Mickey the Pit Bull, aka Mickey the Mauler

Feel free to say it here since your comments will be deleted if you go on the “Save Mickey” site. In spite of little Kevin Vicente suffering unconscionable damage for life and his parent being blamed,  pit extremists are still advocating for children and pit bulls. Mickey the Mauler is being keep alive by Sheriff Joe Arpaio   who is a well known racist, Mexican hater and corrupt official.

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  1. https://www.facebook.com/Arpaio

    PHOENIX – An Arizona sheriff could face a civil contempt hearing in federal court for his office’s repeated violations of orders issued in a racial-profiling case.

    U.S. District Judge Murray Snow held a telephonic conference Thursday and told Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s attorneys that the six-term sheriff may face an April 21-24 hearing……..

    Dan Pochoda, senior counsel for the Arizona ACLU, said Friday that Arpaio’s office could face sanctions or fines for not following court orders and “fines to deter future bad acts and fines to compensate anyone permanently harmed” in the racial-profiling cases.

    Nineteen months ago, Snow found Arpaio’s office had systematically singled out Latinos in regular traffic and special immigration patrols.

    Snow is requiring Arpaio’s officers to video-record traffic stops, collect data on stops and undergo training to ensure they are making constitutional stops. Arpaio vigorously disputes the court’s conclusions…………..
    Snow has grown increasingly frustrated over what he said were inadequate internal investigations into wrongdoing by Arpaio’s immigrant smuggling squad, including whether a deputy was shaking down immigrants who were in the country illegally.

    The federal judge also is upset over a botched effort by Arpaio’s office to recover videos of traffic stops that were withheld in the profiling case. And Snow has said the agency violated a December 2011 pretrial ruling that barred Arpaio’s deputies from detaining people based solely on the suspicion that they’re in the country illegally.


  2. Such an adorable child. Its so very sad that this has happened. Pit bulls have become a serious safety concern for our children because of people like the Lexus Project and other pit extremists.

  3. So Mickey will now get a CT scan. That runs 600-1200 not including other vet expenses associated with it.
    The Save Mickey FB page is also worried that the police dog that caused a child to lose his leg might be put down.
    Comment from nutter-I live in the town next to Hesperia. It’s a shame that this dog may lose his life because of one stupid human. Who in their right mind leaves a child of that age with a large dog unattended? And this guy is supposed to know better. If anything, both need to go thru training again. Maybe this guy isn’t cut out to have a canine partner.-endeth quote.
    Yet the same nutters attacked the Founder of The Lexus Project for showing the small girl feeding a pack of pitbulls.
    The Save Mickey FB page has applied to have their name changed since Mickey has been saved. Can we think of some names that would aptly describe this group ?

  4. “This is Richard, this has nothing to do with breed, this has to do with size and the fact that any 6 large dogs, a small girl and a pile of food is an invitation for a tragedy.”

    Excellent point mfp. Nutters change their theology as they need to. In the case of the girl feeding the 6 pits they readily admit she is vulnerable to attack. And not that the nutters care for a minute about the girl but only that the object of their idolatry will again be reveled for what it is. In the case of Kevin Vicente they allege that the psycho pit was otherwise blameless except that the child provoked it while it enjoyed its bone. Translation: Pit bulls are food aggressive. They are dangerous and should not be allowed in our residential communities.

  5. Many of the pitwits at the Lexus project attacked the owner of the site for suggesting it was a bad idea to let the child feed those killers.
    Some claimed the child was safer with the dogs than any human.

  6. I have to wonder how any human could look at that child and defend keeping that dog alive.

  7. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=787375701311670&id=627613240621251
    Of course the vet knows of local resources to treat this. This is most likely an emotional ramp up to start asking for donations. My understanding was this dog was to be kept at the shelter he’s at. Anything that is not local would seem to be a violation of that court order.
    The mutt has a cancer caused by sun exposure. They should have no problem finding local treatment in AZ.
    This is a shelter dog. If not for a cult following the standard procedure would be to euthanize it.

  8. Posted on the Psycho Save Mickey site. I’ll answer here since my comment would be deleted by these pitwits.

    “We are looking for information on Canine Cancer, specifically what what groups to contact for information. With your help, Mickey is going to beat this.”

    That’s what happens to hybrid/inbred mutant genetically modified organisms, aka pit bulls. Why do you think there is all the fuss about GMO in our food sources. Moral of the story to nutters: Don’t mess with Mother Nature

  9. I’m sure one of Mickey’s supporters will read this blog so this message is for them. Mickey is a worthless, dangerous and stupid beast. Those that defend him are sick people who need professional help. How can anyone want to save that worthless dog after killing another dog and permanently disfiguring the face of a child and have the audacity to say it’s the child’s fault? Clearly Mickey’s supporters have a very unhealthy attachment to dogs and their demented thought process just blows my mind. I will also like to add if I ever see a vicious dog attack a person I will not hesitate to permanently solve the problem, by that I mean terminating its existence. Mickey’s supporters are sick, twisted brain dead individuals who need to wake up and realize that a person’s safety trumps the life of a stupid dog, especially when that person is a child.

  10. It’s odd the only claim to fame Mickey has is that he attacked a child that picked up a bone near him and mutilated the child’s face in the process.
    You have to wonder what kind of person would attach themselves to a cause like that. Well it appears there at least 75,262 of them. Perhaps it’s time to call the CDC. There seems to be an outbreak.

  11. That dog has no life and now they’re going to make its life more miserable by treating it for cancer.
    And while all this kvetching is going on over an unstable pitbull thousands of annoying but much less lethal dogs were destroyed today.
    I also have to wonder what the liability of the jail is if one of the inmates is attacked.

  12. It’s sad how people crusify someone who so much as hits a woman, yet gives a free pass to a dog that mutelates a child’s ankle, hand, face, etx, or even kills a child.

