Wildlife isn’t fooled by dogs

While many people are besotted fools for dogs, wildlife and other animals aren’t so easily duped. Dogs are routinely sprayed by skunks, stabbed by porcupines, bitten by rattlesnakes, squeezed by pythons, stomped by moose, pummeled by deer, carried off by eagles, attacked by raccoons, stung by bees, swatted by cats, kicked by horses, butted by goats, gored by wild boar, hissed at by swans, and eaten by alligators and catfish.

Yes, catfish! Giant catfish will scarf down small
dogs. The clueless owner throws a stick into a murky river, their small dog cluelessly swims in after it, and suddenly a huge gaping mouth emerges, and the dog is gone, along with the stick. I read about this hilarious scenario in Ideas and Discoveries, a science magazine. I know as a personal fact about a dog that was carried off by a bird of prey. This is no urban legend: A familty friend was walking her tiny chihuahua in the front yard when a large bird, (eagle or hawk) swooped down and carried it off.

Coyotes will kill dogs of all sizes. One memorable instance involved a dog running off leash ahead of its owner. The dog was equipped with a GPS device attached to the collar, so the owner could keep tabs on it. The whippet-type breed ran out of sight, but no worries, not with the GPS! When the owner caught up to her dog, several coyotes were hunched over its body. Hey, at least the GPS still worked!