Mickey the Pit Bull, aka Mickey the Mauler

Feel free to say it here since your comments will be deleted if you go on the “Save Mickey” site. In spite of little Kevin Vicente suffering unconscionable damage for life and his parent being blamed,  pit extremists are still advocating for children and pit bulls. Mickey the Mauler is being keep alive by Sheriff Joe Arpaio   who is a well known racist, Mexican hater and corrupt official.

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  1. This was posted by Canetoad: Excellent point!

    I see The Mauler’s site has a link to some kind of sting about a man who is sexually aroused by horses:


    Clearly this man has some kind of psychiatric disorder and I’m not sure that exposure (so to speak) of this sort is helpful, either to the man himself or to any horses that might cross his path.

    But it’s something for the Mauler’s fans to get their teeth into! They’re having a contest to outdo each other with a suitable punishment! These are the same bleeding hearts who stick up for a misunderstood nanny dog when it takes a child’s face off.

    [name] “Put this sick man down. 8th arrest for this. He’s not going to learn, just get rid of him.” [But don’t put The Mauler down for what it did to Kevin, eh?}

    [name[ “i live in Pennsylvania and i hope they don’t let that sick pos come back here. they should bury him up to his nose out in the desert somewhere.”

    And so on. Meanwhile, they continue to support dogs that kill people. Amazing.

  2. There is no shortage of lawyers who will exploit extreme dog fanatics such as the Mickey disciples who want to defend it for mauling and maiming a child The faithful will even raise the money needed…….. its just too easy

  3. Canetoad,

    They are definitely distributing free Kool-Aid on that site. These people are not grounded in reality.

  4. The site is being baited daily to keep the rabble fired up and loyal since there is no pitgod to worship at the moment via webcam.
    In many ways they are worse than the man who is abusing horses. These shining examples of humanity wet their panties over dog that still have the blood of the human being the killed smeared on their muzzles. Plus instead of the one horse abuser we know there are at least 70K plus of the pit nuts who think it’s ok to love a dog that has defaced a child. Who’s really the problem ?

  5. And the comments about the man who has a horse fetish go on and on. To think that I was banned from that site for suggesting that people keep their dogs under control when a delivery driver is around!

    [name] “Oh my god, what a sick, twisted pig. I recommend shooting him once in the crotch and twice in the head! Thank heavens for Sheriff Joe Arpaio”

    [name] “Sicko pervert–PUT HIM DOWN, then there is one less to be concerned with.” [How ironic, given the The Mauler should have been put down.]

    [name] “Please let me kick this sick fuk in his nut sack. Sick pervert piece of shyt!!!”

    [name] “bullets are cheap!”

    I hope these people are proud of themselves. Actually, they probably are. If anyone needs evidence that the gene pool is becoming diluted, they need look no further than The Mauler’s site.

    Is The Mauler dead yet? Is that why there’s no webcam?

  6. Canetoad, Remember that the webcam was off more than on towards the end. Constant excuse were made. Then suddenly it was down the mauler moved and a promise made of a new one. crickets. They started refusing donations. Uploading a picture of the mauler , something anyone of us could do with two thumbs and our phone is rare. The photos appear very cropped. Supposedly the mauler is now living in Disneyland. Although any vet clinic is usually more functional for truly ill animals rather than boarding situations. I’ve boarded at a vet. They will usually only agree to very short term situations. There are a large number of sick animals going in and out that need the space. And now the obvious fallout with Annie. The admin on the WMBC FB page is either posting stories to keep the rabble going or telling them to get a life. In the middle of this no one has a clue where the dog is or who has custody of it.
    Mostly I’m content to sit back and let this play out. The rabid mauler lovers are starting to get suspicious. Many of these fools used their meager funds to send stuff and money to care for the dog. So where is Mickey. That alone would answer just about all the questions. A lawyer in that area needs to look into it. Because in all honestly I think there is something going on. And I’m sure it’s bucking the court order.
    If it is found that Mickey is not where he’s supposed to be, wherever that is, he should be taken to the nearest animal shelter and dealt with like any vicious dog. Euthanized.

  7. Canetoad, I suspect the crazies on that site are as inbred as their pits.

  8. The rabid mauler lovers are starting to get suspicious. Many of these fools used their meager funds to send stuff and money to care for the dog. So where is Mickey.

    Unlike Kevin, these freaks deserve what they get. I hope they all got duped out of their money

  9. MFP – if the Save Mickey nutters have their way, the Mickster will end up like Lenin, but in Times Square. At the very least they will clamour for a memorial. When there was a fire at Manchester Dogs’ Home and 50-odd strays were no more, people were calling for a memorial to be erected. Thankfully they appear to have moved on to some other bleeding heart cause, because I’m not aware of a memorial having been commissioned.

