Why DOG OWNERS Are The Abusers Of Dogs

It is so laughable that dog cultists imagine we are dog abusers when the truth is, DOG OWNERS routinely neglect, torture, starve, abuse and kill dogs. One has only to read the news or turn on the TV to learn how DOG OWNERS are the perpetrators of these abuses. The reason is simple. You must first own and hold captive a fur slave in order to abuse it. We hate dogs and  strive to be far, far away from them. DOG OWNERS on the other hand have ready access to the animals they abuse. We do not advocate violence towards dogs. Dog owners have that covered!

So the next time, a dog cultist  spews hatred on you for not wanting contact with their  beasts, remind them of this fact and perhaps a ready example.


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  1. Woman who was alleged to be a dog rescue worker was arrested for animal hoarding and abuse.

    Tacao started Gigi’s Rescue in January 2011 at the warehouse in the 200 block of West 24th Street in Hialeah. But prosecutors say that over the next year and a half she began hoarding the animals at the warehouse.

    Her organization was not a certified nonprofit animal group, which meant she could not get the animals directly from the county’s animal shelter. But investigators say she got the dogs through other private local groups, including SOS Paws, Be Kind to Animals and Cat Network.

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/04/17/4064843/hialeah-pet-rescue-operator-charged.html#storylink=cpy

  2. If I look at the few dog owning neighbors I have (all inconsiderate assholes with the barking) I’d have to say the dogs are all abused. The one whose dogs I “discipline” have never left his rather small enclosed yard. They’re large dogs; I have never seen him take his dogs out for a walk. I’m sure he tells everyone he loves his dogs, and as long as he feeds them and doesn’t beat them then he’s an upstanding member of the dogger community. He leaves them for long periods and that’s when I have to step in and take action just to have some peace -they’ll bark at anything when he’s not around. Sometimes he locks them in a little enclosure probably 10X12.
    Ironically, it’s rescue and SPCA who are responsible for the most abuse. Overpopulation for any species, including humans, results in abuse. Neither of the above mentioned organizations do anything meaningful other than advocate spay/neuter. They do nothing for dog breeding reform, and in fact aid and abet by their refusal to be involved in legislation that could reduce the number dogs that are euthanized. In my own area there were a few real animal lovers who tried to get legislation thru to restrict backyard breeding, the SPCA was nowhere to be seen, nor any major rescue organizations. No, instead they want to have more shelters built at taxpayer expense. Business is booming and they want to keep it that way, it has nothing to do with animal welfare,
    Abuse is what keeps SPCA and rescue orgs in business, it’s their bread and butter…….

  3. Abuse is what keeps SPCA and rescue orgs in business, it’s their bread and butter…

    Isn’t that the truth! I have always taught my children to watch the behavior of others and not to listen to the words. That’s where reality can be found. All the dysfunctional rescuers from our next door neighbors to the CEO s of the “rescue” organizations are either deluded or out right crooks. I have often noted the same thing you mention. People with captive fur slaves have animals that rarely if ever leave the house or yard. The howler that was next door for 4 years was NEVER taken for a walk. NEVER. She/owner got lots of mileage (attention) out of profiling as a rescuer, to which I say, “rescued from what”? How could life be better as an inmate with a life sentence on house arrest? Same with the pits next door now. They are aggressive and hyper-vigilante. They spend far more time being pent up alone, going for a brief crap run which is seriously 2 minutes at best, 2 times a day. They keep these beasts as play things for imagined affection at their own convenience. And yes organizations need dogs, most importantly abused dogs, to stay in business. There’s nothing humanitarian about it.

  4. It wasn’t me that filled up every public and private shelter and rescue with pittbulls young and old that no one wants.

  5. I have often mentioned to horse rescues they real problem is the breeding of excess animals.
    Recently I saw for sale Quarter Horse yearlings for 100$ each. What can I even say.

  6. http://pedigreedogsexposed.blogspot.com/

    This blog shows a lot of examples of some pretty unethical things “dog lovers” have done to dogs in order to win dog show ribbons.

    When a lot of “dog lovers” are confronted with the fact that their favorite breed cannot breathe properly (pugs, bull dogs, etc.) they don’t even care and think more should be bred because they “look cute.”

  7. I have just found this blog and I love it. So good to see that I’m not the only dog hater in the world 🙂

  8. Worked with a great guy who was devoted to his wife. She wanted an English Bulldog type thing. Drove 400 miles to TX and paid $1500 for a puppy. They had to periodically suck the snot out of it’s nose with one of those bulbs you use on infants when they get stuffed up. Thing is, the dog was stuffed up all the time. Lots of the breeds are rife with genetic defects and dumb as dirt as well.
    The character Dr Moreau was considered a monster for his perverted mutations, but that was fiction. We have a real life horror show going on right before our eyes and the masses lap it up.

  9. Yep. I lived with someone with 2 small yappy constantly annoying dogs for 15 months. \these dogs never got taken outside. They were paper trained as puppies and the owner kept it that way. Now the dogs are 8 and they still pee on a paper in the bathroom, the owner still can’t be bothered to walk them and she leaves the paper down for at least 24 hours before bothering to get up and change it. Disgusting. The smell, in that house, was unbearable.

  10. How is being held captive in a human cave, feed a cereal diet, required to fulfill all the emotional needs of and take on the attributes of a host species considered a “rescue”?

  11. There’s a set of Old Testament rules called the 7 “Noachide Laws,” as in the laws Noah received from God to live by after the Ark landed. Sort of a precurrsor to the 10 Commandments. One of the laws is so strange, the only thing I could figure is that some tribe must have tried it. “Eating the flesh of a living animal is forbidden.” In other words, you can’t eat a lamb one leg at a time. Even if you hate dogs, this sort of canine vampirism is just too barbaric. (And it obviously ain’t kosher, either!)

  12. Hmmmm …Wonder if dogs were on Noah’s passenger list? Oh right …. he took two of every animal and dogs are actually GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)= not real animals. I am sure the cultists have a magical explanation. Superstition is their forte after all.

  13. I hate when dog owners expect that it’s ok for their dog to slobber all over and annoy you. Like you should have no problem with it.