    You know it’s really sad how the plethora of pinheaded pitbull people promptly propo the pit’s peacefulness and preciousness with pride.
    Hit a woman, stab someone, kill someone and you’re a person, you will be punnished deeply for your crimes.
    Maul a child and either severely mame or kill him/her, you get worshiped and become a status symbol for pit worshipers.

  13. Oh, look what I found. More sweet little Mickeys getting out of a yard and attacked a lady in her yard, she may lose an eye and an arm. Cops shot and killed one of them, should have shot all of them. I’m sure the dog nutters will be out in force saying the lady should not have been tending to her garden. The dogs also bit her husband and another person trying to get the dogs off of her. http://www.mynews3.com/content/news/local/story/Woman-seriously-injured-in-attack-by-dogs/HXMSaclElU-vM4gQB6OnJA.cspx

  14. Face Palm. How do you know it was a pitbull, most dogs that the news calls pitbulls aren’t really pitbullls did they do a DNA test ? And we don’t know why these dogs attacked those people might have been abusing the dog or teasing it. Dogs can only take so much and then they have to defend themselves.
    I hope the other dogs aren’t put down. there’s no reason for the dogs to pay with their lives because of stupid humans. I’ve had pitbulls since before I was conceived and they’re nothing but little wiggle butts that will only kill you with face licks. Look here is a picture of my baby in its mouth. No that isn’t a bite on the baby’s lip. He fell into a door jamb , clumsy thing. Those people must have been provoking those poor dogs.
    I’m going to send my panties to Mickey.
    Oh whoops I forgot. You people are just ignorant.

    That is a composite of the saner comments pitwits have when there is a pit mauling. The good news the comments aren’t full of love and hugs for them anymore.
    On animal uncontrol there is a page on old Mickey called A new level of crazy.

  15. mfatpony, Those are both really good links. You find the best sites! I was having anxiety just reading those standard excuses by dog cultists since I used to live next door to a graduate level educated sociopath who manipulated neighbors, police and anyone else who would listen into believing she and her demon rescue were the victims. I thank match.com everyday that she married and moved to some remote location! I am currently sandwiched between six abominations of nature which are not nearly as horrible as her one beast from hell…not that I don’t hate them as well.

  16. DFH , I notice other people are bring up the legality of hauling Mickey around. Sorry they have haters but the dog was put in that shelter to protect the public. I don’t think the Handlers have the right to schlep him around in secret. Add to that none of the deal in reality and feel Mickey the Mauler was the victim in this mess.
    This is the problem with nonsense agreements. It should have been stipulated that it could ive in the shelter to its natural life span and limit medical intervention to standard care.
    It goes without saying the thing should have been destroyed within 24 hours of mauling a human which would have never happened if the owners had disposed of it properly after it killed another dog.

  17. mfp. That’s just too creepy. I can just see the thing looking up and going psycho on that humans face. I don’t wish harm on anyone but I think it would be a good lesson to all of the dog cultists who are currently worshiping at the Church of Mickey the Mauler Dog, Soon Be Martyred to Cancer

  18. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. This particular pit has already demonstrated it has the ability to do harm at least twice that we know of.
    DFH if an attack happened put of nowhere right in front of their eyes the acolytes would turn on the victim and accuse them of abusing the mutt .

  19. I checked the end Mickey cam a couple days ago and seen two gigantic puddles of liquid poop. It reminded me of a stupid walker hound we attempted to save. The damn dog shit in my house, pissed everywhere and anytime we approached him. (It was that submission pissing some dogs do) The day I took that piece of garbage to the pound was one of the best days of my life. When we took that dog in we spent a lot of money at the vet, bought him exspensive food and worked hard trying to train that damn mutt and it thanked us by shitting and pissing all over my beautiful hardwood floors, eating cat shit and attacking our good dog. After about 6 months it went bye bye, part of me wanted to shoot that damn dog but taking him to the pound was good enough cause he was out of my house. I made sure to list everything about that dog’s bad habits, I hope the pound shared that with people looking to adopt him. I wonder if Mickey’s visit involved peanut butter.

  20. The Kennel help is as much a captive as Mickey the Mauler. I believe inmates get good time and a few cents an hour for working.
    Some of the inmates may not be thrilled to be on camera with Micites watching their every move.
    Right now I’m waiting for that sleezeball lawyer to as a court to grant MtheM compassionate leave so he can be better taken care of.
    Also I’d like to know how all of this treatment is being paid for.

  21. I do sincerely hope this dog kicks the bucket very soon. I hope that douchebag Sheriff realizes what a waste of time it was mooning over that piece of garbage killer demon.

  22. I will forever continue to shake my head at the fact that people even want these stupid, useless dogs in their homes and lives, let alone form any kind of bond or attachment to it. Every dog I’ve ever been around in my 27 years has either scared me or made me want to just shoot it and get it over with. Sad, people have no lives. A dog has no place in a home and definitely no place near a defenseless baby.

  23. Oh for heaven’s sake. That’s what happens when a total stranger invades private property and tries to rob a dog’s bone when he’s eating it. Are we now putting down pedophiles, killers, thiefs and drug dealers too? What happened to the second chance thing? What do you propose to do to people who abuse defensless dogs (usually the person doesn’t have a motive to attack the dog just do it for their own pleasure, unlike this)? Are we putting them down too? I sure would love it!

  24. There are never any excuses for a dog attacking a human, especially a child. The definition of a domestic animal is one that adapts to a human environment. Therefore dogs that attack for any reason do not belong in our residential living spaces. NO EXCUSES.

    Individuals who abuse, neglect, torture and kill dogs are typically dog owners since one must first own and hold captive a fur slave in order to abuse it. Personally I’d be fine with dog apolologists punishing their own. Go for it.

  25. Dog cultist reasoning is so skewed and distorted. What in their thinking would ever cause them to parallel a creature of another species with humans??

    Additionally, in nature animals reside with their own species. What would motivate a civilized human to want to “dumb down” their standard of living to accommodate shit, noise, stench, aggression, disease, environmental pollution, aka dog???

