Phony service dog encounter

no dogsToday while at a certain Big Box store that starts with “W’, I see a parade of three large dogs being led across the main aisle. A Siberian husky, a big rust-colored hunting dog, and a mutt, which was wearing an obviously fake service vest, being walked by a family of three, a mother , father, and boy aged about 7, none of whom were disabled in any way shape or
form. Naturally I said something snide. “What the….hey, this isn’t a dog park!!”. They didn’t hear me, but a nearby customer did. He approached, explaining the dogs were service dogs in training. I replied, “Yeah right. similar domains You might be duped by that, but I’m not”. He was taken aback for a split second but said, “They have a vest”. I told him the vest was likely phony, that dog owners pull this ruse all the time. He walked off, calling me a moron.

This goes to show how indoctrinated into dog worship society has become. People now have a knee jerk belief, blind faith, that any dog in a store is a “service dog”. It never crosses their mind that maybe, just maybe, dog owners are pulling a fast one. In fact, I’d say that 98% of dogs brought into stores, restaurants, etc. Singnotonpstarac . are NOT service/therapy dogs. Vests can be hand-made, phony ID badges can be bought on-line, owners can fake a disability, though most don’t bother.

Even real service dogs, certified, doctor recommended, the whole nine yards, aren’t exactly necessary. Without opposable thumbs and a three pound brain, there’s not a whole lot a dog can do for a disabled person at a store. A dog can’t drive to the store, can’t reach up and grab a jar of mayonaise off the shelf, can’t pull out a wallet and swipe a credit card, enter pin numbers and a signature, can’t load groceries into the trunk…can’t put batteries into a flashlight, can’t cook dinner,…. so much a dog cannot do.

As I was leaving the store, a woman entered, carrying a Jack Russel terrier in her arms. I suppose the sucker who called me a moron believes the terrier was a “comfort dog”.

TIME Magazine promotes pit bulls

Current issue of Time Magazine, week of July 22, 2013, has a three-page article, “The Softer Side of Pit Bulls”. Even before reading it I knew it would mention “Petey” from the Little Rascals TV show. Pit Bull fanatics love to trot out Petey as their pit bull ambassador; they do it all the time. Inouthdeyglycir The article is a classic case of having cake and wanting to eat it too. These pit nuts want the dogs to be seen as a distinct breed, a family friendly breed, then in the same breath imply it’s unfair to stereotype a breed. Gee, only if the stereotype is negative, huh. The next time a pit bull mauls someone to death (give it about a week), Time magazine will have blood on its hands for promoting the most dangerous breed today as family friendly. Send a letter to the editor,, to point out pit bulls deserve their bad image.

Excuses excuses

* At San Francisco’s once dignified Crissy Field (which now unfortunately contains a dog park) an off-leash pit bull attacks and bites an on-duty mounted park patrol horse, giving chase for over a mile and a half. The pit’s owner, his lawyer, and pit bull fanatics blame….the horse.

* A pair of Presa Canario dogs race down a hallway and lunge at Diane Whipple, savagely killing her by ripping out her windpipe. The owners blame…. her perfume. Or maybe she was having her period, they speculated. Oh, and she should have managed to get away from the dogs faster.

* A mastiff-ridgeback mix, awoken by the presence of a one year old boy, grabs the tot by the head and mauls him to death. The boy’s father, at first livid and calling for the dog’s destruction, changes his mind after a radical dog advocate group, The Lexus Project, apparently convinces him that the fault lies with……the one year old boy.

Are you mad yet? If so, here’s the e-mail address of one of these dog kooks, the owner of the horse-biting pit bull:

There are many many more incidents just like these. Some are minor, such as a dog owner blaming their dog’s nasty growling behavior on the recipient’s clothing. Or facial hair. Or the “threatening” purse or umbrella they are carrying. To these twisted dog cultists, dogs can do no wrong. EVER. There is no such thing as an unprovoked attack. Something MUST have given the dog a perfect, logical, totally understandable reason to attack, maul, snarl, lunge, or even to just bark its fool head off all day. Such idiocy should not be tolerated.