  14. Dog lovers spend a lot of energy attacking people who dare express their dislike of dogs, yet none of us are animal abusers, as we want nothing to do with those shit-eating fleabags. For all the supposed “love” they have for the animal, I see a lot less interest in going after the actual dog abusers. it’s as though dog lovers are much more invested in protecting their own feelings than protecting actual dogs.

  15. All these dogs could be liberated from existence and the world will keep spinning just fine.
    The adage that dogs are “Mans’ Best Friend” is so damn ridiculous. The truth is the opposite; Man is Dogs best and only friend.
    We not only created these un-natural things, but we try our best to squeeze them into every possible facet of human life.
    We bend over backwards to accommodate them, to make them feel loved.
    We treat some animals (like dogs) with such reverence while other animals are treated worse than dirt. Just look at the pork industry, the way pigs are treated, it’s like a perpetual holocaust. Such hypocrisy!

  16. Perpetual pig holocaust?!? You hit the nail on the head. Nice choice of verbage.

  17. I just want to say I love this place, and Ive hated dogs for a long time. There has only been like a few dogs I have warmed up to in my life that were well mannered and didnt just plain annoy the hell out of me. I currently own 1 cat and it pisses me off how people openly express their hatred for them, but if I even once say “I dont really like dogs” they look at me like Im suddenly bearing a huge swastika tattoo on my forehead. Im not even much of a cat person, but shes good and is litter and scratching post trained, doesnt slobber on you, will leave you alone, not aggressive, and doesnt need constant attention. Dogs just plain suck and I hate how in any dog owners house they force their dog on me and make me pet it even when its growling and snapping at me. Not to mention they almost always stink and my hand smells like feces if I touch it once.

  18. http://www.myfoxphoenix.com/story/25529127/2014/05/15/man-allegedly-starves-dog-to-get-ex-girlfriend-back

    Here’s yet another instance of an emotionally unstable dog owner starving his own dog. Dog cultists need to hate on dog owners since they are the ones who abuse starve torture abandon and kill the dogs they hold captive.

    We on the other hand are here to express a preference and that is that dog owners become responsible and not inflict their dogs on others.

  19. Dogsfromhell. In an earlier post here you brough up the cereal diet , corn , that most dogs are fed.
    I know from horses that diet is a factor in their behavior and I suspect that many of these dogs are behavior problems from not having their natural food need met. Cheap dog and cat foods are little more than fillers. You can relate to this when you junk food it for a while and suddenly your body sends and SOS and all you can think is damn I need a real meal. I suspect that if you take a dog that already has a predisposition to be more aggressive and mix it with poor diet and lack of exercise you are building a problem.
    In a lifetime of retraining the problem horse there were two overriding common factors. One was an overly rich diet and the other was a lack of natural exercise. Overfed and confined. A change in diet and natural grazing heads down time where they could run and buck gave even inexperienced horse owners an animal with a clearer mind to work with.

  20. myfatpony…..and how about the people who can barely feed themselves yet insist on keeping a dog. There is cheap dog food to be had even at the dollar store. Its obvious dogs are carnivores just by looking at their fangs designed to rip flesh. Maybe that is why dogs are constantly begging for food. I don’t know what is so kind about owning a dog that you keep locked up in your house most of the day while you work, take it for a short spin around the block, if at all and feed it a diet that it likely would not have had if it did not live in captivity. Even zoo animals are treated better.

    Dog cultists think they are so kind but keep animals much like a sociopath you would read about in the newspaper who kidnaps someone, holding them captive as a play thing or to satisfy their own emotional needs.

    I’ve mentioned before that we had rabbits. I think its equally as cruel to keep them in a cage 24/7 only bringing them out on occasion for your own amusement. Our rabbits were allowed to roam freely in our large yard. Rabbits are very territory specific and will mark their territory with the scent glands under their neck and stay within it. So they never ran away and then we would put them back in the hutch when we went out and at night. What kind of existence is it being locked up in a human habitat for an entire life. I just don’t get it.

  21. People who cannot feed themselves really have no need of an extra expense in their lives. Pets need much more than food. Their mental and physical needs can be met in many different ways. 5 minutes out to piddle does not work. My cats are 100% indoor but I’ve had to make sure they have plenty of hunt stimulation and the ability to climb etc. I’ve had rabbits and mine Bunnicula the last one I will try to keep out here would come when called. Their training is more cat-like than dog.
    I have worked for a woman who held national titles training bird dogs. These dogs needed massive amounts of exercise to keep their minds trainable. Every dog owner should be shamed into at least a 5 mile run daily for their dog.
    If you add a poor diet or one that is too rich you are going to have problem with you pet. I don’t care what it is. If you add a aggressive breed of dog and some of the wild crossed cats you’re asking for trouble.
    And yes , zoo animals get diets and habitats that are designed for their needs not the humans. Because they take the furbaby meme seriously most pet owners know very little about the animals they have in their homes. On the humorus note if zoo animals were being treated the way they treat their mutts their would be a sea of picket signs demanding humane treatment.

  22. Its all so very dysfunctional…unfortunately we are all affected by this bizarre behavior. Were you the person who stated doggers need a 12 step program? So true!

  23. PS I’m sure you heard me mention that dogs killed our rabbits on two occasions. It was horrible. We put them in their hutch (which we did when we went out) and the dogs literally pushed through the wire screen (it was heavy) to get to them. They ripped them to shreds and left them for my children to see when we returned through the back entrance. Clearly done for sport. So then we started putting them in bolted cages under the porch when we went out in hopes that 1) the roaming dogs wouldn’t see them and be enticed and 2) not be able to get under the porch . Nope. Same scenario. We had lots of rabbits over the years and that was the end of it for us. My girls were young at the time and really traumatized because of the brutality left behind.

  24. Its all so very dysfunctional…unfortunately we are all affected by this bizarre behavior. Were you the person who stated doggers need a 12 step program? So true!