  26. First of all, in this case, the boy wasn’t part of the normal environment of the dog, since he was at his babysitter house, so he wasn’t a normal present around there, and even if it was the boy’s house, he had no business of invading the neighbour property. Why don’t you defend putting down the babysitter then? After all the dog was fulfilling his job which is protecting his owner home and protecting his food, the one that failed her job here was the babysitter who left the boy alone. If it were the parent you could argue that parents have a lot of things to do and so there’re not able to always have their kids under watch, but a babysitter is payed to keep the kids under watch.

    Second of all, if you think on a evolutive prespective, if dogs weren’t advantageous for humans, we wouldn’t have them nowadays. If dogs were such beasts that always attack their owners then they would maul the primitive humans that had them, those primitive humans would die and they wouldn’t pass on their genes, so the ones that would survive and pass their genes were the ones who didn’t have dogs. Since dogs exist nowadays and also, there are breeds that are completely different from wolves (man made breeds) that means they were around humans for a long time. They offered the advantage of protecting the humans against attacks from wild animals and latter on they protected the houses from burglaries and so on and in turn they would receive shelter and food from their owners.
    From that prespective then we should exterminate every wild creature, like foxes or wolves since they also may be agressive, and roedents since they were responsible for the plague (the maximum a dog can do is pass you worms and there are pills to prevent you don’t get those and to make sure the dog doesn’t have them). On the other hand, there are dogs who are able to detect cancer or detect her owners will have an epilepsy attack thus saving their lives. There’re are dogs who are trained to rehabilitate kids with autism, people recovering from neurological disorders, people with alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety and those who help guide blind people. Not to mention service dogs who sniff around mines and keep our soldiers from blowing out, or police dogs that help apprehend drugs.

    As to the argument of comparing humans to dogs, aren’t both species Mother Nature (or if you are a believer, God) creations?! What makes humans so superior to other animals including dogs?! That we speak (dogs also “speak” or at least communicate in their own ways)? That we have an organized society with laws?! LOL even bees and ants have those! We’re only around the planet for like 250 000 years before us there were hundreds of other species and none of them presumed they were superior to others. If you are a creationist and don’t believe on evolution, they just think: why on earth would God create dogs if He thought they were such evil beasts?!

  27. Joana, you’re another dog loving idiot who doesn’t understand the animal you worship. Dogs were bred to be submissive to humans…they are tools to be used and discarded.Pitbulls were created to fight and kill nothing more nothing less.If you have one for any other reason you are just another moron trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.There’s a reason they aren’t used as police or guard dogs.
    And stop comparing humans to dogs.Pedophiles and rapists have nothing to do with an “animal” that stupidly mauls anything around it.

  28. Joana shouldn’t you be FB mobbing the Elmbrook Humane Society for refusing to allow a dog that caused two humans to seek medical attention to be adopted out again and instead they gave the beat the needle. Seems old Gus got the big one too. Run along and now and clean up some of your dog’s crap, mostl likely on your carpet and I”m sure Mickey Cam will be up soon. You’re just feeling tense right now and need to jerk off some more.
    Sorry DFH.

  29. If you have a dog that is capable of doing this kind of harm the onus is on the dog owner to make sure the dog is secured in such a way that it is inaccessible to casual interaction. Ole Mickey the Mauler who has Cancer who had a spaw day while his victim tries to learn how to cope with his lifelong disfigurement had already killed another dog. In fact but for the shaming society eeks out at anyone who gets rid of a dog no matter what it probably would have been given to AC who would have put it down because of his aggression history.
    I am amazed at the story on the top of that FB page for old Mauler. In reality what happened was a dog with a history of animal aggression was left chained in a yard suffering all the frustration that comes with that. It had squat to do with a bone. The pit had interacted with the child on other occasions. The pit snapped and went into the kill mode that it’s DNA required it to do.
    Mickey cam sure is down a lot. I’ve used foal cams for years and never had one that was that unstable Me thinks they’re dosing old Mickey the Mauler who is likely developing kennel rage.
    If you insist on owning a killing machine it should be fenced in so that only you and your children can be mauled , shredded , pulled apart and eaten alive while you bleed out. No rescue workers should be required to render assistance until the dogs are shot and confirmed dead. The dangers police, fire and rescue deal with do not include being mauled to death by the family pet while trying to save you or yours.

  30. Lily only assholes use a dog and then discard them. No wonder there are dangerous dogs, if they are abused what do you expect?! I think dog fights should be heavily penalized, they’re disgusting anyway…use chickens instead just leave the dogs out of it lol

    You’re right you have to understand dogs, you have to respect them, you have to keep in mind that their teeth and jaws are strong and if they feel threatened, they’ll use it, just like you use a gun if you feel endangered, right? So be careful with them, if you own one, get to know him and treat him right. If you don’t, then don’t approach strange dogs especially if they’re in their homes. When I approach a stray dog I try to be carefull never make sudden moves, just stop, stare at them, try to talk in a calm manner…What usually happens is that the dogs is even more scared of me and ends up running away because he probably was already so hurt by other humans. I usually feed stray dogs and cats at my home, I only don’t work more with dogs because I don’t have time, it’s a shame. I once had a sweet dog who was probably lost or abandoned and once I gave him water and food he never left me, he followed me around, slept here, eventually he went to the kannel (because someone call them) and was adopted. If you see your dog is more agressive, you have to take extra care and for example search for some professional trainer… Different dogs have different personalities just as humans. You don’t put down aggressive humans (I mean in some states they do…), you try to rehabilitate them.

