I Hate My Dog!

DOG LEASHclapping man

Are you stuck with a dog you hate?

  • Did you mistakenly get a dog or reside with a dog, through no fault of your own?
  • Have you fallen for the myth that you need a dog to be “happier”?
  • Is your mutt a money pit promoted by the pet product industry?

Share your stories.  (click on Orson Wells and he will applaud you !     : )


You have our most sincere sympathies.


803 thoughts on “I Hate My Dog!

  1. I have 2 dogs, and while I have learned to tolerate them, I am definitely not a dog person. I got one dog in the divorce, and then, feeling guilty because it was alone all day while I was at work, I got another dog.

    Now I found out they will live for at least 13 or 14 years!!!!


  2. I rented a room at some disgusting girl’s house that has 3 dogs. I didn’t know they are so disgusting (all 4 of them) so I took the room, but now I’m just trying to ignore them all, but they can’t be ignored! At first they all tried to enter my room, but I learned them not to. I made my room the room of pain: if they enter they will get my foot up their asses! They can’t watch me with their puppy eyes while I eat, I don’t want them anywhere near my food! They eat better than I do, she cooks every night for them. She roast them a chicken, or cook some beef, sometimes she makes pasta with cheese, or meatballs. One time she asked me can I make meatballs, and I said yes. Than she asked me can I make it one night for them! Yes, for the dogs! She wanted me to come home after 8 hours of working at the fish store, exhausted and hungry and to make MEATBALLS for her fu*king DOGS! Not for us, but FOR THE DOGS!
    I hate her and her dogs! Everything is so dirty and stinky, their hair is everywhere, she sleeps with them and NEVER bath them, she doesn’t even change her sheets! It is so disgusting! Her room is on my way to bathroom and when I pass by it it stinks so bad I want to throw up! There are slobber all over the bed and it stinks really, really bad when it’s rain outside. They are allowed to lay all over the furniture, so it stinks too. I have a plastic chair and I’m only sitting on that, besides my room.
    I know, you think why I don’t move? Well I would, but I’m stuck here for several reasons, and for now I can’t go. I don’t know how much I can handle without killing them. One mutt gets on my nerves in particular! That dog is the most disgusting creature I’ve ever seen! He is crazy happy when she’s beating other 2! Yeah, she’s beating them with metal stick because they don’t listen anything she say, and she didn’t teach them anything, but she’s expecting them to listen to her anyway because she’s feeding them, aaand she loves them more than anything!?!?!?!?! Can anyone explain? I can’t. She doesn’t have a diagnosis of any kind, people consider her extreme good person. But people don’t see what I see, and people won’t believe what I see here.

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