DEATH BY DOG: A Human Rights Abuse

death-by-dogDogs, especially bully breeds, are responsible for the murder/attempted murder of humans every year at an alarming rate.  Killer dogs are even assigned their own defense attorneys with the help of dog apologists. They are often sent to dog rescues where they are recycled and destined to kill again.


Why is this practice acceptable in a society considered to be humane; in a culture where the “rights” of a dog exceed those of an innocent child?

Dog apologists think this is okay because,  in a nutshell, “Dogs are just doing what dogs do”.

Tell us what you think?


48 thoughts on “DEATH BY DOG: A Human Rights Abuse

  1. The idea that “Dogs are just doing what dogs do”, is exactly the reason dogs, particularly bully breeds, should not be in our residential communities. This should be especially true in areas where they have access to vulnerable populations such as children, the elderly or disabled.

  2. Humans who want to obtain the right to die with physician assisted suicide are denied. Physicians are prosecuted for this activity. Yet dogs can kill with no consequences. So if its illegal to ask your physician to help you make a life decision because he/she will be prosecuted, you can still consult your local pit bull. Problem solved

  3. 1)The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot, Paris.

    2)Article 2 protects the right of every person to his or her life. The right to life extends only to human beings, not to non-human animals,[8] or to “legal persons” such as corporations.

    3)The International Bill of Human Rights consists of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    4)The International Bill of Human Rights:
    Article 1, which lays down the philosophy on which the Declaration is based, reads:All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason andconscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.The article thus defines the basic assumptions of the Declaration: that the right to liberty and equality is man’s birthright and cannot be alienated: and that, because man is a rational and moral being, he is different from other creatures on earth and therefore entitled to certain rights and freedoms which other creatures do not enjoy.

    5) Contrary to dog cultist ideology, dogs are not people. Therefore they are neither, sons, daughters, babies or family BECAUSE,and repeat after me cultists, NOT HUMAN.

    6) Review 1-5.

    7) Dogs should not kill humans.

  4. 8) Dogs that kill should be killed and their human owners charged with murder. No plea deals.
    Simply put. Pets don’t kill humans.
    I find this section a sad commentary on human society and it’s willingness to drink the Kool-Aid and follow blindly.
    You left out the mindless noise pollution that destroys the right to exist in your own home in peace.

  5. You left out the mindless noise pollution that destroys the right to exist in your own home in peace.

    I find it unconscionable that assholes with dogs have zero regard for others when it comes to their mind numbing bark machines. They must surely be rendered brain dead themselves by their beasts and incapable of empathy, compassion or just plain common courtesy for others

  6. I want to know where these idiots got the idea that guard dogs kill invaders because that’s some straight up bullshit.

    Guard dogs are trained to alert its owner of a strangers presence by barking or growling.Small dogs like a Pekingese can make a good guard dog.

    Attack dogs are trained to bite and release on command and should really only be used by law enforcement.

    Any dog that just randomly kills because something got to close to it is nothing more than a malfunctioning weapon that should be destroyed.And I find it hilarious when dog freaks claim these pits were only defending their territory when they/we know damn well if given the chance said dog would charge across the road and kill a pet or human.Hell,they’ve even been known to break into houses just to maul other animals.

  7. They are most definitely the most filthy, parasitical life form on the planet. People who call these filth planets their “babies” are dangerous, demented and most of the time, they smell just like their verminous germ incubators, with dog hair attached to their clothing, cars and hair. Gross, not normal, just gross.

  8. Spot on Lily. Any dog that menaces , I’m not talking barking, should be taken and destroyed in the name of public safety. Cause we all know dogs get out sometimes.
    There is also the foolhardy thought that the dog will only be aggressive with strangers. The 6 year old wasn’t a total stranger.
    To drive this point home I can’t just go out and shoot a human for coming on our property. Even if it’s posted you have to have reasonable fear they are there to harm you. Dogs do not get to make moral judgments.
    My neighbors dogs have been allowed to run wild and untrained. Dogs in their near natural state. Nasty, aggressive and predatory at their discretion. In their yard, the road , way down the road or in our yard. I’m done playing. When you tell a dog to git in a stern voice it should skedaddle with all haste. Not stand there and snarl at you.
    These dogs are unfit for house pets. If they were pits they would be well on their way to mauling and killing. These just wish they could.