  10. And as if by magic pictures of Mickey in his luxury condo appear. Hopefully someone will recognize this place now and tip everyone else off where the dog is being hidden.
    The bigger question still lingers. Who is paying for all of his vet needs and boarding ? It seems only the threat of being exposed got some pictures of the mauler up. How long does it take to throw a few toys in the car along with the new bed and run mauler to the kennel for a photo shoot?
    They might all be mauling each other today.
    Lets point out that the only way the lawyer could take the mauler out while he was at MASH was with the consent, direct or indirect of Deputy Dawg.

  11. https://www.facebook.com/627613240621251/photos/a.628468610535714.1073741828.627613240621251/850481065001133/?type=1&theater

    Nothing but a sweat lodge ? So Mickey had a dog house. We know he a bone for a toy. I see a bucket for water. I have yet to hear credible evidence that the mauler was abused. If he was so abused why is he such a wiggle butt. He got chained up for killing another dog. Then he pulled Kevin’s face off. And now he lives in luxury.
    Now all those teeth gnashers should publish a full picture , no cropping of where their dogs live. That would include their homes with all the lights on so you can see the crap and pee stains everywhere. Next lets walk to the cupboard and take a peek at what cheap dog food you’re feeding that mutt. I want statements from reliable sources on how often their own dog is exercised and walked.
    That’s south AZ of course there’s no grass. It does appear there is some either cheap artificial turf or indoor outdoor carpet covering the ground. Wonder if they ever got the bloodstains from the mauling out ?
    If this is truly so horrid I do hope the admin on the WMBC is on constant patrol and saving every dog living in the exact same conditions. Given the neighborhood this happened it looks like they tried their best to meet the dogs needs. Perhaps those low cost adoptions needs to be halted. The dogs are obviously living in squalor.

  12. Sheriff Joke recently got what he deserved in court. Perhaps this is part of the fund raising Mickey scam. He knew he would need a revenue stream soon and the faithful are ready to step up. All in the name of dog.

  13. I should like to see the sheriff in the striped suit with pink undies living in an unheated/uncooled tent getting the daily allowance he’s allowed for the inmates. Although I’m sure if he gets as far as incarceration he’ll end up in a country club setting. If indeed they were taking the mauler out for fun and games he would be as guilty of violating a court order as the lawyer.

  14. http://www.modbee.com/news/article29913445.html

    I pulled this little gem off the WMBC FB page. If you own a dog that might attack you are legally bound to not only fence the beast in but to secure the gate.
    I can’t just shoot uninvited people who wander onto my property any more than it’s legal to have a dog that mauls anyone who gets inside its fence. Was the gate locked, a beware of dog sign ? Of course not. By this logic anyone coming over for a visit and entering their yard without making an appointment first would be uninvited. And yet the frothing pit nutters claim the dog was only protecting his property.
    I don’t know why the woman entered the yard. But you shouldn’t have to face a mauling or death because you opened a gate to walk up to someone’s front door.

  15. According to the admin on WMBC he is now cancer free. Does that mean back to the jail ? Or will there be another stab at freedom for him.
    Speaking of stabbing –
    Seems to be a common theme when trying to stop a nanny dog from mauling. I mean playing with humans and other pets.
    Contrary to the NUTS on the WMBC page dogs do not get to shred humans of any age or size at their discretion even if the human trespassed and the dog did what dogs do. Which if that is really the case dogs should be banned 100% everywhere and be illegal to own.
    If any of the dog defender slime balls read this it is now almost a daily occurrence that one type of dog mauls or kills a human. Who knows how many near misses or lesser attacks go unreported or how many pets that haven’t got a chance against one of these bear traps you dare to call a pet are pulled apart alive. Your Pit Bull is not a pet. It is an aberration that should be sought out and destroyed. They are not compatible to live with humans or other animals. If you defend a dog that has laid teeth on a human I can only hope that at some point you fall prey to your own weapon of choice. Maybe , just maybe as you were laying in the ER with tubes draining the bites they can’t sew shut for fear of infection and having a consult with a plastic surgeon who would like to make you look passible as a human again you might learn a little empathy for the victims of dog attacks. Our pets don’t attack family members or strangers who come in unlocked gates. Who go for walks , bike rides, hiking or get out of parked cars in their own driveway. I can only wish that someday someone devalues your life, the life of your child, parent , partner or pet the way you metal deviants do. Lets hope your own find that gofundme where you want to raise money to fix the damage someone’s meat grinder caused and blames you for being a bad parent or deserving what you got because you failed to respect the dog.
    Better yet post all that crap under your own name and lets hope your employer or prospective employer finds those little gems on the internet. Oddly most normal people find the hysteria over putting a dog that killed or mauled down abnormal. Losers every one of you.

  16. MFP – I wondered the same thing. Why are these people bending over backwards to save these vicious beasts. Why not put all of that energy into saving animals who do not have a bad track record and probably won’t bite someone’s face off? (Though I do not trust any dog. All dogs can and will bite, it is just a matter of when and other circumstances). I guess they believe in the “second chances” ideology, which should not be applied to vicious/potentially vicious dogs who have attacked someone or most likely will do so in the future. Any dog who has been proven to be a dangerous threat to humans needs to be put down immediately.