    Yes , although I’m sure I’m not the first person to voice that particular sentiment. The truth is I don’t care what my neighbors do until it spills into my life. And not just now and then but as a constant assault on my peace and quiet or their animals destroying personal property. I’m pretty sure most of us evil dog haters feel the same way. Keep your dog and any other pet to yourself. Reaonably quiet. I’m not peeking in windows to find out who has a dog I don’t like.

  25. Dogsfromhell , I had the same thing happen. I’m so sorry your children had to see something like that.

  26. I don’t see any mention to dirty smelly Cats pissing all over the place
    My property has Cat’s pissing and crapping all over Now my grandchilds picked up some cat infection
    Nobody gives a dam so from now on its BULLET for every one on my land

  27. DogDoc . I despise and hate dogs but I’m not thrilled about any stray animal on my property. That includes outdoor cats left to roam and that never seem to be altered. I always encourage anyone to work within the law. If it’s legal to shoot strays that lies on the cats owners. Just like it does when a doggie bites the dust. I personally look for tags if any animal is an obvious stray. Having to get fluffy back from the pound often means that animal finally had to be fixed and vaccinated. My one piece of advice is that people who let their animals roam simply replace the missing one with a new puppy or kitten or whatever. If you’re rural like me sometimes there simply isn’t any other choice than getting rid of an animal you don’t want taking up residence on your property. One thing I learned the hard way. If you do get AC out file a written report. Our officer would rather just take the mutt or cat home than to the pound. When there is no record on the books it’s hard to prove a pattern of behavior. Let them know you want a copy of that report and follow-up. People can acquire a new pet in hours making your job never ending. Make the humans owners own their own crap.

  28. I ain’t about to call no body any more i’m just sick of cleaning up after dirty mankie cats.
    My grandkid comes first and thanks to Cats the med bills climbing
    You go on about Dog’s well its the same for Cat owners
    Pets of any kind should be outlawed and till that time the gun will get more use

  29. Which is pretty much what I said Dogdoc. This is a site for people who simply hate dogs or are sick of the antics of dog owners and their refusal to control their animals.
    Check your local ordinances and make sure it’s legal to dispose of stray domestic animals that way. I promise you the cat/dog owner if they find out will have an outrage fit. Cats living outdoors or with access are prone to toxoplasmosis. So are house cats and they should probably be tested and treated if necessary. believe it or not I understand your anger and frustration.

  30. “Check your local ordinances and make sure it’s legal to dispose of stray domestic animals that way.”

    mfp: You are too funny. Her comment was in spam. Most likely because of the reference to violence/gun.

  31. 1)Here’s my tip for the day dogdoc. When outside cats are hanging out back at night and stinking up the yard I squirt a good dose of dish detergent full strength in the area, usually one side of the house. This will keep them away till it rains. I wish it was that simple to make dogs go away.

    2) You may have taken a wrong turn. This is a dog haters site.

  32. This may be an obscure point but dog ownership is technically abuse in the sense that we isolated a pack animal such that it can longer fend for itself and have to live off of humans, then we psycologicaly manipulated them to do what we want or to behave because they are not acceptable as is, and it is done just because people wanted a pet. Of all the pet type animals, dogs are by far the most tampered with, I mean the invention of “small” dogs is abuse in itself.

  33. Sony. Most people have no idea what a dog is. Instead they manipulate the species to fulfil human emotional needs. My observation is the only emotionally content dogs are working dogs.
    Humans are now messing with cats creating much worse than flat faced mouth breathers. Cats that cannot be outside or could never physically hunt. And crossing cats with smaller wild cats creating a whole new dimension of issues.

  34. Some of my friends recently did an intervention with me and I am no longer a dog cultist. It was hard but now I understand that my obsession with dogs was unhealthy. I am going to try and cultivate relationships with real humans and be respectful of others. I’ll have to spend a lot of time cleaning up my house and my yard. I also plan to apologize to all the neighbors who suffered because of my dog’s barking and those who found my dog’s crap on their lawns. Your website was my wake up call.

  35. Thanks for this Naoma
    South Carolina Man Who Dragged Dog Convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty. Success When two women saw a man, Roger Dennis Owens, dragging a young pit bull tied to his pickup truck, they alerted authorities. The dog, Andra Grace, was so badly injured that many thought she would not survive. More than 2,700 Care2 members rallied to demand that South Carolina authorities upgrade the charges against Owens from a misdemeanor to a felony. On July 15, a judge sentenced Owens to 10½ years in prison

  36. Has anyone noticed the trend of very large dogs like Great Danes being the “it” dog to own in cities? Cooped up in 800 sq. ft. or smaller condominum units in the downtown core all day while their “pet parent” is at work is truly abuse.

  37. Citygirl. No dog belongs cooped up in an apartment. I hate animal cruelty but the humans that have to deal with the filth and noise are victims also.
    Dogs are a nuisance in single family dwellings with owners often having more than one yap and crap box. Now it’s common to have multiple dogs in tiny apartments and condos. In the already packed congested buildings apartment owners and condo associations have allowed pet owners to turn them into kennels.

  38. I am a landlord. I have a very nice luxury suite in downtown Toronto. Very often I am approached to accommodate a little dog. The problem is that the little ones are the troublemakers.. Very yappy, noisy, dirty. Because they are small they are not taken seriously, including their basic needs, Curiously, some of the bigger breeds adapt because they conserve energy. I feel very badly for yet another border collie mix that the owner wants to keep in a tiny apartment.

  39. I read that 30% of King Charles Spaniels are affected by the very painful condition syringomyelia because the shape of their skull is a bad fit for a brain? Why would anyone acquire these animals is a mystery. And yes, all those slack skin, eyes a’poppin, snoutless dogs have appalling diseases.

    This being said, even a healthy dog is a complete waste of time and most idiot dog cultists will spend thousands of dollars for heart transplants and dialysis so that they can pick up their turds while they run after squirrels for a few more month. So they wag their tail and follow you around. Sounds rather vexing to me.

  40. Dogs owners just want something to worship them (“They’re so loving and loyal!”) without having to give anything back, including taking its basic needs into consideration.
    Dogs need lots of exercise – “Let’s get a dog for the apartment!”
    Dogs bark incessantly due to anxiety caused by neglect – “Barking is just what dogs do!”
    Dogs get hit by cars – “He shouldn’t be locked up!”