Disgusting Iams dog food commercial

Iams, a pet kibble company, has had some pretty barf-inducing ads over the years, all elevating dogs to lofty levels, but their latest TV spot veers into the bestiality zone. It shows a woman dressed in military fatigues, apparently just back from deployment somewhere. She is seen inside the house gushing over her huge Irish wolfhound (Russian wolfhound?), and walks outside, where she proceeds to lie flat on her back on the driveway, while the dog lowers itself on top of her, its legs splayed. The genital areas match up. Yes, it looks like this man-sized dog is having sex with her. No, my mind isn’t in the gutter; friends and family agree with me about the ad, they are grossed out by it as well. I’ll be writing Iams about this commercial. Their contact form is located at

feral dogs

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It doesn't take dogs long to become feral. Those strong enough to survive without owners quickly revert to default mode, roaming in packs, scavenging, and breeding. In the six months since the March 11 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, hundreds of former pet dogs are running loose in the no-entry zone around Fukushima, producing litters that ar

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even more feral than the original dogs. Officials worry the dogs will spread diseases to people. It just goes to show how artificial a pet dog is, especially a purebred. There are around 400 dog breeds in the world, every one of them maintained by selective breeding. These breeds would vanish after a single litter if left to their own devices. After several generations, there would be no recognizable dog breeds at all, the mutts would resemble typical “village dogs”: curs with yellowish fur and a black muzzle, or splotchy colored short-legged dogs. If left alone long enough, evolution turns them homogenous, such as the dingos in Australia. The dingo is certainly not the sort of dog most people would want to dress in sailor outfits or pamper with facials and gourmet cakes.

Some feral dogs are aggressive, forming menacing packs, while others are benign scavengers, with garbage dumps as their “natural habitat”. If all dogs were “default dogs” or “village dogs” it's doubtful they'd be popular pets, let alone regarded as fur-kids worthy of expensive medical care and such. yet these canines are much more of a REAL dog than say, a golden retriever is. When most people think of a “dog”, they think of a Platonic image, a popular purebred (or first generation mixed breed) fetching the paper and sleeping by the hearth. But this is a facade.


Resources wasted on stray mutts in Brazil

The National Enquirer has an article about a haven for stray dogs in a small town in Brazil. These dogs are disgusting curs, as ugly as you can imagine, and the sanctuary they now inhabit is an eye sore, with swayback village dogs barking from within numerous shoddy dog houses. The roughly 2,000 dogs consume 14 tons of dog food a month, and $14,000 in donation funds, including money from the goverment! I cannot think of a bigger waste of resources than this.

Why kids are better than dogs

dog_in_hotel_bedhomeless childI’m sick of the slams against kids by dog lovers. You’ve likely seen their sarcastic jabs and warped logic in the form of bumper stickers and forwarded jokes. “Dogs are better than kids because dogs don’t talk back. Or borrow money. Or require college tution. Or play the stereo loud.” Their dogs are also smarter than your honor student. Several mainstream mail order catalogs offer pro-dog, anti-child (or anti-people) T-shirts: “My dog makes me happy. You, not so much.”, “My
favorite child has fur and four legs.” “The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.” Dogs are much more likely to be compared to children than are other types of pets, so naturally dogs will be the focus of my backlash. Now, I don’t have children myself, but I will defend them against dogs and their besotted fans every time. domain list . Thus:

1. Kids are the future of your country. Dogs are not.
2. Traditions and values can be passed down to kids.
3. Kids say “I love you” for real, unlike the farcical mutt vocalizations dog owners mistake for actual speech.
4. Kids can laugh at your jokes.
5. Kids grow up to become productive members of society; dogs grow up to be the same butt-scooting, turd-eating, mindless barking scavenger animal they always were.
6. Kids don’t regard the yard as a pooping zone.
7. Kids don’t mistake fire hydrants for trees.
8 Kids don’t bark at the mail carrier.
9. Kids can care for you in your elderlyyears.
10. Kids are our genetic legacy.
11.Kids have boundless imaginations.
12. You can play chess with kids.
13. Kids/people have the most complex brain in the known universe.
14. Kids go to college as students, dogs go as laboratory specimens.

As for dogs not doing the following annoying things, the money borrowing, the loud music playing, the back talking, well guess what? Dogs can’t fathom money at all. Dogs don’t know what a stereo IS. Dogs can’t talk, let alone question authority. To give dogs credit for not doing things they can’t even think about in the first place is junk logic at its worst. What about dogs being happier to see you than your spouse or children are? That’s nothing but mindless pack instinct. If you need a fawning groveling domesticated pack animal (selectively bred to exhibit these behaviors) in order to boost your esteem, something is wrong. Dogs are the path of least resistance. Cinybulk vojtech . Children challenge us. Challenge is a GOOD thing.

To gripe or not to gripe

An e-mail friend who knows I hate dogs nonetheless included dogs in a report of sad personal events that have happened recently. He mentioned the deaths and funerals of several family members and old friends, and “to top it off, a friend put their old sick dog to sleep.” I replied with condolences regarding the deceased people, but added that his friend's dogs were too insignificant to have

mentioned. Did I do the right thing? Would you all have kept quiet?