Caution: Never eat at the home of a dog owner!

This may very well trump dog toilet paper tongue!



32 thoughts on “Caution: Never eat at the home of a dog owner!

  1. You know it just occurred to me. That woman stopped to take a picture of that rather than swat the floor rat off the table.

  2. Right! And she said the thing was growling at everyone…obviously food aggressive so why would they leave the food out for it to have access to?

  3. That photo is very disgusting, though I can’t say that I’m surprised by it. Instead of getting a replacement for the turkey, she decides to snap a photo and post it to social media. So now everyone can see it. I guess that lady won’t be happy until her whole family contracts some type of illness due to her lack of proper sanitation and food handling.

    That picture also implies that her nasty mutt is an untrained nuisance. I bet that thing uses the toilet all over the home and begs/barks non stop as well.

  4. I am amazed that anyone, even a dog owner would post that. It’s like posting a picture of your BM.

  5. OMG is this real? What idiot would actually put this online? There’s so much wrong with this picture I can’t even.

    A. This woman sees her dog on her table humping her turkey, and instead of disciplining it or getting it off the dang turkey she stops, goes to get her phone, and takes a picture of it to text her mother for whatever reason. Because that’s more important that stopping the dog from the disgusting, rude behavior or spending time to go get another turkey to feed her guests. The logic of dog fanatics…
    B. The mutt clearly hasn’t been trained as it has jumped on this woman’s table, humped her food, and apparently began growing at her family and guests. She needs to get rid of it. Not only is it poorly behaved, but it’s aggressive.
    C. The mutt owner’s MOTHER of all people not only called the dog her “baby in a text to her daughter no less, but made a joke of the entire situation and then actually suggested still feeding it to their guests. As if rinsing it off with some water will remove the germs of dog testicles and whatever said testicles have touched. That’s honestly what disturbs me the most. A mother should have more sense and hygiene than that. She seems like a bigger dog fanatic than the daughter.

    This is so sickening. This is why animals don’t belong in a kitchen or anywhere human food is PERIOD.

  6. BDH. It appears to be real. As to posting it. Shows the mindset of a typical dog owner.
    Brings a new meaning to basting the turkey.

  7. I posted this picture on my pesonal Facebook and someone reported it for “nudity.” Probably a dog lover. I know a few. I did not even mention in a caption, what I mentioned on the web site, what I put as the caption on Facebook was, “Disgusting, furthermore; if you think love is all about “humping,” you have a warped sense of what love really is. Also a warped sense of hygeine.” By the way, it wasn’t taken down! 🙂 I win.

  8. I hate dogs. I especially hate it when I am minding my own business and one of these damn four-legged morons starts barking at me loudly when I am out walking or bicycling or whatever. The heck is wrong with these stupid creatures? I now carry a dog whistle. If they are going to loudly yell at me making me out to look like some kind of creeper I am going to “yell” right back and I hope it defines the little @#$!s!

  9. Agree 100%. I don’t enjoy dogs at all. Maybe for a while at age 6 but they really terrified and annoyed me after that. Where did you get your dog whistle, by the way? I’d love to have one handy for the mutts barking at night..

  10. Ewwww. Disgusting owner letting the dog hump the turkey thats gross.

    1 The son/daughter sends a photo to mum. CORRECT ACTION: Discipline the dog and buy another turkey. Why do dog-obsessed loonies have to waste time taking a stupid picture.
    2 The mum is even worse because she can’t be bothered to move her ass. Instead she just makes a doggy woggy comment ‘My baby’s in love!’ I think that dog is a disgusting scavenger.
    3 The dog growled and showed aggression to the guests. They should get rid of their beast. Heck, if that beast went on my doorstep and refused to leave, or just roamed into my house when a delivery , I’d trap it and have animal control pick that beast up.
    4 After the dog humps the turkey, they still serve it to customers. I don’t have a dog and I don’t want one. If that was my doh, I’d get rid of it. The mum was awful. Proved: EATING AT THE HOME OF A SPOILED DOG OWNER IS DANGEROUS

  11. Ew. How can anyone like these things? This past mother day I saw a lot of women post “happy mohters day to all the fur mommies!” No. You own a flea and disease carrier. Babies are cute, smell good and everything they do is wonderful. Dogs are death.

  12. My stomach turned instantly when I saw that disgusting photo. WTF is wrong with people, that they would find that entertaining. Dog people make me sick. Yesterday on FB I saw a pic of someone dozed off on a beach and a dog had the leg up peeing on the person’s face. How freaking nice is that. Now .. does the person who got peed on (assaulted) have any rights?? Oh that’s right, Dogs will be dogs and of course it’s owner gets off scot free too. For this reason, I don’t think dogs should be allowed in public places AT ALL

  13. Actually no. You’re the dumb one for not realizing how useless your mutt is. Get over yourself. This site is for people who hate dogs, not cultists like you.

  14. That’s like saying someone is dumb for not liking peas. I happen to like them, some people don’t. Doesn’t make anyone bad or good. That’s just the way life is. What is bad and improper is trying to force your love of dogs on others. I don’t like them and have my reasons for not wanting them around me. If you don’t like a particular food or drink, once your are old enough to know for sure you don’t like something, that is how it is. No way will I like them. They repulse me in many ways.. That won’t change.

  15. Exactly. Dog nutters simply cant get over the fact that not everyone likes dogs, so instead they try forcing dogs on others. My parents get upset at me when I make negative comments on “our”? Boxer dog. Which is infact one of the ugliest dog breeds Ive ever seen.

  16. LOL. Don’t worry. I will NOT be going to any Thanksgiving dinners where there are dog owners I have in the past and was grossed out. Now I am even more grossed out thinking what may have happened to the turkey before I arrived.. Ewww. BTW.. Is there no longer an option to start a new thread. I used to have a lot of interesting conversations on this site.

  17. Offtopic, the picture above was recently featured on iFunny, if anyone else used that app.
    Back on topic, well, i’m glad I did not stay home (I have 2 dogs, a black lab and a blue healer, both of which have a habit of knocking plates over to get people’s food). Anyway, I actually did not have thanksgiving dinner (I was really sick with the flu), so I wonder, how was it where you live?

  18. I want to know how they conceived. Then squirted said “fur babies” from their vaginas!

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