  41. You are so dead on. These “dog lovers” just throw their animals in the backyard for a life of misery. My neighbor’s dog now cries for attention when I come out. Better than barking and growling at me, but now I feel bad for a dog that I otherwise despise. It really is a sad cry. The dog is so lonely.

  42. OMG… I just saw a dog food commercial that used “pet parents” instead of “dog owners.”

    If dog owners were really the parents of these things most would be in prison for child abuse.

  43. While I agree that there are alot of bad dog owners out there, the only living thing I hate is all of you. Yes without all of you dog haters the world would be a better place. Dogs provide comfort and therapy for those who do not have or want socialization with people; and they do it unconditionally. I’d like to see any person love any other without conditions. Even abused dogs often will still seek affection and warmth if provided for them. I’d like to see any of you winy f###### pansies be able to live through getting your ass kicked everyday and still just want to be loved. You are all too busy complaining about things you know nothing about. I hope your miserable existence in this life is pain enough, if not atleast I know you will not poison the well of the dog population out there because none of you are good enough to be dog owners anyway. Rot in hell, all of you!

  44. Kyle,

    You will need to observe the rules stated clearly on the home page regarding use of the F bomb. Your comment was edited so may participate but next you will simply be flagged Also, we hate dogs on this site not people. Consider therapy for your aggression

  45. Kyle,
    My son was recently bitten in the face by his friends bull mastiff. It was unprovoked. My son is 11. He has two scars on his face, one gouge on his cheek that we have been to the plastic surgeons office for several times. He had nightmares for weeks. He was on two rounds of antibiotics and required an extra tetanus shot. Let me remind you that he will be scarred for life. The owners? Oh they say, it’s just a scratch. The dog still roams freely in their yard. They continue to invite children to their home. Their dismissive attitude to our nightmare shows us how blind and inconsiderate people are when it comes to their big dumb vicious beasts. If you must have a barking, shitting, menacing pet, keep it away from me and my kids. Every time I take time off work and take my precious child to the surgeons office, I while away the hours in the waiting room thinking of ways to poison this dog and others like him.

  46. Erin,

    I am so sorry your son was attacked by a vicious dog. You should seek an attorney and at least sue their home owners insurance to cover your child’s need for plastic surgery. Your experience makes me hate dogs all the more.

  47. I got bitten unprovoked by a dog when I was 12 scared me for life…I agree with the last comment..the dog owners need to learn

  48. Wow, I can’t believe I found this website. I thought I was the only person in the world who hated dogs (at least the dogs that are trouble makers, which seems like 95% of them). My biggest problem is barking dogs. I leave my house any time of day and all I hear all over the neighbor hood is BARK BARK BARK BARK in all directions. Its unbelievable. Why in the hell do people let their dogs bark and annoy the crap out of other people? Quite frankly I’m surprised that I don’t hear of more dog poisonings throughout the county.

    Unfortunately I also live next door to two of those big yappers and my front door is 20 feet from the gate to the neighbor’s back yard, and the dogs hang out right next to the gate. Every time I leave my house…BARK BARK BARK BARK; every time i come home…BARK BARK BARK BARK; anytime i go into my back yard to do whatever…BARK BARK BARK BARK.

    Sometimes the neighbors go out of town for as much as two days at a time and leave the dogs unattended in the back yard. The dogs, of course, get lonely and bark at anything and everything. Our bedroom window is literally 10 feet from their back yard and when those dogs bark at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am it pushes me to the limits of my sanity and I just want to go over there and rip their gd heads off…and trust me, I’m about as peace loving and gentle of a soul as you’ll ever find.

    If any dog owners are reading this…I’m begging you, please shut your dogs up because they are driving everyone crazy.

  49. When I was 8 years old, we lived across the street from a guy who owned 2 vicious chows that he kept in his back yard. One day, the 2 chows managed to get into the back yard of their next door neighbor and mauled a little boy, who was about my age. I remember seeing his body and face all mutilated. Several months later, I had just gotten out of bed and I was looking out my bedroom window. I saw the owner of the 2 chows was standing on his porch when I noticed a stray dog walk up to the chow owner’s mailbox on the street. The stray dog was just hanging out, sniffing around, and proceeded to take a leak on the mailbox post. The chow owner went back into his house and came out with a rifle. He raised the rifle, took aim, and shot at that stray dog…keep in mind that he is shooting a rifle right across the street from me. I don’t know weather he hit the dog or not but I have to assume he did, because a few days later the owner of the stray dog came to our house and asked my dad, who was a lawyer, what he should do. I heard the conversation so I told them I saw what happened. I don’t know what ever happened with all that.

    I just wanted to share a few stories of how “responsible” dog owners are…dog owners, PLEASE stop terrorizing people with your dogs.

  50. I hate walking into a house and gagging because it smells like dog butthole and the owners think its okay to have 3 huge dogs in a small house and when you sit on their couch the smell get violent and the dirty hair clings to your clothes and as you sit on their couch instead of sending the dogs away the owner let’s them jump and wallow on you while one gross male dog grinds on your leg and they think its cute! What’s with male dogs constantly having raging boners also? It doesn’t matter what type of dog you have they are all stupid, the all shit a giant pile on the floor despite the fact that you just took them for a walk and they look at you like they knew what they did but they just don’t give a crap because you’ll pick it up. I really can’t stand people who put their dogs first over their kids, or those idiots that have never had a child and says shit like “they are just like having a kid.” Maybe if your kid was severely brain damaged!! Besides what would you know about having a kid, you don’t have one! Dogs aren’t cute, they are about as cute as a 90 year old man in a nursing home shitting himself and hacking up large jelly balls of snot and pissing in a bag! I hate dogs!!!

  51. I makes me gag when I go to a dogger house and they light a candle as if that can possibly cover up the smell. Its so laughable. There’s a lady at my work that has two nasty pits that she loves to brag about. Whenever she comes in my office I almost instantly feel the tickle in my throat from the dog dander attached to her clothes. I feel it all day even if she is in my office for 5 minutes. Its so nasty. How do these people live with themselves?

