210 thoughts on “The Cult of Dog Worship and Human Sacrifice

  1. Hi thanks for responding. I like my bf he is good to my kids and myself. But his dog is the only thing that gets to me. The dog is sick and I felt “with guilt” happy about it. I may sound inhuman but I was a bit happy to hear that! The dog is old and absolutely filthy.. I’m not American so I don’t have a dog love/obsession/fetish as most Americans.. I just pray this filthy thing dies.. albeit I know it will break bf’s heart.. so confusing.. I just told bf recently that I will never have a dog in my house .. hoping he will get it..

  2. Can’t you tell already? She is angry at people. She must have been dumped big time. Pity.

  3. Nita you are wrong about Americans. I am American and I hate dogs. Most Americans do “not” like dogs, but the media likes to pretend they do. There are many laws in America that prevent dog owners from taking their dogs out in public. They need a special license. The media pretends to report that Americans love dogs but that is a lie. The problem is that the minority who love dogs, have a louder voice than the silent majority. I have said it for a long time. Dogs are not the problem, their owners are.

  4. Insane, honoring a dead dog like that. Wasting tens of thousands of dollars on a dead dog. They won’t even give dead US soldiers a funeral. Or help our wounded vererans get health care. The problem is people who “love” and “advocate” for these rotten, smelly, foul beasts. Humanity has gone batshit crazy.

  5. I have met a lot of people who love dogs more than they love children. I heard one person say that “dogs are people too!”
    That statement has to be a form of insanity.

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