20 thoughts on “Human Rights, Human Safety and Social Justice-Support BSL Breed Specific Legislation

  1. That site is a fantastic resource. The section “failure of breed-neutral legislation” is of particular interest, since US states are increasingly instituting a “ban on bans”, disallowing cities and counties from enacting BSL. It’s a new site and I’ve heard they are looking for more examples of breed-neutral legislation failure, so if any readers know any, contact them…

  2. The trouble with BSL is the crossing of pits into every breed of dog possible. I’m sure some of the owners have tried to cross with them personally.
    I know a fair bit about genetics and dominant and recessive genes and how they play out in crossbreeding. My favorite breed of horse is a cross. The Anglo Arab.
    Even if you ripped out every dog that had even a hint of pit I promise that either breeders would work with existing breeds to reestablish the monsters or you would have ‘ throwbacks’ worth their weight in gold. Dog breeds were not created over thousands of years but through selective breeding blah long story but it can be incredibly rapid.
    So every pit in the world has been given the needle, ground up to itty bitty pieces and burned and every shred of DNA destroyed beyond using there will be a mutation between related breeds that will have another go at the fad. Consider the number of pits in the 60s vs. the number today. Pit breeders have nothing on feral cats or rabbits.
    The laws about dogs need to be made uniform across the country on a federal level. If the town, city , county or state won’t prosecute for murder the feds can step in just like they do in civil cases involving race and hate crimes. I mean how much more hateful could be it be than being pulled apart by a dog. Outright human rights violation. Time to treat murder by dog the same way if death occurs through the violent action of a criminal with a gun or pipe.

  3. Watching a movie on TV; fictional but I think my point still stands. Just mentioned a part where a girl was attacked by 2 dogs, pits. They were said to have “ripped her apart”. I’m glad that some sources are accurately portraying these monsters in the media.

  4. Ugh, just saw a disgusting picture online of a young woman with her family’s 4 dogs. 3 pits and a boxer. In addition on working on banning these mutants, they need to put limits on how many a person can have. (0 would be nice:) Seriously, who the hell wants to live near someone with more than 1 dangerous monster living under one roof. I guess the only slightly, slightly good thing about these people is that they live on a farm and have no nearby neighbors (THANK GOODNESS).

  5. I live in a clean, well-maintained neighborhood, but just a few months ago, a stray Rottweiler had entered the neighborhood, and the savage beast attacked someone a couple blocks away. Thankfully, a witness was able to call 911 before it was too late. When the police arrived, they shot the mutant dead and charged it’s owner with what they deserved!

  6. I have never seen such a wonderful selection of ignorant people in one place, except perhaps at a Bush family reunion. Did you ever stop to think that dogs don’t just breed themselves? The American putbull terrier until the past 25yrs was a beloved working dog and common service dog in the armed forces. Rottweilers are a noble breed over a thousand years in development. Humans are the problem and ignorant humans are the most common problems these working breeds have. I hope you can avoid sleeping with your immediate family members and not making more of your ignorant offspring.

  7. youareamisinformeddoghole

    You make several excellent points. 1) We are fully aware that most dogs at one time in history performed a service. Today they are for the most part obsolete and have long out lived their usefulness. 2)Yep we sure do know that dogs have been inbred for many generations. The result of these GMOs is a mutated, psycho, disease-ridden, often aggressive, franken-pet that is a misfit in out human living environment 3)Human fur slave owners are indeed the problem. We absolutely agree! And these dullards should not be allowed to compromise the health, safety, and quality of life of others by infesting OUR residential communities with these creatures. Nor should they be allowed to pollute our earth, water and even air quality with their shit machines. Very few dogs are “working breeds” these days but rather have become accessories and fur slaves for the self absorbed who seek something, anything, to dominate and/or meet their own dysfunctional needs. I do hope you and other dog cultists like yourself avoid sleeping with your family members. Perhaps this is why you folks never understood why inbreeding was simply not best practices. I suggest shutting that down and letting natural selection do its work. Hopefully you, your kinfolk and the “dawgs” will become extinct.

  8. youareallmisinformedaholes
    “Humans are the problem and ignorant humans are the most common problems these working breeds have”.

    Why thank you for acknowledging that dog owners, especially pit bull owners are problematic ignorant humans, I couldn’t agree with you more…

  9. youareamisinformeddoghole said” Did you ever stop to think that dogs don’t just breed themselves?

    In fact, that’s exactly what they do. Owners refuse to get them altered so they can’t breed. Why do you THINK there are so many UNWANTED ones? They aren’t working, they’re just breathing my air and biting our children. What good are they to anyone?

    You doggers need to think before you wear your meat coat into a den of lions. We here are tired of the same old arguments from you that are not thought through and make little sense.

    In my opinion, ALL dogs are useless. I don’t care if someone thinks they have a purpose. Get rid of all of them.

  10. LOL! Lets see…bashing Bush, defending Pits,not knowing shit about the military,(fyi as a vet from a military family I can say with confidence that you have no clue what you’re talking about. Pits were briefly considered for use in the military but officials came to the conclusion that they were to stupid and dangerous to serve…they are even banned from most military bases.)and self projecting your incestuous desires on others…you sound like the typical modern day progressive.

    How did you even manage to write that comment with your head so far up your own ass? While we’re at it how did you even get your bloated head to fit up there!? My theory is your colon is roomier since all your shit is located where your brain should be.

  11. The only “working” Pits were ever used for was dog fighting (which I guess is good since they were killing their own kind). They have never been and will never be valid military or service animals because they are unintelligent and dangerous as all hell. Rottweilers used to be used as guard dogs, but now we have security systems, meaning they are totally worthless, irrelevant, and unnecessary now. These two canine groups are now completely useless and are nothing other than killing machines that need to be wiped off the face of this planet.

    So, youareamisinformeddoghole, I think it’s pretty obvious that you are the grossly ignorant and misinformed one here.

  12. A pit is not a working dog. It was bred to kill it’s own kind and just about anything else it could crush shake and rip apart. Lets settle this though. On the next Maulers and Convicts on AP Lets have the red haired madam put all her precious sweet misunderstood pits in one big common area and see what happens. No collars or leads and no humans allowed to intervene. Your going to need a fire hose to wash the blood guts and gore down the sewer Lets make sure her special stash of unreliable mutts is included.


    (I think pitbulls would be tasty, if well prepared…)

    In my country (germany) the people love their dogs more then their own children!

    It’s why I really hate dogs!

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