    And you’re right I shouldn’t compare a pedophile and killer to a dog. Pedophiles and killers are humans, humans unlike many other species have the ability to know right from wrong, they have what is called a moral, a consciousness…So if they still do harm to someone else even if they know it’s wrong, it says a lot about them right?! Dogs don’t know right from wrong (unless they’re trained) they act on instinct. You beat a dog, he’ll bite you. You try to steal a dog’s food and he’ll bite you. You try to invade someone’s property the dog will attack you (or the person will come out with the riffle and attack you which is something valid as well lol). What do you expect?! I mean dogs are much simpler, things that trigger them off are so much more predictable! They don’t kill people just because they’re in the mood, unlike some humans.

    Oh, and I once had a dog who had an attitude issue. You couldn’t just mess with him if he was eating. My brother did, the dog bit him. He was a kid and still has a scar. Meanwhile we had more dogs, and he’s not even closely afraid of them. That same dog (which was small in size) was killed by a Boxer when my grandfather took him for a walk. The boxer bit him and threw him around, since he was small he got hurt. The boxer is still alive (at least one of them) and it’s fine with me. The owner has a chihuahua as well now. I think I am more afraid of the chihuahua than the boxer, the little fellow just won’t shut up loool The owner is an asshole anyway, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have hurt my Malaquias (Malachy, like the disciple). lol

    Oh and btw dogs get weird when they sniff fear, it’s a bad sign for them they usually attack. So drop it, alright? Just learn to live in communion with them. They also sniff people with bad intentions and hate psychos.

  31. “I think dog fights should be heavily penalized, they’re disgusting anyway…use chickens instead just leave the dogs out of it lol ”

    And I bet you call yourself an “animal lover”. smh…

  32. Joana March 29, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    Oh for heaven’s sake. That’s what happens when a total stranger invades private property and tries to rob a dog’s bone when he’s eating it. Are we now putting down pedophiles, killers, thiefs and drug dealers too? What happened to the second chance thing? What do you propose to do to people who abuse defensless dogs (usually the person doesn’t have a motive to attack the dog just do it for their own pleasure, unlike this)? Are we putting them down too? I sure would love it!
    Since almost all dogs are abused by their worthless owners who are usually making life miserable for anyone who isn’t enthralled with barking and crap all over I am for putting dog owners down when they abuse their pets. Thus mitigating future probems.
    And yes SS there it is. Just use any animal but a dog/god.

  33. Oh, and I once had a dog who had an attitude issue. You couldn’t just mess with him if he was eating. My brother did, the dog bit him. He was a kid and still has a scar. Meanwhile we had more dogs, and he’s not even closely afraid of them. That same dog (which was small in size) was killed by a Boxer when my grandfather took him for a walk. The boxer bit him and threw him around, since he was small he got hurt. The boxer is still alive (at least one of them) and it’s fine with me
    You are one sick puppy

  34. I am not an “animal lover” (i don’t even know what that means), I like cats and dogs, they make my life more joyful.
    I don’t like chickens, since I was once bitten by one (I don’t know if you can call it bite, since they don’t have teeth) lol Besides we eat them, so they’s really no point in protecting them if you’re going to eat them aftwards right? However, there’s no need to force unnecessary pain into chickens while they are still alive, I don’t like any type of animal fight it’s just stupid.

    I just respect dogs. They saved my life in a way by bringing joy into it. A joy you often won’t find among humans. I think they’re majestic interesting animals, I can’t explain why.
    Not all dogs are abused by their owners. Abbandoned dogs are often abused by strangers who inflict pain just because they’re in the mood. Some dogs are raised to fight and attack that’s a type of abuse. Often if they don’t do it right, they are abandoned. And yes there are cases of pit bulls who are abandoned because they are too sweet to fight. Those disgusting basterds use those more docile dogs so other more agressive dogs will train on them. Like I said when a dog sniffs fear on the other, they attack. There’s tons of rescued pit bulls videos on youtube you should try to watch them.

  35. “Oh for heaven’s sake. That’s what happens when a total stranger invades private property and tries to rob a dog’s bone when he’s eating it.”

    Joana you, and the rest of Mickey’s dumb “fangirls”, should be ashamed of yourself for saying this about a little boy who got attacked by a vicious mutt. Seriously what’s wrong with you? Dogs/pits are unpredictable and any trigger can set them off. Pits are known for attacking people who simply walk in their neighborhoods. Dogs bark every time someone rings the doorbell or when a person just happens to walk nearby the dog owner’s house, the mutt starts barking it’s head off. A lot of things can set a dog off. So we can’t walk and live peacefully in our own communities without worrying how someone’s stupid dog might react to it?

    Your long list of excuses and the fact you admit a lot of triggers can set a dog off, proves that dogs aren’t suitable to live inside our communities. And don’t get me started on the amount of crap they leave over everywhere.

    Also, sure some dogs “Save” people, but a dog cannot call 911 or perform CPR. There is very little a dog can do to actually save a person’s life. Why do you dog fanatics keep saying that? You know good and well the vast majority of dogs just sit at home and stink up the place.

  36. So can you can respect the fact that many people do not like dogs because we consistently have had horrible experiences with them? A lot of us are still being terrorized by dogs who crap everywhere and won’t shut up.

    That’s your opinion but I don’t find anything majestic about a mutant animal that eats it own excrement and depends on humans for it’s every need. I also thinks it’s rather disturbing how you have to confide in an animal that mostly sees you as a food source instead of forming more healthy and natural relationships with humans. “To each their own”, I guess.

  37. SS dogs don’t save people. They are trained to assist humans that save people. Dogs used in rescue are trained to follow a scent. There is zero awarness that they are saving anyone or anything.
    Most are trained to follow, find, sit and alert. That was done using the dogs natural abilty and food.

  38. Joana, you should educate yourself. Chickens are quite popular as pets. Taken care of they live longer than many dog breeds. Birds are very smart.
    I bet you think its just one of those things if you dog mangles a cat while you’re out and about.
    List of pets dogs have killed
    Pot Belly Pig
    I don’t consider it normal and killed the dogs so they couldn’t continue to kill. Didn’t ask for their scratch sheet to see if they were first time offenders. Don’t care if they’d never been loose a day in their lives.
    The fact that you think it’s normal to accept your dog getting shaken to death is simply a symptom of some deep seated mental issue. Get help.

