I Hate My Dog!

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Are you stuck with a dog you hate?

  • Did you mistakenly get a dog or reside with a dog, through no fault of your own?
  • Have you fallen for the myth that you need a dog to be “happier”?
  • Is your mutt a money pit promoted by the pet product industry?

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You have our most sincere sympathies.


803 thoughts on “I Hate My Dog!

  1. I know this is off subject, but…..

    Yay! My best friend finally got rid of his mutts after way too many “accidents” in his house! I am so happy, but the only thing is he has been enamoured with one of my cats, and expressed wanting her. I turned him into a cat lover, and that is a good thing. The cat he wants is well behaved, silent, and very affectionate. I have 4 cats, and my other friends say I can give her up because I have so many, but I love her, too…. I know she will go to a good home, what should I do??????

  2. Peaches , Point him to the nearest shelter.
    All pets make messes. If his dogs were crapping mountains and peeing rivers in his home that was on him. He neglected his dogs and he’ll neglect your cat.
    Your cats are adjusted to your home. I wouldn’t trust a former dogger any more than I would that the idiot with a pit bull in the shopping cart.

  3. Just say NO!
    For the reason MFP said!
    Besides, your kitty would forever be tormented by the dog’s smell. Just think of all the excrement. And cats can smell much better than we can. Cats are usually clean. Don’t do it!

  4. I think I am develop breathing issues now. I notice I wheeze sometimes, feels like hair is stuck in my throat, constant fatigue, slight cough.

    I hate it 🙁

  5. I feel ur pain. I am currently sitting in the livingroom at 1.37am listening to the doberman my husband got for me!(i wanted 1 but DID NOT choose this dog to rescue) whine & cry because she has decided that she doesn’t want to be in the kitchen at bedtime after 3 years. Its not the first time, & its not only at night. In the day she is a nightmare barking at anything that moves outside the window! But my husband just thinks its funny while I feel like I’m loosing my mind!!!

  6. I feel your pain. I’m now in a puffer since getting the dog and a cat w/i 6 months of each other, that was 4 years ago. I love my cat but at this point I can’t wait for both to vacate. ASAP

  7. Lost in Hair,

    that is why I prefer stuffed animals. My stuffed horse is my buddy and doesn’t expect me to pick up her poop because she is full of cotton, not poop. LOL.

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  9. Good Evening Estee,

    You’re comment did not go live as we do not allow the use of ethnic slurs on this site. We hate dogs on this site not people.

  10. ughh,

    On the contrary, his comment was edited and posted. We do this to demonstrate the aggressive behavior of dog nutters.

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  12. Mail carriers soon will be armed with a Mobile Delivery Device, on which they’ll be able to ping potentially dangerous encounters on their route. For carriers who work the same route every day, they have a good idea which houses have barking dogs, but the device, which will alert drivers when they’re within 250 feet of a hazard, will be especially valuable when the postal service sends out substitute or new employees.
    New device to keep mail carriers safe unveiled during Dog Bite Prevention Week

    pjstar.com|By Laura Nightengale

  13. I was recently filling out a USPS schedule a pickup request and noticed the addition of the question about whether you had dogs at the home. It seems to be gone now, though. So I wonder why.

  14. The dog is at my aunts since my parents are in Florida for holiday for a week. I am loving my freedom here at home in Canada. You may think you miss the dog for a while, but it is short lived once you remember the inconvenience they can be. They may be cute, but I don’t like the mess, the neediness, and the allergies. I feel better when the dog isn’t around because it makes my allergies worse. But, you know, these days people couldn’t give a damn about us. We are meanies because we don’t want dog germs on us. Also, I don’t like having itchy skin, itchy eyes and chest tightness. So, I am loving this dog free week!

  15. We’ve had this stupid smelly monster for several years now. It’s 13 and a half. It used to howel day and night, no matter what until about 2 weeks ago. We thought this thing was dying several times, but every time it bounced back happily howling and just costing more per month in meds. I made my lazy mother let me take it to a vet when it had a smelly prolapse which ended up being this polup or whatever which we found out goes back in on its own. We get to look foward to seeing that nasty thing again in the future! Yippy! Anyway we found out the dog has a heart murmur, epelepsy, breathing issues, big begnine tumors on her lower belly that aren’t spreading, and some degenerating spine thing. Well two weeks ago we noticed that it wasn’t barking, not moving and didn’t eat for almost a week, then yay one day it let out two weird barks that wasn’t its normal baying, breathy yet souded like an old man throwing up. Its been eating since but the money pit hasn’t barked since like a week ago at all. The dog is wobbly but eating and drinking. A lot of people are telling me vet her vet her, well it drained everything we had, money wise, and I’m sick of vets just wanting to run more tests! I wish I could find a vet who would just put it down. Quality of life for my family, cats and the wretched dog are all low. I may just let it die in her cage, because it seems every time the dog seems like its going to die, it gets better, but add on another health problem. Sadly, I can’t just get rid of it without crap going down. Sorry this is so long and mispelled, I needed to vent.

  16. The humane thing to do is have the dog put down. Go to another vet if needed. The ones who work with livestock as well as dogs & cats are more willing to do it, at least in my area. You’re on the verge of living a dog-free life, good luck!

  17. Thanks. We’ll find out today what will happen. Dog got worse, shaking at night, barely able to walk. Still eats, but other than that nothing but what I said before. Going to the vet shortly. Will update.

  18. Well, the little cockroach is still alive. This has been a yoyo with getting better worse better worse. By the time the vet’s opened, it was standing and ate breakfast, vet was all lol more time, but more meds perscribed. I told him I can’t afford it, so pretty much seemed like a jerk. Now it’s just laying there shaking after it gobbled up lunch, and I literally have 24 dollars to my name until I get paid next week, and almost maxed out my credit card on these vet visits. Fml.

  19. Sorry! Sounds like your vet is keeping the thing alive for the sole purpose of draining your bank account. I know what a burden it is to have a dog you hate.

