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    THIS IS TRULY madness and stupidity.

    Hey, I quit going to Church when I was 9. Thank goodness or I would have to stop NOW!!!

  2. Has anyone seen the ridiculousness of the funeral that took place for a lousy police mutt? The law agency paid for an officer style funeral for a lousy mutt that got shot?!! your opinions please

  3. Me and my wife happened to encounter all embracing love to shit eaters trying to avoid it.
    Next to our dwelling there is the house for rent. The people move in and out there pretty often and
    now we have single mom and young single lady as neighbors. Mom has 2 small dogs and sinle has one more yap-maker.
    Cannot complain too much against their barking. I saw much worse. Anyway my wife usually turns backyard speakers on in order to voice down shiteaters and listen music instead of mad yelping. Usually they took away their ‘kids’ back home shortly.
    And Tuesday, October 7 (I remember because I was sick and stayed home and that was the
    birthday of Putin) the single lady decided to set up the “normal relationship”. I wish she wouldn’t.
    She knocked I have opened the door. She represented herself and asked to call my wife. Probably
    she was about to call to her bitch maternal insticts. She brought yelper as well and kept it in her hands and started her story. Of course, that was rescued dog, of course somebody was torturing him and she showed his cut tail and something with his ass. I stopped to listen because was forcing myself not to vomit. That was my last dream in this life to observe dog shit producing factory. She told something about how tough was this shit previous life and scary he is of everything and she will work out through this and it will become the sweetheart of neighborhood.
    My wife told that she doesn’t care about this dog and just want the noise wasn’t exported to our private territory. I added that I feel myself in my backyard like in concentration camp because there every man movement was followed by dog barking (according to movies and memoirs) and this is why we turning it in dance floor.
    Christ, you should see that face. Cheap sarcasm, agressiveness – we made fun out of her baby. Her baby and concentration camps! Nobody cares about his tail! Nobody wants to see its ass! I didn’t want to interrupt her and she’s gone victorious. Why didn’t she show her ass? In order to estimate what is wrong with her ‘baby”s ass I need to see the model ass next to it. I would appreciate.

    Tww days later our remote relatives came. I know they are shit eaters lovers and tried not to start this topic and avoided to be engaged in that kind of conversation as much as possible. We went to Russian store and some old idiot with piece of shit eater in his hands entered it. My relative almost immediately started conversation about the piece of shit: how cute, she reminds me my dog, what breed it is. The dog in food store and nobody cares. Just kiss its ass.
    Then we came to our house, drank beer and were talking about this and that. And finally I was instructed: Your house and backyard are so good but you miss one thing – dog. I said I hate everything dependable and not being able to take care about shit, smell etc. Shortly I against any kind of pet. But you miss fun he said. I have a lot of fun. You will have more. Shit. I asked do not give me advices.

    Finally they got insulted me inside my own house. Will there be any shit eaters ebola?
    I feel exactly like my grandma and mama told me they felt during German occupation time during WWII.

    Any conversation comes to this shit and if you avoid communication they will come to your house.

    Sorry for “Oxford” English but I guess the idea is clear.

  4. miau,I agree about the pet industry but can you blame them?Dog owners will spend large amounts of money on the stupidest shit and you know the saying…a fool and his money is soon parted.I guess its hard NOT to take advantage of them.
    And I can totally relate on the yard thing.The whole reason I moved into the house I live in is because of the big beautiful front and back yard.During my first week of living here two small stray dogs kept wandering into my front yard so I trapped them and had animal control pick them up.Ofcourse ethe neighbors freaked out and kept asking why I didnt just keep the dogs since I had a nice big fenced in yard.My response…Why the hell would I want to ruin my yard?I want a herb and flower garden and an area just for grilling and eating outside.Nobody wants to dodge dog turds during a birthday or 4th of july party.

  5. Pet industry is using the very powerful PR and they are trying to change the laws and environment we live on. This is a crime because we don’t know the consequences of anything growing artificially and with a such rate. By anything I consider the relationship between people and pets. Cultivation of ‘untouchable’ that was ‘touchable’ is very dangerous. Everything was in balance but now they are changing the laws but who calculated and who knows the formula how it will influence the future?

  6. Dog occupation of United States is on the way.
    Last Sunday I’ve been in the picturesque replica of Italy in America with lake and terraces and….. one stupid dog spoling this pristine with its imbecile barking. No one resisted. 80 yards from the dog there was wedding ceremony.
    Today I went to national park. On the end of the road there is restaurant and great views over a valley below and big parking that was covered with two dogs competition barking. It wasn’t interrupted for a second all 15 minutes I was there. National parks usually associate with peace and silence and wild nature, aren’t they?
    Nobody resisted.
    Of course, who wants to be the enemy of best creature in the world?
    I am still waiting for dog barking choirs traveling around the world and gathering big crowds of connoisseurs.

  7. Oh god, miau, your comment about a barking dog so near a wedding ceremony reminded me…

    When my brother in law got married, he had a beautiful, picturesque ceremony on the beach. As the priest was speaking, a fucking big dumb yellow lab wagging its stupid tail bounded up and entered the ceremony! It was actually about to jump up on the bride when the groom’s father grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and led it out. And no, dog’s aren’t allowed off leash on that beach (big surprise there).

  8. miau great comments.