  52. An article written by the Humane Society tries to portray pits as victims by aligning the average pedestrian’s fear of pits in public as “discrimination” to what the author calls the “magnitude of the injustice” of pits being abused. Her argument breaks down when the manipulative or perhaps oblivious, author makes the transition from people being protective of themselves to pit owners abusing/neglecting their captive animals. These are two completely separate issues. 1). Pits have earned the the reputation they deserve. 2). Pit owners are the abusers, torturers of their own dogs. 3). “Discrimination” or more realistically, natural fear of a predator, is simply not the same issue as what is promoted as “injustice”. The author’s leap in reasoning is subtle, manipulative and deceiving but standard in the world of pit apologists. See excerpt below….

    A new breed of discrimination
    “I didn’t know anything about pit bulls. … I just thought she was cute and friendly and adorable,” says Tomaselli, who was an undergraduate majoring in Spanish and Latin American studies at the time. “And then I started experiencing the discrimination.”

    When she and Bella strolled through their San Francisco neighborhood, people crossed the street to avoid them. Some made angry comments, including, “‘Get that attack dog away from my children’—even when we weren’t particularly close—or ‘You should really have that pit bull muzzled.’ ” Even her mother, a fellow dog lover, was afraid of Bella and upset by her daughter’s choice.

    But Tomaselli never second-guessed her decision. “I started feeling really connected to the breed based on being involved in this discrimination. It made me feel like there was really an injustice.”

    Fostering justice
    The magnitude of the injustice became clearer when she began volunteering at local animal shelters. There were pit bulls with acid burns. Pups who had survived being set on fire. Dogs like Malik, a gray pit bull who cowered in the back of his kennel. Scars on his back legs testified to years of abuse. “Someone had taken a knife to this dog, repeatedly,” Tomaselli says.


  53. I love your site! Just discovered it yesterday…For years I’ve felt alone in my dislike for those foul creatures we call dogs, because so many of my relatives,, my boyfriend’s relatives, and my coworkers love dogs!! I just don’t get it! What’s there to love about an annoying, smelly, loud animal that defecates on the floor? I really don’t like any dog, but the ones I despise most are small, yappy ones, such as chihuahuas. I’m a cat person, and many of these dog people always feel the need to tell me “I hate cats” and “cats cause more trouble than dogs”, but they get all offended if I just tell them I don’t want a dog. My cat doesn’t jump on people or meow nonstop, and he’s litter trained. A dog jumped on me last year, almost knocking me to the floor and leaving a bruise on my leg. And the owners think it’s soooo cute when the poop factory jumps on you. I’m so sick of hearing my coworkers talk about their darling doggies pretty much every.single.day at work. Probably close to half of my office owns a dog! What is it with America and dogs?? It boggles my mind!

  54. Hi dogsaredisgusting,

    Thanks for joining us. Check out the section called Top 10 Reasons. Most contribute there and you’ll get more feedback!

  55. Thanks to Canetod for this.


    Excerpt below:
    April 2015/Eden, Vermont: StoweToday.com reported that a self-professed “dog rescuer” had been charged with multiple counts of cruelty to animals after authorities removed approximately 100 dogs from her property, where they were confined in “appalling conditions—locked in cages without access to food or clean water, lying in their own feces, many with festering wounds resembling bed sores.” The report stated that the city’s animal control officer was removed from office after it came to light that he acted as vice president of the woman’s “rescue organization,” which he called “Bark Rescue.”

    March 2015/Anderson County, South Carolina: WYFF4.com reported that the operator of Golden S Rescue was charged with 60 counts of ill treatment of animals after authorities seized 60 animals, including dogs and cats, from her property. Some of the animals were in need of veterinary attention, some were confined without access to water, and some appeared underweight. According to the report, in February 2014 the operator was arrested twice on similar charges, once when 11 dogs were found critically ill and had to be seized and two weeks later when more than 100 animals needed to be removed from the “rescue’s” property. In September 2014, the operator was convicted of maltreatment of animals.

  56. I’m so happy to have found this website. Basically everyone I know is obsessed with their “furbaby” and it turns my stomach. They talk to it in idiotic baby voices like it’s a person and my own mother in law threatened to SHOOT me if I let anything happen to her precious fleabag! Yes, you read that correctly. And one time the idiot dog got into MY food (bowl of chili) and started shitting uncontrollably so she spent our last 100 dollars on the vet.. and it still shit everywhere!! To top it off I got the blame for the dog getting sick. Yes, I TOTALLY forced the poor starving mutt to steal my dinner. It barks constantly and nobody seems to care because after all I’m the only person in this house who has to actually work for a living.. and a gd dog is more important than I am.

  57. Hey dogdevils, So sorry to hear you have to live with these disgusting freaks of nature. But you are in the company of like minded people. Check out our main section, Top 10 Reasons, where most of us converse and you will be sure to get some feed back on your comments. Welcome to the site!

  58. Surprise to see I am not the only one who hate dogs. Here in India, Street(Stray) Dogs are menace to society. Very sad and angry to read about Erin’s son incident.