    Two years ago, when I got married, I inherited 2 dogs, a lab and rat terrier/Chihuahua mix (I referred to this thing as FrankenDog). Both of the things were indoor but were very well trained to go outside, as I told my husband under no circumstances would my house smell like dogshit. So they stayed inside overnight and went outside until they came in to go to sleep. He would constantly talk baby-talk to them. Also he would hold the door open for them each & every time he went in or out, for instance when he was using the grill and coming in several times for spices, plates, etc. I was completely amazed that this otherwise intelligent “man’s man” would act like these stupid things were human. He is perfect in every other way except for this. He would put them in their crate at night and say a prayer over them. He claimed they could understand what he was saying and that they had just as many emotions as we did. But the one thing that beat all was when he apologized to them for me yelling at them to shut up barking, and for having to stay outside in the summertime instead of laying on their lazy asses inside the house with the air conditioning. I told him that was horse shit & I said this nonsense was not going to fly with me, so he quit doing these things, at least in front of me. Once we went out of town for a few days and if you have these demons, you have to board them, essentially they are taking away your freedom to come & go when you want. Anyway, I have a dog nutter friend who volunteered to watch them while we were away, and even she said she had never seen 2 dogs that wanted to lay up under the AC more than these two. At the time We lived in a subdivision and if the door was cracked when I was trying to jump over them to get the groceries in, there they would bolt out. Apparently dog nutters think everyone else is a dog nutter, and that the neighbors wouldn’t mind if the demons ran through their property and gardens. That is, until one day when one of the neighbors had the police to come to our house and tell him animal control was going to take them away if they were not kept from running off leash through the neighborhood. He was furious that someone would file a complaint! I told him repeatedly not all people think the stupid dogs are the best thing ever. Now we live in the country and they have 10 acres fenced to run & play but no no no. Frankendog was needy, stared at me through the window all the time, dug holes in flower beds and around the pool & house. I hated that dog. The lab, on the other hand, is the only dog I’ve ever seen that is scared of the dark, and just randomly barks & barks for no reason. Of course the husband doesn’t seem to hear the barking until I bring it to his attention. These dogs are of absolutely no use…they bark & bark when the wind blows but when someone pulls up to the house you could hear a pin drop, no barking at all. My neighbors within earshot now know the “F” word because I use it when I yell at them to shut the F up! In the past I’ve had no opinion about dogs…didn’t hate them, didn’t love them. Never, ever had one indoors. Because of these 2 worthless, and I mean worthless pieces of shit … I HATE DOGS. Then the husband decides to get a Great Pyrenees to guard the chickens & goats. This dog actually did her job & I had no complaints. She was strictly an outdoor dog. Meanwhile the other 2 are digging holes, barking incessantly, and destroying the backyard. And the licking and staring from Frankendog makes me bonkers. They were too needy to just run & play in all the land they had. I began to despise these two more & more everyday. If the gate was accidentally left open they would run away & be gone several hours. I prayed they wouldn’t come back. About 6 months ago they escaped. A storm came up. They are both afraid of any loud noise, so when the rain & thunder started the lab came home but not Frankendog. Haven’t seen her since. My life was exponentially better every day. However, it made the lab even more needy and I didn’t even think that was possible. So, fast forward to a month ago, the Pyrenees was trying to herd up the stupid lab after it escaped again and was hit by a car. Had to put her down. So now I’m left with this dumbass lab, which I hate more than ever. I really & truly wish this thing would disappear as well. It’s so depressed according to the husband but I think it’s a jinxed dog, because the other 2 are gone yet this thing has defied nature or something and is still here tormenting me with the damn barking & whining when the wind blows or when it gets dark. I have banished it to the back yard and I’m hoping a coyote or bear will get it.

    And while I’m at it, we were in a local feed store recently. A lady had a Yorkie poo (another Frankendog) snuggled up close to her neck & chest. I could barely see that it had a service dog vest on, because she was holding it so close but yet like a battering ram. Just for giggles I said “ohhh, what a cute little doggy”. Her sour puss face just lit up then she said “she’s a service dog & is just wonderful”. I asked how old she was. She proudly exclaimed she was a New Year’s Day puppy. I said “I thought it took a year to fully train a service dog” to which she whispered “well, actually she’s a comfort dog”. Ughhh. I just looked disgusted & walked away.

    Also, I’m sick to death of going in a pet store, any pet store, because at least 75%-80% of it is devoted to dog worshipping/worshippers.

    We recently attended a barbeque where there were 6 couples, most of them were nutters and get this, they brought 13 dogs of various breeds, all of which were at the grill at some point & when we were eating most of them were around the table begging for food or just being generally obnoxious by breathing, especially the drooling bulldogs. Hate ’em. I didn’t eat hardly anything. I figure when the different people were making their own dish, FiFi was not far away. Just gross! Then I was accused of being a “dog hater” just because I wouldn’t let a fat, stinking mix breed, that they called a “designer dog, sit in my lap.

    I know all these same things have been covered by others throughout whyihatedogs.com. I apologize for telling this long story. These things have been building and I’ve just had it with the dog cultist. I am so thankful for this community of like minded people who are sick of the cult of dog worshipping.

    Happy Sunday to all!

  20. Or contact your nearest animal shelter, they most likely will take the mutt off your hands. In England they came to my home within an hour to pick up the thing. I told them i couldn’t cope. I Signed over ownership and was finally free. I wish you luck!

  21. Morons with a dog just moved in next door. I figure if these A holes let their dog outside in the back yard while I am trying to enjoy some peace, I might just be forced to start grilling some juicy meat for a loooooooong time so the bastards can salivate and torture their owners for some grub. I’ll just keep letting them smell juicy meat and get nothing. I should create a meat clothes line where we hang hamburgers for them to just smell all day. Or Ill just save all kinds of meat/bacon/chicken scraps/drippings…have it handy in one of those scent warmers or a crock pot and turn it on ALL DAY…it will suck being a dog next door to my house.

  22. LOL. I enjoy eating a good meal in front of my husbands dog (pit bull). She just sits there and stares, hoping I will suddenly decide to start giving her my food. Please.

  23. Guess what! I’m finally free! After years of torment she was finally put to sleep earlier today. Happy day!

  24. Kewl 🙂 Congratulations! I guess you’ll be decontaminating for at
    least a few weeks…. : /

  25. Sounds dangerous…how do you know it wont go postal on you one day??

  26. ‘beagleslave you’re free! I felt the same way after my ex husband’s dog was finally put down. Enjoy your freedom.

  27. Everlastingbeagleslave that’s great! Your finally free from slavery. ?

  28. Congrats! Now just don’t let anyone in the house visit any “shelters” in the foreseeable future!

  29. I agree Noccalula. And you never know someone on this forum might miss having a dog, visit the shelter and then end up with one of our rejects!

  30. Right. I believe words like “shelter” & “rescue” were adopted by nutters to prey upon the sympathy of those looking for a pet. My dog worshipping friends always seem to proudly end up with a dog that was “abused”, especially the pits. Who in their right mind would “rescue” an abused pit? Anyway, I hope everlastingbeagleslave doesn’t fall for this and just enjoys the freedom, after decontamination of course!

  31. First of all, don’t right me. People adopt nasty abused dogs all the time regardles if they are pit balls or not and no one can deny that unless there head has been under a rock and not in there right mind. Just like your friends, i was unlucky too and allways ended up with abused sickly dogs. Hundreds and hundreds of pounds wasted on these beasts, so please don’t lecture me. I absolutely hate dogs. You need to go back and read my previous messages.

  32. No worries, never again will any dog step foot in my house. And I gave everyone a warning that if they bring a dog over here they will end up with it. First full day of freedom was spent cleaning. It’s wonderful to have my home back. And it’s so quiet you could hear a pin drop!

  33. Exbeagleslave, i’m soo pleased for you. I remember that wonderful feeling when I got rid of my stupid needy dog and it was the last. I will never ever let any dogs in to my home. My son is now able to play on the floor without his toys being chewed up. No more poo and urine to clean up. Exspensive vet fees. A lot of people are brainwashed in to be living that it must be the type of breed why there dog is the way they are and then go buy another, the cycle then repeats it self. I’m glad you will never make that mistake. Enjoy your freedom and clean home. ?