    “Of course, that was rescued dog, of course somebody was torturing him and she showed his cut tail and something with his ass. I stopped to listen because was forcing myself not to vomit. ”


  9. Hello everybody. My complaint is related to my upper floor neighboor.
    He has 4 dogs, barking at all hours. Barking to any person who need to walk in front of his fence. Then he take them all to a walk, then his mad dogs loose control and attack other nice dogs. If the dogs need to do poop, he doesn´t bother to recover the feces, expecting to somebody clean them for him.
    He manage to cover his identity as a good guy who protect any wanderer dog he finds. He feels fine with his actions. He must feel a model citizen, but all is a curtain to hide his real face, this man has a MDMA kitchen.
    This guy uses the dogs as his personal bodyguards, alarming him when he is cooking drugs , or a deterrent for any strangers in front of his house.
    I think that this attitude sucks, really bad.

  10. Is this site dead? I used to post here a lot under a different name, and I just decided to check back because ~nostalgia~. There haven’t been any posts in a while, is anyone still here? If not, does anyone know of any other anti-dog sites, since Dog Haters Unite (doghatersunite.com) seems to be missing in action? c:

  11. If you had a wonderful Thanks Giving then you probably didn’t have to share it with 7 dogs.
    I’m not particularly a dog hater I just don’t enjoy sharing the holidays gatherings when dogs outnumber people.
    Excuse me, 11 people and 7 dogs. I just couldn’t get comfortable. I couldn’t sit down without one of those creatures
    jumping on my clean clothes or observe them dribble on their owners including me.
    Don’t get me wrong I really did make an attempt to enjoy the evening but Dogs and cell phones became the focus of thanksgiving.
    After dinner the adults were on the couches petting dogs sharing their obsessions. The rest buried their faces in cell phones.

  12. Joe McGee,
    this is what the industrial revolution was for. Afford more dogs and play more games.
    Can’t wait we get back to the caves again.

  13. I am a kid, yes that is why I don’t have an email. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! Finally I am not alone. Starshine I also have a lot of rodents , hamsters guinea pigs, you name it. People who thing rodents are a pest(and own a dog) should think the other way around. After I had to beg my mom to buy me a noise machine because of all the endless yapping, I could almost sleep. Then new neighbors moved down the block. Oh Goodie! New dogs, 3 pitbulls. Whoopie. They broke into our yard, killed five birds, ruined almost all of our yard chairs, and peed everywhere. The owner didn’t even give a damn. Didn’t pay for anything, never said sorry, or help clean up after his stupid mutts. So $3,000 dollars later, here we are. We have 20 neighbors, and 15 have those “four legged tapped machines.” Thank you for rising up against all those haters out there. Thanks.

  14. i heard a news story recently about dogs who were poisoned because they ate hotdogs that had been stuffed with pills that someone had left lying on the sidewalk…. I think whoever left those hotdogs out really hated their neighbor’s dogs and were sick of hearing them barking endlessly.
    Common sense would say that if you own a dog and you allow it to bark at nothing when you live in a residential neighborhood, you should think of the other people who have to listen to that noise and have respect for them. But dog owners lack common sense. If you do try to complain to them about their dog’s noise, they will most likely become aggressive with you, or they will pretend they will do something, but then do nothing…. Typical dog owners who value the right of the dog to bark over the right of humans to enjoy peace and quiet.

  15. Man, where do I even begin…it’s true that there are some very responsible dog owners out there, but it seems to me that the vast majority of them are mentally ill when it comes to their dogs. Quite frankly it’s like letting the inmates be in charge of the institution. Dog owners seem to have all the power to terrorize people and neighborhoods without any consequences. For the most part, the police and other animal control agencies refuse to get involved, which makes it almost impossible to do anything about terrorist dogs/owners.

    How do dog owners let their dogs terrorize you ask?
    1. BARKING!
    2. running loose
    3. crapping in other people’s yards
    4. did I mention BARKING!
    5. behaving aggressively…growling, snarling, snipping, biting
    6. taking their non-services dogs EVERYWHERE…hardware store, drug store, department store, the mall, restaurants, airports, airplanes, buses…it is a rare occasion when I go someplace and don’t see a dog. I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR DOG, I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR DOG, I DON’T WANT YOUR FLEA BITTEN POOP MACHINE SITTING NEXT TO ME IN A RESAURANT!
    7. did I mention BARKING! all hours of the day and night
    8. sometimes mauling
    9. making non-dog-lovers feel less than human
    10. did I mention BARKING! all hours of the day and night

    I’m sick and tired of “responsible” dog owners claiming that their dogs never do any of these things. All I know is that there are, in fact, a lot of dog owners who let their dogs do these things, because I am confronted by several of the 10 items on a daily basis.

  16. I’m disgusted that over time our society seems to have made it acceptable for dogs to be afforded the same level of treatment as human beings. AND the dog lovers don’t seem to understand that not everyone loves dogs nor want their germ laden tongues licking them. They’re dogs, filthy animals that frankly should be treated as such. I wouldn’t have a dog in my home any more than I’d have a cow or a horse. They have no place in our homes. I certainly would not want one sleeping in the same bed with me as some owners do. Yuk.

