Anti-dog books

Yes, there are anti-dog books! I own and have read all of the ones listed below. There may be other such books out there. A couple of these titles are meant pay homage to dogs and are intended for dog lovers, but they make dogs look bad nonetheless.

* Petishism- Pet cults of the Western world Kathleen Szasz

* The Dog Crisis, Iris Nowell (Man’s best friend? Think again.)

* No Dog Signs (photos of “no dogs allowed” signs from around the world)

* Is Pet Ownership Destroying the Lives of Americans? (Focus is on dogs), Carole Wade

* The Truth About Dogs Stephen Budiansky (author is a dog lover, but dog people hate this book)

* No Good Dogs, Ralph Steadman (Crudely drawn dog cartoons)

* Dogs Are Stupid, Bill Buckley (Meant for dog lovers, but dog haters will enjoy this photo book of dogs doing gross and stupid things, accompanied by funny text)

* Fluffy Humpy Poopy Puppy, a ruff dog-eared look at man’s best friend (quirky graphics and text mock dogs)

* The Truth About Dogs, Volker Kriegel (cartoon illustrations of dogs doing disgusting things)

* Animals Behaving Badly, Linda Lombardi (Great chapter on dogs. Written by a dog liker, but she knows the truth.).

Plus one more, whose title I forgot and which I gave away as a gift a few years ago. It’s a photo-shopped humor book showing cats taking sweet sweet revenge out on dogs, via shooting them, electrocuting them, squashing them with a steam roller, etc.!