  34. My dad started his yellow lab on a raw meat diet. Don’t know if it is the summer heat, but I notice he is calmer. He used to get on my nerves all the time. I don’t mind him as much now, he is lovable and cute. However, I think I am still slightly allergic to the dander. I think the kibble we feed them makes them crazy and unhealthy. I still think it is gross seeing the dog eat raw chicken and meat, but he eats it outside obviously for health reasons. His poop is so weird, it looks like chalk and he doesn’t poop nearly as much. I think the kibble makes them poop more frequent, which isn’t good. My dad goes to a deli to get meat scraps and raw bones to feed him. I personally feel dogs belong on farms, not in cities and where they can cause havoc. I love the dog, he is cute and lovable. I still feel however, they shouldn’t be pets in general. They are working animals, they are miserable in this new age. Not to mention it isn’t sanitary having dog hair everywhere. Dogs need to be in order so they can thrive. They are aggressive, miserable and anxious because we lock them in cages all day, confine them to a backyard and feed them crap. They need other dogs, they are social animals. I still hate cleaning so much because of the hair so my allergies don’t bother me.

  35. The pet industry doesn’t care about the animals, just the money. They suffer because of this, and we suffer as well because of it. Dogs are working animals. Not luxury items, sad to see they are treated as such. It is also sad that child safety is at risk because most homes consist of a dog. A child shouldn’t have to tip toe to avoid being bitten. It is messed up indeed.

  36. I remember when I was brain washed in to adopting a Yorkshire terrier, a so-called hypoallergenic breed, yeah right! What a load of crap. I suffer with asthma and also allergic to danda. The terrier caused me terrible allergy, that was another reason why I gave up rat dog.

  37. I now live with my in laws, as well as 2 pit bulls, my husband and my 5 month old son. I cannot for the life of me figure out how people willingly choose to bring home these barking, whiny, needy, stalking dogs. My son does not hang out with his grandma if her dog is not put up. He has already jumped up and barked in his face and that was enough for me. Unfortunately we won’t be able to let our son stay home and go on dates until we feel comfortable with this. I am not seeing that happening any time soon. That dog just wants my MIL around all the time. And wants to protect her. When she is here he barks his head off if anyone else comes in the house. She yells at him “baaa! No bark!” Constantly.

    Also the air conditioning has broken in this house for the 3rd time since they bought it 10 years ago. Why? Because dogs peeing on them! Living with nutters is awful. And unfortunately my husband is one too, He sees children and pets as the same thing. When I questioned about the air conditioning and that it is an expensive repair (and 3 times?! ) he compared it to having a child that has things that they need, like doctor bills, etc, I told him please stop comparing children to animals. It’s ridiculous. If I had known that about him, I may not have married him.

  38. I just love the dejected look on a mutt’s ugly face when I eat a full meal in front of it and don’t give it nothing then throw the scraps I’m the garbage and rinse the plate. The meat clothesline is genius and hilarious.

  39. Noccalula – I don’t know how long ago you wrote this post but I was crying with laughter at the end.

    It helped me so much. I have such a shit dog. He stinks. He does nothing except demand and take. He gets in the way …. urrrggghhh. He is a rescue and I know he had a tough life but even so … I got him aged 9, he been dumped twice back at rescue and now I am just thinking so how much longer???? 3 years max?

    I hate his lazy dumbass, he does the bark at nothing yet ignore a stranger right at the door. He doesn’t recall. He doesn’t play fetch. He just stinks and barks. Stinks the house out and eats and walks. Emotional black hole – as dead as a dodo. Just wants food and walks and makes a helluva racket if he doesn’t get what he wants exactly when he wants it. Roll on those 3 years!

  40. Dogschmog

    Nothing’s changed. Just today I had to make the one hour round trip to pick the thing up from boarding, since we went out of town for a few days. All the way home I said “I hate you, please die”.
    By the way, I’ve renamed her Black Widow. The hubbs thinks I’m mean but hey…
    While we gone we visited some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. They acquired some sort of Australian dog and of course it’s an indoor dog. However, it did not stink & is being kept groomed. I played with it. The hubbs got jealous & asked why I didn’t treat Black Widow like that. I gave him the stink eye. End of story. Lololol

  41. This is THE best site!!!!

    I have spent hours reading the comments and laughed so hard, I was crying. Trench humour like WW2 …I am in such a similar situation, it was the best therapy to read/hear/empathise with others going through this.

    I am held to ransom by my dog. There is no/zero/nada/nichevo/rien de joy in this hostage situation. It is like being in an abusive marriage!

    It’s flippin awful and I should just get rid of the dog. In fact, I don’t understand why I don’t. Some kinda weird guilt/stockholm syndrome – I don’t know. I hate it. It is expensive and a drain on my free time and demanding and untrained and useless and stinks and pointless … also big and potentially dangerous. It doesn’t listen or come to call or give any affection. It is cr@p. Utter crap.

    I used to like dogs – this one is enough to put ANYONE off dogs for life. For life.

    Anyway thanks for the site. A real life-saver. Well done to all those who managed to get rid of theirs!

  42. Thank you for the encouraging words….just doing our part to education the community! 🙂

  43. I’m a 15 year old still in high school living with my parents counting the days until I can pack my things and leave, I’m very much a cat lover but wouldn’t put past the idea of owning a dog (to see what it’s like) until I have the misfortune of living with a Gerbarian Shepsky and a Siberian husky. The more and more I live with the dogs the more I began to loathe them. All they ever do is aggressively wrestle (around me and only me which I absolute hate) and bite and lick me which I find disgusting. Whenever they see someone outside (often) they bark none stop to no end. And they are continually knocking into things and braking things from their reckless playing. It also seems Larry doesn’t listen to commands anymore unless he can tell you are really angry (which I think is a result of being around Gracie who listens to nothing unless you use force or food). I seem to be the only one bothered by it, whenever my parent come home they are always so sweet to them and treat them like angels (which I hate pampering them for just being bothersome when they didn’t have to suffer through what I did). I tell them all of the time “we don’t need a second dog” because I can’t handle the both of them anymore, we have no room in the house and she’s only caused problems (at least for me) since we got her, but they refuse to listen to what I have to say and tell me “it’s only because they’re dogs”. They let the dogs jump and play on the furniture (hair everywhere) chewing on the legs of the dining chairs, Gracie terrorizing our bird, constant begging for attention or food (no personal space when I’m downstairs) and I’m suppose to cater to the dumb dogs morning and evening when everyone else is gone. Letting them out to go to the bathroom and eat because they can’t be trusted outside of their cages alone. Constant texts “have you let the dogs out?” “What are the dogs doing?” “How are the dogs?” I’m so sick and fed up with it. I make it so apparent that I have a great newfound hatred for these dogs to my family but they refuse to at the least acknowledge it and get mad at me when I’m frustrated with the dogs. I recently had a breakdown from it getting so angry with my family that they never did anything to change their behavior or make it more bearable for me at the least, I can’t stand being around anyone in the house anymore because of how bad of a mood the dogs put me in and I feel like I can’t even sit down stairs without being over ran by spastic dogs. Not to mention I recently found out I’m allergic to dog saliva (I break out into humongous hives and because red, blotchy and extremely itchy) I feel like I’m trapped in a nightmare! I just needed to vent somewhere about this seeing as it isn’t going to end anytime soon.