  17. You are not alone! There ARE people who realize how annoying and gross dogs are!

  18. To “Lee”:
    http://barkpost.com/fascinating-facts-about-dogs/ fall victim of the dog worshipping cult if you’d like. If you read the previous comments, you would have realized that dogs don’t have emotions, and were bred to exhibit loyalty, when, in reality, they’d eat your remains if it found you dead. True, there are evil people, but children can say, “I love you”, and do realize that children naturally have flaws. If a dog has a flaw, dog breeders will dispose of it and find another dog that fullils their selfish needs. No offense to you, but you appear to be uneducated and have retained the mentality of a child for your entire adulthood. Don’t hate children, you were a child once, and only young children are difficult to handle. I’m only trying to help you, I know I may appear hostile, but the dog cult currently corrupts billions of people. If you listen, and see past your barrier, you’ll only benefit yourself.

  19. I don’t actively hate dogs as much as I’m pretty indifferent to them and do not understand their owners constant attempts to assign human qualities to them. I agree that its ridiculous for them to receive the same treatment as humans. It actually offends me when police dogs are given funerals and military dogs are shipped home with flags draped over their caskets. Are you kidding me? These dogs did not die for their country or anyone else. They did what they were trained to do. They are not people and should not be honored as such. They leave no grieving mother or spouse behind. Ridiculous.

  20. Unconditional love? Are you dense? Animals can’t love, their brains aren’t capable of it. Dogs are merely associating things like food and comfort with people. That’s all it is. They know that you(people) give them food, warmth, comfort, etc and they reciprocate in their own way. Its not like they think “gee, I really love that human, she’s cool”. They think “oh there’s that thing that gives me food and releases feel good chemicals in my brain”. It’s the same for people who claim their dog is ‘smart’. Just because it knows a few tricks doesn’t make it intelligent. You’re simply associating and action with a reward. Any animal can be trained like that. Dog lovers are delusional.

  21. Reading these posts, I realized that I don’t hate all dogs.. I have lived on a farm, and dogs can be amazing working partners – and that IS their job. And I have known some amazing working dogs. But they are not people. When they turn on people or cattle or livestock, they are no longer ‘working’, they are destructive — and dead. Same for cats – they have a job to do and that is hunt rodents, etc. I do hate untrained, undisciplined, obnoxious, inside ‘fur-babies’ and I abhor people who think they are ‘pet-parents’. But these people tend to (not) raise their children the same way and most have children as obnoxious as their animals. Raising dogs to be good working partners is physically demanding, time consuming and requires a certain amount of knowledge of the animal’s natural development and drives. Most ‘fur-parents’ are completely totally ignorant of all of the above and shouldn’t be allowed to even own an f’n dog, much less have a child. But just think how the ‘fur-parents’ would howl like banshees over that one.. 😀

  22. I find it appalling that we live in a society where:
    •it’s acceptable to bring your fur princess wherever you want
    •people leave YOUNG children with HUGE dogs and believe they’ll be safe with them.
    •the fact that uncontrolled, noisy dogs at night are accepted as part of the city and you can’t complain
    Must I go on.

  23. Agreed… you are absolutely correct. Much of the problem is that the dog cultists do not have solutions for their creatures barking so they deny it. Its so much easier to be in denial than to work hard at being responsible. Second, they are selfish,self absorbed, emotionally immature and needy. They want to placate themselves with the fantasy that a real come-to-life stuffed animal aka a pet dog will make them happy and keep them safe. Just like when they went to bed in the dark as a child with teddy. Now they’re adults and still think ” teddy” will make it all better. It doesn’t matter if “teddy” is a stinking, scavenging, shit eating, vicious shit and bark machine. They are cowardly narcissists.

  24. I hate dogs too! In general, dogs and dog owners (with the very rare exception) are two of the lowest forms of life on this planet. I live in a nice condo development and the low-life dog owners let their stupid dirty animals shit and piss wherever they want – including the driveways and parking lots. Do they pick up the shit afterwards? Hell no! Do they make their yapping little kick-me dog shut the f up when its been barking at nothing for 20 minutes at 6:30am? Hell no! Low-life scum the lot (read most) of ’em.

  25. I was wondering, why are dog-lovers so obessed about hating cats and so closed-minded about it, and so very vocal about it, whilst cat-lovers are open-minded and tolerant about those who hate cats? I do not understand.


  26. I’ve never heard a larger group of pussies complain and spread hate. I feel sorry for all of you.

  27. No need to feel sorry for us “Jay” . You are the ones burdened with being a fur slave owner who then has to walk behind the thing carrying its’ shit around. I bet it costs at least 10% of your income to maintain the thing….sounds like a tithe to the cult of dog. Hope it answers your prayers. LMAO!

  28. PS “Jay” Just as dog owners are typically responsible for committing dog abuse, dog owners are also responsible for those who “hate” their loathsome creatures. It is the behavior of DOG OWNERS that perpetuates and causes the public to hate your fur slaves. You have complete control (or in most cases UN control) over the beasts you have enslaved for your own pleasure. As a an irresponsible dog owner you are solely responsible for how your beast is perceived. If people disliking dogs, rats, mice, roaches, bedbugs and other environmental vermin is upsetting to you, then do your part by educating other dog nuts. Its really as simple as keeping it contained, quiet and maintained. Problem solved.

  29. I totally understand what everyone in here is saying. I don’t like Mexicans or Blacks either.

  30. Sorry to hear you are a racist Jay. I hope your employer doesn’t see this comment. You’ll have some splaining to do Lucy.

