Dog pollution? Study finds fecal bacteria in the air

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  1. We had a neighborhood association meeting where one of the issues was the amount of dogshit on one of our “nature paths”. At one time we had no nature walk and things were fine, I often walked cross-country since it is mostly desert shrubs and the wild animals usually make a trail. Seems we had too many do-gooders who thought the neighborhood would be better with a walk. I remember standing up at a meeting saying it would be more trouble than it’s worth. Sure enough the dog-walkers overtook the thing and soon steaming piles of dogshit were everywhere even though bags were provided at the trailhead. Being the ignorant self-centered assholes they are several stood at a meeting and claimed “it just dries out” in the desert air “what’s the problem”. Finally someone spoke up and said the desert wind also picks up the dried feces where you breathe it into your lungs -end of discussion. Despite the “education” at the meeting and posted in our community bulletin I still find piles of crap. Irresponsible dog-owners – a scourge on communities and decent people everywhere.

  2. People (well, decent people, anyway!) would be outraged if other (sick) people suddenly decided to take a crap on ‘nature trails’…but it’s acceptable for dogs to crap there. Doesn’t make sense to me. Dog crap should be treated as a serious health threat like human crap would be! (Both have e.coli, among other harmful bacteria and both STINK!)

  3. …especially with the exploding population of dogs at ~70M. Back in the day people usually had one dog, now they have two or three. I think someone had posted the amount of feces a typical dog produces in their lifetime. Average and multiply by 70M and it becomes significant. Even if dog -owners picked up the feces and flushed, the load on municipal water and treatment would increase, and so would the tax and fee burden on non-dog owners. If you consider the environmental impact, including the carbon footprint, as well as the barking, biting and the relatively large segment of the dog-owning population who are social miscreants, then the reality of dog ownership doesn’t seem so wonderful; as the pet industry propaganda promotes and the worshipers like to believe.

  4. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the 78 million dogs in the United States create 10 million tons of feces annually, polluting waterways and posing a threat to public health.

    “Pets can contribute fecal pollution to our waterways. According to a survey by EPA, 40 percent of dog owners do not pick up their pets’ waste at all and all that waste pollutes waterways. And two or three days worth of droppings from a population of about 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing.

  5. I assume then that you travel all over your town picking up bird poop, squirrel scat, deer droppings, cat leavings, armadillo crap, rat pellets, mouse bombs, etc etc ( I hope you get the idea)…

  6. No actually we don’t. Not all crap is created equal. Although dog cultists feed their hybrids a diet of “cereal” it is animal byproducts based, aka protein scraps. Herbivore/non meat eating animal feces which consists of plant matter makes appropriate compost. That’s why you shouldn’t try to compost your own fecal material or crap in your backyard since most humans are carnivores. Animals such as rabbits, giraffes, goats and horses do not pose a threat to the environment…you get the idea. The biggest issue with dog feces in our drinking water is the prolific occurrence of dogs. Animal populations in the wild (birds, squirrels, deer, armadillo) are controlled by nature. Animals in the natural environment have a role in their own particular ecosystems. When they are at risk, typically because of human meddling, then conservationists take action. In the case of dogs, because of human meddling, we have the opposite problem or DOG OVER POPULATION. More dogs in the environment=LOTS more dog crap in the environment. So the next time you see your neighbor’s deer charging out of the house to take a back yard dump or their armadillos barking at people, you might want to remind your neighbors what happened to our earth when dogs lost their useful purpose and people decided to adopt them as fur slaves to obtain unconditional love.

  7. Perfect summDiary. I have been saying this for years, and we can also lay a small rat at the door of Walt Disney, who, by his personification of dogs (and cats and rats for that matter) helped to make them into “sacred animals.” Now….what is the intelligent solution now that we have defined the problem?

  8. More dog fanaticism disguised as logic. Hilarious, you just defended dogshit on a public forum. Please continue to comment. I hope you get the idea….

  9. Ohohoho, DogMan, you really think we do that, huh? Sorry, but we are classy people with much better things to do. We wouldn’t even BE talking about poop if it wasn’t such a problem, caused by you lazy dog owners!