  59. I am so happy I found this website. Thank god. Finally I’m not a “black sheep” in the brainwashed “herd” of america all washed over with this obsession for dogs. How much more ridiculous can it get? Dog hotels, dog weddings, plus all the crap a pet dog needs, leashes toys food flea pills, the list goes on and ON and on and it’s honestly super awkward to have an animal live in your house wiping its ass on your carpet, spreading fleas, licking its anus and vagina or penis and then lick a person’s face, why can’t people snap out of it, stop calling dogs “baby” stop kissing the f%%%ing dog, IT IS A DOG IT DOESN’T CARE ABOUT KISSES WHY KISS IT it so disgusting, he kisses the dog and then kisses me. I feel suffocated in this nation-wide dog shit dog everything dog obsession it’s horrible I don’t know how to cope or what to do, it makes me uncomfortable how dogs step into a relationship and alter it, competing with my spouse for attention, sticking its hard paws on me, the bitchdog pushes me away from my man but he looooooves her and wants her up on the bed, or how about the time it saw a cat and bent my fingertip out to the side? or the bruises it leaves on my legs when she jumps on me? She’s not a “baby” she’s an animal, not a “girl” not a “pretty girl”, seriously what’s wrong with people?
    I once even saw an article where a man OPENLY wrote about that he would always love his dog more than a woman, SERIOUSLY WHAT
    I unwillingly got stuck having two dogs bc of my significant other and they are a pain in the ass. One of them leaves his fur hairs EVERYWHERE I find them in my f###ing eyeball, in my lip, in my food, even where the “sun don’t shine” as in yoni as in my vayay. It’s disturbing to me in all honesty no exagerration. The other one is a muscle dog that’s ill-behaved and yanks on the leash unless you put a face-mask on her. Oh my dear god I could be writing about this for hours. It’s dysfunctional insanity is what this is, is it closeted zoophiles or part-replacement for romantic relationship???????? because that’s what I get from this, none of them wants to say it, or maybe many of them have an emptiness in their lives they try and fill by becoming servants to dogs, feeding, changing water, taking the animals out to shit and pee, come on!
    What can be done? IT’s ridiculous at least now I know I’m not alone in this!!! I posted on yahoo answers trying to explore why there is a dog-obsession in the first place and I got nothing but attacks and insults……WHICH ONLY PROVES MY POINT! I got 1, just 1 person agreeing, jesus I feel very uncomfortable about this crap they smell and leave saliva everywhere god help Any ideas? How to calm down this ridiculous dog obsession? It’s a selling proposition, a market of costumers ready to throw money for dog shit dog toys all of it and the problems are profound, when a dog interferes between a Man and a Woman it’s gone too far already!!! message.of.honesty at gmail.com

  60. https://www.facebook.com/whereswaldosfamily/timeline?ref=page_internal

    8287 likes but not one of them can take the dog ? 73,641 is the number of likes on the maulers page. Obviously 8K is a large number but they could increase this dogs chance of a forever home if it mauled a child.
    Life at any cost is often not life at all. They are just a human cause on FB where clicking like makes someone feel better. There aren’t enough homes for decent cats and dogs. Why would anyone want a 4 year old institutionalized pit that was found on the street 4 years ago. Obviously not any of the 8000 plus likers on FB

  61. Dog people are so stupid. The dog looks like its getting plenty of attention. I doubt it knows its in a “shelter” and not a “forever home”. That phrase make me want to vomit. I love the way doggers project their own feelings on the mutt. It just wants to eat. My daughter has a dog that has a “forever home” It sleeps on the same chair all day everyday and doesn’t move except when food is around. Then it suddenly appears. Let it outside and its trying to get back in within 5 minutes to return to the chair. Whats the point of a dog.

  62. DFH aside from the real freaks , and there are plenty. All the likes on the WMBC FB page are about being part of something. Interesting that with very little research you learn most of what they claim is a lie or supposition. As in the Mauler was abused. There is no information aside from it being tied up that it was being abused.
    The whole Save Mickey was founded on a lie. The mauler was not a victim of neglect and abuse. The WMBC FB page is full of ‘ likers’ who are looking for their lost dogs. Can’t afford the rent to keep their dogs. And a plethora of them that are begging for thousands of dollars to pay vet bills. Some for the same cancer they accuse the maulers former owners of being responsible for. Which directly infers they are responsible for their dogs skin cancer. The WMBC page recently had an obituary of sorts for the dog Onion. Not one mention of the baby it killed. Onion died happily with his stuffed animals and loving family. The lawyer is a race baiter with a dog suit on. Like all of this kind they do more harm for human rights and animal welfare than help. By jumping on these cases to pump up his obviously very small…ego. He transgresses a human defense for murder to a dog. From my view the mauler was not being abused and we don’t know that he was neglected. The bad childhood defense was used. On a dog. Even with his teeth ground down this dog poses a significant risk . I believe that during the press conference an inmate was allowed to speak to the character of another inmate ( Mickey).
    Then there is sheriff Joke. Tell me how many of those that sang his praise have ranted on his other policies ? I bet a fair number of that 70K. But when he’s kissing the head of a face ripper they forget than and go into wet panty mode.

  63. https://youtu.be/xrJfHxQ-zac Not only do dog owners abuse their own dogs , commercials implying that a cat has been shot with an arrow as you hear it yell in pain probably give them a stiffy.
    If this was a dog yowling in pain the commercial would have been pulled after the first viewing. But since it is a cat there is humor to be found in it’s abuse.
    You can’t have it both ways.

  64. I love the comment about dogs being gmo’s and not animals. Let’s get out our tinfoil hats and believe that for a second. I would like to also tell the world of my hate for a specific group of people. How about we call it imabigotlikeyouassholes.com?

  65. Mike B. We only allow one screen name/identity on this site. Pick a lane please as honest communication aka integrity is valued here.

    Comparing dogs to humans is a common dog cultist tactic. ….not the same things. Dogs are a species not a segment of the human population. If dogs are incapable of living in our human habitat they should live as real animals do in the wild. I suspect natural selection would take its’ course once dysfunction humans, stop keeping them alive artificially for their own self serving purposes. These are the same people who typically have difficulty with interpersonal human relationships. It takes some social skills and cooperation…unlike living with a beast who requires only that you feed it.

  66. Carlos/Jeff/Mike/Derrick,

    All this dog hate talk is giving me a boner.

    Right on Jeff V. You are welcome here. Our only solution to this problem is to kill them all. We will succeed where Hitler failed.

    -“Dogs are disgusting. I’ve killed many of the little devil beasts : )”

    Yawn. Your tactic is an immature and typical one seen here often when dog nutter trolls come to our site and pretend to hate dogs stating they want to kill abuse etc. Check our section on Why Dog Owners Are the Abusers of Dogs. Or simply read a newspaper or other news source to find ready examples of fur slave owners who do these things since one must first own and hold captive a fur slave in order to abuse it. Its the Fourth of July. Don’t you have a hamburger, hotdog, dog food or other animal source you can go feed your elitist pet?