  44. I feel your pain Brianna. I had an asthma like attack this morning. My throat felt swollen and I struggled to breathe. I am on the Autism spectrum, so I get tired way easier. I am 24, working on getting my license so I can drive. I live in a rural area, so I am screwed in terms of transportation. I am forced to interact with a dog, which I am allergic to. I am pretty sure I am, since I cough up a lung in the presence of the animal. My skin gets itchy too and my eyes. I totally feel your pain. I can’t interact with the dog without feeling sickly after. I live in Canada, but our health care system sucks too. I have to wait a year for an allergy test, this coming January. I am going to have to see one sooner since I am having asthma like symptoms. I need a puffer when I have an allergy episode. I totally empathize with you. The stress and allergies make you feel run down and sick all the time.

    The dog is cute,……but to me, it isn’t worth the pain and symptoms. I much rather be pet free. My idea of a pet is one of those furreal pet dragons, lol. He is better therapy to me than a dog, since I don’t have an asthma attack from a toy.

    I hope things get better for you Brianna. Vent here all you need!

  45. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    My boyfriend constantly brings dogs into the house. I have made him get rid of 2 previous ones and now we have two more. They smell awful all of the time. Not matter how many baths! If they go outside they come in 10 minutes later and stink! All of the blankets in my house stink because of them! No matter how many washes I’m going to have to burn those blankets. Not to mention the damage the little one has done to my perfect carpet. Their shedding is unbearable. I vacuum twice a day and I have to clear the vacuum multiple times while cleaning the same room because their is so much fur. The bad yard is a crap put and I’m allergic to them. They per and it makes the fur on their stomachs wet (gag) and they constantly have eye goop. (Gag again). Neither one is neutered or UTD on shots. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught these gross loud dogs licking their crotch and butts and frankly I’m tired of my house smelling like this. I grew up in a clean dog free home and I have sworn to my boyfriend if he does not her these dogs out I will take the kids and move out. I know that sounds dramatic but I can’t take it anymore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve considered leaving the dog hate open and letting them escape. Every time I tell him to get rid of these animals he becomes practically hysterical!

  46. Hmm my fiancée has the same breed of dog. And it stinks more than any dog I have smelt. Maybe like his dog yours has a skin condition like a yeast infection or something. And those dogs are hyper till the day they die. It won’t calm down unless you spay or neuter it that will help some.

  47. Cats are f****** stupid and your stupid for having four of them and even stupider if your considering giving one to your friend who just got rid of his dog. He will get rid of your shitty cat too.there is no comparison between the two dogs when trained which takes a few weeks of there life’s are affectionate intelligent funny playful and amazing companions cats in the other hand suck! There vicious one of the dumbest animals on the planet this is proven…. They do not care for afection and when they do it is because iT suits them, they use you for food then bugger off until there hungry again. Cats want to be pleased dogs want to please. Its not a hard choice. Id choose a pibull in a shopping cart all day over a caniving little f*** wit cat. So would most people apart from crazy old cat ladys

  48. Good Afternoon Bob. Let’s clarify the meaning of stupid.

    Cats are f****** stupid and your stupid – The proper spelling would be the conjugated form of you are or “you’re”.

    for having four of them and even stupider if your considering giving one to your friend – see above

    there is no comparison between the two dogs when trained which takes a few weeks of there life’s are affectionate intelligent funny playful and amazing companions cats in the other hand suck! – This sentence is lacking in appropriate spelling, grammar, punctuation and literacy. Seems you are attempting to say “lives” but this entire thought is unclear.

    There vicious one of the dumbest animals on the planet this is proven….The appropriate spelling when referring to cats in this sentence is the conjugated form of they are or “they’re”. This is a run on sentence lacking punctuation and proper sentence structure.

    They do not care for afection and when they do it is because iT suits them, they use you for food then bugger off until there hungry again.- “there hungry”- See above. You may also want to utilize spell check. Our site offers this feature to assist you in your communication as well.

    Cats want to be pleased dogs want to please.- Another example of a run on sentence lacking in punctuation.

    Its not a hard choice. Id choose a pibull in a shopping cart all day over a caniving little f*** wit cat.
    – Spell check is an amazing modern technology. In lieu of spell check you may want to visit your local library and check out a dictionary.

    So would most people apart from crazy old cat ladys – We do not tolerate “ism” on this site. This would include, racism, sexism and ageism.

  49. In addition Bob, our section entitled I Hate My Dog is offered to individuals who through no fault of their own are afflicted with living with a dog. Individuals may offer support to one another and freely express how they feel about their loathsome beast without judgment from dog apologists. Your toxic comments in this section are unwelcome. Please refrain from commenting in this section.

  50. I’ll bet you Bob has a house full of stinking pits. Let’s hope he has no children in the house.

  51. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “oy” in “comment_content” *]
    Glad I found this site. I hate my dogs. I have 2 small pekes but that annoy me to death. People always say they are so well behaved and nice and how lucky I am to have them. (It’s not luck, it’s hard work getting them to behave around strangers). My favourite is when people ask why my house never smells like dog. Because I clean it all the time like I have OCD just to make sure it never smells. Another thing that really annoys me, is that people like dogs more than humans. I hate dogs and I hate dog charities even more.

    I have never harmed my dogs because I wouldn’t hurt them maliciously but I fantasize about it. I dream of coming home and finding that they ate coffee or something. It wasn’t always like this. My husband and I got the first peke and he was awesome at first but house training him turned into a nightmare. All he did was pee everywhere. When he was finally sorted everything was fine for a while. We had a brain fart that he needed a friend and got him a sister. I hated her from the moment I met her. She is bossy, a bullly and barks at every little thing. That stupid dog is the reason I hate dogs. I am at home all day and all she does is bark. I hate it when people tell me how adorable she is, when I dream about kicking her in the face. I lock them outside all day because they are always doing something disgusting. I am not an animal hater. I have two cats that I love to bits. They are not attention sluts like my dogs. They never do disgusting things. You never find them eating poop.

    My mother-in-law talked me into getting them. She is a dog breeder and I hate her.

  52. Why are you people so hateful? Dogs and all animals deserve respect. This is the same thing as going around saying you hate all people. If you don’t like dogs then don’t get one. It’s that simple. Idiots.

  53. Lisa, I’m pretty sure if it was as simple as not getting a dog, there would barely be anyone on this site. And no, dogs and people are not the same thing.

  54. Good Day Lisa,
    To answer some of your questions, please see below. Also the section I Hate My Dog is reserved for individuals who through no fault of their own are forced to live with a dog. This section is a safe forum for them to express how they truly feel without criticism or judgment from dog zealots. Please comment in our other sections in the future.

    “Why are you people so hateful?”
    On the contrary, dog owners are fully responsible for the public perception of individuals not wanting contact with or suffering the consequences of the impact of dogs. If dog owners truly cared about dogs they would be responsible so that individuals like us would not suffer a diminished quality of life because of dogs. If you love dogs, be a responsible dog owner.

    “Dogs and all animals deserve respect.”
    1) Dogs are man made, hybrid, mutants created to perform a service. They are more like GMO. They have long outlived their usefulness and are currently held captive as fur slaves to meet the emotional needs of dog owners aka fur slavers like yourself. If dogs were set free to live in the wild like REAL animals, natural selection would do its job and they would become extinct. Instead they are kept artificially in existence for the sole purpose of being your fur slave.
    2)I don’t know anyone on this site that does not love animals and nature. However I for one would not invite a goat inside to crap and piss in my home.