  10. Do you really think its a good idea to use your school’s computers to be a stalker?? Don’t you have some homework to do?

  11. Got to admit we don’t get too many shrieking dog-worshipers.This one’s hooked. Hurt and angry, but still deluded. Like a petulant two-year old he/she will collapse sobbing when their emotions become overwhelming. Notice that it will still not admit to being a dog-lover, as if it dares not reveal it’s obvious weakness.

  12. I just don’t comprehend why dog cultists feel compelled to comment on a dog hater’s site. I would never visit a dog lover’s site. The closest I have come is going to a pooper scoopers biz webpage to compare statistics or the ASPCA LOL to view their corporate salaries. I certainly don’t want to listen to crazies salivate over their hybrid mutant creations. I don’t get it.

  13. Probably because most dog haters tend to be much more rational thinkers, and have more class than dog lovers/cultists. We are not under a ‘haze’ like they are. A ‘haze’ induced by dog stink and drool.

  14. Dog lovers tend to have such poor self images of themselves, that they feel compelled to bring down anyone, who is not ‘like’ them, to their level, hence the constant trolling!

  15. We’ve had an awful one the last few days. Like a mosquito that won’t go away..Hope he’s gone for good. sheesh

  16. I think its one of the reasons they NEED to have a dog. They need to feel dominate over someone/something even if its a dog. And there is so much talk about the illusionary unconditional love… its such bullfeces…if I beat my child he/she would not love me unconditionally…neither does the dog it just needs food…since they seem to have trouble with relationships they need the “perceived” non judgemental, all loving dog…might be better if they went to church HAHA

  17. The entire dog culture is mindless and arrogant, worse than zombies. At least zombies have an excuse.

  18. Yeah, I saw it was back as ‘gbs’ this morning. Whoever it is must be part pitbull -tenacious and stupid. Maybe his mother was a pit “lover”.
    Thanks for putting up with these maniacs, DFH…….

  19. Twenty years ago some old geezer would walk down the street with a leashed dog and a stick to fend off untethered animals, now its a nonstop parade of pooches with owners, not sure who’s walking who, swinging bags of dogcrap, while the mutts pee on everything vertically rising from the toxified landscape. They exchange friendlies while the four leggers yip, yelp, scratch and sniff .Apparently they subscribe to NIMBY, but my front yard is perfectly acceptable, in fact they feel every right to do so. I like to stare at them as they defecate, then look away and shake my head I disgust without saying a word, sends the message without confrontation. Smell gets in the house, especially bad after a light rain.

  20. People and their disgusting pets. I hope you people actually care about the environment. Majority only care about dumb dogs/cats/bunnies, or some other animal that’s considered “cute” and become blind to everything else. More reason why people shouldn’t have pets, they’re so damn deluded. It saddens me that over 10 million people care so much about a bunny being a meal to a hawk, while Australia is plotting the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef.

  21. Pets actually disconnect you from the natural world. They’re a commodity/consumer item for the self-absorbed with a huge commercial support infrastructure based on corporate profit. Most dog-owners I’ve met have a somewhat myopic view of their pets place in the natural world. Nothing is more evolved or more beautiful than a wild animal. Dogs are a grotesque inbred creation of man, ironically called man’s best friend.
    Australia is developing their extraction industries including coal for China which will be shipped past the GBR. Ocean acidification increases with coal burning. My son lives in AU and I’ve lived and worked there during my career, dived the GBR many times.
    Anyway, the dog ownership phenomena is just another symptom of a socially and environmentally disconnected populace. There’s nothing inherently special about owning a dog except that you can qualify yourself as an “animal lover”. Nothing can be further from the truth but then dog-cultists never are that honest……

  22. Dogman: Birds, squirrels, deer, armadillos and rats aren’t carnivores and their poop can actually be used as fertilizer and is nowhere near as serious a pollutant as dog crap — and cats cover up their crap.

    Dog excrement kills grass and everything else it touches, then washes into bodies of water and kills marine life. It also causes filthy, green slime to form on ponds, etc. In some large municipalities, as much as a third of the pollution in bodies of water is caused by dog waste and it washes into the ocean and poisons shellfish and makes swimming dangerous.