  31. @Jay We hate dogs on this site not people. Your comment confirms how anti social dog nutters are. Next time we’ll have to flag you

  32. The cult of dogs ought to be listed in the DSM as a mental disorder. It is even more ridiculous than the worship of sacred cows in India.

  33. Wow, I can’t believe this site exists and there are others who feel the way I do. I don’t hate dogs, but I have NEVER EVER understood why people would actually want them around. They are nothing but annoying four legged shitting machines. The only thing I didn’t see mentioned on here is the fact that they smell, as does the homes they defile. I completely avoid going to people’s homes where they are. It’s always the same crap, jumping all over you, barking, growling, and God forbid, don’t try to eat something, the begging is just gross. And it’s a,ways “oh, he’s so harmless and lovable, just gross.. Someone tell me, honestly, WHY would anyone want something that does nothing but eat, bark, shit, smell and waste your time having to take care of it. Not to mention endangering small children and everyone else. I just don’t get it, never have. I am nauseated by the cultists, truly, there is something very wrong with them. It’s all just pathetic wishful thinking, assigning human emotion, intelligence and bravery to these creatures. Best Friend? How so? It’s a completely dependent parasite that eats shit.

  34. Long John. That would seem more appropriate for Arkansas. or am I thinking webbed toes ?

  35. Iris Nowell wrote a whole book about problems caused by dogs. Titled “The Dog Crisis.” Not a pleasant read, but recommended.

  36. Thousands of Third World children die of hunger every day in countries that export food to the American dog food industry. Thousands of children go blind from Vitamin A deficiency because the dog food industry outbids them in the food markets.

  37. OMG I’m glad this site exists, i actually have been here for ~4 months, but I’m too shy to post for um, personal reasons, i would talk more, but eh I’m tired tbh, lol

  38. Facebook had a page called “I Hate Dogs.” It was a good place for dog haters to keep up to date. But apparently not politically correct enough because the authorities changed it to “I Love Pussy Cats.” I’m not making this up!

  39. @Peaches I was wondering the exact same thing, the worst part is how they always hate on cats calling them soulless unloving creatures and claim that dogs are smart and cats are stupid because “they can’t do tricks”. Seriously!? All pets stay with their owners because they provide food and shelter, what makes them think that dogs are different and ” love” them? Also the fact that their perceived value of an animal is based on whether or not it can entertain them by doing stupid tricks is disgusting. They’re like children. I’ve even seen them say that cats can’t learn their own names while dogs can. What the hell? Where does this belief come from? I’ve owned two cats in my life and they both knew their names. They’ll come running back to the house no matter how far away they are when you call their names. My current cat even notices when people on the television say his name. We even tested this by calling different names in the same tone of voice and they didn’t respond. Dog people are so ignorant it’s unreal.

    @Meloetta your taste is impeccable!! Meloetta is my favourite legendary and one of my favourites overall.

  40. Ty you feel that way sylveon, thats one of my favorites (as in your name, lol), meloetta is my personal favorite ^_^.
    @dogsfromhell, ty, lol i was busy and didnt pay attention to this site much, lol

  41. I’m renting a room in a neighborhood where pretty much everyone has a dog. The neighborhoods in the back have a kick-me small dog with puppies that Yao endlessly day and night. Then the other neighbor next door who, when it starts barking, is joined in by the small dogs in the back and they bark back and forth. Finally, the place I’m renting a room in has a chiwawa that constantly barks at me. It even shit outside my door! The house is all carpeted too (i hate carpet) and I stepped in it without seeing it. Ugh. I hate dogs so much. They smell, they shit, and bark. That’s it. I hope I can move somewhere someday where dogs aren’t allowed! F- stupid animals.

  42. All my life, Jessica, I have been looking for a place where dogs are not allowed. No luck yet. They are like death and taxes. You have my sympathy.

  43. I couldn’t have said it better !! Soooo glad I found this site. I thought I was the only sane person left in America!!!

  44. Police reports in newspapers record conflicts among people. It is amazing how many of the conflicts involve dogs. As many as half of them! And on “Judge Judy” and other courtroom TV programs, dog misbehavior is very often the cause of the lawsuits. Why can’t people see that dogs are nothing but trouble?

  45. Children are routinely sacrificed to dogs while owners of aggressive breeds and unethical lawyers convince the public that this is acceptable. They show little remorse, blaming innocent children and their caregivers for being attacked or murdered in their own human environment. Dangerous dogs in our communities are increasing at an alarming rate. Aggressive dog owners as a subculture of the current prolific dog cult live vicariously through the dogs they have assigned victim status to, gaining martyr status. Humans are being sacrificed daily at an unconscionable rate by way of death, maiming, and mauling. This practice amounts to nothing less than human sacrifice for the sake of dog!

  46. The holidays are coming and there will NEVER be a guest that brings a dog into my home. That will just never happen!

  47. My sister has two yapping yorkies.. I think that’s what they are.
    She came here for first time about a year ago. She will never come again unless I leave her something after I die.
    I asked her to come in and have carrot cake and coffee. She demanded the two dogs enter also. I said, no I have Miss Elizabeth a tabby kitty. She then said, these dogs won’t hurt her. I then said, its the disturbance they would cause Miss Elizabeth.
    Then she huffed, speaking for her husband as well, we won’t come in.
    She did this to her own brother.

