have.

  66. Karen.

    I am astonished that dog owners believe their insecurities take precedence over the allergies of fellow consumers. First, I don’t really believe that these people are capable of flying without a dander ridden, feces eating, security beast. I don’t think anyone is buying it. They simply feel entitled to scam their pet onto the airline at the expense of others. Second, imagine booking a room in a hotel where that same creature infested the bed you may likely be sleeping in. Its beyond repulsive. I hope the airlines continue to crack down on these jerks.

  67. I love you all! I’m sorry I just now discovered this page, I wish I found it earlier, but now that I’m reading it I see you all said everything I was thinking for years, but couldn’t say because I’m surrounded by f-ing dog obsessing idiots! This page is a cure for everybody who hate idiotic creatures! I don’t know do hate more dogs or their owners. My parents always learned me to love all the animals, and I couldn’t understand why I don’t have this love for dogs. I thought I’m not allowed to hate dogs, and I didn’t understand why I don’t feel any sorry when I see a dead or injured dog. I thought I’m sick for not wanting to pet every dog I see (I don’t want to touch none of those filthy, stinky creatures), not wanting to have a dog ever, never had desire to help sick or abused dog, feeling relief when I hear about death of some dog I know and wanting death to all dogs. I thought I have some kind of super nose and that only I can smell how stinky they are, because everyone ignores it! How can you ignore such a stink? When I say they stink my friends get mad at me like I said they stink! WTF? What has to happen in human brain to think:”Hey, you know what would be good to have? A big, stinky, slobbering, puking, peeing and shitting machine that eats furniture, corpses of dead animals, shit and puke so the whole house can stink and we can’t have any guests! That would be lovely!”

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