  17. Why not put all of that energy into saving animals who do not have a bad track record and probably won’t bite someone’s face off?

    SS – This is the million dollar question…You just have to wonder why people would just not let this breed die out and support a less drama prone animal if as they allege they simply love dogs.

    I think its because:
    1) Pit nutters are attention seekers and can gain attention by posturing with their beasts.They bask in all the drama.
    2) Pit nutters inherently perceive themselves as victims of some sort and pits serve their dysfunctional need for martyrdom by latching onto pits as victims.
    3) Pit nutters have violent tendencies and are either overtly or subconsciously attracted to these violent beasts.

  18. In person I have never met the owner of a pit bull that was not fully aware of their dogs potential to be lethal or dangerous.
    All you need online is a non stock picture of your pibble and a grasp of the lingo and you can join the fun and games of how to deal with that walking bear trap in your home. It’s funny when they warn a mommy that the baby gate might stop the toddler but it won’t stop their widdle wiggle butt. Best and most common suggestion is to let the pit and the baby have equal time in the main living quarters so neither feels left out. Makes you wonder if these freaks are crating their children. The same holds true of Rots, Akitas and Siberian Husky type dogs. I don’t hear much about Dobermans. Great Danes and Labs get honorable mention for biting the children.
    SS all dogs bite but we know that not all dog bites are equal. Although under the law all dogs that bite should be treated the same. If the owner of the 10lb rat has to face their dog being put down for biting just like a pit for mauling you’ll see the doggers start back peddling on their all dogs are the same crap.
    While the nuts on the mauler page fight to save every crippled, maladjusted or known mauler of pets and humans 100’s of dogs that are far less offensive are put down. I guess having a dog without special needs isn’t cool.
    No dog should be allowed to be claimed by any rescue if it has bitten , menaced or fails suitability tests to be adopted. No dog that is pet or child aggressive should be allowed anywhere but the magical kill room. You have to assume that unless the new owners live in a vacuum it will encounter other dogs and cats and even children.

  19. I am Autistic and our yellow lab is annoying. The dude is cute, but he belongs to my dad. He is whiny, always up your ass and does not let you relax. I miss being dog free more than words can describe. I originally thought I wanted one but I trusted that inner voice. Now that my father bought one, I understand why I trusted that inner voice. House never stays clean, nasty spegma spots on the floor and his shedding is nasty. Since I am Autistic, I get overwhelmed 10x easier. This damn dog drives me to sensory load, invades my space and gives me anxiety. He is cute and funny, but the neediness drives me insane. I miss a pet free lifestyle. He is so much goddamn work. I miss getting to do whatever I wanted without having to worry about a damn dog 24/7. I like animals. I prefer them in their natural environment. Not in my house spreading germs and ruining my comfort space. Thank goodness for this website. I hate pitbulls.

  20. GreatWhite….thanks for joining the conversation. I could never understand why dog idiot owners would ever try to promote that dogs are calming and provide emotional support to individuals with Autism. Dogs are just a bundle of territorial, anxiety driven, drama with a side of high maintenance. Pits bulls take it to the next level. Bravo for speaking out!

  21. Even though I like dogs (No offense to anyone here, just my own opinion), I think this whole Save Mickey thing is bullcrap. That dog attacked someone. It deserves to be put down.

  22. It’s Sunday night, just browsing around the internet. Posted my opinion on a pic on FB of a 2 year old riding on the back of the family pit, using the things ears to hold on. I commented that is a foolish thing to do. Got 27 replies why I was wrong, 3 that agreed, 109 likes. Got reported. Post removed. Then that lead me the long way to Watch Mickey Beat Cancer. Looks like he beat it. No wonder. He’s living in the lap of luxury, meanwhile poor Kevin has just started school and is already answering questions about his facial injuries. Also, over at WMBC they’re pimping other pits out for money in the name of saving from kill shelters. And, looks like there’s some talk of getting a petition up to get Mickey out of “jail”… seriously, “He’s served enough time”. Still spreading the untrue story of what really happened. I made a comment that it’s a shame an animal with an inherent disposition to kill, and severely mauled a child is being put above a humans, a small child who will forever carry physical & emotional scars for as long OR longer than 80 to 90 years, and that exorbitant amounts of money coming in for Mickey should at least be shared with the VICTIM. An admin thought she’d make an example of me, by pointing how narrow-minded and prejustice I was to not agree will the other 70,000+ nitwits on the page, and that she would leave my reply for 20 minutes to make an example of me. So I used the time wisely and I asked was there an accountability to anyone as to the funds raised from around the world? Did they not feel the least amount of empathy for the child?I posted a screen shot from Time magazine (a neutral party I assumed) that attested to the ratio of % of pits in America to % of bites. That the story of the incident fits the narrative of the group, not the facts. I guess Mrs admin went on break as I was able to get all plus more in before being blocked and reported. It was a bit fun. And it’s not like that’s the first time I’ve been in FB timeout! Bahaha lol. Goodnight everyone!

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