    “This is the same as going around saying you hate all people”.

    This is faulty reasoning. Dogs and humans are not parallels on any level. Comparing a dog to a human is unconscionable. Shame on you.

    “If you don’t like dogs then don’t get one. It’s that simple.”
    Sigh..If only it were that simple. All of the health, safety, noise and environmental issues related to environmental dogs would be solved. Instead, because of irresponsible dog owners, dogs impact the health and safety of humans especially children every day. Our communities and homes are no longer safe with aggressive dogs being peddled by pit apologists and dangerous dogs roaming off lease on streets, parks and public areas. We are subjected to dog contamination in restaurants, retail food stores, hospitals where nutters bring their ” therapy dogs”, airplanes, hotel rooms and just about anywhere. Our public water is polluted with millions of tons of dog waste/disease at an alarming rate. Dog waste accounts for 1/3 of the pollution in our drinking water. Each day our health and quality of life is compromised because of epidemic dog noise being force feed to individuals beyond their control.

    Thank you for your intelligent participation LMAO

  55. If I ever ever leave my dog in the house without crating him, he shits and pees on something that can’t be washed. I want to get rid of him but I can’t. If I am,in the house he follows me everywhere I go. If I escape the house he cries and whines and digs ruts into the front door frame. I hate being a shit and piss servant to a neurotic little bitch. I do my best and we get along for 3 or 4 days in a row and then he does some other shit and I have to get hold of myself. Sometimes I yell and scream but he still follows me everywhere I go 24 hours a day. I have to clap in his face to get him to stop following me. Yes, every other human on earth loves dogs. Yes, I’m a monster. But I am so ##### sick of him.

  56. I’m sorry to hear you must live with this chaos and disgust. You are astute and honest enough to recognize how you feel and express it. Bravo to you. I hope you can change your life.

  57. What about us people who are FORCED AGAINST OUR WILL to live amongst a dog? I still live my parents. However, me and my mother are forced to clean up after the damn mutt. Dogs and cats are gross…….they make your house dirty, spread gross diseases, and steal your freedom.

    If people spent the same effort in helping each other as they do with their dander filled beasts……man, it would be great!

  58. I feel your pain. My boyfriend has a dog that sheds everywhere it’s annoying needy, smells. I hate it’s constant presence we can’t have any alone time in peace the dof is constantly in his face, I’m generally a calm tolerate mild tempered person but this dog puts me in such a bad mood. Stares at you while you eat, stalks my boyfriend he allows it in the kitchen. I’m so sick of it, I can’t wear black to his place and when I leave I always feel dog hair stduck in my throat.. He wants us to move in together… Hell no….I can’t say anything bad about this dog it runs his life he even takes it to work …
    So annoying, it just feels like I’m cheated out of special moments with him because of this thing sometimes I hate it but then I feel bad for feeling this way.

  59. Thank you so much for this comment. I almost want to copy and save it to remind me that not all men have dogs and place the animals needs over their partners sanity. I love a clean sparkling modern home and my boyfriend is obsessed with his dog, his house is filthy I’m miserable when I visit, worst when I help him clean up and it lasts for 2minutes. Thanks for reminding us some men appreciate a clean woman and puts her needs before that of some filthy animal. My boyfriend is pressuring me to move in… Haha I think not. I don’t want to risk my sanity. That kind of unhealthy situation can scar you and change who you are. Thank you for this comment

  60. I so envy you! I cannot wait for this destructive dog to be gone! He has chewed holes in everything we own. I can’t decorate the way I used to, he ruins everything he can reach. I am ready to say it”s me or the dog, but he’d probably choose the dog! Tonight I actually researched what plants or prescriptions are poisonous to dogs. He’s not even two yet, and I can’t take another 10 years with him!

  61. You guys are all quite brutal about your opinions, aren’t you?

    …I love you all.

  62. So, here’s my thoughts on the matter…

    Dogs are worthless. I LOATHE them. I consider them nothing more than a loud, whiny, clingy little nuisance. They’ll bark relentlessly and ignore you when you tell them to stop. They’ll sit there while you’re trying to enjoy your meal and whine for food like the little bitches they are. They’ll run around and roughhouse with one another, tearing up your possessions and damaging furniture in the process. They’ll crap all over your house and then you’re stuck cleaning it up. They’re just annoying, pure and simple. WAY too high-maintenance and WAY too excitable for an easily frustrated, quick to anger guy like me to deal with them.

    So, of course I’m in a family of dog lovers.

    My entire family ADORES dogs. We have two of them, and I utterly despise both of them. Now don’t get me wrong, I would NEVER wish harm upon them, I’m not a monster, but I do try to make as little contact with them as possible and I do my best to ignore them for the most part. They’re all the hell over me, and they’re always getting in my way when I’m trying to deal with chores and whatnot, but I’m able to brush them off mostly.

    I may be more obligated to give them a chance if my family would stop getting all uppity about my dislike for them. I’m annoyed with them constantly whining for food while we’re eating and I tell them to stop? They IMMEDIATELY act like I’M the bad guy because I don’t like listening to their mangy pug-terrier mutt’s high-pitched, irritating squeaking while I’m trying to eat, every five freaking seconds. Hell, my mom literally told me she was concerned I was gonna be a serial killer or psychopath because of my ‘lack of empathy.’ It’s not my fault he’s so ball-gratingly annoying, and the fact that you immediately jump to his defense when I express any form of displeasure at his actions is NOT making me like him any more! Apparently I’m more annoying, when the problem is VERY easily resolved by just removing the flea-bitten mutt from the god forsaken room! And when I try to remove the problem by putting the dogs outside as punishment for being infuriating to deal with? I immediately get scolded, told I’m ‘horrible’ and ‘rude’ and ‘mean’. If they’d learn to keep their furry faces shut, it wouldn’t even be an issue!

    I’ve made it VERY clear to my family that I’m a cat-lover. I think cats are cuter, fluffier, quieter, far more manageable, MUCH less reliant on us, they have far more personality, and did I mention that they are freaking ADORABLE? ‘Cause…Y’know…Cats are freaking adorable. How does this go over?

    First of all, despite getting offended whenever I make a mean-spirited comment about the family dogs, they certainly won’t hesitate to badmouth our cat at any given opportunity. I love my cat. She’s a little bit of a bitch, but it just makes her even cuter. She’s like a cute, fluffy version of a snobby rich girl, and I love it. I don’t get on their case about it when they insult my preferred pet. But when I say something bad about our mutts? They all gang right the hell up on me like they just can’t FATHOM the fact that I [GASP] don’t enjoy their stupid smelly slobbering beasts jumping all over me every time I walk into the room, barking their fool heads off every time I come upstairs, crying like little bitches when I don’t give them my dinner, and just all around being FAR more trouble than they’re worth.

    When I told my family I loved cats and hated dogs, my mom made the argument that her precious widdle pug-terrier is ‘like a cat’ because he’s ‘small and cuddly’. Yeah, I can buy that…He IS like a cat. If you removed everything I love about cats and added everything I hate about dogs amped up to eleven.

