Phony service dog encounter

no dogsToday while at a certain Big Box store that starts with “W’, I see a parade of three large dogs being led across the main aisle. A Siberian husky, a big rust-colored hunting dog, and a mutt, which was wearing an obviously fake service vest, being walked by a family of three, a mother , father, and boy aged about 7, none of whom were disabled in any way shape or
form. Naturally I said something snide. “What the….hey, this isn’t a dog park!!”. They didn’t hear me, but a nearby customer did. He approached, explaining the dogs were service dogs in training. I replied, “Yeah right. similar domains You might be duped by that, but I’m not”. He was taken aback for a split second but said, “They have a vest”. I told him the vest was likely phony, that dog owners pull this ruse all the time. He walked off, calling me a moron.

This goes to show how indoctrinated into dog worship society has become. People now have a knee jerk belief, blind faith, that any dog in a store is a “service dog”. It never crosses their mind that maybe, just maybe, dog owners are pulling a fast one. In fact, I’d say that 98% of dogs brought into stores, restaurants, etc. Singnotonpstarac . are NOT service/therapy dogs. Vests can be hand-made, phony ID badges can be bought on-line, owners can fake a disability, though most don’t bother.

Even real service dogs, certified, doctor recommended, the whole nine yards, aren’t exactly necessary. Without opposable thumbs and a three pound brain, there’s not a whole lot a dog can do for a disabled person at a store. A dog can’t drive to the store, can’t reach up and grab a jar of mayonaise off the shelf, can’t pull out a wallet and swipe a credit card, enter pin numbers and a signature, can’t load groceries into the trunk…can’t put batteries into a flashlight, can’t cook dinner,…. so much a dog cannot do.

As I was leaving the store, a woman entered, carrying a Jack Russel terrier in her arms. I suppose the sucker who called me a moron believes the terrier was a “comfort dog”.