I Hate My Dog!

DOG LEASHclapping man

Are you stuck with a dog you hate?

  • Did you mistakenly get a dog or reside with a dog, through no fault of your own?
  • Have you fallen for the myth that you need a dog to be “happier”?
  • Is your mutt a money pit promoted by the pet product industry?

Share your stories.  (click on Orson Wells and he will applaud you !     : )


You have our most sincere sympathies.


Subaru thinks dogs are people, too.

Automobile company Subaru is running a TV commerical promoting not only its cars, but also five different charities. One of the charities is animal related, and one of the actors in the ad is wearing a T-shirt which states “Dogs are people too”. For a major company to be endorsing this level of delusion, well it’s beyond the pale. Dogs are people too? Really? Do dogs buy Subarus? Do dogs donate to charities? Do dogs read or write or vote or invest or pay taxes or make any decisions whatsoever which affect the direction of a society? Have dogs created civilizations? Honestly, how high on dog farts does a person (or company) have to be in order to confuse dogs with human beings? A Google search of the phrase “dogs are people too” turns up delusions galore. Using this “logic”, are oranges apples too? Are giraffes lemmings too? Are pigeons gorillas too? Of all the stupid things that froth from the mouths of dog worshipers, “dogs are people too” is the most insane. These fools can’t seem to make up their mind. Sometimes they claim dogs are better than people, other times they say dogs ARE people. Never do they say dogs are less than people. Never.