15 thoughts on “PIT ROULETTE

  1. The trouble with pit roulette is the weapon is usually pointed at an innocent victim.

  2. Sudden , Random , Unprovoked and Violent. Are we talking about pit bulls here or the owners ?

  3. I typed in ‘God hates pit bulls’ and this is what I got.
    Anyhow, with a bit of truth “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
    The Bible talks about here is Satan stealing out heath, and the devil is doing it through many means, including pits. Go with me on this, because Satan uses many means to harm us, bad health being the #1 and lies, what he always speaks, ‘it’s all in how you raise it’, sound familiar? We all know that is a lie, even the most well raised pit can and does turn, 9 times out of 10. Pit bulls, kill, we all know the killing capacity of this demon breed. Destroy, well let’s see, other pets, people strangers, families, lives, faces, you name it. Therefore, my conclusion, pit bulls are the devil, or tools of the devil. And it is pit roulette you are playing with, here, and fire.
    Even the Bible clearly states (though yes, sometimes it is a metaphor for people) how much God hates dogs, it is both metaphoric and the actual animal. Therefore my reason for hating dogs is, just the animal, not the person, I hate what God hates and God clearly hates dogs. I’m a friend of God and not a dog, and I think it’s about time we take back what he Satan has stolen from us! We need to ban together and ban this breed, not just talk about it, but do it.

  4. I came here for support, and I’m so relieved to know that there are people out there like me. Recently my friend Hayley died in the hospital after a random pitbull attack. This was after she got her second pitbull, not suprisingly. I’ve come to terms with her passing now, but I’m praying that my dog-kissing friends don’t buy more dogs. They are pack hunters, not children’s toys. Killing machines…

  5. I don’t believe for a minute that pit bulls are “peaceful.” They DO attack without provocation, and without warning. My neighbors have a highly aggressive one that will come all the way over to my property and try to attack me if it sees me outside. I go to the mailbox with a heavy stick. If it sees me, it starts to charge at me and doesn’t bark or growl, so – no warning! The only reason I notice is because I’m aware of the evil thing.

    If I wave the stick at it and take a few steps forward, it gets scared and sometimes runs home. Sometimes I guess it feels lucky and will charge again as soon as I try to go in the house.

  6. http://www.detroitnews.com/story/news/local/detroit-city/2015/12/03/owner-pit-bulls-deadly-attack-still-custody/76714712/

    Detroit — Lucillie Strickland says she has been “constantly” reliving in her mind the sight of her 4-year-old son being mauled by four pit bulls Wednesday.

    “They pulled him from me and (dragged) him under the fence. They just ate him,” said Strickland, a 33-year-old wife and mother of seven, breaking down in tears.

    Strickland was walking with her 4-year-old son Xavier to nearby Thurgood Marshall school, when four pit bulls charged from the back of a home in the 15500 block of Baylis around 12:25 p.m. Wednesday. They attacked her child as she tried to fight them off.

    The dogs attacked Strickland, too, biting her in the back and the legs as she tried to protect Xavier, a little boy small for his age.

    “I fell on top of him,” Strickland said Thursday, explaining how she tried to protect her little boy. “I had him under my arms.”

    When police arrived in the neighborhood near the Lodge Freeway and Linwood they fatally shot three of the dogs. The fourth was captured.

    Xavier was taken to Henry Ford Hospital where he died despite doctors’ efforts to save him.


  7. I just saw some online blog or whatever where some pit nutter talks about her two pits leaving her front yard during the middle of the night. One apparently crawled through a hole in her weak little fence that can clearly no way in hell contain her beasts.

    Thank goodness this woman lives in a rural area, or else her pits could have easily wondered to a neighbor’s house and attacked someone. But of course the woman didn’t care about that. Heck, she never once even mentioned getting the pathetic fence fixed. Just getting a dog tracking devise collar since, “she never knows when one could escape again”. Smh. Owning killer dogs needs to be illegal; especially for people who don’t bother to take the methods to contain them on their property to keep them from attacking innocent people like Xavier Strickland.

  8. Dogs are evil monsters, but worse than dogs are the evil people who love these monsters. Dog lovers are the most selfish people walking the earth. These brutish, intolerant thugs force their mangy mutts on the rest of us and get violent and raise hell when we don’t want to out up with it. The western world is going straight to hell and this maniac fascination with dogs is another symptom of this sick, diseased society dying a slow death.

  9. The humans who have created and domesticated these animals are the ones personally responsible for these atrocities.

  10. Have you gone to your neighbor who owns this beast and told him to contain it? It’s not ok for someone’s dog to charge, especially not on a regular basis, and even more so if the one it’s attacking is not threatening the household that it resides. I would honestly get the authorities involved…

  11. It just does not get any more degenerative than pitbull lovers. Many of these owners of pitbulls actually get these animals for the sole purpose of using them as weapons in order to get a power trip over other people. Believe it – these people are anti-social trash. I won’t feel sorry if their own pitbulls maul them. I’ll be eagerly waiting for her husband, family, or his wife and family to exempt the inculpable beast and blame the person who died for ‘aggravating my poor Angel!’.

    Bunch of nincompoops that I see lower than their own dogs. The politicians and those that market off all these dog toys, foods and pet accessories are laughing their butts off.

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