    Later the bitch (the two legged one) wanted to see inside so she did give the dogs over to her husband and claimed she needed the bathroom.

    Like Duh.. these dog nuts are rude and outrageous.

  48. I would sooner have a wart hog in my home than a dog.

    “Angels do not enter a house where there is a dog.”
    —the prophet MOHAMMED

  49. https://www.facebook.com/ProtectChildrenFromPitBulls

    Last year Edward Cahill – 40yrs old was killed by his beloved pit bull on Christmas day and 12 days later Eugene W. Smith – 87yrs old was killed by his beloved pit bull while taking down the Christmas tree. Other severe attacks have been noted from the Christmas morning present of a rescue dog. Now remember any dog can nip or bite and children sometimes greet animals with their face. Always teach children the proper way to interact with any animal but never set a child up to be severely mauled or killed by a known high risk type of dog. High risk breeds do not need to be provoked or trained to attack, these attacks come from well trained and loved family pit bulls far too often to make those claims.
    If you want to do something to help these dogs for Christmas the real rescue for these dogs is Breed Specific Legislation in the form of spay/neuter. Our shelters are flooded with an excess of 65% pit bulls. This comes from a type of dog that only accounts for about 7% of all types of dogs. Until the breeding of these dogs is controlled there simply is no such thing as rescue. Pit Bulls have a very poor spay/neuter rate of less than 20%. When you see a pit bull rescue that wont support BSL in the form of S/N they simply like the never ending circle of hopeless and dangerous rescue. The solution is right in front of them .
    I would really like to get through these holidays and not have to report another families tragedy. Please share and help keep your loved ones

  50. Dogs are terrible animals, but worse than dogs, are the HUMANS who put these disgusting, horrible creatures on a pedastal. Humans who love dogs are selfish hypocrites. You cannot put a dog’s needs before a human’s need… And in this shitty modern world, this line of thinking is taking precedence, and it is terrifying. Dog owners, your hateful, shitty animals are NOT more important than people and your animals do NOT have more value than people. Even the worst human life has more value than your shitty dog. There is something psychologically deranged and wrong with people who say “I love animals more than humans”. Either you are just mentally ill, or just evil. Your loud, nasty, smelly, needy, shitty animal is not worth the value of any human’s life! Grow up! Wake up from your drunken stupor, you idiots!

  51. Agreed with pretty much everything DogsSuckAss said.

    Honestly, my disdain for dogs is mainly based around the fanatics that think dogs are more important than people. I have no problems with an individual that owns a dog or likes dogs, but understands good and well that humans are obviously more important than dogs. It’s when dog nuts start saying dogs are better than and more deserving of life than humans, that makes me nauseous and makes me want to never see another mutt again.

    I also don’t understand people who say they prefer animals to people. (And that goes for ANY animal) How can you like something more than your own species? Humans are the ones who bred that animal for them to buy and own. You’d think they’d respect humans for that, but nope. Dog fanatics are ridiculous.

  52. Dogs are sacred cows in America.
    This is dog brain nation.
    It seems so much of the society has sunk to worshiping dogs and placing them on thrones.
    All this gushing and swooning over dogs is infantile at best.
    Many neighbors have no problem letting their animals defecate along the street and let them bark for hours on end.
    Since the dogs are sacred, anything they do is also sacred and woe to anyone that doesn’t bow down.

  53. I agree, BK. The law is on the side of dogs over people who don’t own dogs. My neighbor’s dog barked continuously from 1 AM to 2 AM. I called the police, who refused to do anything. So I went next door and yelled at them. They called the police, who came promptly to my home to subdue me. I tried to sue the neighbors but no lawyer would take my case.

  54. LJ Police are often dog cultists too. They have no solutions for dog barking problems and dislike you for bothering them. Calling the police is the wrong move. As you learned they not will enforce the law because they are impotent and/or unwilling. I am so sorry you had to be were driven to obtain peace by your own means and were then punished for doing so. We have to move up the food chain to find solutions.

  55. I am sure they hate you as well, you have a very unkind soul, and is apparent you know nothing about dogs, or any of God’s Creatures

  56. You have a poor soul, feel very sorry for you, so you are saying humans that murder, rape, steal are better than animals that provide therapeutic services, dogs that can find humans that are buried alive, dogs that can provide eyes for those that cannot see!!Really you should go live with those humans you adore so much and see how wonderful they are after they have stolen, raped or killed you

  57. It is a shame you people haven’t been keeping up with Modern science, and the studies done with CT Scans and MRI’S focusing on the brains of animals and dogs in specific. I agree whole heartedly vicious dogs, specifically Pit Bulls have no place in society I would never have a dog that can or will kill me, or anyone else. If you want to live without dogs move to a place where animals are not allowed, and to those that say All human lives are more important than an animal, Maybe you should have been a victim of John Wayne Gacey or Jeffrey Dalmer, or any of the other pycho humans in this world.To all the starving children in 3rd world countries, Birth control would be a good option. Same in the USA, everyone has a right to their opinion, it doesn’t make you that hate animals any smarter than those that love animals. Animals have proved their worth in this country, and deserve to live in peace, I have seen many worse horrible humans than I have dogs. Humans killing each other, children raping, robbing and other dispecabel things than an animal will ever do, children that act like heathens because they have no obedience, I have yet to see a dog go into a school and perform mass killings, but yet have seen a dog give back the eyesight to a human. I have seen dogs detect cancer way before our human test could find it. I have seen autistic children respond to a dog when no Human could find a way. So you may hate dogs, animals bit it is your loss, not the majority of the kind Humans in this world and those that have realized God gave us something special that some Humans are too selfish to understand. And by the way a dogs mouth is much cleaner than yours

  58. You should really update your education on the scientific studies done on dogs brains using CT SCANS and MRI’S don’t be so closed minded and assume you know anything about how an animals brain functions without scientific evidence to back it up

  59. “And by the way a dogs mouth is much cleaner than yours”
    HaHaHaHa! LMAO .