  9. It is amazing that pit nutters always tell sensible people that it’s not the breed, it’s how they’re raised.

    And then they try to adopt out ‘rescued’ pit bulls that have come in off the street, yet they have NO IDEA how these dogs were raised! No wonder people get attacked and killed by these mutants.

  10. One day, if Zombiesanddogs or foolishfollish heard of this site.
    Prepare for their invasion.

  11. Per Anonymous are you implying the screen names mentioned are pro death by dog mauling ? If so trolls are welcome here. We haven’t eaten for a while.

  12. Here’s how it works: When it benefits the dog (or rather, the dog owner), dogs are peoples! They wear clothes, they go wherever people go, regardless of hygiene, such as restaurants and hospitals, and if anyone objects they are racist.

    When dogs KILL people, hey, they aren’t human, ya know! They’re just dogs! It’s perfectly normal for dogs to kill people.

    When a killer dog is going to be put down: Dogs are people! How could you do this? How dare you sentence the poor doggie to death and put it on death row. Its crime wasn’t that bad, and anyway, it’s just a dog!

  13. They often state, “That’s what dogs do” to which I answer “Yes and why they should not be in our residential areas”.

  14. DPAN,Dog owners are the masters of double standards.If a dog escapes and causes trouble their response is usually “accidents happen,you cant always prevent dogs from escaping.”
    But holy hell if a child slips away from their parents for 5 minutes…the idiots go on and on about child neglect,prison time for the parent, and other mind numbing bullshit.Its not like Kevin was out roaming the neighborhood.

  15. So true, lily. And yes, DFH, if a dog is capable of killing a human it does not belong among people unless it’s a well-trained working dog in a rural area, for instance.

  16. I hope a dog kills you, your alot uglier than any of your pics of dogs. YOU NAUSEATE ME!!!!! I’D LOVE TO PUT A FEW BULLETS IN YOU & WATCH YOU DIE, SUFFERING FOR A VERY LONG TIME, WHILE I LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might even start looking for you =)

  17. Hey Karen,
    How’s about you send me your address and you won’t have to look for me.

  18. Another violent dog cultist proves why these people are attracted to such a violent species. I’d bet money she’s a pit nutter.

  19. Karen. I have taken a screen shot of your post. Are you aware that it can be a crime to make death threats on the internet ? The FBI had a site to report people with your issues. When you threaten to hunt someone down and do them harm you are now making an actual threat. While the maulers FB allows and even encourages such behavior it’s not acceptable .
    DFH please leave this post up. Karen sure thinks she/he/it is clever. Law enforcement takes actual threats seriously. I got one hyperventilating troll banned for 30 days per her internet provider.
    I hate dogs. I hate dogs that kill humans even more. The humans that support the right of a dog to maul or kill at will are sub human.
    Please feel free to post again Karen, we’ll leave the lights on and a shovel handy so you can dig yourself in deeper.

  20. I did choose my handle very deliberately and dog culties prove it true again and again. Apparently they’re judge, jury and executioner of anyone who dares commit the crime of not liking dogs, even ones that kill people. Fans of other animals just aren’t this psycho.

  21. mfp
    Karen’s post is definitely staying up and if you have the link to that website I/we can start using it to report these freaks.