  39. I don’t but I won’t demand the other dog’s head. Things won’t go back.

    Lots of men kill those type of animals too, for sports when they go hunting. Are we euthanizing hunters as well I suppose, then?

    Yeah, I kinda prefer dogs over chickens, but I am sorry if yours died by a dog. Shit happens, nature is though, just live with it, I don’t know why people have to be always so dramatic. Deep down we’re animals too. We kill tons of cows, chickens, fishes, goats and so on everyday. Should we all get euthanized as well?!

  40. We’re only around the planet for like 250 000 years before us there were hundreds of other species and none of them presumed they were superior to others.

    But apparently dogs are superior to chickens! LMAO

  41. Besides we eat them, so they’s really no point in protecting them if you’re going to eat them aftwards right?

    Following your reasoning (scary at best) since dogs are eaten in China there is really no point in protecting them.

    Wow this is too easy….

  42. Hate to tell you this Joana but you are using dogs as a tool to fill a void in your life.When it/they die like most dog owners you’ll whine about it for a day or two and then replace it.
    The problem with Pit owners is they are using the wrong tool for the wrong job.Pitbulls are not family pets,they are not guard dogs,they are not hunting dogs,they are to stupid to function as a police,farm or therapy dog.Their only purpose is bull-baiting and fighting each other.They were created to be compact muscular,have incredible jaw strength and fight to the death.Sorry hun but there is nothing natural about humans creating a monster for sport.In a perfect world we’d accept that this dog was a mistake and wipe them out.Unfortunatly this isnt a perfect world because people like you exist and insist on keeping these freak shows alive.Funny thing is for every Mickey you idiots “save” there are dozens more mauling each other to death in underground fighting rings.And there are hundreds of people like me who will legally gut shot a roaming pitbull and then throw it in a ditch to rot.
    Im actually fine with pits not being banned since I always carry a weapon and have no problem killing an aggressive dog…I just get tired of hearing people like you bitch when these dogs get hurt or killed.Its your fault.You and every other Pit humper out there are to blame for the suffering these dogs cause and go through all because your fragile ego cant handle admitting you were wrong about the breed and letting it die out at the very least from sterilization.

  43. People who take this stand are just sick of the way society handles dogs, like disposable beings.

    Huh ?Did joana the pit apologist just say this in her flagged F bomb post???

    The statement that would grounded in reality actually reads like this:
    “People who take a stand against pit bulls are just sick of the way dog cultists accept children being mauled or killed, like disposable beings.

  44. Unstatble or aggressive animals or ones who kill other animals need to be disposed of so that they cannot repeat the offense.
    As to drama I’ve never seen such teeth gnashing as when pitters lose one. On in this case two in one week. Make it a threesome and take ole Mickey in for a put down.

  45. DFH. dog owners handle dogs like disposable beings. I try not to handle dogs at all.

  46. They offered the advantage of protecting the humans against attacks from wild animals and latter on they protected the houses from burglaries and so on and in turn they would receive shelter and food from their owners.
    Dogs have outlived their usefulness. We currently sleep/live in secure housing with security systems that don’t shit, bark or attack. Bye Bye
    From that prespective then we should exterminate every wild creature, like foxes or wolves since they also may be agressive,
    The types of animals you describe are wild with the potential to aggress but they don’t live in my community or in the idiot next door’s backyard

    and roedents since they were responsible for the plague
    Dogs are vermin that have infested our residential living environments. We exterminate rodents but I would be fine with letting dogs fend for themselves live real animals and simply become extinct.

    (the maximum a dog can do is pass you worms and there are pills to prevent you don’t get those and to make sure the dog doesn’t have them).
    Ha! The minimum 65,000 environmental dogs contribute is a wasteland size tonnage of toxic, disease infested, hazardous material, aka shit to our earth, water and ecosystems, if you want to “take a pill” knock yourself out but I opt to keep those shit machines far far away.

  47. On the other hand, there are dogs who are able to detect cancer
    I’ll cancel my MRI for this weekend. May I borrow your dog?

    There’re are dogs who are trained to rehabilitate kids with autism,
    So dogs can replace a Master’s level educated therapist now??

    people recovering from neurological disorders,
    Dogs are trained as physicians as well?

    people with alzheimer’s
    Dogs as entrepreneurs saving old folks? Now that would save our health insurance system a ton of money and could put skilled nursing facilities out of business! You’d better alert the government!

    , depression and anxiety
    And the pharmacists will all become unemployed after being saved by the dog!

    and those who help guide blind people.
    Only 5% of blind folks ever use a dog and that will decrease further due to GPS technology for the blind. Its also hard for blind people to clean up dog shit.

    Not to mention service dogs who sniff around mines and keep our soldiers from blowing out,
    That’s some research background you have!

    or police dogs that help apprehend drugs.
    I think your dog must be “apprehending drugs” and feeding them to you

  48. I didn’t say dogs are superior to chicken I said I prefer dogs over chicken, it’s a personal taste stop referencing some parts of what I say out of context…gosh! And I am not chinese so I don’t eat dogs and I prefer to take care of them like they do it the civilized world.

    Ok people so what do you make of those type of videos:


    Because they seem like really gentle and loving people, if dogs were such killers would they expose their kids like that?! There are lot of those videos out there in youtube.