    Oh wait…you’re a vegan and so is your scavenger pet.

  67. DFH. It’s amazing how little dog owners know about the origin of the beast they worship.

  68. mfp. They are as dumb and anti-social as skin head types many of who are of Irish descent. If they knew their own twisted history they would know the Irish were once lumped in with the laundry list of hated groups. This is a criticism of hate groups not the Irish. Its not surprising that many of these same haters are pit nutters.

    Then they troll this site and try to assert that we are haters for daring to maintain our personal boundaries. They simply read a heading and sum it all up in their pea brains. Nutters have such a limited capacity for reason.

  69. Well in meager defense of skin heads I’ve never had one crap in my front yard.
    I have seen the Holocaust held up as what happens when people hate a certain breed of dog. Relating a human atrocity. I see it played out here in NM almost daily. If you speak up about the illegal population and the issues you automatically hate Hispanics. Probably hate Blacks also.
    Racist has become the battle-cry to shut down dialog over social /economic and government issues.
    Pitters try and shut down facts about their breed by making the assertion that not liking them is somehow bigoted and racist. By pretending there isn’t a problem or making it impossible to have adult conversations it makes the problem bigger. Who blames a toddler for getting his face ripped off ?
    It seems a stupid fireman was suspended for flying a confederate flag in a parade. The owners of the mauler and many other owners of vicious dogs might have been given a ticket for a loose dog.
    I found an old story about a pit mauling and halfway down the page between the story and the comments was a section to put up a picture of your pittie. So between the story of a human being shredded like an old pillow and the usual inane comments are pictures of babies perched on pit bull heads. People are suggesting we drain the ocean and eradicate sharks to prevent attacks. A man was killed by three invading pit bulls got zero news coverage.

  70. See what gets me is that many “dog advocates” would claim that taking the dogs on a brisk walk would prevent them from mauling the neighbor’s livestock. I say baloney because our two large dogs destroyed a cat and mauled a puppy, right after a walk. Nonsense. Let’s face it, nothing will prevent a dog from acting like a dog.

  71. In all honesty chances are they cant hear the noise. They are what you might call “desensitized to it.” In my own neighborhood I just “know” when the dogs are going to go off. The dogs “know” who does and does not belong there, and they kind of know what sounds are business as usual and what is off … Yeah some dogs are annoying barky nuisances such as the dachshunds next door so I try to make friends with them. Try at least. Unless the noise is hideous, there is a strong possibility that the owners aren’t hearing it. That doesn’t make them bad people- at worst a bit inconsiderate

  72. Let’s face it, nothing will prevent a dog from acting like a dog.
    True and why they don’t belong in our residential communities

  73. In all honesty chances are they cant hear the noise. They are what you might call “desensitized to it.”
    Yes But I’m not so just shut it up

    In my own neighborhood I just “know” when the dogs are going to go off. The dogs “know” who does and does not belong there, and they kind of know what sounds are business as usual and what is off …
    Do you mean like squirrels, leaves dropping and the mailman…I opt for a security system. Its cheaper than a dog and doesnt shit, bark or attack

    Yeah some dogs are annoying barky nuisances such as the dachshunds next door
    ALL barking is annoying. In fact its down right hostile, aggressive and a violation of my right to live in a peaceful environment

    I try to make friends with them.
    This is OUR human habitat and dogs need to adapt to it or be removed. Their owners need to make friends with me by shutting it up.

    Unless the noise is hideous,
    See above

    there is a strong possibility that the owners aren’t hearing it.
    Got that part.It doesn’t solve the problem however as its simply an excuse

    That doesn’t make them bad people- at worst a bit inconsiderate
    They are at best inconsiderate. Typically they confirm by their behavior that they are passive aggressive self absorbed narcissists and often sociopaths….did I mention dullards?

  74. Dogs become nuisance barkers because they are neglected by their owners who wanted a furry well of narcissistic supply and couldn’t care less about its own needs.

    Then there’s the narcissistic desire for a particular breed just ’cause they like the look of it, when each one is purpose-bred, mostly for work, and are are totally inappropriate house pets. Shelties, bred for a bark that can be heard from one side of an island to another, are popular for apartments. Even retrievers assist hunters and have too much energy for a house. There’s an annoying Golden down the road stuck all day in its small front yard (why not the back?!) that startles you if you forget to avoid its house, barking aggressively at everyone walking past. It’s miserable.

  75. DPAN. Indeed and exactly. It now appears the walking personality disorder next door is down a dog. I have chosen not to use the rural disposal method with their dogs but rather drive AC nuts by calling every time I seen her dogs running down the road embracing their un-chaperoned freedom to do what they want which included chasing children on the paved road no where near their home and in general being growly and snarly at will. The one missing is the beast that launched at my housecat sitting in the window.
    I have itched to dispose of these troublemaking pos dogs but now you have to deal with the weeping and the dog owner starting a Justice for (Blank) page. And dogs are in steady supply.
    So we shall see if the beast reappears. It may be penned up or it may be smashed on the side of the road, or rotting in the back of someone’s field. The best outcome would be a report to AC with money damages attached to make the point you can’t let your dogs run wild.
    As I’ve said before with her. It’ rinse and repeat. Until the consequences cost her more than it’s worth this cycle will be repeated over and over. Making her not only a true dog abusers but a top notch dog hater herself.
    I’m sure they’re at church weeping about the sad little white pos and blaming me for their dog if it is indeed missing. Perhaps if she’d taken the message from me that not everyone enjoys her nasty dogs running loose the beast would still be playing eye level with her 3 small children.

  76. Maybe her mutt went to purgatory and is waiting to greet her. She might be destined to chase it down the street for all eternity carrying a bag of shit in her hand.

  77. Damon July 11, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    I am so f- tired of all these f- animals in my goddamn yard shitting everywhere. Now my entire room smells like shit because I just tracked some in on my f- shoes, and plus they never stop barking. I threw a damn basketball and hit two puppies earlier because they were just barking away, and made them whimper and basically just shut them the hell up. A couple of nights ago my dog (a jack russell + beagle mix) was barking at 5 o’ clock in the f- morning at unsurprisingly NOTHING and it woke me up and I was pissed off as F-, so I went outside and threw my steel toed shoe at it and hit the stupid f-. Goddamn, at least with cats they bury their shit and are quiet. Dogs are the exact f- opposite and that’s why I HATE them so damn much!