    “keeping up with Modern science

    Hmm…science may not be your forte..

    That’s just more dog nuttery nonsense. Although I am confident there is no science related or any education for that matter behind your writing, it doesn’t take much learnin’ to conclude that an animal which licks it own asshole, eats shit, roadkill, tampons and garbage does NOT have a mouth cleaner than a human, except perhaps yours.

  60. Dogs are man made, hybrid, mutant, freaks of nature, a product of human meddling with Mother Nature. They are the original GMOs of the planet and technically do not qualify as “god’s creatures”

  61. Annie,

    We hate dogs on site not humans. If you are looking to target Muslims and other diverse communities of people aka humans I am certain you will find companionship on Donald Trump’s website. Your comment is allowed to confirm once again that most dog cultists have problems with interpersonal relationships and why they likely seek dogs as substitutes to meet their basic need for human interaction.

  62. Annie,

    I am going to suggest you consider a basic grammar and/or ESL course before venturing into more complex dialogue involving areas such as science. You can often find these courses at your community college or local literacy education organizations.

  63. Annie, comparing dogs to children is a common dog cultist faux pas. Dogs are another species which incidentally are a misfit for our human environment. Children and dogs simply are not parallels.

    Owners who hold captive dogs as fur slaves to meet their own emotional needs are the reason dogs are plagued with problems. They have long outlived their usefulness and are clearly a misfit for our human environment.

    Lastly, dogs are utilized by very few blind individuals, about 2%. Scientific technology such as GPS and other adaptive aids are far more reliable than dogs theses days. In addition, assistive technology doesn’t shit, piss, bark or attack. Technology for the blind is far more affordable and less maintenance. Blind people these days are empowered to use their own well-developed skills for mobility. And you may find this amazing, but there are actually professionally trained/certified graduate level humans who can provide this training to blind folks! No dogs required! And what do you know, blind people have friends too. Yes and when their human friend assists them with getting around, they are known as a sighted guide.

    Shucks Annie, you learn something new everyday.

  64. Re: Dog Worship.

    What could possibly motivate a person to follow along behind a dog and carry its shit in bag? It reeks of some ancient nonsensical ritual. One has only to read the section I Hate My Dog, written by fur slave owners who have the courage to be honest with themselves, to know its all a dysfunctional fantasy.

  65. Annie you clearly have no idea of how dogs actually work. Dogs were created by humans in order to be trained to do certain tasks for us. Dogs require strict training to be able perform these tasks. So those “hero” dogs that you are talking about are simply doing what they were trained to do. Seeing eye dogs, search/rescue dogs, bomb detection dogs, cancer detection dogs, police dogs, etc are TRAINED to perform those duties. Do you actually think that those dogs are performing these duties because they chose to and/or actually care about saving humans? If you honestly thought that then you are gravely mistaken. Dogs do not and cannot save people. Even if the dog detects cancer, finds a missing person, or helps a blind person to get around these tasks still require major human intervention. A dog cannot prescribe medicine, perform CPR, or call an ambulance. You already know that. There are so many things that a dog cannot do.

    This site is about hating dogs not humans, so you are off topic. I think you should go seek out more meaningful and enriching relationships with humans rather than with your dog(s). It will be more healthy for you in the long run.

    Also it’s funny how dog cultists tend to go on long rants about how much they hate humans when it was humankind who created the dogs that they love so much, lol.

  66. Annie said, “To all the starving children in 3rd world countries, Birth control would be a good option.” How about birth control for dogs?

    Most people believe that it is a good and noble thing to “rescue” a dog from a pound. They are missing the big picture. Dogs are carnivores who live off the flesh and blood of other creatures. Therefore, to save the life of a dog is to condemn hundreds of other animals to death. Is that a good and noble thing? What makes the life of a dog worth more than the lives of its prey? Where in a state of nature do you find one species killing for another species? It doesn’t happen in nature because it is not natural. What makes the life of a dog more valuable than the lives of the Third World children who starve to death by the millions because they are outbid in the food markets by the dog food industry? The natural order says that populations of animal species are to be limited by their food supplies. By that standard there would be only about 15,000 dogs in all of North America. The human cult of dogs is an obscene perversion of the natural order that has led to an obscene dog overpopulation crisis.

  67. “I have yet to see a dog go into a school and perform mass killings”

    Annie – You already know this but dogs do kill people and they do it a lot. Pit bulls are mass murderers. Dogs that attack and injure people are confiscated because if they weren’t they will just attack again and again. If all those dogs who mauled people were still alive and roaming around freely today they would also perform mass killings/injuries to humans/other animals.

    “…but yet have seen a dog give back the eyesight to a human.”