    Lily I agree with you I am not defending dog fights, that’s just terrible! Pit bulls were man made to participate in those kind of disgusting fights. Unfortunately, they still go on until these days, but why do you go after the dogs and not the owners?! The dogs are doing what they were trained for, what is disgusting is the people who are able to take such sweet beings, transform their personality into killing machines so they can gamble on that. It’s just disgusting really…Not every pit bull is raised like that though!
    I think that’s the most reasonable position:


  49. ps joana,

    Yes babys “crap”, but the the good news is, they also wear diapers. Now if your dog could eat all of our baby’s crap, in addition to it’s own and the cat’s, it could put the diaper industry out of business too. LMAO

  50. dogsfromhell, I actually laugh with you post. It’s funny lol
    I am obviously replying to it though…
    It really sucks to live inside my head, first of all I have a real obsession with dog crap. I keep mentioning it over and over again. But its every where I turn. Second of all, if I only saw things like you do. I’d probably had already cut my dogs free…It really really sucks to live like this…jeeez… I just cant control myself. I should seek do some psychotherapy for dog obsession

  51. And I know everyone agrees that second runner up to dogs attacking children is parents who allow their filthy beasts which just finished licking its own junk and/or eating out its own asshole to lick a child on the face. Check out our section on Dog Toilet Paper Tongue for more graphic horror.

  52. Joana. Pit bulls were bred for fighting. While there are a few breeds that might fight getting them to fight to the death no matter their own injuries and pain is nearly impossible.
    Earlier today I compared a pit bull to ex-race horses being used as riding horses. Just like pits there are some that are so hardwired to run that you can never train that urge out. Most racehorses are gentle and easy to handle. Just like you cannot tell which pit will savage someone you can’t tell which rehab racehorse will simply go into a zone and run. That run includes over fences, through them and tragically sometimes into traffic or spills that leave both horse and rider dead or with lifelong injury. And these horses have a totally different training on them . the harder you pull the faster they run. ( simple version). TB were selected not just for speed but the will to run. All dog species were made over time by human selection to fill a need. Pit type dogs were made to bull bait, then dog fight , I believe ratting is in there. In some states it’s still legal to have a tiger. That tiger might be good for all but one day of it’s life.
    Dog’s bite, Not all dog bites are equal. Pits are tigers.

  53. I am sick and tired of the dog lovers mentality on how dog =god and can do nothing wrong. Yes, they can do wrong and yes they can ignore commands from their owner even after they were trained for many years and they can rip apart animals right in front of you with the owner looking scared and helpless… I had to whiteness that!!!! And yes, it was one of those demon pit bulls attacking. What do people do when a dog kills another animal or hurts another human and proves it’s vicious? Putting them down would be the correct answer but instead we put them in shelters and let them be ‘’rescued’’ or watched on a web cam by mentally disturbed dog lovers that care more about a vicious dog than a human child. SICK! These vermin called dogs are useless and very rarely are they put to good use as in sheep herding or police work but most of the time they are not needed as technology advanced so much and very soon they won’t even be used anymore. Chickens produce eggs, meat, eat bugs, don’t maul or kill people and even their poop is good as fertilizer. In my eyes, chickens are superior to dogs but I don’t go around and tell that to people or post on boards because I respect what people choose as their pet.

    If you own a dog just pick up its poop, muzzle it in public if it’s a dangerous breed, don’t let it bark nonstop and don’t let it run loose. If I catch one on them my property near my chickens (I have a 6 foot privacy fence in my back yard but you never know if they will dig or jump it) I will shoot it with my 9 mm gun. I live in Florida and yes, I am allowed to shoot them if they threaten my stock.

  54. All dogs should be muzzled in public. Dogs that attack and or kill humans , pets or livestock should be put down end of story. Go adopt something that doesn’t need the remains of it’s last victim picked out of their teeth as a pet.

  55. Oh, relief! People like me, who don’t worship the canine and are completely puzzled and even disgusted by the pedestal it stands upon in our out-of-control society.
    I am not scared of dogs in the least, thank goodness, as I have had an unbelievable amount of near attacks in my life which were only prevented by my quick anger and aggression, which confuses the genuinely wimpy dog.
    I do not know how often I have day dreamed about a virus that would wipe out the canine population, as I have listened to their barking for hours, been threatened while walking down roads or by parked cars, heard of the fecal coliform destroying waterways.
    lily,it was a great feeling to read of (another) gal who would have no problem shooting a bad dog.
    Thanks for this site, I just knew there had to be people who disliked the worthless animal in our modern society.

  56. I think we should make and all sign a petition to make stricter laws for people that own pits. If they are going to own a DANGEROUS animal, something needs to be done.

    I can’y stand how dog lovers say, “It’s the owner’s fault. That evil owner didn’t train the dog!”

    A friend of my mom owned a pit bull. They said the dog never showed aggression or bit anyone. Then one day, her grandmother was sitting and watching T.V. The pit gets up, and attacks her for no reason. It was unprovoked. She didn’t tease or do anything to the dog, she was just watching television.

    But seriously, let’s start a petition. To get strict laws passed on pit owners. We have evidence upon evidence that they are dangerous animals.

    If you own a pit, keep it chained up, a fence is required, or keep it in YOUR house with YOU. If YOU are stupid enough to own one, let it bite YOU, not innocent children that are walking down the street.

  57. Summer,The best way to handle this is to exclude all pets from homeowners insurance and allow them to be covered under a separate policy. I’m pretty sure mortgage lenders would be quick to make it a requirement to have any pets in your home covered. Landlords by law should require tenants to provide proof of or include premiums for any pets allowed in the monthly or yearly lease. All pets would have to be micro chipped and photographed along with a DNA sample to be covered. Pet owners claim ad nauseam that their dogs don’t bite never have never would. Let them carry the burden of their claims. When the owners of the rat dogs have to pay the same rate as the neighbors with a portable meat grinder lets see how they feel about pits then.
    Right now that section 8 housing family with three sweet pitties that can’t afford to house their own family are pretty much judgment proof when one of their dogs goes nuts and mangles someone. The landlord probably has his butt covered. Insurance covering pets should be able to set standards for fencing and refuse to insure anyone who cannot or will not erect a structure suitable to house the dog insured.
    If you own a pet you own a liability. I have never caused a car accident but am still required to carry coverage. Just like my DL must be current for my insurance to be valid so would the insruance on the dog. Up to date vac. And a direct link to any complaints or tickets issued with the insured dog. you lose your insurance and in effect AC comes and gives you 30 days to comply or lose the dog.
    The beautiful thing is all of this will be paid for by the dog owners themselves. Only a direct hit in the wallet is going to put the brakes on this.
    I’d give it about a year before dog owners were demanding BSI ( Breed Specific Insurance) for their dogs.
    Think of the whole scheme as pricing Pit Bulls out of the Market. Sure the dog was free but that 1500 a month attached to the micro chip with a record of aggression or barking or a bite wouldn’t be.
    Of course the meat of this is forcing AC to better support themselves by handing out fines when needed. Again hitting in the pocket by forcing dogs to be insured , AC issuing fines and dog owners forced to spay and neuter and keep vacs current for a decent rate will do more to change the scope of the problem than BSL where the dogs are still being bred at the speed of rabbits.

