Hate me, love my dog?

With so many dog fanatics being misanthropes (haters of mankind), why do they love “man’s best friend”? Does it make sense to admire someone who is best friends with whom you hate? “The friend of my enemy is my friend” sure doesn’t make sense to ME. Misanthropic dog lovers should, in theory, DISLIKE an animal which toadies up to humanity.

Another irony: dog lovers constantly rave about how dogs are nonjudgmental, forgiving, loyal, and all that, while in the same breath slam humanity for being self-serving meanies. Well if we’re so rotten, why do dogs like us so much? I guess dogs are pretty darned stupid for wanting to lick our boots. Dogs like us for who we are, but most of their owners certainly don’t.

Of course, we in the know here at whyihatedogs realize what’s behind the dog’s “devotion”. Food. And modified pack instincts funnled via domestication and training. And neutering. And being leashed, fenced, kept indoors, or otherwise restrained to prevent the animal from oh, wandering off to cavort with it’s own kind, perhaps? Nabbed as 8 week old puppies and forced into close proximity with an alien species (us) who provides its only source of food and water, hardwired by selective breeding, and help captive by various obstacles, dogs have a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome. Apparently the irony of all this is lost on dog fans, who insist dogs love mankind unconditionally, even if the owners themselves hate us.