    IT would probably have to make repeat threats or have ITS internet posse suddenly show up en mass to invade.
    In general if it would be considered a threat to your life or well being to say it to someone’s face or over the phone you can’t make those kind of threats on the internet. A message board or forum like this is not as serious as one via email.
    Karen can hope we all die in the maw of one of their exalted meat grinders. I can hope the mauler dies of cancer or that pit owners become the exclusive victims of their weapon of choice. I cannot post on their FB page a threat to find and commit an act of violence.
    I wonder if Karen has parent, a spouse, children or a computer at work. Normal humans don’t make death threats over comments on a blog or message board.

  23. How one writes, (types) how they form sentences, capitalization, use of symbols and such is very much like graphology, a hobby of mine.

    Karen looks to be a pre teen that read the forum title wrong. I believe they thought it said: Death OF Dog, and didn’t bother to read further because children don’t understand adult conversations and only choose to respond to the easy to decipher words, much like dogs.

    Karen should be supervised when on the Internet, but probably isn’t because the adult that should be paying attention is cleaning up the mess Karen’s dog makes while Karen plays on the Web.

    Karen has no clue that what they did by threatening is just as illegal as sex-ting, which he/she probably does regularly. They clearly have zero responsibilities and use their time to harass “friends” on web pages.

    We all know a Karen. They are the ones hiding behind their phone that mommy bought them, watching their grades slip.

  24. Every time I get annoyed with a dog I’m attacked, by my own species. I hate it. Not to mention the time when I WAS attacked by a dog. Filthy, overprotected, rabid animals. And their stupid owners.

  25. Ugh, pit maulers are the worst animals on the planet. I hope the species gets banned worldwide and fully eradicated someday. I hope everyone here knows of and supports these Facebook pages to spread the word of these dangerous beasts and stop the attacks on innocent human lives.

  26. God. These cruel, remorseless, beasts! I highly agree that these specific dog breeds should be banned and euthanized worldwide! I’ve had 2 of my innocent cats murdered in cold blood by my neighbor’s pit bull! (Who was FINALLY euthanized ^_^) I hope one day the authorities will put together a group to capture and euthanize these terrorists!!

  27. I hate dogs they are the worst pet anyone could have they should never have been domesticated and should be extinct, they smell they bark and bite you what other animal in the kingdom of animals is worse than a dog I cant think of one.

  28. Two ways the threat of injury or death from dog attack might be reduced or eliminated: require expensive liability insurance to be carried by dog owners, and enacting criminal statutes where a dog owner is charged with manslaughter or aggravated assault. The fact that the owner possesses a dog should be considered prima facie evidence of guilt. Requiring owners to register and microchip their dogs with identifying information would hold them accountable.Governments are waking up to the threat posed by dogs. Insurance companies have long known that dogs are dangerous and will not issue homeowner policies to owners of several breeds of dangerous dogs. If the insurance carrier is made aware of the owner obtaining a dangerous dog breed after the policy has been issued, it can be cancelled. Once a policy is cancelled, the mortgage company will cause the owner a great deal of trouble and possibly even call the loan. Landlords are ahead of the curve on this one, the larger apartment communities almost always ban dogs over a certain size. There are many tools that can be used to make our streets safer.

  29. Until adequate laws and policies are enacted to protect the public, here are a few tips to protect yourself and others. In motorcycle class, it is suggested that the cyclist speed up and slow down rapidly to throw off the dogs sense of timing. Never swerve or try to kick out at the dog as this may cause you to wreck. Carry pepper spray, but be aware that it has limited effectiveness on dogs, however, it is more effective on dog owners. If you hit a dog with your vehicle, don’t stop. Unless you are a veterinarian, there’s nothing you can do for it anyway. If the wounded dog doesn’t attack you, the wacko owner might. Like pepper spray, using a pistol should be a last resort. Trying to shoot a dog rapidly charging you would be difficult at best. Here again, a pistol or pepper spray is more useful against a violent owner. Avoid areas where there might be dogs if walking or bicycling. Having a sturdy stick helps if you do have to pass through an area infested with dogs. Owners of dangerous dogs tend to have violent antisocial tendencies. You may have to defend against both.