    Dog excrement can, and does, spread, among other things, E. coli, parasitic worms, campylobacter, toxoplasma (which can cause blindness in children and if a pregnant woman is infected, it can cause birth defects), capnocytophagagiardia (a flesh-eating disease) and giardia.

    I hope YOU get the idea!

  23. I got a Scottish Terrier for free, and he’s mostly cool because he knows his place and doesn’t bite my kids, but I really don’t like vast majority of dogs, much of they do, and vast majority of dog owners.

    Besides moronic barking, which my dog’s mastered, shitting and pissing everywhere, getting the house dirty, biting children, the nastiest thing is what they eat.

    These disgusting creatures will eat dirty tissues, used tampons, cat shit, another dog’s ass, toilet water, basically anything disgusting they can find.

    Then some psycho dog owner will make out with it and pay for the 15 year-old dog’s $10,000 colon surgery, while some humans are uninsured.

  24. I think the negatives of owning a dog far outweight any perceived positives. Frankly, I don’t see any positives in owning a dog.

  25. Yeah, doggers don’t like it when you tell them their mutt is actually a descendant of scavengers or, iow, garbage dump wolves. Seems they split 14,000 years when they evolved into the shit-eaters every worshiper knows, loves and abuses today. As DFH points out, there is a hell of a lot of denial among the cultists. If one thinks objectively there is absolutely no reason to own a dog. For better or worse, it never amounts to anything but an object of the owners desires and short-comings. In many ways we “dog-haters: would probably be better owners if we we’re forced to own a dog (points gun to head).

  26. A nice shot of paint ball on the trespasser should solve the pooper problem. If not brave enough to do that, then soak the mutt with water if it gones on your front yard. I have a neighbor who runs out when people are walking their dogs and yells at them, “not on my lawn you don,t”.

  27. I feel you. Someone in our 6th grade class was actually saying that dogs should be mandatory for protection.

  28. He doesn’t bite your kids, but turned your house into a stinky, hellish biohazard! Way to go! 😛

  29. “He doesn’t bite your kids, but turned your house into a stinky, hellish biohazard! Way to go!”

    HaHa ! Too funny and so true. LOL!

  30. Maybe I can apply for a Brownfields funding grant to get my neighbor’s backyard cleaned up or garden with a HAZMAT suit on. Do you think they might get the message? Doubtful, as I suspect they are typical passive-aggressive doggers who use their hybrids in an attempt to bully.

  31. Are there really other people out there that hate dogs as much as I do??? Bravo!

  32. i believe that they visit this site and comment is because they are narcissists, and dogs are an extension of them. Their way, or the highway.

  33. Gee and I thought living in a rural or semi-rural area might be a better solution to a dog free environment. I live in a high density urban-ish community. I park down the block where a parking lot is provided for residents on my street. There’s a German Shepherd bark machine that resides behind the lot. You can not come or go without the hyper-vigilant wrecked beast barking aggressively at all hours. It pretty much lives outside. Last night my tire was stolen from my car. So where was the thing then when it could have alerted someone to a crime, when it could have actually been of some use. Security Dog Myth-bites the dust once again.

  34. Hey Pinch

    Welcome to the site. Most folks read and comment in the 10 Reasons Why I Hate Dogs section. Your comments are interesting. Hope you’ll comment where more readers hang out 🙂

  35. It’s a darn shame, to prove the ignorance and laziness of dog lovers once more.
    I used to own a backyard lawn mowing service, I have since moved on from that despite earning a lot of money, the reason for this is because nearly every house I visited in a day (usually 6-8) would have a dog, and of course there would ALWAYS be fricking piles of dog shit laying about the ground, the one rule I give my customers is that they MUST pick up their damned dog faeces before I mow the lawns, I would even mention it on the phone hours before I arrive.
    But it was extremely rare that someone actually does it, they claim that they had things to do, yet every bloody time I knock on the door, I see them through the window, sitting on their fat asses watching television.
    More than once was I told off by someone because I wouldn’t mow the lawn until every pile of dog turd was picked up; but when someone crossed the line and says something stupid as f-, like “you’re being stupid” I’d just outright leave and never come back, they can mow their own yards.