  58. mfp

    Excellent comments especially these points

    When the owners of the rat dogs have to pay the same rate as the neighbors with a portable meat grinder lets see how they feel about pits then.

    I have never caused a car accident but am still required to carry coverage.

    Only a direct hit in the wallet is going to put the brakes on this.

    I can think of two friends with small dogs who are sympathetic towards the poor misunderstood pit bull. Yes as soon as they have to start paying instead of having misguided emotions, let’s see how long they are on board with pits and their nutter pets.

  59. DFH. I’d be surprised if this isn’t being tossed around by the insurance industry. They stand to make a crap load of money. As long as home owners and drivers who have no dogs get the benefit of the feeds that would be paid by pet owners. Considering the state things are in. If I had to pay some type of liability for my cats it would be worth it in the peace and quiet and at least a higher standard of safety I would get with real AC in place.
    Can you imagine a world where you have a few hundred hours of your neighbors dogs barking for hours on end and them getting a notice from the insurance company they are dumping them. Too high risk for a nuisance lawsuit. And AC officers that have no choice but to pick up the dogs on that days list.
    My neighbors dogs have been quiet since my last blithering phone message to AC where I opened the door and their little white pos ran at me. Quiet. I don’t hear the yelping of being beaten , electrocuted animals howling. It’s quiet. Which means that the trolls could have done it all along. If it starts again I have all the footage from before along with the struggle of the last few weeks.
    Of course the joke is on the dog owners. All we asked for years was for their dogs to be hushed at night. 8 PM to 8 AM is not the barking hour.
    All the anger ,yelling and hard feelings over something that they were obviously able to control all along. It’s amazing . You kick people in the wallet a few times and they get it.

  60. It appears that the Mickey Cam users believe that the dog is aware of their devotion. In reality the dog is stuck in cage in isolation for the rest of it’s life.

  61. From the posts on the Mickey the Mauler page-

    Today at 12:11pm
    When I was at MASH yesterday I was told that many of the Kuranda bed…s that we donated have not yet been assembled. I guess they are hard to put together and take a lot of time. Is there anyone here locally, with strong muscles…., that would be willing to go over to MASH and assemble them? I feel so bad that the dogs are not using all the beds so many of us helped to purchase. Anyone?

    So what are the other dogs sleeping on. I guess only the one in the spotlight matters ?
    Now followers demand some accountability before you hand them money next time.

  62. On may 14th they are going to court to have the dog released. We all know who they are.
    Call the Attorney General in AZ and shut this down. No petition. Flood the phone lines.

  63. China is uncivilized? It makes most of the stuff you buy! That dog bed came from it. China is also got the some of the largest cities and a huge economy only second to the US. If that’s uncivilized then the US is uncivilized too.

  64. So Mickey was released into hospice care for dogs. I didn’t know there was such a thing. I can’t wait until this demon croaks. One less pitt in the world and hopefully more follow at a rapid rate so the breed dies. I’ll never understand humans who sympathize with these creatures.

  65. Be vewy vewy quiet. Only good thoughts for the Mauler as he gets yet another tumor chopped off his carcass today.
    The definition of good is often subjective and varied depending on who is wishing and their point of view.

  66. Here’s a good real, preferably for those who do believe in God and what His Word says. Even if you don’t it could with a good lawyer or a person acting on behalf of a dog bite victim can use to get a dog put down. Heck we could use this to get that sleazy lawyer and no good sleazy cop locked up for disregard. Yes originally it was for an ox or a bull, but it could also be used as an example. In fact it does mention dogs. here’s the link.


  67. And dog cultists have taken the mark of the beast! We should call them 666ers

  68. There are 403 comments in the section I Hate My Dog. Even dog owners hate the scavenger, shit machines. At least some of them are honest and non delusional.Check it out for your reading pleasure

  69. Heh heh, Mickey is a freaking money pit. Check out his widdle page. He has MRSA .
    Money Pit. lamo

  70. They better cough up some pictures of Mickey soon. The natives are getting restless.

  71. I hate to say it but it’s the kids fault for trespassing and messing with a dog. He trespassed into his neighbors backyard and tried to take a pit bull’s bone. The dog should be put to death because he mauled a kid but its not really the dogs fault. His owner is obviously a huge dick but within his rights and he didn’t do anything wrong but raise a shitty unsocial dog.

  72. The bad child taking the mutt’s bone is a myth. Either way here are NO EXCUSES for a dog ever attacking a human especially a child. A pet by definition is an animal that adapts to OUR human environment.If it is unsafe FOR ANY REASON, it should not be in our communities. Any animal living in our human habitat should not have the potential or capacity to harm a human.