  30. Stu,

    Thanks for joining the conversation. One of our members , mfp, has advocated the very same measures to hold dog owners accountable. Good to know others are thinking the same thing. Insurance companies base their policies in cold hard facts, statistics as you know. The pet product industry and dog apologists push dogs based on emotion. Owners who latch on and promote myths such as “its how the dog was raised” and other nonsense. Re: Housing- Dog cultists are go as far as to state their dog is a an “emotional support dog” that is needed for their ” disability”. That’s how they bully landlords into allowing their dogs…by exploiting the Americans with Disabilities Act. The practice is very prevalent and there is currently no standard for proving disability. Hang around and read some of the comments. Most people are contributing in the section Top Ten Reasons…. Thanks for your thoughtful input

  31. The small town I live in has good laws about people and their dogs. However, the laws are not enforced, and the dogs here are usually huge with big ugly jaws,ridiculous.and totally out of control like their owners. I am so sick of it. A friend was recently bitten by a disgusting loose dog that had already bitten three other people. I fear someday nearby, a dog will attack and seriously injure or kill a child. My grandkids visit and I have to keep really close watch on them where they play because of some of the selfish and ignorant people who think dogs are family. In the past I have contacted law enforcement with absolutely no results. And there is low crime here, so the cops are not usually very busy.


    Detroit — Lucillie Strickland says she has been “constantly” reliving in her mind the sight of her 4-year-old son being mauled by four pit bulls Wednesday.

    “They pulled him from me and (dragged) him under the fence. They just ate him,” said Strickland, a 33-year-old wife and mother of seven, breaking down in tears.

    Strickland was walking with her 4-year-old son Xavier to nearby Thurgood Marshall school, when four pit bulls charged from the back of a home in the 15500 block of Baylis around 12:25 p.m. Wednesday. They attacked her child as she tried to fight them off.

    The dogs attacked Strickland, too, biting her in the back and the legs as she tried to protect Xavier, a little boy small for his age.

    “I fell on top of him,” Strickland said Thursday, explaining how she tried to protect her little boy. “I had him under my arms.”

    When police arrived in the neighborhood near the Lodge Freeway and Linwood they fatally shot three of the dogs. The fourth was captured.

    Xavier was taken to Henry Ford Hospital where he died despite doctors’ efforts to save him.


  33. Authorities are calling the tragic killing of a 3 day old infant by two pit mix family dogs an “unfortunate accident”. At what point will we have had enough pit nuttery??

    A 3-day-old girl was killed by family dogs in Fresno early Monday, police say.

    The girl’s mother thought the dogs were chained up in the back yard when the attack occurred, police said.

    The baby was attacked at a home on the 3700 block of North Glenn Avenue about 12:30 a.m. Monday and died a short time later at Community Regional Medical Center, Sgt. Dan Macias said.

    The 33-year old mother, who was not identified, said she left the child on the couch and “walked away for a few seconds,” Macias said.

    “She left the door open because it was hot and she thought the dogs were tied up,” he said.

    The two male dogs, which are believed to be shar-pei/pit bull mixes, are owned by the woman’s brother, who wasn’t identified. He surrendered the dogs to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

    One of the two dogs is aggressive, the woman told police. Macias said police are continuing to investigate and charges haven’t been ruled out.

    The child, the woman and her 30-year old brother were the only ones in the house, Macias said.

    “At this point, we believe it was an unfortunate accident,” Macias said.

    Walter Salvari, SPCA spokesman, said the dogs will be euthanized.