    Huh? How did the dog do this? Did the dog cast a magical spell or was it really Jesus in dog form? Only an eye doctor (who is a human) can restore the eyesight of a person using man made medical technology. No stinky, poop gobbling mutt required.

  68. LJ Agreed. And there is some research that supports the fact that the pet food industry (much of this dog food) contributes to human food insecurity world wide.

  69. @annie
    “so you are saying humans that murder, rape, steal”

    What? Dogs do those same things too. Why do you think male dogs have those knot things on the end of the penises? It’s so the bitches can’t escape when they rape them.

    And pitbulls seem to be killing someone every other day. And it isn’t because they were “abused”. Many times they are reported or shown to be wagging their tails and enjoying themselves so much that they are having the equivalent of an “orgasm” while ripping animals and humans to pieces.

    “animals that provide therapeutic services, dogs that can find humans that are buried alive, dogs that can provide eyes for those that cannot see”

    Dogs don’t do those things because they have some inner goodwill to help humans. They do it because they are trained by humans to be used as tools to do these things. Dogs probably think guilding and finding humans is like a “game”. It’s the humans who train these dogs to do these things that you should adore not the dogs.

  70. My fathers’ dog gets treated better by me than his own master and owner. I hate when people go and buy a dog on impulse and throw what should be THEIR responsibility onto everyone else. The dog is afraid my father, but that does not mean he is trained. I hate when people buy a dog because they want something to control. The dog is still in tact, my dad feeds him table scraps but gets pissed when he begs at the table. LIKE DUH! STOP FEEDING HIM SCRAPS DAMMIT.

    I actually care about the animals’ well being. I miss being pet free big time. I get tired of vacuuming up the hair everyday. I get tired of his piss poor habits. He is a dog. If you go and buy a dog and expect it to be all perfect, you are dreaming. I personally feel we have screwed them over big time with this pet crap. Dogs are working animals. If you are that desperate for companionship, find yourself a hobby. I thought I wanted a dog or cat at one point, but a voice of logic spoke to me and I am glad I trusted it. Now I see the corruption from the pet industry pushing these animals as family. It is all consumerism. Dogs are dangerous if not properly handled. They did not choose this life. They are overpopulated. It is time we stop this madness.

  71. Dogs spread disease: leptospirosis, tuberculosis, histoplasmosis, undulent fever, asthma, eczema, allergies, rabies, pasteurella multocida, roundworm, hookworm, ringworm, salmonella, typhus, toxoplasmosis, scabies, fleas, lice, ticks.

  72. my boyfriend is a huge dog lover. I have slept with the dog for quite sometime. I couldn’t even handle it. But I did it because I love him. I had enough so I put some boundaries. Asked him to not to put the dog in the bed. He agreed first but then he never kept his word. Does it sound crazy that someone would think about breaking up with her boyfriend because he wouldn’t compromise on a dog.

  73. Michelle, a dog owner is a package deal. If you don’t like the dog end the relationship. For me, a dog is always a deal breaker.

  74. Michelle, your boyfriend BROKE HIS WORD.

    THAT is a deal-breaker. He does not love or respect you enough to keep his promise to you OR to care how you feel about the dog.

    You can do better. Kick him to the curb.

  75. Yes, S and Long John are right. Doggers and their dogs come as one co-dependent, dysfunctional package. You should probably move on. If the dog dies he’ll get another and another….cut the cord.

  76. Americans must be the loneliest people on earth. Why else would they seek love from dogs?

  77. The more I read of this site, the more I feel for the human beings that have to deal with dogs on these sick levels. It is truly ‘dog worship’ with many and a cult. I feel for all the precious children of Gods that are put below 4 legged creatures. Given more empathy than His children/ humans, period. These days you can even marry a dog, its so sick. I’ve personally seen dogs treated better than ones spouse/children and it just breaks my heart. I have owned a dog or two and have never put them above a human being. If I had a dog that bit anyone, that’s it for the dog. I don’t care if anyone thinks it was the kids/person fault or not. They are to live their lives around us not the other way around. As far as I’m concerned they have it better than times before just having a rug or carpet to lay on, which needs to be cleaned/kept up for that fact alone. Its just so weird to me when people treat dogs better/above human beings. You hear, ‘they don’t stab you in the back’ and ‘humans ‘can be’ something or another’, get brains, they don’t have capabilities of ‘anything’ human, that goes for the complex nature of humaness, and all that implies. And yet, praise them for things they don’t do and can’t do! Its just twisted to me.
    Really, they just have an ‘issue’ with human beings & then pour all the love on dogs because of a ‘hatred’ to some level for humans, their own. Twisted, insane & ungodly to me.

  78. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “port” in “comment_content” *]
    It just breaks my heart, reading some of these stories. And then try and use God to support this ‘worship’ of them. God hardly mentions them in His Word and when He does it is not in the same aspect AT ALL as His children. In fact, it is to compare when humans are being foolish and compares to them. Can dogs share wisdom, praise God or share His Word, teach children the ways they should go, take care of you physically when you have a medical issue, help in the responsibilities of running a home & so much that implies, financially etc…the man/woman works hard, comes home and each/they go to the dog for release/comfort/the dogs need instead of each other first? There is a healthy balance and perspective to this subject, I don’t believe you should ‘love’ a dog like a child, still you can have a love for a dog in the right perspective and priority of things, and not abuse them. It is abuse when you treat a animal like a child…for both. Putting His children at the level of a dog and rising a dog to the level of human. I think it is offensive to God to treat His children made in His Image less or at same level as a dog or animal. or would any as a parent like their child treated less than a animal or even at a level of such? No, of course not.
    How much more would this offend our Father in Heaven? Its just sad to me, so very sad. You can love both in their proper roles having a balanced healthy perspective. They obsess over the ‘pet’ while neglecting their own spouse,partner,children and their needs in all aspects? Here’s sending prayers to those having to deal with this in their home or in their own little world, it is just so frustrating and ‘wrong’ on so many levels. Peace to all!

