Pet industry EXPOSED!

The pet industry itself confirms what we’ve all suspected. I got ahold of the trade magazine Pet Product News International, and there it was on page 4: “With marketers and retailers having worked long and hard to elevate pets to child-like status in order to help justify the sale of higer-priced products….”

There it is. A lie repeated often enough becomes the truth. The propaganda spewed by the pet industry has succeeded in turning otherwise sane people into besotted “pet parents” who feel guilty if their dog doesn’t have the latest fashions, the brightest teeth, the coziest bed, the best food and medicine, or the most sturdy baby
stroller. Dogs are the biggest money maker for pet retailers, so naturally dogs are the species most often elevated to child status by marketers. Society has fallen for this scam hook line and sinker! Not only have people been duped by the pack instincts of the domesticated wolf, but they’ve also been duped by pet industry propaganda. Double duped.