  34. I need help with a situation of mine, I will be posting this on a couple other threads in hopes of a reply.
    So recently, my sister decided she really wanted a new puppy. We haven’t had a dog for a long time, thankfully, the last one died earlier this year. Of course I did NOT want a dog, but my dad loves them and my mom doesn’t object. I am moving out of the house when I finish school, but that’s not for a while, and I don’t want to share my home with a disgusting, dumb, annoying animal.
    We have cats, one of them is mine, but honestly, they all might as well be. I don’t want them to get hurt or killed by the dog. It’s already attacked them numerous times, and my family seems not to care and says that “it’s just playing”. So, how can I get rid of this dog? I can either let it loose at the park somehow, or humanely kill it. Or not humanely. Whatever I need to do. It’s attacked my little sister, snapped at her neck and almost killed my cat. I do NOT want my cat buddies or my sister to get hurt by the dog. Could anyone please help me decide how to get rid of it?

  35. Maybe you should kill yourselves??????? Maybe???? You people make me want to kill you, so do us all a favor, huh? Morons

  36. If you are serious about offing the dog/s. I said it before and I will say it again. Zinc. It’s your best friend, easy to get and easy to use. Not so suspicious this time of the year, to get or have when looking to stave off a cold, or other ailments. Make like you’re giving the jerk dog some milk, say it has gone south or it’s just a treat; if caught. You need depending on how many mg the pills are and the size of dog/s you plan to off a good amount. Dissolve them in warm or hot water until milky, then it’s easily disguised in milk. Mix in with food or in milk, or however you want to do it. Crush it up into a power and feed it in a meatball. Do it on a weekend, less chance of getting the fleabag/s to a vet, when they are usually off.

  37. Oh to add to my post, be careful, Angela, because this will kill cats too, so keep your kitties away, best to put the tablets whole, crushed up or dissolved in a meatball but be carfarfull, when feeding the pills to the pooch that the cats don’t get into it.

  38. Dog nutters go right for the throat don’t they. How dare you not love my dog and if you don’t you should die.
    Interestingly this way of thinking was being discussed on a political show today. It’s neither liberalism or conservatism but a form of totalitarianism where you either agree to the agenda or you will face personal attacks and risk even worse. Sort of an agree or die kind of thing.
    I do not approve or poisoning dogs or other animals. I refuse to be worse than the jackasses that let them become a menace. The minute you give into that the dog owners become the victims. I have already talked to my lawyer about the dog that mangled the front of my car because the owner is a moron and thinks it is his dogs fault for running out in the road. They’ll do some letter writing for me but I was cautioned that getting that 500 deductible out of them without court seldom happens. Monday I have to file reports everywhere and run my car to the shop and have our guy look it over. At least I trust him. He didn’t let the insurance company pull any shortcuts when the Oh I’m on Disability and have no car insurance idiot parked on top of my car in an empty lot. BTW my car guy has three huge dogs on his lot. Most dog owners could take a lesson on how to train their dogs from him too. His dogs actually behave. All the time.

  39. Hi Karen,
    We’ve seen the same comment over & over again. Why are dog nutters like you so violent?

  40. You heard it everyone, she wants to kill everyone, she wants to see innocent human beings dead, she probably even fantasises about how she wants to do it, she’s no different to her dog I bet!

    She’s already admitted to being a crazy psychopathic bitch. Well, I’m ready to add this as proof on the Twin Lakes, Wisconsin’s watch list for local psychopaths, adding Karen Gramza to the long list of dog nutters that already infest it.

  41. I have been off the site for a while and miss it but glad I decided to check in. I guess my argument with someone over the Montreal ban of pitbulls lost me another friend (because mutts are more important than humans) to many of these people. People who love dogs seem to lose all rational thinking, but yet don’t seem to realize that pits are like GMO’s and artificial ingredients. I don’t like any dog, but these things are nothing more than blood thirsty killing machines. Update on my neighborhood from a the way a was a few years back. where I had at least 18 stinky barkers in the neighboring yards. That has changed some, Only 1 right now in the yard to the north of me. Still a some across the street, but the nasty pits to the north and south of me have moved elsewhere. There are multiple dogs in every yard across the street from me but one. Yard south of me, where there were MANY yappy dogs and a pit is empty but that will change in a few weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed no pits move in there in the coming weeks.

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