TIME Magazine promotes pit bulls

Current issue of Time Magazine, week of July 22, 2013, has a three-page article, “The Softer Side of Pit Bulls”. Even before reading it I knew it would mention “Petey” from the Little Rascals TV show. Pit Bull fanatics love to trot out Petey as their pit bull ambassador; they do it all the time. Inouthdeyglycir The article is a classic case of having cake and wanting to eat it too. These pit nuts want the dogs to be seen as a distinct breed, a family friendly breed, then in the same breath imply it’s unfair to stereotype a breed. Gee, only if the stereotype is negative, huh. The next time a pit bull mauls someone to death (give it about a week), Time magazine will have blood on its hands for promoting the most dangerous breed today as family friendly. Send a letter to the editor, letters@time.com, to point out pit bulls deserve their bad image.