    She’s told me I shouldn’t hate him because ‘he should be so cute it should cancel out all the annoying things he does’. That’s not how it works, mom! I don’t care how cute he is. The point is, he annoys me. Being cute can only get you so far in my eyes, and since that braindead doofus of a dog won’t cease finding new ways to piss me off, y’know what? It’s his annoyingness that cancels out his cuteness, not the other way around.

    They always take EVERY opportunity to egg me on about it, baby talking them and going on about how great they are right in front of me, for the sole purpose of getting a rise out of me.

    My mom has told me that our pug terrier is ‘Her baby’, and that ‘it makes me sad that you hate him’. Why does it matter what I have to say about your little squeaky toy?

    She’s also made the claim that ‘he’s my brother.’ …No. Remember that other male homo sapien you gave birth to? THAT is my brother. Not that little rodent you brought home randomly one day.

    I have asked her to respect the fact that I don’t like the dogs. She says ‘No! That’s like if Shawn asked me to respect him not liking you!’ …There is a MASSIVE difference between hating your own flesh and blood sibling that’s gonna be with you most of your life, and hating a dog that’s gonna be dead by the time I’m thirty.

    But when someone’s dog just comes barreling over to me, barking and clearly looking like it wants to jump on me? It scares the living CRAP out of me. And sadly, that’s the kind of common occurrence you get with certain dog lovers.

  63. I have come to realize that I struggle with whom I hate more, Dogs or their owners? Which is objectively worse? I’ll explain my situation and then examine it- It’s going to be pretty hard to follow forum rules and eschew profanity.

    I live with an old friend in a house. Right before I moved in he found a dog on the street and decided to bring it home. While his first, and in my opinion most correct, plan was to rehab the dog and give it to a shelter, he is a first time owner and the ever present and ever-pathetic human dog emotional codependency kicked in. Like most of his commitments he wavered almost immediately. The animal has now been living with us for 9 months.

    Where do I begin with this waste of oxygen? I guess I will start off with my conclusion: That this dog should be put to sleep for several reasons. That it’s the only animal I can think of that, if given the choice, might actually WANT to be put to sleep.

    The thing cannot be left alone for any amount of time. When my roommate leaves the dog immediately urinates, defecates, and/or pukes all over the house because it has serious emotional issues and cannot be alone, EVER. Sounds really functional right? Own a dog, all you have to do is never leave your house again.

    It never plays, is never happy, never wags its tail, and literally has to be coerced to eat. It takes a double dose of prozac (like the dog needs an %$^*#%$ing therapist) This animal sits in a dejected state all day and barely possesses the will to live EXCEPT:
    -When I walk in the door, still after 9 months, he acts aggressively and barks at me like I’m a stranger.
    – When it freaks out because my roommate temporarily detaches the UMBILICAL cord shared between them all day, every day to go out somewhere. The floorboards are WARPED from all the plss.
    -When it bites me and other people in the face, savagely, for no apparent reason.
    -When it develops never before seen and herculean strength to break out of every single cage that was ever purchased to hold it and its feces; the current number is 5.

    Did you catch the dog biting me in the face part? It’s done it twice. It wasn’t playing, it was attacking. My crime was sitting with it on the couch. My roommate’s response? “Well what did you do to him?”

    Not, ‘are you okay’ or, ‘I’m sorry my pathetic trash animal bit your head’. Because he’s not sorry. In his warped, twisted mind what the dog did must have been justified in some way. After I yelled at the dog and resisted every urge in my body to snap it’s neck, he actually petted it and said “there there, good boy”. He actually is so sick with his need to comfort this waste of life that he positively reinforces it when it bites someone in the head. Not only does he NOT discipline the special little precious baby (it’s 45lbs) he actually encourages the behavior because his head lives up inside of his own rectum, and only occasionally ventures out into the world.

    I told him if it ever happens again he’s getting sued and I’ll have the dog put to sleep myself.

    My roommate KNOWS that the dog defiles the house and panics because it has separation anxiety problems, and his solution is…. to be in direct physical contact with the animal, all day, every day, like some sort of sad lazy parasitic symbiote. That should help, right? That’s a totally logical training solution, right? Why would the dog ever learn to be OK by itself if you literally never ever let it be by itself?!

    Dogs smell, they’re filthy and disgusting, they eat their own waste and the waste of others. They’re needy, codependent monsters who belong outside.

    But the only things more loathsome are the simpering idiots that own them and make them this way. These people are so selfish and impulsive that they have chosen to make another organism exclusively dependant on them, just for their own comfort and amusement. They prioritize an animal over actual human beings (in my case a human being that pays to live there) in every circumstance, and they burden other people with the care of their animal or consideration of it without even blinking an eye.

    The answer is clear- dogs suck but dog owners are worse- sad pathetic people who often make their own bad decisions everyone else’s responsibility. They are the ones who need correction, chemically or otherwise.

  64. I don’t have to live with a dog, but my business partner has a crapbag who is out of control..This idiot dog will bite anyone who does not” play ball” with him..She brought this beast into our business one day while we were prepping for grand opening..I was on a ladder, painting a ceiling. She comes in with this ugly beast when she knows I hate dogs and AFTER we agreed her dog would never set foot in our business ( a grocery store)..The dog starts flipping out, bark, bark, bark( I even get pissed off seeing the word bark in print, that is how much I hate dogs..)..She says to me ” come down off the ladder and play ball with him for a minute or he won’t stop barking”. I told her I would, like hell, stop what I am doing to coddle this idiot animal..She looked at me like i was some kind of subhuman..She left, but later on, I found out she let one of her friends in the store when I wasn’t there and the dog peed in the store..In a GROCERY store..I was horrified and she wasn’t even the least bit bothered by it. Nor was the woman who owned the dog..This moron allowed her dog to lick her childs rear end after she defecated, a 4 year old girl..The girl would get off the toilet, bend over and the dog would be right there to clean her off..I almost vomited when I learned this and still haven’t emotionally recovered from this knowledge. Yet still, people wonder why we hate dogs, as well as their idiot slave owners..I’m so grateful for a place like this where i can say what i really feel about dogs..Thank you

  65. “This moron allowed her dog to lick her child’s rear end after she defecated, a 4 year old girl..The girl would get off the toilet, bend over and the dog would be right there to clean her off”

    Sounds like a case for child protective services, involving inappropriate sexual contact and the possibility of her child contracting parasites and/or a disease. You can make an anonymous call. The worker will privately interview the child.

    The dog nutters would probably consider this animal abuse so you might call AC.

  66. “This moron allowed her dog to lick her child’s rear end after she defecated, a 4 year old girl..The girl would get off the toilet, bend over and the dog would be right there to clean her off”

    Please, please, report this woman to CPS! That poor little girl. 🙁

  67. Such a wonderful topic!

    Here’s my story about the dogs in my life.