    There much better place for this post. or should this have been under I hate my dog ? both ? Trolls. SMH.

    DFH. I have no idea. It could be penned up in which case it will shortly be let out to roam since snapping a leash on her mutt and going for a walk is beyond her comprehension. I mean I don’t blame her. Who wants to go for a walk with a dog whose goal is to crap and piss on everything. What do you do with your eyes while your dog lays that greasy turd down by your feet ? Pray that no one sees you and you have to clean it up ? I keep trying to help by putting her dogs crap within easy walking distance. Seems the neighborly thing to do.

  78. DFH. We’re in the kitchen cooking supper and look out and there the beast is running free. Either they got it back from somewhere or they’ve been keeping it locked up. Obviously the lesson they learned in church today was to make a mockery of the law and civil disobedience.
    I know they have total disregard for the law since a birdy told me they like to show bootleg movies.
    They also put bark collars on their dogs so you can’t hear them roaming around . Anything but build a fence and keep her craphounds where they belong.

  79. mfp There used to be a feature that would allow sending a comments to a more appropriate section. Its been gone for a while. I think this is a once and done comment person

  80. Wow. You have some hard core neighbors mfp….I don’t know if I would have your fortitude.

    The morons here have a baby grand daughter who is almost two living with them and the vicious dogs. The other grand mother came to drop off the child after a visit. My neighbor had to speak to the woman outside because as usual the dogs were going psycho. So while its ok to allow a toddler to reside with them…other humans may not enter the house because the dogs are nuts. They too attend church every Sunday like saints.

  81. DFH. This is not a dog issue. It is a personality disorder. And she may have more than one.
    No normal person would let their dogs roam and invade the yard of someone who has kicked them, thrown garden tools at them , pepper sprayed them multiple times and left black pepper all over the ground in key spots that have sent her dogs into sneezing fits over and over.
    Less than two weeks ago her dogs tried to savage someone who dared walk down the road in front of her house. Both of us were shocked by how savage these dogs were behaving. Lets hope they don’t go primal on her children.

  82. DFH, and it happened again. Woman and child walking down the road. No one home and the dogs out in the road carrying on. I called AC. Yesterday the big beast was outside my kitchen window, The little snarly one barking at while it invaded my front yard. They trot up and down the roads.
    I told AC via their message that we’re done playing games. Not going to be their dogs free bite. At this point all I can do is document the path made so that when we shoot them it can’t be clamed they never new there was a problem.

  83. mfp, Why dont you trap the little one and drop it off at a kill shelter.

  84. DFH. First I was extremely hot and tired from working outside when I wrote the above post.
    Trapping it would be easy but in the end pointless. They’ll simply boohoo and get another. These are not their first problem dogs. I also believe the level of defiance in keeping them off the public road is a clear indicator of either a personality disorder or outright mental illness. Also I believe the floor rat came from a rescue and is likely chipped. I am NOT going to let them become the victims in this.
    The next time the bigger one which is now a large dog so much as curls it’s lips at me that is a different story.
    If she’s fine with me kicking the little white one around when it charges me or whacking it with what ever garden tool I have in my hand that’s simply more evidence of her mental condition.
    Like many confrontational and narcissistic people she thinks its all about what she wants and that the world revolves around her wants. Understand that the only think that keeps her from letting those dogs bark all night is the camera that flips on over here the minute a dog starts barking. They are not being kept quiet out of any kind of consideration.
    The real truth here is the two dogs that I’m sure she claims are family members will end dead because of her arrogance. Either by my hand, my husbands , cars on the road or someone else who is just as sick of keeping their dogs contained while hers roam and cause mayhem.
    I’m sure AC is just as frustrated. They often have their hands tied in what they can do. She thinks she’s smart and is playing a game. One that she’ll ultimately lose.

  85. I was half joking and also wishful thinking…I think wilko said once he trapped one of the neighbors mutts, delivered it to their door and said next time he’d bring it to the pound. But what would probably happen is that even if the little shits aren’t chipped they likely have a collar and would be returned to them . They’d probably think it was a Good Samaritan…just trying to think of ways to f with the idiots….how about a good coating with maple syrup/ honey so the jerks either have to actually wash them or let them attract bees and flys……modern day tar and feather…

  86. I believe he told them the next time he’d dump the trap dog and all into his rain barrel.

  87. Well I haven’t seen them today. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been running loose. I’m sick of the people that walk by and have to throw rocks and brandish sticks and clubs to continue their walks but don’t call AC and make a report. The recording on the AC number clearly says to call 911 in case of a dog attack or vicious dog loose. If they don’t want to call 911 they or their children can suffer the coming consequences as that BC reaches maturity.
    One of the biggest problems is the pack of people that appear after an attack, killing, bite or just a good old mauling and say the dog has been a problem for a long time. But not one of the idiots thought enough of their neighbors, their kids or even just a stranger who decided to walk down the wrong street and do something to prevent a mess.
    Dog owners are nuts. Not only do they let their own mutts cause trouble they feel like they’re turning a Jew over to the Nazi Party for an oven party if they report one that’s menaced them and their children. And I’m sorry if that offends someone. Sometimes the truth hurts.
    If those snarly curs are over here and I get a clear shot. so be it. I pointed out to my husband today that if I had called and complained about loose cats coming from their yard they’d be here with traps before I hung up. But loose vicious dogs that attack humans and menace cats through windows are no big deal. It is after all perfectly normal to have to walk around in your own yard with a weapon handy because your neighbor refuses to obey the law that AC is supposed to uphold and keep her curs contained.
    We thought her jackhammer barking vermin was the end all to the problem. But no. They seen fit to add a set of fangs to the problem.
    I don’t think that’s a pure border collie. Who knows what it’s mixed with. The tail is all wrong on it.

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