31 thoughts on “How Dogs are a Major Contributor to Pollution

  1. Did that deal with the impact dog crap has on wildlife ?
    As mutt owners take their crap machines with them everywhere it’s hard to not come in contact with feces left behind somewhere. Most of it is probably not readily apparent. After all sane adults are not going to see the actual dog log and handle it.
    I would truly be grateful if stores would designate carts that were dog only. Speaking strictly on safety most shopping carts are not particularly safe even for small children when you use the seat and buckle them in.

  2. How about the owners should be legally required to read this, and if they don’t comply, they lose their dogs, and if it gets bad enough, they forfeit ownership of their animal.

  3. It does not. I know its small, which isn’t the best, but if someone double clicks on it, it will enlarge. Its amazing to me that people are always promoting good environmental stewardship ( which most of us advocate as well) yet are in denial about the impact of dog feces as a significant issue. Its about time someone started to pay attention.

  4. Dog owners should have to pay a municipal water surcharge for owning a dog that contributes to water contamination provided to the general public. This is what insurance companies have been doing. First we need to publish the research then hold nutters accountable. Whether it goes down the toilet (our municipal water ) or in the trash (by the shit-baggers) or gets washed away as pollution (the assholes who just walk away), we are all going to pay for access to clean water one way or the other. They should just pay their fair share up front.

  5. Dog and cat licenses should reflect an environmental impact fee. I believe a few years ago one state had started to access an impact fee on owners of recreational horses. I don’t know if it stuck.
    It’s called reality.

  6. pony…i remember when I was young my mother would drive to a farm and buy horse manure to fertilize our suburban vegetable garden. I used to do the same with our bunny droppings. I always had a vibrant garden. Dog shit is good for nothing but disease and foul water.

  7. Very true once. Most horses are now on a variety of supplements, wormers and other medications. While this helps them live longer useful lives it does become an issue at some point.
    Another issue is the ration of livestock to land and their proximity to ground water like streams or ponds that have outlets into other water sources. Failure to maintain pasture or overgrazing gives rise to either barren land producing excessive dust and dirt or the rise of weeks, many non native or noxious into former grassland.
    The human population along with dogs and cats it’s really cumulative.
    All that said dog owners think nothing of leaving their animals crap lay everywhere. If there was a pile of human crap left for them to step in they would be having fits.

  8. The best thing dog owners can do is put down their dogs. Dog extinction is best for the environment.

  9. The moral?
    Save the environment and say no to dogs. (Say yes to cats though. Not only are they cuter than dogs but they help keep your home free of mice and vermin.

  10. I may not be as hateful towards dogs as others on this site, but I can agree they do add stress to your life. I think both cats and dogs are both contributors to pollution and affect wild life. Cats are not innocent either. I much prefer horses over cats and dogs, because I find them beautiful, majestic and more intelligent animals. Horses as domesticates animals as well make more sense since they were transportation years ago. They are intimidating because of their size, but I love them. I can understand the passion for horses considering they have shared centuries of a bond, both work animals and a fellow friend. Also, horses are on farms and not everywhere like dogs and cats. So if you happen to be afraid of them, they are avoidable and don’t bark at you, hurt your ears with loud barking. Horses are way more badass than cats and dogs combined.

  11. It’s not about which animal is better. This is owner responsibility or the total lack of it.
    I do have to say it was beyond annoying and amusing at the same time when my neighbors complained that my horses were the source of flies when they had a pack of dogs in their yard which was covered in mounds and mounds of dog crap.

  12. I don’t even think I can walk downtown in this city and not see a pile of dog crap.

    IMO, people who don’t clean up after their dogs should have their dogs taken away and then euthanized. That would give them the message.

  13. Big Dog Hater. There are two kinds of crap machine owners. The ones who are so self entitled they don’t even blink in shame at leaving their dogs feces where people are walking. And then there are those that skulk about trying to get the crap machine to do it behind trees , dumpsters or any place they think is out of sight.
    BTW you can teach any dog not to use your car tires as a pissing post. Just keep a shaker of black pepper in the car.
    I started this after watching a moron in Albuquerque letting their dog out of the RV and then walking the filthy thing over to a parked car and letting it hike it’s leg. They always sniff first.

  14. Yes, this would be a great option, put down all dogs. Why should we trolerate the noise, odor and pollution.

  15. Neuter/spay would be an excellent option to just phase them out. Why do we need them? If you don’t breed ’em, you don’t have to kill ’em. Problem solved.

  16. DFH. A large part of the problem is the lack of S/N of dogs. The continuing overpopulation in relation to available good homes where the animals are not allowed to be a public menace means that most dogs are either in a substandard living situation with negligent owners or owners have too many to care for, control and train.
    Make S/N free and then charge anyone found with an intact dog 1000 dollars per year to keep it that way.
    Real breeders can absorb the cost and the backyard dummies that just let their intact animals run and breed at will can pay the price for being negligent and continuing to add not just the unwanted pet population but breeding sub par animals that are un-trainable and worthless.

  17. In other words if there wasn’t such an overpopulation of unwanted dogs being foisted and the insane propaganda of rescue dogs the problem would not be as massive and invasive as it is now.

  18. In other news…the asshole across the street got a pit that he allows to run around off leash.. his kid showed up at our local pool with stitches under his eye and a black and blue face. He stated the dog bit him in the face. Appalling that an idiot who doesn’t work, lives on public assistance AND has had past intervention from children s services is allowed to have a dog.

  19. Disgusting. I cant believe dog owners just let their mutt defecate everywhere and they dont even bother picking it up. Plus the smell is horrible.

  20. So happy to find this link! I am getting more bold now abt my anti-dog opinions. I used to feel like the only one. They are filthy. In the UK, sharia law would take them off the streets, to begin, that is! Recently read that
    Mosloms are demanding this.

  21. Beth, if the Sharia law was going to be applied, I’D BE JUST SUCH A HAPPY MESS WOAH! Paradise would be achieved in my home country if that happened! But I shouldn’t get my hopes too high, or should I?

  22. Hi,
    I don’t like dogs.
    In fact, I want to go out in the county and not have to deal with people walking them.
    Can anyone tell me about places in the UK where dogs are expressly forbidden? Searching on the internet just brings up dog friendly things when in fact I want the opposite :-[

    Thank you.

  23. Ankle Biter!!!!! I thought i was the only person who felt this way..Thank you!!!!!!

  24. If dogs are family then why don’t dogsters allow dogs to defecate and urinate at home?????

  25. If dogs are family then why don’t dogsters allow dogs to defecate and urinate at home?????

    They do but its your home not their home

  26. I agree I wish those poo eating parasite infested noisy smelly space invaders would go extinct! I almost had to pepper spray a dog today! I live in San Francisco and it jumped all over me and I told their owners to get it away and the dirty trashy people did nothing I should have. There are leash laws and you have to watch the ground for poo otherwise this city is awesome but why so many dogs I detest them and their owners

  27. Thank you so much for being here!! I wish we could all join together and get the Dog Cultists to keep their pests out of public places and quiet.

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