    1) When I was younger, my brother and I wanted a dog. We never even thought about having it in the house. We never got one because my mother knew better and didn’t want to have to deal with it. Good thinking, Mom!
    2) When I met my wife she had a female dog. I thought nothing of, thinking that I would be okay with it. I was wrong, so wrong. That dog would go on to chew up my clothes and piss all over the place. I guess it was jealous of me being with my soon to be wife. We ended up moving to another place and unfortunately, my wife wanted the dog to go with us. It is such a hassle traveling with a freaking dog. We met some friends and they had a big black dog that would constantly lick you. I CANNOT stand that. We all know that a dog’s mouth is not clean. I would go home and clean up every time we went to their house. And the dog would constantly lick my shoes, I guess because it would smell our Beast on them. So I decided to put rubbing alcohol all over my shoes and guess what, he didn’t lick my shoes anymore. When we moved from there, we couldn’t bring our dog with us and had to get rid of her. I was so happy. It was so relaxing knowing that we could travel and move about without worrying about getting a travel kennel and paying extra money for an animal. We wouldn’t get another dog until about 8-9 years ago.
    3) So my wife wanted to get another dog and got a shih-zhu. I call it the other s-word. I told my wife and kids that they had better get that Beast potty trained because I didn’t want to come home to a house smelling like dog piss. “Oh we will” they say. You know how this turned out. When we finally moved from that house, it smelled of dog piss no matter how many times we had the carpets professionally cleaned. My wife is such a dog lover that she is always putting that Beast on our beds and furniture. That was a huge mistake. Now that nasty Beast thinks it is a part of this family and jumps up on the sofa all the time. He’s marked on and continues to piss on every piece of furniture in our house. I’ve tried putting pee-pads on the floor where the idiot pisses at but he will pee on the corner of the pads, defeating the purpose of the pads. I hate coming home and instantly smelling that that Beast has pissed somewhere. My wife and kids are nose blind to the smell. I have no patience for that freakin’ dog, NONE! We’ve been looking at new homes and every time, I tell my wife that I don’t even want to bother with moving again because that stupid dog will realize it’s in a new place and start peeing on everything where our current furniture will be. Recently, this idiot dog has been pissing on our bedroom closet door. Sometimes, the door to our bedroom will open up due to changing pressure in the house. If we’re not watching his stupid @$$, he will slink off our bedroom and proceed to piss on the door. Same goes for our kids room as well. I angrily tell my wife and kids that this stupid d@mn dog treats this house as his own personal backyard. She is always putting that Beast on our bed at bedtime. Before I go to sleep, I pick his stanky butt up and put him in his kennel. Can’t stand having that Beast in the same bed as me. Every now and then, my wife will want to try and get him classified as a “comfort” dog. Whatever. That is the biggest load of cr@p I have ever heard. You didn’t see this stuff 10 years ago. I shake my head when I see those comfort dogs in grocery stores or other stores you normally don’t see animals in. Seeing-eye dogs, I understand but not these comfort dogs. Sometimes, my wife will lose patience with the Beast and yell at him or get frustrated after cleaning up after him. The first words out of my mouth are “Why don’t you get rid of him then you won’t have to worry about that anymore?”.

    I’m soooo glad that I found this site. I don’t know why it took me so long to find it. Glad to know that there are others out there that do not like these four-legged nuisances that seem to think that our only purpose in life is to serve them.

  68. I grew up with cats and I thought I loved all animals. My husbands allergic to cats so we got a dog instead.
    I thought it’ll be as good as a cat. But I f***ing hate this dog.
    He’s selfish and annoying, doesn’t control himself over hyper and down right mean.
    I miss cats.

  69. My dad has ptsd as well and says dogs are f***ing disgusting and annoying. But he loves cats because they cuddle with you but take care of themselves. You only need to clean the litter box and put food in their bowl.
    I thought I loved animals, everytime I see a bird or even rat I find it cute.
    I f***ing hate dogs. They whine when they don’t get what they want, they bite and are mean when you say no. They’re selfish and follow you around and cry when you close the door.
    Annoying dirty f***ing selfish animal. Hate them. And I’m stuck with a f***ing puppy because my husbands allergic to cats

  70. WOW–I agree with all of you!! I thought I was the ONLY one that thinks dogs are a huge waste of time, energy and $$. Nothing good comes of them. Nothing.
    Love reading all these stories–I totally relate and so much of what happened to you has happened to me. I feel you all!

  71. Oh how I loved your post! I laughed and felt relief. I hate the 2 idiot dogs at my house too! I wish they’d run and not come back! Can’t stand them! Loved your post.

  72. I used to have a stupid, smelly, noisy and tiring dog who would eat the rubbish bins and do many other disgusting stuff. The stupid dog would always bark at me TOP VOLUME whenever I disciplined it by saying “No” in a firm voice. Also, whenever we went to the pub we would have to take the stupid dog because we couldn’t trust it alone. Then what does that stupid thing do, it growls and bites the lead all the way through the walking journey and I couldn’t even take it anymore. I dreaded coming home each day and I purposely ate chicken with my friends to stay up late to get away from the stupid and loud licking dog. It stepped on it’s crap and tracked it across the whole house. NOW MY HOUSE SMELT LIKE CRAP AT THE TIME!
    The beast would run around and make stupid noises and it would run around the whole house like 3739474737373 times. The stupid monster would distract me during my homework. It would go absolutely CRAZY when the doorbell rang. It would shit and piss all over the whole house and it would be barking and whining all night whenever I went to sleep as I would OBVIOUSLY shut the door so the shit couldn’t get in. It was shitting mountains and pissing seas. It had an area for it to piss and shit on but it AVOIDED that space and literally shit and pissed all over the carpet and the sofa-bed was all ripped and it would eat from the bins. Dogs? NEVER AGAIN! I have a cat now and she is lovely unlike the BEAST I got over a year ago

  73. Hi all so like some people I don’t hate all dogs just poor behaved ones. I have two dogs of my own and when my husband moved in with his dog I had only seen it a couple of times and had no idea what I was getting myself into. His dog is a large 11 year old golden retreiver a breed who I had always heard and saw to be great dogs. Before he moved in I had stipulated that his dog needed to be fixed and my husband agreed at the time and said it would be done after the expense of moving and fixing the car which had broke down. Well four years later and he now says he’s to old and won’t do anything so it’s pointless. The beasts behaviour is awful he has an attitude problem and growls when you try to tell him to do something . My son was bit when he was in his room packing his cloths the dog tried to come into his room and he put his foot out towards the beast and it bit him. Keep in mind my dogs have never bit it don’t matter what you do to them they love us and would never do that. They are good family dogs this beast is not, and cannot be trusted with young kids. My husband is delusional and basically says his dog would never bite and if he did he had good reason to. I don’t buy into that crap a good dog would never bite to top off his bad attitude he is a smelly high shedding dog with skin issues( constant hotspots) and he doesn’t listen to me or my kids at all. He hardly listens to the hubby because the hubby will say something and not make him listen. To top that off my family does not like the dog and has pretty much stopped visiting because of it. The dog knocks people over because he thinks it’s totally cool to run into people and if you are going down the stairs he will come down behind you and knock you over. This is extremely dangerous behaviour. He is extremely hyper and the hubby does not walk him or have time for him. Since this beast has come into my house my poor dogs can not have any toys because the beast destroys them or steals them leading to dog fights. The beast has destroyed two couches and many other little things. My hubby and I fight about the dog all the time infact 98% of our fights are about his beast. I don’t understand how the hubby thinks it’s ok to have a dog we all loath and think that I should be the one to take care of a dog that I loath. I have actually begged him to take the beast with him for just one week and he won’t….. He always has some excuse why he can’t. I cannot wait for this beast to die. He is a waste of space a waste of 100$ a month in dog food + treats+ costly vet visits when his skin gets infected etc… I have tried to train this beast but he barely listens to his owner let alone me. My hubby should not have this beast and this beast could have a way better quality of life for his remaining years with people who have time for it. I work as well although not nearly as much as the hubby. What is wrong with my hubby? Why can’t he see we are miserable and so is his beast? My dogs hate his beast to and that’s because the beast wants to mount them male or not and my dogs do not like that plus they also don’t like having their toys destroyed. I sometimes feel bad for this beast as I hate hating it but I can’t help it. I tried to love him but I can’t I see no redeeming quality and the chaos he brings to my house is unreal. The only reason I haven’t gotten rid of it is because my hubby would never forgive me for getting rid of “his” beast which he supposedly loves but yet does not spend time with or take care of it. I don’t understand people sometimes.