  79. Remedy for neighbors who refuse to pick up dog shit. You do it. Carefully with gloves and make it into cookies and brownies for your neighbors. Present them on beautiful plate. Pick up the shit at night and feed it to the worshippers. They probably won’t care eating it because they love getting tongue baths with shit covered tongues . but you will have satisfaction of feeding them their disgusting animals shit. They should have cleaned it up…

  80. That second picture is supposed to be Mary holding baby Jesus with Joseph? That’s very offensive, trying to say God’s son is a dog. Whoever did that should ask for forgiveness

  81. oh wow, all this dog hate, I love it! These are dangerous, absolutely filthy animals that have no business being in residential areas. But hey, theyre animals. Dog owners though, what a bunch of self centered immature people who need a subserviant friend to give them the attention they crave. Their collective negligence and denial means we have to walk streets littered with feces and look over our shoulders to avoid being mauled by a dog who’s “usually very friendly”. disgusting ugly obnoxious animals that are perfectly suited to their dumb owners.

  82. Gosh I’m so relieved to have found this forum! My bf has a dog and God knows how hard I tried to “love” it! I just fail!! He is so disgusting and gross and my bf sees him as an angel! He farts to the point that my stomach turns! 🙁 I can’t love him he makes me feel sick so sick 🙁 advice pls!!!

  83. Hi Nita,

    I have no advice except that I just could never be in a relationship with someone who was addicted to a dog. It would be a complete turn off and a definitely a deal breaker. Wishing you the best. Feel free to join us here however. I wish I could help you more. : /

  84. The cult of dog continues. One issue I see, the Pitty movement that protects BOTH the dog and its owner after it has injured someone or killed someone’s pet. Really sad. Take a look at what happened in Montreal after a Pit slashed a neighbor to death.

  85. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “spam”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “..a” in “comment_content” *]
    Great reads…good to know I’m not the only one!

    Michelle..everyone here is right about being in a relationship with a dog nut. I dated a girl a while back who got a rescue dog early in our relationship…and didn’t tell me about it until she already had the stinky little mutt (part chihuahua) home. I won’t go into details, but it caused me 10 kinds of grief and made me want to vomit and pull my hair out simultaneously. After one night of that little shit beast squirming and keep me up, I put my foot down and said no dogs in the bed or bedroom (her bed, I never let the thing in my house).

    She promised to keep him out of the bed, but never kept her word when I wasn’t there. Dog kept pissing on the bed and I tried to explain to her why, she wouldn’t listen. One night I came over and hadn’t seen her in a few days and needed some quality alone time her…and of course after an hour or two when we’re just relaxing in each others arms she says the dog needs some love too and needs to bring it in the room! WTF? I explain to her that she’s spent the last few days with this dog, all I’m asking for is a few hours alone with her and to please leave the doggie OUT OF THE BEDROOM during our intimacy time. She insists on bringing the dog in, so I said ok if that’s what you want, got dressed and was at the door when she finally woke up and begged me to stay, but I wished her and her stinky dog a good night and left.

    In any event…even she eventually got rid of the dog, but our relationship still fell apart. I heard a great statement a while ago where a guy stated that a single lady with a dog isn’t a deal breaker, but it is a huge red flag. And the red flag was in his opinion that many single women get dogs (especially little drop kick yappers) on an impulse without any regard for anyone’s comfort…and so a dog represents a sincere lack of thoughtfulness and poor impulse control, and therefor such ladies were to be avoided.

    And I believe he was spot on…since those two factors (along with sincere selfishness on her part) is what led me to leave this lady…because the dog was just one of many bad decisions she made over and over again that made my life a miserable place of hell.

    Funny thing…I was leaving work yesterday and I saw a group of nitwits standing in front of our building (in the rain) with a wet dog running around WITHOUT A LEASH. I make no eye contact, walk briskly away and of course the dog comes running up to me. Almost on cue I shooed it away and and said “get away from me you stupid f**king dog!” and then I heard the owner whistle to recall the mutt and I saw a few odd glances from his group of idiot friends but I just kept going. Argh.

    It never ends…but at least we can all take comfort that the we are not alone in this strange world of ours that has quite literally, gone to the dogs. :/

  86. Why should we fall to our knees over dogs?! I find this so imbecilic, why?! Dogs don’t have a religious system of any form, and we won’t call them ‘gods’ if they don’t have any spiritual feelings! Some people will stop worshipping their gods, and will look at these things instead!
    What is the world today?

  87. Have any of you seen the goofy and over the edge film with Martin Clunes and his dogs? Its bizarro

  88. Actual sign on my sister’s bedroom door.

    If my dog does not like you, I don’t like you.

    Seems a bit too much trust to put in a dog, hmm?

    Anyway, if anyone can give me some throwup bags, that would be great, thanks,

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