  73. Carlos is a prime example of the new thinking or excuse making that bothering a dog or trespassing is deserving of a de-facing or worse.
    There has yet to be any evidence that the mauler was abused. In fact the neglected mauler had a bone. Someone was taking care of him. There is no proof he was poorly raised. But rather ended up on a chain when he went pit and killed another dog. How they are raised is not relevant to dogs bred for fighting.
    I sit on the fence hoping this dog doesn’t kill or maul another dog or human and wishing it would to prove the point. With a pit. It just doesn’t matter how you raise them. When a pit goes game something is going to get hurt.
    My neighbors dogs that are often loose and completely nasty back off and run home when I hit them with something. Or OC them. They are poorly raised , un-socialized dogs that will indeed bite if given a chance. But you can defend yourself. In fact if she made half an effort they can be trained and a fence built that would keep them home. But no matter how nasty they are it’s highly unlikely they are going to maul someone to death. If she had pits running loose this situation would have ended on day one of them being loose over here.
    So the reality is the mauler was chained up not because he was being abused. The whole fairy tale of how the mauler was provoked and hand no choice but to rip off a child’s face was fabricated by a AR nuts to defend a dog that should have been in the landfill 24 hours after it attacked Kevin. In fact it should have never been bred.
    Twisted logic. Of course you don’t take food items from a strange dog. That however in now way translates to being mauled. Kevin was not unsupervised or the dog would have finished the job and put this child in a grave. Domestic pets should never kill. Animals will be animals and may scratch or bite if provoked or injured. A pit no matter what tag you give it has those inhibitions bred out.

  74. To those of you upset because we posted the cute video of the older pitbull and the young pitbull playing too bad! We did it because we thought it was cute, not that we were advocating breeding. As such, your opinions on the video, and on breeding are not solicited, or needed.

    Maybe some of you do need to get a life…if we cannot post a cute video of dogs playing without you taking the position that we are advocating dog breeding, and bringing negativity to a post that was intended to be cute.
    * from the admin on the WMBC page. LMAO. See what happens when you remove the golden calf from webcam. They are about to commence eating their own.

  75. If Mickey has a clean bill of health isn’t it time to move him back to the MASH unit where he’s supposed to be ?

  76. God wrapped him in packaging that isn’t accepted by humans and therefore he is punished for it. Can you imagine being thrown away and left to rot because you had a thicker build? Or you had the “wrong” color hair? Do you think Vincent Grady asked to be born like this? Do you think he asked to be born at all? I don’t even think he prays anymore for a family. I think he prays to leave this earth and be free from this waste of a life and to be honest, I don’t blame him. -From the WMBC Page.
    Seriously , so now the mutt prays to die ? The only reason he was born looking like this is from man playing god with a degenerate scavenger branch of the wolf that was heading for extinction until it discovered that man could be it’s food source. Man bred this beast to kill, grip and rip. Now do the real kind thing. Put all of them out of their misery and find a dog breed that doesn’t kill the family baby when you go to the bathroom for 2 minutes.

  77. http://www.gofundme.com/yprb4g
    More begging from dog owners. Do any of these people have jobs or credit ?
    The endless panhandling to save a dog. We had the conversation about our cats. Aside from the money it is cruel to try and extend an animals life by any method you can. You provide reasonable vet care that has the desired outcome of the pet being healthy without undue suffering.
    One of the reasons horses with broken legs are still put down is not the inability to fix the break. It’s the suffering and endless medical complications that can occur during the healing process.
    Animals live in the moment. Enjoy them while they are alive but know when to say goodbye. Because of better care, worming, medication and food our pets live much longer. With that gift comes the responsibility of making sure they don’t suffer.
    She doesn’t have the money to fix her dog surgically. If it goes bad she doesn’t own the responsibly or debt for her decision.

  78. Holy crap he’s just a dog, people, not Jesus, and a child-mauler, too.
    I don’t know about him but God knows I wish he’d die. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about a mauling shitbull being anonymously released into the community, which you know is the plan. Costs less.

  79. “Maybe some of you do need to get a life…”

    Lol, after all this time, the page “If you watch Mickey beat cancer you seriously to get a life” is still getting to them.

  80. DPAN, I almost peed myself laughing when I read that.
    It is all how you raise them. The inner sanctum of the WMBC FB page nurtured their fan base and have gotten exactly what they deserve. A platoon of loons.

  81. I am so f- tired of all these f- animals in my goddamn yard shitting everywhere. Now my entire room smells like shit because I just tracked some in on my f- shoes, and plus they never stop barking. I threw a damn basketball and hit two puppies earlier because they were just barking away, and made them whimper and basically just shut them the hell up. A couple of nights ago my dog (a jack russell + beagle mix) was barking at 5 o’ clock in the f- morning at unsurprisingly NOTHING and it woke me up and I was pissed off as F-, so I went outside and threw my steel toed shoe at it and hit the stupid f-. Goddamn, at least with cats they bury their shit and are quiet. Dogs are the exact f- opposite and that’s why I HATE them so damn much!

  82. Now kittens I hate too, but full-grown cats I don’t have any problem with. The reason I hate kittens is because I’ve got a newborn kitten inside my house that my grandparents are keeping in because it’s “too dangerous to keep it outside.” So it just f- meows and meows and meows and never shuts the hell up. Now while I don’t like all cats, because some can be annoying, but as for a good majority of them, they are quiet and that’s one thing that I can respect about them.

  83. Ahhhhhahahahahhasnortbwahhahahhahahaha, The tools on the WMBC page think of Trump picks Sheriff Joke as VP the mauler will get a pardon.

  84. Sheriff Joke is such an old fart. I bet the Mauler lives longer than he does on artificial life support provided by the groupies.

  85. DFH they’ll probably have the mauler put in cryo so that when the world is a better place for Pits and breed prejudice is a thing of the past McMauler can come out of hibernation and live his life free to rip and shred at will.

  86. when its dog utopian… there’s a Netflix movie called Good Boy.An intergalactic dog pilot from Sirius (the dog star), visits Earth to verify the rumors that dogs have failed to take over the planet.Its supposed to be funny by it would be a dogger’s dream come true. They already live in servitude to their crazy mutts.

  87. Rational comments that disagree even slightly with the Mickey doctrine are deleted from the Maulers site so post your thoughts here.

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