  74. The worst part is if that dog hurts your child or any child for that matter even tho you have made it clear to him that the dog needs to go you will be charged as well and held responsible.

  75. Welp, we already have two dogs that I hate…and now we’re getting a third. It’s a damn chihuahua, too. The most irritating kind…

  76. Okay, I’ve gotta say, I love dog’s. Love, love, love them. I have one very well behaved one of my own, will be getting more in the future and look after and exercise one for a friend (I love to bikejore and his dog is an excellent puller and fast runner. My dog is also fast, but not so much into pulling. Both only pull in harness of course). But the amount of dog’s on this list that think it’s okay to defecate and urinate INSIDE the house is insane. These dogs need to either go, or get a rude awakening. ASAP.
    A flatmate of a friend once brought her Boxer to my place. He was there for maybe half an hour when he thought it would be appropriate to piss all over the hallway. I promptly belted his ear, grabbed his collar and twisted it so he choked while I dragged him out the front door, front feet off the ground, tied him up to a tree on a short leash, shoved his collar to the top of his neck and tighened it a couple of holes to take the slack out of it. When he decided it would be a good idea to start whinging and barking, he was immediately muzzled. Some of this may sound cruel, and I would never do so to a puppy who was learning, but this b****** f****** well knew better. If there is one thing I CANNOT stand, it is a stupid mutt who is disrespectful enough to defecate or urinate inside someones house and then has the audacity to whinge about his punishment. He did not come back in. Is never coming back to my house. Ever. I would expect a puppy in training to have an accident or two inside the house but not a fully grown dog unless they had incontinence issues, in which case, nappies.

    Also, for Waiting For The Mutt To Die who has the menace of a Golden Retriever. You mentioned that the dog has bitten before, but your husband won’t get rid of the evil twit. I suggest getting a muzzle. One that he can pant and drink water in. Only remove it when he eats and sleeps. This way he can’t bite anyone and it saves your well mannered dog’s toys and your furniture from his destruction. If your husband complains, tell him it’s either this, or the dog goes. Hopefully, you will at least be able to muzzle train him. If you can get a choker around his neck, it gives you a lot of power. Keep it at the top of his neck and pull UP not back. Do it hard enough and you’ll cut off his air supply momentarily. Do this only if you must. It may sound cruel, but at this point he NEEDS to submit to you, and if the only way to do this is by backing him into a corner and making him submit to it forcefully, then that’s what you need to do. Never let him get away with ANYTHING. With dog’s, a lot of what matters is force of will. Literally mind over matter. Your will needs to be stronger than his. It would definitely help if he was neutered. Of course you will still need to be careful and read his signs to avoid being harmed yourself but you need to take charge. I fear what would happen if he is left as he is, he could seriously maul someone. If he doesn’t listen to you, MAKE him listen. How you do this is up to you. Exercise caution, however. You know the dog better than I and should know whether what I suggested will make things worse or better. When he starts to submit and listen, don’t be mean about it, but be firm. Always follow through. If you tell him to sit, do not let up until he sits but do not repeat the command. Attitude is important. He can no longer be allowed to rule the house.

  77. Hello Skye,

    1) Your post is a whole lot of dog mantra aka dog nonsense, that none of us have any interest in. We strive to live dog free and that means all the drama you describe that goes along with owning a dog. There are sites for the dog obsessed. This is not one of those sites.

    2) Our section I Hate My Dog! is simply a place where a person who is unfortunate enough to live with a dog(s), realizing , yep I hate this beast, and would like to truly express how they feel without judgement from other dog owners. No judgement means YOU ( dog owner) should not be trying to correct her interaction with her dog or explain “how it’s really done”. Yep that’s called judgement.

    3) Lastly, I believe you posted in the wrong section- Check out Why Dog Owners are the Abusers of Dogs. It’s self explanatory.

    Thanks for participating.

  78. Yes I beleive he has a yeast infection. Hubby won’t do anything to treat it. The vet didn’t even think into looking into it and hubby does not want to spend money on tests. That’s how much he “loves” his beast. I suppose I can do a home remedy and spray him. At least that will be one less nuisance. It’s just aggravating to have to deal with these things when he can’t deal with his own beast.

  79. Finallynodogsinmyhouse- Quite honestly after dealing with a mutt my husband had that bit me I would be looing into divorce. In fact I told my husband a dog would = divorce. I was guilted into taking care of the rancid thing as my husband was gone all the time. Nothing felt better than the day the thing was left and the pound. I felt like a million tons of stress had been pulled off me.
    His choice to keep the dog somehow became 100% my responsibility so I took full responsibility and got rid of it. I refused to keep a bite hazard (lawsuit) in my yard.

    Skye you are a twit. We hate dogs and don’t want them in our homes or to be inflicted with them everywhere we go but no one here advocates abuse. Your method of dealing with a misbehaving dogs is psychotic, sadistic and just plain twisted although you do represent a fair number of dog owners who have no idea how to train the monster you brought into your home.
    Suggesting choking an animal to cut off their air supply tells me anything I need to know about you. No living being, animal or human should ever be left alone with you.

  80. Sky I realize you were trying to be helpful but many of your suggestions would not work with this beast. For starters he climbs on the couch and scratches the crap out of it with his claws cause he’s to stupid to know the couch cushions won’t move….. We have to put chairs up when we leave but lord help us if we forget one day. He also has a choke collar and will choke himself willingly I honestly think he enjoys it. He does not know how to walk on a leash even tho for 8 years of his life he was walked by some dog freak lady and will pull you off your feet at will. Hubby can’t even hold him back and he is a large guy at 6″2. As far as correcting him trust me no matter what I do he won’t listen and if I use physical force I risk getting attacked. Trust me on this I have taught a lot of dogs things including my own and some family members and have watched tons of dog behaviour shows. This dog is very close to untrainable. He also seems to know that he can get away with a lot more when hubby is around. It is so much easier to lock him up when hubby is away. That way my family and dogs can be at peace for a bit.

  81. And yet you let your children continue to live in a home with an unstable beast that has already bitten one of them. You are no better than your husband. He’s an idiot and you enable it.

  82. OMG. This is awesome. what you said is so true. I am glad I am not the only one who feels this way.

  83. All of you are the exact type of people I’d expect to see thrown in jail for animal abuse.

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