    I dislike many things, but there’s just one thing which causes me to become harmed whilst defending myself, and that’s impure air, even some sprays cause me to block my mouth and nose, I have to hold my breath each and every day in the laundry because it smells of dog piss and shit, I have to hold my breath whilst walking down the hallway past the baby room which smells of vomit, shit and powder milk.

    It’s all fricking revolting and I have no idea how a dog lover can actually look past it all…but yet again, they are delusional.

  36. I just want to add that despite my post, we take care of our dog and will see her through until the end…

  37. ..perhaps the end should take place at you local vets office. Just a thought..

  38. A nutter just posted 10 reasons he/she hates cats. It landed in spam. To all the nutter trolls on our site: This is not a dogs vs cats sites. Crips..How dumb are you? If you assume that people who hate dogs have or must like cats you are duller than we imagined.

  39. are you guys seriously complaining about dog pollution when human pollution not only dwarfs that of dogs but we have caused the extinction of thousands of species of animals the stupidity in these so called discussions is disgusting

  40. Richard,

    That’s hardly the point, and *citation needed* for “the stupidity in these so called discussions is disgusting”.

    The issue with you kind of people is that you do not care about the human race, when a human child is born we know several things instantly, that that child ‘may’ grow up to be a horrible person, a murderer, a liar, a bully, OR a great and nice person, they may like dogs, cats, snakes etc. OR they may not. But we all know straight away that at some point in their lives, they’ll be contributing to the pollution of the planet, in great mass too. But do humans sit there and go “oh what scum, he’ll be a pollutant monster one day”… NO!

    And let’s not forget that it’s not the fault of the people born in a world that’s in the modern industrial age, it’s the people who continue to create the devices that actually harm the planet.

    Firstly, the reason complaining about dogs polluting the Earth is completely sane AND should be considered normal by anyone, is that only ‘some’ humans can actually be blamed for the polluting of the Earth, who created and continues to manufacture cars? who dumps waste in urban zones? who literally thinks that global warming is a myth? all these people are scrum, and humans just can’t live as a community now without internet, phones, cars etc. that’s the world we’re being forced to live in. Dogs however, effect the pollution as a whole, they affect it directly instead of external sources that humans use, actually come to think of it, dog nutters go out of their way in the pet industry to pollute the environment FOR DOGS AND MONEY as well, so there’s that. Dumping of excess cosmetics and whatnot, plants used to manufacture useless dog items etc.

    Secondly, and foremost, this is a community, and a discussion board for people who dislike dogs, how about you refrain from being a narrow minded moron and go read the completely understandable reasons as to why dogs are actually horrible, high maintenance, unpredictable disgusting rats instead of cherry picking the discussion in which YOU find is completely ridiculous. The ‘fact’ that dogs are ‘directly’ polluting the Earth only adds to the reason as to why they suck. If humans had not surpassed the victorian industrial age, and we’d have not started polluting, guess what, dogs would have STILL been polluting the Earth, oh but you people don’t care about that, you prefer dogs over humans no matter the reason.

    There’s also the fact that without human carbon emission, we don’t have a financially stable way to discover cures or imbue them. The reason we can save other humans AND animals is thanks to human polluting devices. THAT’S why I sympathise with human polluters over dogs any day.

    Oh also Richard, if you’re trying to start a fight here, people will intellectually rip you a new one before you even scream for help so I suggest you tread lightly.

  41. I know it’s old topic, but I just find out about this website and I LOVE IT because I HATE DOGS!
    I had a situation with some crazy old dogloving woman: she took her disgusting little creature to take a sh*t in front of my gate every day. One day I catch her with that thing taking a sh*t again and I kindly said to her that it’s gate of my yard and I have a real problem taking her dog’s sh*t inside my house , so would her be so kind to pick that up, and her answer was ”FU*K YOU, YOU FAT COW!”! Wow.. Ok ma’m. Nooooo problem. So I waited till night, and it was so nice little rain to keep the sh*t fresh. I took the sh*t with the tissue and took a walk to her door. I painted whole white door with her own dog’s sh*t, and I feel so good about it! 🙂
    Plus, I’m about to do that again if I find another piece of sh*t in front of my gate again!

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